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    July 31, 2009
    Who is Extracting Confessions from Reformists?
    Sina Hosseini

    According to informed sources in Tehran, the responsibility of extracting forced ‘confessions’ from leadership members of the Sazemane Mojahedin Engelab Eslami (Organization for the Islamic Revolution Mojahedin)...

    According to informed sources in Tehran, the responsibility of extracting forced ‘confessions’ from leadership members of the Sazemane Mojahedin Engelab Eslami (Organization for the Islamic Revolution Mojahedin) and some central council members of the Mosharekat Front is Javad Abbasi Kanghoori, also known as Javad Azadeh (or Amoli). He is the head of the team responsible for torture of the detainees affiliated with the murders that are in Iran known as the “Serial Murder of Intellectuals” in 1998.
    Javad Azadeh works under the supervision of Ahmad Salek, a representative of the leader in the information security office of the Passdaran Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), and is responsible for torturing Mostafa Tajzadeh, Behzad Nabavi, Feizollah Arabsorkhi, Mohsen Aminzadeh and Abdollah Ramezan to extract fake confessions from them. Salek is also a member of a government group affiliated with the Guardian Council that was appointed to ‘independently’ investigate the complaints made by presidential candidates regarding electoral fraud in the June 12 presidential elections. Javad Azadeh’s new responsibility comes at a time when previous torturers of reformist leaders failed in their efforts to break the will of their detainees and could not extract ‘confessions’ from them, thus failing to provide the ‘documentation’ that the administration feels it needs to link the massive election protests to foreigners.
    Informed sources stress that the leader of the Islamic regime has emphasized the necessity of obtaining such confessions from the detainees at any cost which is why Javad Azadeh has been given this assignment, after earlier agents failed to succeed in breaking the resistance of their victims. Javad Azadeh’s specialty is subjecting detainees to unlimited torture for the purpose of extracting fake confessions.
    This change comes at a time when seyed Mostafa Tajzadeh has been hospitalized at Shahid Modares hospital because of the tortures committed on him by the torture teams and his kidneys are reported to have been inured because of the physical abuse inflicted on him.

    Who is the New Torturer of Reformists?
    Javad Azadeh is the very person who in the past had tortured Fahimeh Dori Noghoorani, Saeed Emami’s (also known as Saeed Islami who was a key suspect in the serial killers) wife to such brutality that she had to be hospitalized at Baghiolah hospital in Tehran because both her kidneys had failed. After these tortures were revealed and exposed that with the intervention of then president Mohammad Khatami and Hashemi Shahrudi, these cases were taken away from Azadeh and his accomplices.
    Following this, Javad Azadeh published an 80-page report which described the ‘confessions’ that he had extracted under torture from some of the toughest agents of the ministry of intelligence and their associates. What was common among all of them was the ‘confessions’ about sexual misconduct and the perpetration of murder and terrorist activities under the guidance from foreign intelligence agencies.
    In the video tapes of interrogation sessions of Saeed Emami’s wife, which subsequently leaked outside the walls of the detention center of the ministry of intelligence, and which clearly showed the horrific acts of torture that were committed on her to extract the dirties sexual acts and betrayal by her, the head of the interrogation team was no other than Javad Azadeh who in the video goes by the name of Amoli. Following the publication of these scenes and the claims made by Mohammad Niazi, the judiciary head of the armed forces, regarding the selective nature of these scenes, the principal exposer of the three-hour torture video related to the suspects in the serial killers cases wrote a letter to the authorities , whose copies were also sent to the Majlis and other intelligence-security agencies, in which he vehemently denied that that any manipulations or editing were done to the videos and stressed that interrogation of suspects, particularly women suspects, contained scenes that were extremely horrific but which were not on film.
    After the exposure of the tortures of suspects in the serial killers lawsuits, Javad Azadeh along with four other interrogation team members were expelled from the ministry of intelligence, and they included the following: Ali Akbar Bavand also known as Mojtaba Babai or Amiri, Ahmad Sheikhha also known as Ahmad Niayakan or Taftazani, Mostafa Montazeri also known as Forghani or Shabayati and Mehdi Ghavamihonar also known as Ghavam.
    After their expulsion, these individuals were interrogated in connection with their practice of forcefully extracting fake confessions from their victims. In the process of these new interrogations and investigations, when Javad Azadeh was asked on what right did he engage in torture to extract fake confessions from so many prisoner, he replied that when the leader said that these murders were most certainly the work of foreign agents, we saw it as our religious duty to beat up the victims as much as we could in order to get a confession out of them, adding how could we get an confession that was contrary to what the leader had said.
    These statements were being made at a time when following the 1998 serial murder of intellectuals in Iran and the arrest of the perpetrators of these murders, ayatollah Khamenei said in a speech, “You should know that those who committed these crimes were not even from the regime but foreigners.” With the end of president Khatami’s presidency and beginning of Ahmadinejad’s, Javad Azadeh and his associates were again invited to return to work in the security apparatus and were engaged in dealing with critics of the administration.
    Now, that Javad Abbasi Kanghoori, also known as Javad Azadeh, has been again given the authority to interrogate prominent reformists, it appears that he has been again given the responsibility of extracting fake confessions based on the views of the leader of the Islamic regime.
    This change is coming at a time when sources knowledgeable in the workings of the ministry of intelligence stress that Javad Azadeh is a detested individual even among the right-wing elements of the ministry because of the treacherous acts of torture that he committed against his own colleagues at the ministry. Even the most extremist individuals in the ministry who view Saeed Emami as a ‘martyr’, look for an opportunity to take revenge on Javad Azadeh because of the way he treated Saeed and his wife, according to these sources. Under these conditions, passing the responsibility of extracting fake confessions from reformists to Javad Azadeh has already put under question the credibility of any interrogations that are carried out by him and his team in ministry of intelligence circles.

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