[Request]WISE Software Review

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by scino, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. scino Member

    [Request]WISE Software Review

    For my research on Scientology I would like to review the following software
    -A. Management by Statistics System (Windows)
    -B. The Personnel Potential Analysis Testing System (Windows)
    as listed on page: WISE World Institute of Scientology Enterprises

    As you probably all know it is custom practise to grant prospective users of a software package a trial period in which they can decide if the software suits their needs or not.

    Prices of $295 and $595 are considered rather high for software in this category. I would like to find out as well if these prices justify the offering.

    If you own a copy of any of these two programs, please share for research purposes.

  2. Xenusthenes Member

    Re: [Request]WISE Software Review

    I don't think the pirating of software applications is applicable to a leak into finding out information on scientology.
  3. annoymouse Member

    Re: [Request]WISE Software Review

    I believe scino wants to critique their software package to find out if it justifies it's bloated price. And possibly suggest an open source replacement, which would further cut off funds heading into the cult.
  4. highoverlord Member

    Re: [Request]WISE Software Review

    umm there was a open windows...... well kinda like windows they called it lindows. ms sued and sued and it was pulled off. it was linux but it was set up l ike widows was. hope that helps
  5. scino Member

    Re: [Request]WISE Software Review

    Exactly. Why would I be interested in USING :gah::gah: their software?
  6. Re: [Request]WISE Software Review

    It wasn't pulled off, it was re-named Linspire. Microsoft sued because of the name Lindows. If Scientology does sue over the equivalent program that was suggested, then the suit would probably be frivolous.
  7. annoymouse Member

    Re: [Request]WISE Software Review

    No :rofl: not you... but the businesses that they are trying to pawn it off on. Maybe introduce them to and equivalent open source proggie that gets the same results.
    Example: instead of Microsuck Office the equivalent would be Open Office.
    Also, open source does not mean it just runs on Linux.
  8. Re: [Request]WISE Software Review

    I'd like a copy of this one too. With of course a keygen or crack.
    It's for research, not copyright infringement, yada yada yada, just need to see these "stats" in action. How many shits I take in a day, for example, and see if I can regulate my bowels using the conditions formulas.
    Sounds sardonic, but I'm serious. I want this one without blowing $400.
  9. Re: [Request]WISE Software Review

    Hey fellow Marcabians!
    I'm not new, I was active on enturb before it died but just registered a new nick here.

    Here are (parts of) the programs as requested, these are updates:

    Management by Statistics single user version (Service Pack 11) - The single user service pack will update the Management by Statistics to the latest version.

    mbssetupsp11multi.exe - abc - BADONGO
    RapidShare: Easy Filehosting

    Management by Statistics multi-user version (Service Pack 11) - The multi-user service pack will update the Management by Statistics to the latest version. This service pack will not upgrade a single user version to a multi-user version.

    mbssetupsp11multi0.exe - abc - BADONGO
    RapidShare: Easy Filehosting

    Personnel Potential Analysis Testing System (Service Pack 1) - This service pack needs to be installed by anyone running the Personnel Potential Analysis Testing System. This service pack fixes problems running on Windows 2000 and XP.

    ppasp1setup.exe - abc - BADONGO
    RapidShare: Easy Filehosting

    Data converter for consultant pilot program

    MTDataConverterSetup.msi - abc - BADONGO
    RapidShare: Easy Filehosting

    Please check if these files are security hazards for businesses. For instance if the numbers are manipulated or if they send data to Co$$$ servers.

    Post results.

  10. anon0004 Member

    Re: [Request]WISE Software Review

    best unplug your network before trying, and check with wireshark/good firewall what it does
  11. moose Member

    Re: [Request]WISE Software Review

    ^^ this
  12. Re: [Request]WISE Software Review

    Any luck with the programs?
  13. Re: [Request]WISE Software Review

    No luck because I need the original.
  14. Re: [Request]WISE Software Review

    Bump for importance of software made by criminal scientology Organization now free to be picked apart in post 9.
  15. Re: [Request]WISE Software Review

    I have Management by Statistics on my computer (from when I worked somewhere that I needed it). I don't use it anymore, but I never uninstalled it. I don't have the software license or original CDs, and copies of files from my computer will probably not be sufficient to install on another computer.

    If you're near Clearwater, you can come try it out on my computer.

    Scino... check for a PM from me.

    P.S. It's installed at C:\STATSWIN\SMW.EXE. The buggars couldn't even install it in the usual place (c:\Program Files).
  16. Re: [Request]WISE Software Review

    Uhh... look after yourself, okay?
  17. Re: [Request]WISE Software Review

    No worries for me. I have my "pockets full of artillery" and plenty of "potential blackmail" on CofS if they try to touch me. I'm like a rattlesnake -- leave me alone and I'll just sleep the days away; mess with me and I'll give you a poisonous bite so quick and from which you might not recover.
  18. Re: [Request]WISE Software Review

    Is there any way to get the full software leaked?
    Pretty much all the books and audios are leaked already, this one seems harder to get than the "confidential" crap.
  19. genoramix Member

    Re: [Request]WISE Software Review

    also would be interested to know moar about this
  20. long time looking for this pls reupload thanks

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