Request: Spanish Picket Signs

Discussion in 'Translation and Text Composition Projects' started by Witness, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. Witness Member

    Request: Spanish Picket Signs

    I'm not sure where this should go, so I'm posting it here. Mods, feel free to move if I'm out of place.

    So, here's the lowdown. I live in Florida. Most people here speak Spanish as their first language. I don't speak a lick of it, but managed to make a Spanish picket sign for March 15th, and it was a hit! So I'd like to make a few more, but I have no idea where to begin on how to make one, let alone what would be an effective message.

    /r/ spanish picket signs/ideas for spanish picket signs.
  2. random Member


    i´ll help you,
    meanwhile these can help:
    ( florida is "scientology", "cienciologia" or "cientologia" for the latin crowds?)

    when i translated this i used "cientología". you can change it etc

    [picket sign001]: culto de fraude
    [picket sign002]: cienciología el culto de la tarjeta de credito
    [picket sign003]: Cienciología. no (tienes) dinero? no (tienes) redención.
    [picket sign004]: busca: Fair Game Policy, Operation Freakout, Operation Snow White, y encuentra la verdad
    [picket sign005]: si quieres hacer dinero, comienza una religión
    [picket sign006]: niños inocentes están siendo lavados de cerebro. mi hijo solo tiene 7 (años)
    [picket sign007]: super poderes a (USD) 400.000
    [picket sign008]: ¿por qué un culto despiadado es reconocido como religión en Canadá?
    [picket sign009]: ¿eres "fair game"? buscalo en google
    [picket sign010]: decide por ti mismo.
    [picket sign011]: la cienciología es problema de todos
    [picket sign012]: la cienciología es una e$tafa.
    [picket sign013]: la fe debe ser gratis.
    [picket sign014]: la cienciología quiere tu dinero no tu alma
    [picket sign015]: nombra la única "iglesia" condenada criminalmente en Canadá
    [picket sign016]: la cienciología es una secta criminal
    [picket sign017]: terminen la exención de impuestos de la cienciología
    [picket sign018]: una secta de negocios no debe estar exenta de impuestos
    [picket sign019]: no está exenta de la verdad
    [picket sign020]: la cientología destruye familias
    [picket sign021]: la cientología mintió, lisa murió
    [picket sign022]: la fe es gratis
    [picket sign023]: honk si te opones a la cientología
    [picket sign024]: el conocimiento es gratis
    [picket sign025]: la religión es gratis, la cientología no
    [picket sign026]: la guerra de las galaxias no es religión
    [picket sign027]: quién es lisa mcpherson
    [picket sign028]: la cientología se beneficia de la destrucción de vidas
    [picket sign029]: xenu es mi amigo más cercano
    [picket sign030]: detrás de esta máscara está una idea, ideas son evidencia.
    [picket sign031]: pregúntame sobre mis thetans
    [picket sign032]: googlea lisa mcpherson. IdC mata (IdC = Iglesia de la Cientología)
    [picket sign033]: Yo apoyo a Anonymous
    [picket sign034]: cientología: detén el engaño
    [picket sign035]: cientología es una secta
    [picket sign036]: abortos forzados
    [picket sign037]: honk si te opones a la $ienciología
    [picket sign038]: exención tributaria es para la religión, no para los negocios
    [picket sign039]: la fé es gratuita, la cientología no. cobrenle impuestos!
    [picket sign040]: la iglesiade la cientología mata, miente, hace trampa y roba.
    [picket sign041]: honk si odias a la cientología. -con amor, anonymous
    [picket sign042]: la cientología destruye familias
    [picket sign043]: la cientología rompe familias.
    [picket sign044]: soy demasiado pobre $ para creer cientología
    [picket sign045]: Ron se fue $ pero la estafa sigue $
  3. anonimomex Member


    Your signs should be focused on religion and family, those are th thing they will pay attention to. Jesus was a man lover & child molestor who died for his own sins will be excelent for gatering support near catholic churchs, and latino comunities, but disconnection and child abuse will also create a great impact, remember, for most latinos, cubans, mexicans or wharever, nothing is more important than god and family
  4. Hesperia Member

    I translated a handful of ideas from the "Ideas for picket signs" thread in Current Activism Projects:

    La salvación debe ser gratis (Salvation should be free)
    La duda no es un crímen (Doubt is not a crime)
    La Cientología se rompe familias (Scientology breaks up families)
    "Cual tipo de religión desatiende a sus niños?" (What kind of religion neglects its children - from "Dear Amanda")
    La Cientología mata (Scientology kills)
    Ilumine mi mente, no mi cartera (Enlighten my mind, not my wallet)

    I'm not a native speaker, so someone might want to grammar-check these first, though.
  5. Isaac Cox Member

    ?Quiere usted salvación?
    Puede comprarlo para solo

    That first question mark shoud be upside down. Can't find it on Character Map. =\

    BTW that reads: "Do you want salvation? You can buy it for just $400,000."
  6. chesirecat Member

    Re: Request: Spanish Picket Signs

    OK, some little review from a native speaker.

    " Quiere la salvación?
    Puede comprarla por sólo U$400.000"
  7. chesirecat Member

    Re: Request: Spanish Picket Signs

    Good ones. Only require some minor check.

    The official name of the CoS in spanish is "Iglesia Internacional de la Cienciología"
    Salvation should be free-> La salvación debería ser gratis
    Doubt is not a crime-> Dudar no es un crimen
    Scientology breaks up families-> La Cienciología destruye familias
    What kind of religion neglects its children -> Qué clase de religión desampara a sus niños?
    Scientology kills-> La Cienciología mata
    Enlighten my mind, not my wallet->mm, sorry I don't know to translate the pun in this words. Enlighten here has the "mind" connotation and the "weight" connotation, but in spanish "Iluminar" doesn't have the "weight" one.
  8. chesirecat Member

    Re: sure

    Thanks for all these. Some minor reviews here:

    These two are contradictory. I don't know the original of 008, but I think the translation might be wrong.
    This one doesn't make much sense either.

    Should be "Yo apoyo a Anónimo" (Anonymous has been translated as Anónimo in spanish in the "why we protest" homepage)

    "Soy demasiado pobre para creer en la cienciología" (there should be a "la" before "cienciología" in most of this picket sign translations).

  9. anonimo Member

    Re: Request: Spanish Picket Signs

    I guess the info about Jesus is from the OT8 document. I highly recommend not to use this one as there is no way of proving it really, as the attorneys finally denied that it's scripture afaik. This could also paint us as bigot in the eye of the public... actually we might stress the family thing a bit as it'll be about disconnection...
  10. IronAnon Member

    Re: Request: Spanish Picket Signs

    Also, just because

    Somos el Anonimos.
    Somos el Legion.
    No Perdonamos.
    No Olvidamos.

  11. Selleck Member

    Re: Request: Spanish Picket Signs

  12. keianon Member

    Re: Request: Spanish Picket Signs

    Change the para to por. Otherwise, it doesn't make any sense whatsoever.
  13. EvilShoto Member

    Re: Request: Spanish Picket Signs

    It would be:

    Somos Anonimo (or Anonymous)
    Somos Legión
    No perdonamos
    No olvidamos.
  14. anonmx Member

    Re: sure

    I'm pretty sure the right one "Cienciologia", although most franchises still use the handle "Dianetica" and the churches use the original term "Scientology" ...
  15. EvilShoto Member

    Re: Request: Spanish Picket Signs

    Yes, because in Spain before it was Cienciologia it was called Dianetica (Dianetics) until it got bigger and with more members, but now is more known as Cienciologia because people in TV and popular speak use the newest term, in this case, Cienciologia. Dianetica is more the series of books they released before the funding of the church.

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