Rick A. Ross Institute

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anoninmyhouse, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. Anoninmyhouse Member

    Rick A. Ross Institute

    Whilst I was reading up stuff about Tomkat, I came across a name..
    Rick A Ross
    I then decided to google his name, and he is the founder of the "Rick A Ross Institute for the study of destructive cults, controversial movements and groups"
    This, to me anyways, is someone we should contact and try to get on side..
    Rick Ross: Feedback
    Contains the contact information.
    If this has already been posted, delete the thread, Im in a rush so I jus thought Id chuck this up here you all of you.
  2. Apology Member

    Re: Rick A. Ross Institute

    Trust me, Rick Ross knows. He's one of the premier researchers and watchers of all cults around the world, including Scientology. It won't hurt to write him, but he might not want to dedicate all his time to one cult when he's trying to fight them all.

    Rick Ross is a brave person and a genuinely great human being. You should read up on some of the other cults while you're at his site. When you go to this index, you'll see why he's so busy:

    Controversial Groups Archives - Cults Archive - Articles About Cults
  3. Apology Member

    Re: Rick A. Ross Institute

    Actually he seems to know all about us:


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