Riots in Ferguson, Missouri after police shoot Michael Brown

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by The Wrong Guy, Aug 10, 2014.

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    Rob Wilson 13.08.2014 06:43

    BUT... what is even more obvious then those issues are is the abuse of power by local municipalities law enforcement officials! These U.S. police are starting to look an awfully lot like hitlers' Gestapo. The future of our nation can be saved by Anonymous, IF they stick to their demands and carry through with their promises. It is also up to all of us to show our support of their demands in whatever way possible. Remember.....We ALL ARE ANONYMOUS!


    Rob Wilson 13.08.2014 06:39

    I truly hope that Anonymous returns to their former take-no-$H1T, eye for an eye actions that made them so loved by the helpless and victimized people all across the world. To the people saying "blah blah, he shouldn't have been grabbing a cops gun" and that "he seserved it for committing a violent felony on a polic officer"... Police officers don't shoot a 17yr old 8 FUKKING TIMES TO DEFEND THEMSELVES!!! If the cop is innocent then why did he refuse to do the press conference that the dept. had scheduled for him? I recognize the gang problem in our country and I also can plainly see the misdirection of American youth

    [IMG] TheAnonMessage @TheAnonMessage · 5h
    VIDEO: Activist demands justice for #MikeBrown, gets threatened with @FBI …

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  3. The Wrong Guy Member

    Witness: Mike Brown was 'shot like an animal'

    A witness to the shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown has come forward to tell his side of Saturday's events.

    Dorian Johnson was walking with Brown Saturday afternoon when the shooting happened.

    NewsChannel 5's Farrah Fazal was the only local reporter he spoke with.

    You can watch the entire raw interview below this story.

    Here are excerpts of Johnson's interview:

    "It was around 1:40, two o'clock. We were walking down the street, empty street. We were just walking down, minding our business. We're both headed home, and the officer's approaching us, and as he pulled up on the side of us, he didn't say 'freeze,' 'halt,' or nothing like we were committing a crime. He said, 'Get the f*** on the sidewalk!' I told the officer we were not but a minute away from the destination."

    "He never once attempted to grab for this officer's weapon."

    "The first car I see, I ducked behind for cover because I feared for my life. I'm scared. I don't know what's going on. I don't understand why this officer is shooting his weapon at us."

    "My friend stopped running, his hands went immediately in the air and he turned around towards the officer, face-to-face. He started to tell the officer he was unarmed and that you should stop shooting me. Before he can get his second sentence out, the officer fired several more shots into his head and chest areas."

    "It was definitely like being shot like an animal. It was almost putting someone execution."

    Continued here:
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  4. The Wrong Guy Member

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  5. fishypants Moderator

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  6. The Wrong Guy Member

    Wesley Lowery @WesleyLowery · 14s
    Colleagues in DC just flagged something concerning #MichaelBrown that I had missed but think is important... #Ferguson (1)

    Wesley Lowery @WesleyLowery · 1m
    Residents here have spreading name of an officer they believe to be shooter. Police chief said definitive last night hat it wasn't him (2)

    Wesley Lowery @WesleyLowery · 25s
    Underscores importance of SOMETHING being released by law enforcement. Wrong officer's name has been being chanted at protests etc (3)

    Wesley Lowery @WesleyLowery · 51s
    Some have asked why I haven't reported officers' name - which is everywhere down here. This is exactly why. No way to confirm it w/o PD
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  7. The Wrong Guy Member

    LAPD kills young black man days after Ferguson shooting | RT USA

    Ezell Ford, a 25-year-old black man described by his family as having “mental problems,” was shot and killed by a Los Angeles, California police officer Monday evening, barely 48 hours after an unarmed black man in Missouri suffered the same fate.

    The Los Angeles Police Department said in a statement on Tuesday that officers had conducted an “investigative stop” the night prior, during which the suspect — later identified as Ford — reportedly engaged in an altercation with the cops, according to the LAPD.

    “During the stop a struggle ensued, which resulted in an officer-involved-shooting,” the LAPD said in Tuesday’s statement. “The suspect was transported to a local hospital and after lifesaving efforts he succumbed to his injuries.”

    According to the victim’s family, Ford was complying with officers at the time of the shooting, and was killed while facedown before the police. USA Today reported that Ford was unarmed.

    “They laid him out and for whatever reason, they shot him in the back, knowing mentally, he has complications,” an unnamed man who identified himself as the victim’s cousin told local station KTLA News. “Every officer in this area, from the Newton Division, knows that — that this child has mental problems,” he said. “The excessive force … there was no purpose for it. The multiple shootings in the back while he’s laying down? No.”

    According to the cousin, the victim’s mother was met with police brandishing nightsticks when she arrived on the scene.

    “Then when the mom comes, they don’t try to console her … they pull the billy clubs out,” he said.

    “My heart is so heavy,” the mother, Tritobia Ford, told KTLA News. “My son was a good kid. He didn’t deserve to die the way he did.”

    “All we want to know is why they did it,” Ezell Ford Sr. added.

    KTLA reported that police were initially behaving “tight-lipped” with regards to disclosing further details, because of a “gathering” at the scene in the wake of the shooting. On Sunday, an event advertised as being a “protest against the murder” of Ford is scheduled to occur outside of LAPD headquarters in downtown Los Angeles.

    Continued at



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  8. The government trolls are all over the twittersphere, with their fucked up traps and honeypots.

    Read everything carefully before you click on any links. If unsure, stay the fuck away from them.
  9. eddieVroom Member

    This business of threatening to release dox is a misstep IMO. I think it would be better to just release the info. No warnings, no threats, no games -- simply practice full and immediate disclosure with no conditions attached.
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  10. The Wrong Guy Member

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  11. The Wrong Guy Member

    TheAnonMessage @TheAnonMessage · 1m
    Hey, it's not my fault YouTube servers take forever to process.

    TheAnonMessage @TheAnonMessage · 1m
    YouTube suddenly doesn't like that file, eh?
  12. ^^ I'm rather liking the "NEW" The Wrong Guy :D
  13. The Wrong Guy Member

    TheAnonMessage @TheAnonMessage · 9s
    BREAKING: #Anonymous releases St. Louis Police Dispatch Audio Tapes:

    Anonymous: Audio Tapes (St. Louis Dispatch)

    Published by TheAnonMessage on August 13, 2014

    We are Anonymous.

    These files compiled in this video contains audio of St. Louis police dispatch from the date of August 9th 2014, the day Mike Brown was murdered by a Ferguson PD officer. We have released these tapes to the public so as they are able to get a sense of the atmosphere the moments before and the hours after Mike Brown was shot.

    These raw audio files have been compiled and long quiet moments have been cut down. Time stamps are available within the video.
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  14. I agree with you, eddie. But, it is really important to correctly get all the relevant "facts" together before disclosing anything. If that is not done, innocent people could very well end up getting hurt. And we don't want that happening. Period.

  15. Excellent! Thanks, The Wrong Guy
  16. Manuel Rapalo reports on the shooting of 18 year old St. Louis resident, Michael Brown, highlighting the disproportionate violence against blacks in the America, as well as the race-baiting by the news media that helps perpetuate a cycle of police violence.

  17. eddieVroom Member

    Then disclose your uncertainity as well.

    If I were a public official, I'd have to consider that part of the price of failing to turn out the bad apples.

    In the alternative, *we* pay the price when they don't.
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  18. [IMG] TheAnonMessage @TheAnonMessage · 37m
    WATCH LIVE: Chief of Police, Tom Jackson makes a formal statement on the #Anonymous #FergusonTapes #Ferguson …

    “Race relations is a top priority for us. We are working with the Department of Justice on that” – Chief Tom Jackson


    What utter fucking bullshit!

    The body was covered immediately. We put up barriers after that out of respect.” – Chief Tom Jackson


    Moar utter fucking bullshit!

    This guy should be SACKED! IMMEDIATELY!
  19. rof Member

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  20. The Wrong Guy Member

  21. Rockyj Member

    Are you getting any sound?
  22. The Wrong Guy Member

    Yes. Some of the recording is dead air, so we have to wait awhile at the beginning and between sections.
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  23. The Wrong Guy Member

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  24. rof Member


    over 9000, fags
  25. ^^ Thanks for posting the Soundcloud link, rof ;)
  26. tinfoilhatter Member

    Its not fair to compare the police to soldiers. The soldiers have core values, a code of conduct, and a chain of command that holds them accountable. Furthermore, they are wearing cameras on their helmets so their actions will be assessed and judged. they also have more training in the use of deadly force then the police do.

    No, to compare the soldiers to the police is to degrade them.
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  27. The Wrong Guy Member

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  28. [IMG]

    Check out the moron on top of the truck (far left) What! does he think he's in Afghanistan!?
    Look at them! Fucking NAZI'S
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  29. The Wrong Guy Member

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  30. [IMG]

    SRSLY!? What a fucking Tosser.
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  31. The Wrong Guy Member

    Anonymous Posts St. Louis Police Dispatch Tapes From Day of Ferguson Shooting | Mother Jones

    A twitter follower of mine points out that the dispatch recording probably comes from Broadcastify, a database of public safety radio audio streams that's available to anyone who pays for a subscription. It's "far from a hack," he says.

    I missed where anyone claimed to have hacked anything to get the recording, but:

    Anonymous hacks Ferguson police site for dispatch tapes | CNET

    It's unclear if these tapes are authentic. CNET contacted the St. Louis County Police to verify their authenticity and we'll update the story when we get more information.

    The author:
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  32. The Wrong Guy Member

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