Rick Scott and Scientology

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Clearwater, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. Clearwater Member

    I was in the middle of writing something, and as always, before I send something to some one, I do a little research before mailing. I ran Rick Scotts name through the scientology completions lists, and his name came up for Way to Happiness completion, and also the list of All Clears. The year for the completion is 2004. Is there any way to find out if Rick Scott from the completions list is Richard Lynn Scott our current governor of FL?
  2. Anonymous Member

    If either "Richard" or "Scott" were a rare and unusual name, I would be inclined to suspect YES.

    As it is.....
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  3. anonymous612 Member

    It's an incredibly common name.

    Besides, the man is a worthless piece of shit anyway. Do you really need any other reason to dislike him?
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  4. Clearwater Member

    I understand its a common name guys. I wasn't looking for a reason to dislike him. Politics do not interest me at all. Ive already accepted that every government office is corrupt. I was just wondering about the question in my OP. Its cool, ill keep googling and see what I get.
  5. Scatman Member

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  6. Clearwater Member

    Yea Scatman, I read his wiki, and noticed this,


    In 2003, Scott invested $5.5 million in Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacies,[39] which operates drugstores/pharmacies that offer vitamins, herbal medicine, skin products, homeopathic medicines, and prescriptions. Other investors in Pharmaca include Tom Stemberg, founder and former CEO of Staples, and Arthur Blank, co-founder of Home Depot.

    I know hes a businessman first,
  7. Still, he's a giant asshole who will probably end up in prison before his term of office is over. He won't be the first governor to do so, and especially, not the first Southern governor to do so.

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