Request from the people of Iran - WE NEED HELP NOW!

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Unregistered, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. Please pass this on to everyone: Requests from Inside Iran >>>>>>>

    PLEASE read the whole thing and help us in any way you can. We need our online brothers and sisters now more than ever. PLEASE do anything that you can, all of it will be greatly appreciated no matter how little or big. WE need your community and solidarity now.

    PLEASE READ HERE: We are at a critical point! Request from Iranians outside of Iran - Tehran Broadcast

    could someone sticky this?
  2. swashes walter

    come on, let's do this
  3. bumping it to the very top. HELP OUT EVERYONE
  4. Jaymax Moderator

    Excerpt of the post

  5. mrs twofolds

    It's starting to become harder and more dangerous to act as it seems now. I guess the people have done their fair share to bring democracy, and now need help more than ever.

    Now it's up to us and those who can still go to take further and appropriate action. I think we've done a good job at what we've been doing thus far from our end, because the Iranian people's voices have been heard and the gov't legitimacy is in tatters from exposing their true nature. But I think it's time to take a different step, because the Iranian Gov't too has taken their actions to a whole new level. And therein lies their weakness. It's time for all of us to adapt our strategy and strike at that weak point.

    I'm an observer, so I don't have much in terms of ideas. But if I can help by pointing these things out, and trigger ideas, then I'll be satified by at least a little bit more.
  6. the enemies of freedom have a friend in the white house

    "Governments, especially Obama should not remain neutral. They shouldnt sell the people for the benefit of........."

    when the US is AWOL, there is no back-up.
  7. I take this from reading the manga 20th Centruy Boys: "If you think your life is in danger, run away as fast as you can. I beg you, please don't die."

    You as Iranians have done your duty, and today you are the strongest people in the world. But do not let yourself be killed: to be a martyr is not to let yourself be killed, but to face death when death is inevitable, in the name of your beliefs.
  8. support

    Listen guys, as someone pointed out, this isnt even 2 weeks into it. DONT GIVE UP. I really feel for all the innocent people who have lost their lives against such thuggery. Internally Iran is showing cracks, and internationally, it remains isolated. But you will pervail in the end because you have unlimited support worldwide, esp after wat was seen. Evil always loses in the end, but, it always drags people down with it.

    One thing of notice is that, i realize you guys dont have a leader. Moussavi, as much as all the hype, is still part of the system. He wouldn't do anything to bring down the regime.

    You always will have our support. Iran Akbar
  9. Lauren Member

    Don't buy oil.

    Something has been suggested about this in another thread. Also the concern of not advocating the Iranians to take risks from our safe places outside of Iran.

    Would it be too much for us to make sacrifices too?

    The question I have is, what would happen if a very large number of people outside of Iran were to cut way down on their oil consumption? Don't drive private cars except for ones not powered by oil until Iranians get a new election. The question is, would it bring the economy of Iran down. I don't know the answer to it, but it might be something interesting to analyze.

    We need to get off the oil anyway for environmental reasons, and because it's going to run out. Also in the long run, this would not be an action against the Iranian people or any of the oil producing countries, because it would help them develop other economies, and they are suffering from the natural resources curse. It also needn't be seen as meddling, because it is very definitely in our long term interest as well.

    Yes, it would involve sacrifice. But the Iranians who are fighting for their freedoms are making much higher sacrifices. The sacrifice of the convenience of your private car, is nothing compare to what they are sacrificing. At the same time, it would be a way for us to show they we too are willing to make real sacrifices for our beliefs in the rights for people to be free.

    What do people think about the idea?
  10. Bcoat Member

    can someone confirm translation? there was another post mentioning this message, and some things were pretty different...
  11. DDOS Sites

    Please list which sites we need to DDOS attack!

    We are your minions. Give us our marching orders!
  12. iDoVooDoo Member

    Is it okay to post this elsewhere?
  13. Sol Mann Member

    Yes, spread this across the internet.

    It's time to pull out all the stops.
  14. Bcoat Member

    seriously, who can confirm if is one is right? first source said gorvernments should stay neutral, this one says they shouldn't... obviously, some of this two misinforms. which one? you don't want to spread wrong info...
  15. Sol Mann Member

    Not necessarily... they could just be two Iranians with differing opinions.
  16. Bcoat Member

    it seems to be the same text with different translations. same introduction, same girl on the roof, quite the same items...
  17. Jaymax Moderator

    You''re right - well spotted.

    But the link in this thread includes a link to the original Farsi, so should probably be regarded as more authentic.

    Which is not to say this one is better translated - I don't know - the discrepancy may be a translation failing somewhere along the two chains.
  18. or it was revised, copy pasta and all that
  19. Before they disappeared, the Iranian students I talked to said if Obama did any more than he already has, it would make it worse for them. The regime would also take it out on them if he does more because they would accuse protesters of collaborating with outsiders.

    The last I heard, the protesters were going underground which I think is best.

    In the meantime, those of us outside Iran can continue to pressure our govt and also stir up support for a foreign legion under the United Nations. That way, if the FL is sent in, it's sent in by several countries instead of one country. See the difference?

    In the meantime, I'm doing other things.....all try to help. Hopefully, more things we can do will become clear in the future. I know one thing for sure, I won't forget these people and what they have been through. I intend to help them until they are free.
  20. it is not necessary to "send in anyone" but guns would sure help the unarmed

    Iraq and Afganistan have plenty in stock.A few Iranian-built IED's from each would be a big help too.
  21. Smuggling in guns that can be identified as Western in make will only give the regime more trollfodder. Bad idea.
  22. Where are the strikes?

    It is time to abandon confrontation in the streets and move to national strikes and boycotts. Is this possible? Are Iranians ready to take the next step to gain their freedom?
  23. lordkoos Member

    Iran sites

    I think that any and every Iranian website that is spewing propaganda, disinformation and lies should be taken out, as well as any of the Basiji sites who are trying to ID protesters.
  24. I've gotta say it:

    I would not be surprised at all to learn that this is propaganda. Prove me wrong. Circulate it widely in any case, but be cautious taking up some sort of action items because of it. At the very least we know that there is conflict of opinion on these matters in Iranian society.. I speculate that what is needed most is a coming home moment in the more conservative sectors. Don't feed trolls.
  25. skollie-IRAN Member

    That one has no author - I have no idea where it came from.
  26. Has anyone thought about identifying and hacking the tax collecting dbs of Iran? Hard to run a regime without revenue.
  27. Ray Murphy Member

    It will be all over long before something as drastic and illegal like that could have any effect. Look, all we need is to do, is what the thugs have been attempting to stop:

    * Distribute heaps of Photos (esp those bash-artists)
    * Distribute heaps Video
    * Do lots of reporting
    * Distribute lots of evidence
    * Distribute lots of criticism
    * Increase internet traffic into Iran
    * Increase internet traffic out of Iran
  28. "State media have started a sophisticated psychological warfare campaign."

    so have the western media, showing that neda video so much was irresponsible journalism to the point where I think it was intended to make the masses turn away because it is much worse than they're used to seeing. I know some people who stopped following this on the news after that, and since then other convenient news stories have popped up and Iran hasn't been getting much coverage since.
  29. watsongs2012 Member

    i agree,,

    It just does not read right...more of a gut feeling.

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