Rinder - Proud to be a Sea Org Veteran

Discussion in 'Martin Ottmann' started by Martin Ottmann, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. Michael Rinder - proud to be in the Sea Org for 25 years. From my favorite Sea Org magazine "Highwinds" (#21, 1998):

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  2. Anonymous Member


    pull my rank LOL
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  3. Jonathan Epstein meh. Thats just Ed Helms at 50.
  4. Anonymous Member

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  5. Ogsonofgroo Member

    that any of those stupid fucks dare to wear a uniform resembling NA military anything, and bars on their chests, ugh, an insult to every person who's ever fought for freedom and country.

    Sry, was doing other stuff but I think this applies to fake navy shit too.
    L Ron Hubbard was such a fake cunt.

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  6. Anonymous Member

    Agreed. Disgusting posers.
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  7. WTF is that skull thingy on his left upper arm? Looks like a biker tattoo for people who are scared of needles!
  8. Chipshotz Member

    Couldn't agree more. Adults playing Navy, they should be ashamed.
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  9. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Here's a real hero from the US~ 5136681_f260.jpg
    and i bet he'd piss all over Hubbard's stupid shit given he was alive still.

    Oh, the hours of ideas! ;)
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  10. Anonymous Member


    Real heroes

    Not likely sympathetic to pretend navy-of-Davey.
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  11. Anonymous Member


    Its like Be-Stupid-5-a_large.jpg
  12. fake navy but real schmucks
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  13. muldrake Member

    That dude is the mass murderer Anders Breivik.

    Edit to fix oopsy.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    FIFY. Otherwise, exactly right.
  15. DeathHamster Member

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  16. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Gah! my bad.
    Thanks, done :)
  17. Anonymous Member

    ITT: lol worship of teh military
  18. anonanchovie Member

    Whatever about the politics of what the military do, the fact remains that these service and ex service personnel risked their lives in the line of fire and acted in the capacity of the execution of state policy.

    Us Sea Org wankers were acting under auspices of a delusional megalomaniac and sociopathic midget forwarding an out of control extremist agenda that subverted the laws of the land and fundamental human rights at every turn.

    My conscience and sense of self worth would be in a far better place had I spent my 22 years in the service of the state in a military or policing capacity rather than in a cult with a theology firmly based upon the foundations of 1940's Flash Gordon cartoons.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    I can agree with your post, excepting for this:
    You are making assumptions about that which you do not know. Neither group of organizations are "the most ethical group on the planet".
  20. Anonymous Member

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  21. Anonymous Member

    I was going to post a pic of some sailors at war and then some pix of some people with really horribly hard and nasty jobs: coal miners; sanitation workers; etc. and then make fun of Rinder and anyone else who thinks that the Sea Org is a land based navy. Thanks for that one btw. I've gotten a LOTTA laughs out of explaining a land based navy to people.

    But what I decided to do in the end was to tell Rinder and any other SO veteran that you all aren't worthy to lick shit off the boots of anyone who wears a real military uniform.

    I watched a Brit insult someone online once. I can't remember the exact rant, but it went something like this and it's for any Sea Org assholes who consider themselves a vet:

    The best part of you ran down your bovine mum's leg when your dad wiped his dirty cow fucking dick there.
  22. Anonymous Member

    What if I were to pin a poppy to Rinder's arse and light it afire by remote control?
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  23. anonanchovie Member

    Well, there are a lot of Sea Org vets who remain deeply ashamed of the delusion that they got caught up in. Thankfully most have made the transition to healthy normality over the years that they have been out and have spent a lot of time rethinking their value systems. Many that I know now have moved far beyond the shit licking status that you imply in your post. These are brave people who are honest and caring enough to stand up and admit to having been part of vile cult and admit to some of the awful things that they did as actors in that system. These people do this at quite some considerable risk to their reputations and indeed, open themselves to legal attacks and other forms of harassment by the cult.

    The readjustment to the normal world, I am sure, was nothing like that which war veterans go through, but it was a lot more difficult an experience than say, that of someone who quits his job at Wall Mart. There are people that I talk to quite regularly who are tortured by nasty memories and need a lot of help and guidance.

    Being as I am, one of those former Sea Org members, I have quite some experience on this front. I hope that I have over the past six years, at least partly made up for my stupidity.
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  24. Enturbulette Member

    well said. However, those who are still in the SO irresistibly pull in rolling waves of laughter harpoons. It is the only real occupational hazard they have.
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