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Discussion in 'Support Questions' started by fishypants, Jan 11, 2014.

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  2. fishypants Moderator

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  3. I hear there is a lot of work going on across the interwebs .. People from here,4chan and IRC.
    From what I've seen .. There are a lot of pissed off and angry people out there,calling for blood.
    And one cannot blame them really. When lawmakers break the law,continually,consistently and repeatedly.
    There is going to come a tipping point.
  4. White Tara Global Moderator

    My apologies to you Amax,

    My 'patience please' post in this thread does read as if I was responding to your joke. I read enjoyed and liked your post in all its sarcastic glory. I picked this thread being as good a place as any to post the request for patience as a general entreaty to those experiencing Anon button withdrawal. :)
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  5. sueneedscash
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  6. fishypants Moderator

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  7. You're either mistaken or lying, traffic and donations are way up this month!
  8. White Tara Global Moderator

    Which traffic? The traffic on a day to day basis has been reasonably high and steady as far as I have seen for quite some months. the only fluctuations I have noticed are minimal and relate more to timezones than anything else.
  9. Define "reasonably high", Mr. Straight-Up-And-Vertical.

    You sound just like a scientologist explaining the idle morgues
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  10. White Tara Global Moderator

    My apologies if thats what, I sound like to you, it must be awfully grating to the ears. Having never been 'in' myself i shall defer to your superior judgement/experiences on that score ;)

    I suffer from occasional bouts of insomnia which often see me logged at odd hours around the clock. As a person who is genuinly passionate about this community I have always noted with interest the traffic flow as appears on the front page in the numbers of members and guests logged in at any given time. These levels wax and wane noticably across a 24hr period reflecting the various timezones. There is also a marked difference in traffic that reflects weekends across the globe. I suspect this is so for most sites. Over time these numbers have allowed me to guage levels of traffic 'normal' to wwp.

    I wont share with you the level that I gauge as 'normal/healthy' for wwp. However if you care to observe for a while it will become apparent that wwp has had a stable period of membership and guest traffic for quite some time.

    The last significant downturn in numbers was immediately following the last software upgrade and change to the face of wwp. This corrected itself to normal levels over the course of months as people adjusted to the new. (human beings are creatures of habit so that was reasonable I felt) The flow of traffic from that point on has been stable and back at levels pre the upgrade. This has left me satisfied that we are in a healthy state.

    I cannot comment on traffic associated with twitter or facebook, as my passion lies here with the community. I know LOLOL i need to get a life, but I cant help but adore the good people here and admire the good things being done.

    As always
    wwp's humble servant and Happy flying monkey ;)
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  11. The anonymous button would be a welcome return. There can be legitimate reasons for posting anonymously, and I have unfortunately run into some of them during the last few years.

    Kudos to Sue for allowing Guest Posting. SRSly.
  12. Agree. On the Guest Posting thing. What! .. are some people that fucking lazy,that they can't be bothered to use it?

    Well, Fuck Me.
  13. Twinkle Member

    Guest posting or multiple socks , is there a difference? Not so much.
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  14. BlooAnon Member

    How many feet do you have?!
  15. Anonylemmi Member

    As many as needed.
  16. Twinkle Member

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  17. Anonylemmi Member

    Wow! You're tall.
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  18. If I log in as a guest poster and choose a common name...I am told that it is too common (and I have to choose a different one.)
    Is this something that would be easier to "tweak" than the anon button itself? Could you reset the default so that all guests could type in Anonymous?
    Don't get me wrong- I want that button back (and the ability for guests to post threads and search) but maybe this could be a temporary fix?
  19. They won't do it. The truth is they want to get rid of anonymous postings.
  20. Anonylemmi Member

  21. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Don't blame them, make a frikken sock and blame Obama, or Putin, or insane cult....
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  22. Ogsonofgroo Member

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  23. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Here is the problem:

    Most of this has to do with XenForo, (forgive me if I am absolutely wrong about the name here) SourceCloud, and how Sue programmed the site. So some (like the name being too common) isn't something Sue can fix because this might be how the provider has it set up. Also this is a method to prevent people from spoofing members outright by using a guest account that is exactly like a member's name. (There is a work around, but it is strongly discouraged.)

    This is speculation on my part as I am not informed of, have access to, or know anything about the inter workings of the site: The Anonymous button is actually connected to an Anonymous account. For this "tweek" to happen, you and anybody else would be "sharing" this account with no restrictions given like guest posters have. That may not be a good thing if it fell into the wrong hands (Spammers, Trolls, Alphabet Agencies, etc.)

    TBH Only Sue has the answers and only Sue can fix it. However Sue has been busy in real life and has an exorbitant amount of priorities. Sue is the only Administrator here and it has been this way for a while. Sue has been doing the work of several people all by their lonesome.

    So for now and until Sue's life becomes less hectic, we have to go without it. Nonsense like this:

    is absolutely and utterly ridiculous. There is no plans, desires, or conspiracy to keep the Reply Anon button away forever. Sue has a life and priorities beyond WWP because Sue is human just like everybody else here.

    Looks like something after the .jpeg extension.
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  24. Bingo! .. Now do you all understand?
  25. Ogsonofgroo Member

    ^^^ And you are?

    Lordy.... *sigh*, not even fucking Statsurday yet, still don't understand... oh my. *hangs head*
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  26. If you delete your account, do your old posts still get changed to Anonymous?
  27. rof Member


    sue becomes a bigger cock.
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  28. Ogsonofgroo Member

    No, not that I know of, but your account will be billed for all the band-width wasted.
  29. Anonymous Member

    I remember a post of sue's explaining that when an account is deleted, the account's posts are rendered to Anonymous for evermore.
  30. rof Member

    Is not really any good reason to delete an account.

    If it makes you feel better it's your fault but it's still all in NSA/OSA hands long ago.
  31. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Lolol! ^^^ Yup.

    Retreads who want to deletes their accounts can runs away, but personally I'd keep all their fuckery etc. under their original user name, merely for the way-back machines, so peoples can look at the crap and any attempts to resurrect an old handles will point to the [whaty-ever], kinda convoluted i no, but good-cripes-onna-cross, the only real reason to delete a thread/identity is if ya accidentally. Then you should not worry what happened to it, go away, far away.

  32. rof Member

    Yeah a lot of the old faggots are fucks.

    They just linger so you smell them.
  33. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Stinky old person in bus beside you, smelling of garlic and pee-pee, how you remind them of their aborted daughter?

    Ah the memories *sigh*
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  34. rof Member

    You win, Og.

    I have no idea what to say about that.
  35. Ogsonofgroo Member

    :p You already won when ya made me choke laughing today, and no, it did not make sense... oh derpy me :)
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  36. rof Member

    nigger elephants are my forte'
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  37. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Golden monkey cheezies... not my forte, but fuck. if...

    Four ewe~

  38. Woo Hah Member

    Please elaborate. I may need this info.
  39. Anonymous Member

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