Reverend Alfreddie Johnson: Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing - Christian Minister sells out to Scientology

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by CommunicatorIC, Sep 2, 2014.

  1. The Faith Geek: Reverend Alfreddie Johnson: Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing - Christian Minister sells out to Scientology

    The Faith Geek: Reverend Alfreddie Johnson: Wolf In Sheep's Clothing - Christian Minister sells out to Scientology

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  2. RolandRB Member

    Jesus was just a shade above Clear. If you follow Jesus then you need to become Clear and then OT.
  3. DeathHamster Member

    Wait, Alfreddie is a Christian minister? Who says so?
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  4. He does , and has for years. Baptist in particular.

    World Literacy Crusade
    Currently, the True Faith Christian Church just happens to meet at the Church of Scientology Inglewood Community Center.
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  5. DeathHamster Member

    But besides him, who says so?

    Is his "True Faith Christian Church" a member of any kind of baptist organization? (Other than ones that don't care if you're a zen baptist or a Scottish bap.) Did he just clutch his money himself one day and yell out "I is a Baptist minister now!"? Was the Universal Life Church having an ordination special that week?

    As a corporation, his True Faith Christian Center seems to be inactive.
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  6. RightOn Member

    Reverend Alfreddie Johnson: Wolf In Ugly Cheap Suits - Christian Minister sells out to Scientology
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  7. Consistently, if one does a corporation search on the official California Secretary of State website, one finds:
  8. DeathHamster Member

    According to California:

    Entity Number: 200334310036
    Date Filed: 12/05/2003
    Jurisdiction: DELAWARE
    Entity Address: 2 PONDS EDGE DR
    Entity City, State, Zip: CHADDS FORD PA 19317

    Delaware just says that it exists/existed without saying its status unless you pay $10. I guess Pennsylvania would be the next place to check.
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  9. This man is a monster. He has drugged and brain washed two of my sons, after being involved in the death of one of my sons. He is very dangerous and should be jailed for his demon activities. My son has been transported to Oakland, Ca. by his and some Muslims. They have destroyed my three sons life because the late Mervyn Dammally chose me over him and I refuse to be a fool for him and Louis Byrd and Fernando Pedroza.
  10. DeathHamster Member

  11. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    This isn't a safe place for real names. Do you want this deleted?
  12. DeathHamster Member

    No charges yet for Alfreddie, but the heavy artillery is landing all around him, oh yes! <air punch />

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  13. RightOn Member

    OMG!!! They are finally catching up to Alfrauddie and Handjob? (again)
    This IS going to be a great Christmas!
    And Rizza and her two other sons? Holy cannoli!

    "On August 10, 2015, the IRS revoked the tax exempt status of the World Literacy Crusade for failing to submit tax forms for three consecutive years."

    I did not know this or I forgot about it.
    Also can't they look into Handjob's "credentials?"
    Doesn't she only have a diploma from a diploma mill?
    She calls herself "Dr." PUKE!
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  14. Random guy Member

    Jusyt wanted to see that again.

    Now, Rizzla Islam is the director of CCHR, let's hope some of this rubs off!
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  15. DeathHamster Member

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  16. Random guy Member

    Let's home some of it rubs off on CCHR!
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  17. Talk about Snakes in (Outlandish) Suits.

    Ne'er mind, Alfreddie, Rizza and the gang. There's always the Bucket O' Soup franchise for when the gig is up with the phony religion 'n' rehab angle.:p
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  18. Quentinanon Member

    A reincarnation of Sequoia University, like where "Dr." Hubbard received his diploma.
    Handjob is 100% on Source.
    BTW, the only reason they would not file for 3 consecutive years would be that the books don't conform to 501(c)3 criteria. Expect the IRS to audit the WLC and its officers.
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  19. DeathHamster Member

    Maybe Narconon International would have been next on the raid list?

    Annnnd it's gone.
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  20. The Wrong Guy Member

    Compton scam rehab clinic definitely a Church of Scientology operation, witnesses say

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, December 18, 2015

    Yesterday, we revealed that the operators of a Scientology rehab clinic in Compton, California are facing felony charges for defrauding the state Medi-Cal program. The charges come after an investigation by the state’s Bureau of Medi-Cal Fraud and Elder Abuse which has lasted more than a year and also caught up three prominent educators in the Compton Unified School District, who lost their jobs as a result.

    The state agency is alleging that the educators supplied students to the clinic (including the members of a legendary football program), where they were put through Scientology exercises — the same courses that beginning church members go through. The clinic then billed Medi-Cal as though the students had actually received counseling for drug addiction. (The students never knew they were part of a scheme to defraud the state.)

    Often, here at the Underground Bunker, we post raw documents with our stories for our readers to see with their own eyes what we’re reporting on. In this case, however, the court documents we had obtained included supplemental material that included private addresses and other sensitive information we were not comfortable putting online. We’ve removed that material and can now show you the actual charging documents of the six people we mentioned — Hanan Islam (the founder of the drug rehab clinic), three of her children, and two other rehab counselors.

    Also, since yesterday’s story broke we’ve been hearing from former Church of Scientology members and Narconon officials who tell us that the rehab clinic at the World Literacy Crusade in Compton, known as American Health and Education Clinics, was definitely an operation that was known about, licensed, and encouraged by the Church of Scientology itself.

    Today, we’re going to hear from one of those former officials with his own eyewitness account.

    Continued here:
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  21. RightOn Member


    Maybe Pee Wee Herman can teach them
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  22. DeathHamster Member

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  23. ^Needs moar Alfreddie Johnsons. I could only find three of him listed.
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  24. The Wrong Guy Member

    Witness: Compton scam rehab was a special Scientology project — how high does it go?

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, December 19, 2015

    Yesterday, we told you that Eric Tenorio, a former official with Scientology’s drug rehab network, Narconon, had an eyewitness account that confirmed that the rehab facility being run out of the World Literacy Crusade in Compton, California was an official and licensed enterprise of the Church of Scientology itself.

    On Thursday, we revealed that at least six of the counselors at the Compton rehab facility, including its co-founder, Hanan Islam, are facing felony Medi-Cal fraud charges after a yearlong investigation by the state’s Bureau of Medi-Cal and Elder Abuse, an investigation that also ousted three prominent educators in the Compton Unified School District for supplying students to Islam’s clinic as part of the scam.

    Since we broke that story, we’ve been talking to sources about the Church of Scientology’s involvement with the rehab facility. We do not know if the state agency is going to investigate or pursue charges against anyone at the church itself. And we want to repeat that the founder of World Literacy Crusade himself, Rev. Alfreddie Johnson Jr., has not been arrested or charged with a crime.

    But Tenorio’s eyewitness testimony — that WLC’s rehab, American Health and Educations Clinics, sent a course supervisor to Scientology’s flagship rehab center, Narconon Arrowhead, where he worked — made him certain that the clinic was licensed by Scientology’s front groups Narconon International or the Association for Better Living and Education (ABLE).

    Today we have another eyewitness account, from someone who worked at Narconon International, and who remembers when the clinic was first being put together. Kathy Nather Thomas was Narconon International’s senior case supervisor, which made her the top technical person for every Narconon center in the world. It was her job to make sure that every facility licensed by Narconon International provided the Narconon program — which was drawn from the Scientology teachings of founder L. Ron Hubbard — with precision and accuracy. Narconon International in turn answered to ABLE, which was staffed only with Sea Org workers, and which oversees all of Scientology’s “social betterment” front groups. Thomas left the Church of Scientology a few years ago.

    She tells us she remembers when the idea of the Compton clinic at World Literacy Crusade was first brought to her. Hanan Islam and Alfreddie Johnson founded American Health and Education Clinics in 2004, and it was around that time that a man from ABLE came to see Kathy at Narconon International, bringing with him an African-American man (not Rev. Johnson) from the World Literacy Crusade.

    Kathy remembers the man from ABLE’s last name — Nolan — but not his first. We’re hoping one of our readers can help us fill in that detail. Kathy says that she had known Mr. Nolan as an active fundraiser for Criminon, the ABLE front group that gets Scientology into the country’s prisons.


    Former Gold employee Marc Headley was at the base around this time — he didn’t escape until 2005. We asked him if he knew anything about David Miscavige being involved in ordering a drug rehab center being developed for Alfreddie Johnson’s World Literacy Crusade. (Five years earlier, in 1999, Miscavige had given Johnson a “Freedom Medal” for his work at World Literacy Crusade, which at that time was disseminating L. Ron Hubbard’s “study technology” to inner-city youth.)

    Headley doesn’t remember hearing about the clinic. (If you were at Gold at the time and did hear about it, we’d like to talk to you.) But he does point out how important Rev. Alfreddie Johnson was to Miscavige.

    “We were always filming that guy. And he was at every event at the Celebrity Centre. Alfreddie is David Miscavige’s line to the African-American community,” Headley says.

    In the mid-1990s, Johnson had recruited singer Isaac Hayes to Scientology. Jason Beghe, a former actor and Scientologist who was featured in Alex Gibney’s documentary Going Clear, has told us that Hayes pressed Miscavige: Why aren’t there more black people in Scientology? (Beghe said he told Miscavige the same thing.)

    “Alfreddie was the guy who was going to bring the African-American community into the church,” Headley says. So he got unusual access to Miscavige, and special treatment.

    Can Miscavige be directly tied to Alfreddie Johnson and Hanan Islam founding American Health and Education Clinics? If you have information that would tie them together, we want to hear from you.

    The complete article is here:
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  25. Random guy Member

    It's becoming increasingly clear why Miscavige was in such a hurry to gut Narconon International. The "ideal Narconon" thing seems to be a spiel, shielding the Mothership seems more relevant.
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  26. The loyal officers of any Scientology front group like the World Literacy Crusade tend to be out of the country at audit time, perhaps they're busy helping LRH with upper OT levels research in the Van Allen Belt which has been known to be a difficult area to serve a subpoena, not to mention avoidance of all the freight trains on Venus that only Hubbard knows how to dodge. Hubbard was quite a dodgy character.
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  27. RightOn Member

    "Drivin' that train high on cocaine".......
    Well, pinks and grays don't rhyme.
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  28. The Wrong Guy Member

    Augustine: Compton scam rehab and ‘literacy crusade’ have vanished since raid

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, December 20, 2015

    We could not have broken the big story of felony charges against Scientologists operating a Scientology drug rehab clinic in Compton without the help of our sources. We’ve had invaluable help here in New York with the Underground Bunker’s man on the scene, Jeffrey Augustine, who lives in Los Angeles.

    This week, he volunteered to get some looks at the venues we’ve been talking about. The story we revealed on Thursday was that several Scientologists are accused of running a Narconon clinic out of the World Literacy Crusade, a longtime Scientology front in Compton. Arrangements were made with three prominent local educators (since fired) to provide high school kids to the “clinic,” where they were put through Scientology exercises, and the clinic then billed Medi-Cal as if the students had been treated for drug addictions. According to court documents, this scam was running at least from 2010 to 2013 (but we found evidence that it had been using foster children as early as 2005). The clinic was raided by a state law enforcement agency in March 2014. But what’s happened to the clinic, and the World Literacy Crusade since then? Jeffrey Augustine is our man on the scene.

    With the news of Dr. Hanan Islam being criminally charged for Medi-Cal fraud, I decided to drive over to Compton to visit the two Scientology-related entities where she worked, with Rev. Alfreddie Johnson Jr. (who has not been arrested or charged with a crime): World Literacy Crusade (3209 N. Alameda St, Suite B) and American Health and Education Clinics (3209 N. Alameda St, Suite B, sometimes listed as Suite C).

    3209 N. Alameda Street is located in a well-maintained, single-story industrial park. Designed for light manufacturing, industrial distribution, or service and repair companies, this is not a location one would associate with a rehab clinic, church, or literacy crusade. I mention this point because, as a sales engineer, I called on manufactures and distributors for 30 years and had many small clients in these sorts of industrial parks in Los Angeles. The choice of location seemed odd to me. It is what Scientologists would call an “out point.” Adding to this out point is the fact that Rev. Johnson’s “True Faith Christian Center” is also, according to online records, located in Suite B. However, in 2013 the Reverend Johnson announced on Facebook that he had moved his church to the Hubbard Dianetics Community Center attached to the new Scientology “Ideal Org” in Inglewood:

    Continued here:
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  29. RightOn Member

    holy crap!
    He is one busy little guy! Wow.
    Wonder if anyone is gong to contact Dubai authorities and give them a heads up on this guy?
    Tony perhaps?
    Better stock up on popcorn! This is getting good.
  30. anon8109 Member

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  31. To prevent any attempt to send this down the memory hole.

  32. Quentinanon Member

    I would look into Ameribest, Alreddie's new employer, as a likely scientology front group. And, my gosh, Rev. Alfrauddie Johnson ends up in the UAE just in the nick of time. I wonder if there is an unserved warrant for his arrest. So, Hanan, Nimat, Zakkiya, and Rizza got thrown under a bus. Like Hubbard said, "Never fear to hurt another in a just cause."
  33. Some minor things, but....

    Truly an example of America's best.

    I wonder if Disney has a trademark or service-mark in the UAE? Does Disney know anything about these plans?

  34. Quentinanon Member

    I think Alfrauddie is more than a tourist and likely his stay will be extended as the UAE has no extradition treaty with the United States.
    Multiple serious criminal charges are hovering over his little head should he return to the U.S.
    Lookie here:

    Registry Domain ID: 1915356467_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
    Registrar WHOIS Server:
    Registrar URL:
    Updated Date: 2015-10-25T07:55:16.00Z
    Creation Date: 2015-03-31T18:27:00.00Z
    Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2021-03-31T18:27:00.00Z
    Registrar: ENOM, INC.
    Registrar IANA ID: 48
    Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
    Registry Registrant ID:
    Registrant Name: SANJUANA RODRIGUEZ
    Registrant Organization: AMERIBEST
    Registrant Street: 628 CLEAVELAND NO 1205
    Registrant City: CLEARWATER
    Registrant State/Province: FLORIDA
    Registrant Postal Code: 33755
    Registrant Country: US
    Registrant Phone: +1.2818300939
    Registrant Phone Ext:
    Registrant Fax:
    Registrant Fax Ext:
    Registrant Email: View attachment email.pgif?md5=030b85c0d69bd282b828d2c202d22901&am
    Registry Admin ID:
    DNSSEC: unSigned

    She's a scientologist:

    Sanjuana Rodriguez Bankruptcy Case

    July 02, 2012
    October 18, 2012
    628 Cleveland St Apt 902 Clearwater, FL 33755
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  35. BigBeard Member

    While claiming it will do all kinds of things in Dubai, the AmeriBest scam is actually operating out of Clearwater, FL. Apparently the "Rev" doesn't want to take a chance of getting flogged with 100 lashes, or worse, if he's caught pulling this crap in Dubai.

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  36. Random guy Member

    Over on the Bunker, John P. and someone (allegedly) working in Dubai had a bit of back and forth, and came to more or less the same conclusion as you, BigBeard. John P. is of the opinion that Afreddie & Co are operating in Clearwater and are targeting small scientologist businesses that want "in on the action" in Dubai. They likely hold no expertise relevant to Dubai, and their M.O. will probably be to take consultancy fees for pretending to do things they can't do anyway.

    Since the clams are bound by the organisation's rules not to sue each other, it is about as safe a scam as they get. If they actually were operating in Dubai, those kinds of scams might have real consequences.
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  37. RightOn Member

    Alfrauddie,....The Clam with a Scam
    So will they (the victims in Dubai) eventually go after Miscavige then?
    Since he is the "head clam" for the scam?
    Clam Scam!
    I like that.
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  38. DeathHamster Member

    Registered to Alfrauddie personally. That way he can muddle which Ameribest the money goes to.
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  39. Quentinanon Member

    He also gets full and direct exposure if a civil or criminal proceeding gets initiated against his scam business. He had the domain name registered by another scientologist in March 2015 before he filed the ficticious name registration in April. Perhaps he is planning to affinity scam other scientologists, but wonder if this is not really a cover for a mass money laundering organisation.

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