Rethinking Psychiatry accused of being front groups for Scientology front group CCHR

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  1. Mad in America and Rethinking Psychiatry accused of being front groups for Scientology front group Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR).

    It appears the following has been brewing for awhile. I also don't pretend to fully understand the situation. From the following it does appear that Scientology, working thought CCHR, is trying to infiltrate, influence and/or take control of various psychiatry reform, psychiatry elimination and iatrogenic community groups. Please consider the following to be leads for further investigation and analysis.

    It appears Mad in America is a psychiatry reform or elimination group, and a member of the iatrogenic community.

    Mad in America

    It further appears the alleged useful idiots and/or Scientology infiltrators are Nicholas Petcher and Maria Bradshow.

    The trigger for this post was a post today on Cesspool of Madness:

    Scientology cult infiltration has co-opted anti-psychiatry movement, especially so-called iatrogenic community
    An earlier Cesspool of Madness post states:

    Mad In America accused of links to Scientology’s anti-psychiatry front group CCHR
    To be far, it appears some at Mad in America have recognized the problem, while also noting that the group Rethinking Psychiatry may itself have been infiltrated by Scientology front group Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR):

    Response to “The End of Rethinking Psychiatry?”
    ESMB Thread: Mad in America accused of being front groups for Scientology front group CCHR
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  2. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Interesting stuff up thar^^^ CC, thanks!

  3. The Internet Member

    I looked into this a while back and it is hard to find solid links to Scientology in a lot of the “anti-psychiatry” type groups out there. So I just listen for the extreme sounding language to determine if a group is likely supporting CCHR goals.

    I think people could have legitimate beefs with mental health services for a lot of reasons and it is good for people to air those beefs someplace. The extreme stuff is more like, all drugs are poison or ECT is never okay or you can’t ever trust a psychiatrist --stuff like that.
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  4. fishypants Moderator

    Thanks for useful research, CIC.

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  5. Bootsy Member

    Although I think working with people associated Scientology/CCHR in some kind of 'common goal/interest' is foolish, there is no evidence to suggest that Robert Whitaker himself, or his Mad in America website as a whole are in cahoots with CCHR. MIA do however open up themselves to suspicion by involving people with transparent associations with CCHR. I am concerned that these associations put the group and its members at risk, and deride wider, legitimate discussion about psychiatric practice. It is hard to take people seriously who use CCHR/Scientology materials and when some of its board or main contributors include recipients of CCHR awards.

    I think Robert Whitaker does not fully appreciate the potential problem of infiltration by CCHR. It seems to me that MIA has been infiltrated by CCHR to some degree, but not at the highest levels (not for a moment do I believe that Whitaker is a Scientologist).

    The area of discussion, 'psychiatry reform', is an area of debate which somewhat interests me. I think concerns about possible infiltration to such groups is justified. These groups would be wise to prohibit any and all associations with Scientology/CCHR and not make use of CCHR materials (this would only invite ridicule).

    Having said this, If this report is based purely upon the referenced trigger then I suggest that it should be dropped. A few minutes reading the content the Cesspool blog and it becomes clear that it is the work of someone with a personal grudge. It is not a useful reference or resource. The blog belongs to Scott Gaulke, a well-known LaRouchian troll. He is also active an active troll at Twitter: navsteva scott gaulke
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  6. This page has name slandering on it and i cannot take anyone of you seriously i have nothing to do with scientology and i agree that scientology is a dangerous sect. for more information watch my video
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  8. a penny for each thought. :)
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