Retaking East Grinstead

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Anonymous, Aug 2, 2009.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Retaking East Grinstead

    East Grinstead is the UK equivalent of Clearwater. It both serves as a sort of Mecca for Scifags from all over and has the highest concentration of culties in the UK.

    The locals are not too fond of having their town associated with scifaggotry and there have been various fair game type incidents, such as epic taxiguy etc.

    Getting locals pro-actively on our side would help with intelligence gathering and various enturbulating. Long term it would also help with relations with the local authorities which could be important later on in the game.

    ITT we talk about how to re-take East Grinstead.

    Using sock accounts on Facebook, join the various East Grinstead groups and do the following. Post overt anti-sci threads, videos etc, and also share lings to places like this.

    Distribute short sharp messages IRL in EG, things like YFTC with a short "Scientology kills" message. Also things like "Want your town cult free again?, visit" Due to the current economic political situation in the UK and the demogrpahics of EG it would be more prudent to focus on deaths caused by scifaggotry and the inflirtration of public bodies as well as the tax stuff. Xenu etc isn't worth going into as people will find out about it if they take an interest.

    Raids of EG should take the above into account and ideally be more frequent.

    If we start this NOW, things like the IAS event could be picketed by locals.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Retaking East Grinstead

    The latest SPTimes revelations could be useful here.

    Oh Dave
  3. eleven Member

    Re: Retaking East Grinstead

    This is a Good Idea" (tm).

    I have freinds in East Grinstead, which is also cult central to other groups, though none as bad as $cifaggotry.
  4. basil Member

    Re: Retaking East Grinstead

    As do I.

    I believe there's a Mormon temple down there, and a bunch of Steiner places?
  5. eleven Member

  6. eleven Member

  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: Retaking East Grinstead

    If you mean Steiner as in the schools, it's not really culty, it's an educational approach.

    There is also a New Kadampa Tradition in EG, they are a Tibetan Buddhist 'themed' cult. Very similar to scifags in how they deal with critics, disconnection etc. But there is already a Buddhist anon style group going up against them.
  8. eleven Member

    Re: Retaking East Grinstead

    Hare Krishna is also there.

    I think they pick EG because it is near an internetional airport and yet in a nice setting.
  9. Sponge Member

    Re: Retaking East Grinstead

    There is a difference between downtown Clearwater and East Grinstead. The latter hasn't been ruined by scientology..... has it?
    It seems to be a sort of hidden mini-mecca, out of the way. The impact on the local population is not anywhere near as bad. Apart from the odd footbullet, like their failed attempt to get into local politics, they just seem to be mildy annoying to some locals occassionally, or even quite benign.

    Recently, the anon-friendly Mr.Taxidriver obviously felt the worst of local scilon faggotry and there are probably more little stories like that here and there.

    I think the higly publicised Bonnie Woods lolsuit prettymuch caused them to keep a lower profile.
    It's a general thing though. They don't fare very well when they stick their heads above the parapet here in the UK.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: Retaking East Grinstead

    I'm pretty close to EG and I have friends there. No it's not as bad as Clearwater, but then scifaggotry isn't as bad in the UK as it is in the US in general, but it's still something that would be worth pursuing both from moralfag and lulz angles.
  11. eleven Member

    Re: Retaking East Grinstead

    How about a polite YouTube message about the evil in their midst on YouTube?
  12. Sponge Member

    Re: Retaking East Grinstead

    Fo sure, yes. A measured response though. Not an anonymous anti-scientology version of Freedumb magazine.
    (and of course, for the lulz)
  13. auchraw Member

    Re: Retaking East Grinstead

    For what it's worth, I believe Steiner schools are harmless, perhaps even moderately useful for many children.
  14. eleven Member

  15. eleven Member

    Re: Retaking East Grinstead

    Possible lyric-fail:


  16. Anon-007 Member

    Re: Retaking East Grinstead

    Maybe a simple flyer with OT3 on one side, and Cult bullet points on the other would work well if it's done as a blanket door drop in the area?

    Unlike most other places, there are over a thousand (allegedly) Culties living in East Grinstead. Imagine the fun that would ensue if they all see OT3 in Hubbards own hand.....
  17. eleven Member

    Re: Retaking East Grinstead

    Big town. Blanket drop may be difficult. But targetted streets is possible.
  18. Mutante Member

    Re: Retaking East Grinstead

    What about:

    - a city string trail (or chalk mark trail, or paper trail, or whatever is legal and practical) leading to a couple of anons with cake prizes

    Gives you maximum coverage of a big area with just a few people. Could get you press.

    A bit like hashing.
  19. eleven Member

    Re: Retaking East Grinstead

    Caek is definitely the way to go. Busy town-centre too...
  20. Mutante Member

    Re: Retaking East Grinstead

    Shine some lights around Saint Hill at night and get a local UFO story happening.

    1 Million Candle Power Torch
  21. Anonymous Member

    Re: Retaking East Grinstead

    Its roots of Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy are culty as hell.

    Perhaps they've weathered a bit over the years as these groups tend to.
  22. Mutante Member

    Re: Retaking East Grinstead


    Public treasure hunt around town. 1 x alien costume required.

  23. DeathHamster Member

  24. Anonymous Member

  25. agentxyzzy Member

    Re: Retaking East Grinstead


    The beliefs of staff at Steiner schools have many cult-like qualities. Black people are lesser forms of life. Science doesn't require evidence. Puberty always begins at 14. Beliefs which are meticulously hidden from parents of children at their schools and, generally, only available to insiders. Does it remind you of a certain infamous school in East Grinstead?


    NKT is relevant to my interests, and I've yet to see credible evidence of abusive practices anywhere in the UK.

    NKT is involved in a turf war with a certain Tibetan exile who is a documented arms dealer and CIA operative. They sling mud at each other quite merrily, but if their claims and counter-claims were posted here, each would be ridiculed for the atrocious quality of their dox.

    This is off-topic so PM me if you want to call me a troll, spai or buddhafag.
  26. Anonymous Member

  27. Anonymous Member

    Re: Retaking East Grinstead

    As an ex Anthroposophist I can confirm that they have. In my experience they're a bunch of new agers living contentedly in their little pastel colour washed Steiner themed circle jerk. The founder was as daft as a brush with three heads, but a lot of the ideas that he and his associates generated and put into practice regarding child education, agriculture and other areas were found to have merit and continue to be applied (even by non Anthroposophists, if you go to most Steiner schools you'll find a good portion of the teachers and parents aren't into it but use what works). There are a lot of members (especially the older ones) who take the crazy shit seriously, but they're no worse than you're average crystal waving new agey types. I've worked in their special needs schools (Camphill, distinct from regular Steiner schools) and the environment they give those kids is amazing. I never saw anyone disconnected from someone or harassed because they disagreed with Anthroposophy. Peter Staudenmaier, who you quote, has had a bug up his ass about them for years. Anthroposophists confront him about what he writes (here, for example: Peter Staudenmaier's Anthroposophy and Ecofascism) but they've yet to stalk or sue him. I left because I came to disagree with their view that humans are at the centre of everything, don't believe that the incarnation of Christ was the pivotal point of the universes history around which all else revolves and cannot condone the blatant disregard some of them have for science. This bothered a few of the Anthroposophists I knew, but the ones I was friends with remained my friends and accepted that I disagreed with them. Agentxyzzy, they don't hide the crazy stuff. At all. The ones who are into the crazy stuff think the crazy stuff's great and will tell you all about it if you let them. Steiner went on about different races having "folk souls" but if he ever espoused anything that was against black people it's long been dropped by mainstream Anthroposophists (in the UK and Switzerland at least). My only encounter with a racist one was when I was working in Switzerland at their headquarters. There was a German guy I worked with who thought Anthroposophy should be for German people only, but nobody backed him up on this. There were mixed race kids from an Anthroposophic family at the Steiner school in my local town and nobody gave a shit. Nutty? yes. On the same level as Scientology or other destructive cults? not really.

    (also, interesting factoid if you'll excuse the further TL:DR, Anthroposophists HATE scientology. The first time I heard about Scientology was when there was a row in their national magazine about some building an Anthroposophical group sold in England somewhere being accidentally sold to Scientologists as they believe that if you take money from someone you accept some of the karma associated with it (i.e. the responsibility for how they made that money). I was advised that Scientology was a very manipulative, cultish group and to stay well away from it. I don't know exactly what the history was in my town, but I think they had tried to approach the local society at some point and had been given very short shrift as they were spoken of very badly by our leader)

    / thread derailment.

    As for taking back East Grinstead, THIS, THIS and THIS! Every visit we make to that place is a PR disaster for the cult. They spend thousands every year putting on street fairs and donating to local charities to keep the locals sweet. Also, a lot of exes live in and around East Grinstead. Publicising the list of ex members who've spoken out would be a big boost for these people and might even get a few more names on the list...
  28. basil Member

  29. Anonymous Member

    Re: Retaking East Grinstead

    ITT Basil advocates the use of explosives. This makes me think Basil is a sock for JFP.

    Also cool story about the Steinerfags. A friend of mine went to one of their schools and I visited once. It was weird, but not culty and they all seem to have done well after graduating.
  30. fitch2000 Member

    Re: Retaking East Grinstead

    Awesome pic of Gold Base from the sky. Shows the red line where the "fences, razor wire and motion sensors are." On that pic...\

    **That would be an excellent pic for Jeff Stone and his cronies....he could see exactly where the protesters parked, with their balloons and cameras, lol, and exactly where they were attacked by the scientology guards. ***Any news on AO's case? Bite me people, I wanna know. ;-)
  31. PAnonA Member

    Re: Retaking East Grinstead

    retaking east grinstead huh? Kinda sounds... russian.

  32. eleven Member

    Re: Retaking East Grinstead

    As part of Operation LOL Nazis we should use its german name: Ost Gr├╝nstadt.

    However its Anon name can only be East Lolstead
  33. Graeme Wilson Member

    Re: Retaking East Grinstead

    Oh hai
  34. Anonymous Member

  35. eleven Member

    Re: Retaking East Grinstead

  36. Re: Retaking East Grinstead

    Saint Hill (where the manor is located) is actually a separate village, a short way outside East Grinstead. EG just happens to be the closest major town, so they try to influence-peddle locally.

    Re: OP - an ex Sea Org chap I spoke to recently had some very interesting ideas about how to 'do' EG; however, they would require local assistance to make happen.
  37. Anonymous Member

  38. eleven Member

    Re: Retaking East Grinstead

  39. Re: Retaking East Grinstead

  40. Hail Kitty Member

    Re: Retaking East Grinstead

    I live 20 mins away from East Lulstead and I'm in.

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