Riots in Ferguson, Missouri after police shoot Michael Brown

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by The Wrong Guy, Aug 10, 2014.

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    I so wish that WWP had never allowed guest posts.
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  2. Those people are troublemakers. They call themselves "credentialed media" because they have a cell phone and a social media account with a begging for donations page? They are ambulance chasers that are causing more disruption in that city, and the officer had every right to question them. The officer also had every right to protect his own safety. These people filming in the car are terribly disrespectful and have no manners. From watching these so called "Live streamers", an outsider might understand how it is that the national guard may be called in to keep the peace. None of what these so called "protesters" are doing is peaceful or constructive. They are opportunists feeding off of drama for their own jollies and profit. It is sickening that somehow these losers have managed to suck onto anonymous like a parasite leech doing harm with no real purpose. What a waste.
    Hay ntsiei
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  3. Responding to this post. ^
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    Troll, Reb Z and Stacks haven't profited from this undertaking in the slightest, but if it makes you feel better, keep telling yourself that lie. Nor have they sucked onto Anon. No real purpose? Waste? Why, I do believe Stacks caught one of the officers admitting that he called her job, trying to get her fired ala OSA and now there's an internal investigation. What a waste of taxpayer money, I'd say, with him not doing much "serving and protecting".

    Courts have ruled police can be filmed on the job, even during traffic stops. They need to get over it if they don't like it. They chose that profession. The option they have if they don't like it is to find a new career.

    Choose joy and love today. I am.

    RavenEyes out. Ciao.
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    Police are to "Protect and Serve".
    Of course that is correct...they are 'Protecting and Serving' themselves!
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    Missouri Governor Says “Violence Will Not Be Tolerated” In Ferguson, A Viral Hashtag is Born

    As we await the Grand Jury announcement on whether or not Officer Darren Wilson will be indicted, with the decision expected sometime in the next couple of weeks, there has been endless speculation on how demonstrators will choose to protest- and even more so how the militarized police will respond.

    Emergency solidarity actions have been called nationwide, but naturally all eyes are locked on what some are calling the heart of the new civil rights movement, Ferguson, MO.

    Missouri Governor Jay Nixon announced in a press conference on Tuesday that for the past two months more than one thousand officers have received 5000 hours in training to learn how to violate demonstrators rights *ahem* “protect the constitutional rights of peaceful demonstrators”.

    “This is America. People have the right to express views and grievances, but they do not have the right to put fellow citizens and property at risk,” Nixon said, while explaining how the National Guard is part of his contingency plan to protect his officers.

    “Violence will not be tolerated.” he continued.

    In his press conference there was not one mention of Michael Brown, VonDerrit Myers, or Kajieme Powell.

    It seems to have had slipped his mind to address why so many brave men and women have been in those streets for over 90 days demanding change and putting themselves in harms way by confronting these violent officers.

    He also forgot to address the disgusting violation of the demonstrators constitutional rights that we have been witnessing for the past three months.

    Never fear though, Governor Nixon. Twitter didn’t forget, and plenty of people were willing to remind you.

    While twitter reacted with disgust and outrage over Governor Nixon’s statements, a very powerful series of 19 tweets by freelance journalist Julia Carrie Wong which simply read “violence will not be tolerated”, each with a photo of a life tragically lost caught many peoples attention.

    violence will not be tolerated
    — Julia Carrie Wong (@juliacarriew) November 11, 2014
    violence will not be tolerated
    — Julia Carrie Wong (@juliacarriew) November 11, 2014
    violence will not be tolerated
    — Julia Carrie Wong (@juliacarriew) November 11, 2014

    The powerful message quickly morphed into a hashtag- #ViolenceWillNotBeTolerated, and an impromptu twitter campaign ensued, reminding the Governor, and anyone who forgot- of the militarized police presence and violence that he signed off on when his storm troopers declared war on demonstrators.

    Continued here:
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  7. Is Encyclopaedia Dramatica covering this shitstorm?
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    At the rate the PD is going, gearing up stuff for after the GJ announcement, I don't think he will be indicted.
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    Decision in Michael Brown case a 'defining moment' for Missouri | MSNBC

    As a sheer blanket of light snow fell Thursday morning, one of the final – if not the last – witnesses to appear before the grand jury hearing Michael Brown’s case arrived at the St. Louis County prosecutor’s office to provide his testimony.

    Attorneys representing Brown’s family say Dr. Michael Baden, a renowned forensic pathologist and former New York City medical examiner hired by the Brown family to conduct an autopsy on the slain teen, testified before the St. Louis grand jury at the request of its members.

    Less than an hour after escorting Baden into the building, the attorneys representing the Brown family stood before a gaggle of reporters on the steps of the Buzz Westfall Justice Center in Clayton, the county seat of St. Louis, to ask for calm from both protesters and police once the grand jury releases its decision on whether officer Darren Wilson will be charged of a crime in the shooting death of the unarmed teen.

    “Regardless of the decision of the grand jury, this will be a defining moment of the history of the state of Missouri,” attorney Benjamin Crump said.

    Baden’s testimony comes just over 12 weeks since the grand jury first convened to hear evidence in Brown’s case following the teen’s death on Aug. 9. County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch’s office has said officials do not expect a final decision from the grand jury on whether to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson until mid- to late-November.

    But with Baden’s testimony nearing the end of McCulloch’s projected timeline, the attorneys said they believed the grand jury process was approaching its final stages.

    “We gain a sense that we’re reaching the end of the road as it relates to witnesses,” attorney Anthony Gray said.

    Continued here:

    Nixon should have condemned police for violence, Brown family lawyers say | St. Louis Post-Dispatch

    Lawyers for Michael Brown's family stood outside the St. Louis County Courthouse on Thursday morning and said the family supports Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon's call for calm once the grand jury announces its decision about whether to charge the Ferguson police officer who shot the teen.

    But the attorneys said the governor's call should have been aimed at police as well.

    The family wants to "reiterate his denouncement of violence, looting and rioting in the name of Michael Brown," said Anthony D. Gray, a Brown family attorney. "We feel, as the governor and other law enforcement officials, that such acts cannot be tolerated."

    Gray added: "Law enforcement should have been equally condemned by the governor for this conduct at the same time he was admonishing the demonstrators. A strong message of zero tolerance should have been conveyed to all."

    Continued here:
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    Revealed: FBI attempted to drive Martin Luther King to suicide | RT USA


    ​The publication this week of a 1964 letter sent by the FBI to Martin Luther King in which he’s urged to commit suicide reveals never-before-seen details about the government’s campaign to sabotage the civil rights leader.

    On Tuesday, Beverly Gage wrote for the New York Times about the history of the letter which, until then, had been largely shrouded in secrecy, as have other clandestine FBI operations that sought to discredit alleged opponents of the United States government under the helm of then director J Edgar Hoover through a covert campaign of disinformation, blackmail and harassment.

    “When the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. received this letter, nearly 50 years ago, he quietly informed friends that someone wanted him to kill himself — and he thought he knew who that someone was. Despite its half-baked prose, self-conscious amateurism and other attempts at misdirection, King was certain the letter had come from the FBI. Its infamous director, J. Edgar Hoover, made no secret of his desire to see King discredited. A little more than a decade later, the Senate’s Church Committee on intelligence overreach confirmed King’s suspicion,” Gage wrote.

    “There is only one thing left for you to do,” King is warned by the unknown author in the final paragraph of the letter published in unredacted form for the first time this week. “You know what it is.”

    Prior to the ominous plea for King to commit suicide in the letter’s final paragraph, the author uses the word “evil” no fewer than a half-dozen times and accused him of being “a dissolute, abnormal moral imbecile.”

    Your ‘honorary’ degrees, your Nobel Prize (what a grim farce) and other awards will not save you. King, I repeat you are done,” it continues.

    “No person can overcome facts, not even a fraud like yourself… I repeat — no person can argue successfully against facts… Satan could not do more. What incredible evilness… King you are done.”

    Gage, a history professor at Yale University currently at work on a biography of Hoover, explained to the Times that she found the letter in its uncensored form, “rife with typos and misspellings and sprinkled with attempts at emending them,” this summer while scouring for information at the National Archives.

    “The uncovered passages contain explicit allegations about King’s sex life, rendered in the racially charged language of the Jim Crow era. Looking past the viciousness of the accusations, the letter offers a potent warning for readers today about the danger of domestic surveillance in an age with less reserved mass media,” Gage wrote.

    Indeed, the Electronic Frontier Foundation — a California-based advocacy and legal group that fights against government spying, among other intrusions — said in response that the letter “demonstrates exactly what lengths the intelligence community is willing to go to — and what happens when they take the fruits of the surveillance they’ve done and unleash it on a target.”

    “The implications of these types of strategies in the digital age are chilling. Imagine Facebook chats, porn viewing history, emails, and more made public to discredit a leader who threatens the status quo, or used to blackmail a reluctant target into becoming an FBI informant. These are not far-fetched ideas. They are the reality of what happens when the surveillance state is allowed to grow out of control, and the full King letter, as well as current intelligence community practices illustrate that reality richly,” wrote Nadia Kayyali.

    The FBI has long taken heat for its surveillance of King and others during the Vietnam War era in particular. In 1971, a team of activists burglarized a FBI field office in Pennsylvania and later unearthed proof of a program, COINTELPRO, in which the bureau waged a misinformation campaign against King and other anti-war advocates after he called the FBI ‘‘completely ineffectual in resolving the continued mayhem and brutality inflicted upon the Negro in the deep South’’

    “Hoover deployed agents to find subversive material on King, and Robert Kennedy authorized wiretaps on King’s home and Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) offices in October 1963” as part of that program, recalls an article on the Stanford University website. “Hoover continued to approve investigations of King and covert operations to discredit King’s standing among financial supporters, church leaders, government officials and the media.”

    Continued here:

    Here's the original article referenced above:

    What an Uncensored Letter to M.L.K. Reveals | New York Times
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    If anyone read the comments on that article, they would come away with the strong impression that they want Brown's blood again and the police are perfect people and can do no harm.
  14. You get the feeling that st loui is its own special place not attached to the rest of the country
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    Scholar blames Ferguson shooting on history of government segregation policies

    The Ferguson shooting death of Michael Brown that has roiled the St. Louis region and focused the nation on race relations was a result of “racially explicit, purposeful, federal, state and local government policy that lasted over a century,” a scholar for a Washington think tank said Thursday.

    Richard Rothstein, a research scholar for the liberal Economic Policy Institute, said government policies at all levels dating to the early 20th century on labor, housing and other economic issues led to racially segregated enclaves and unequal economic opportunities that still exist in American cities.

    “This is not just a St. Louis story,” he said during an Economic Policy Institute forum on Ferguson.

    Continued here:
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    The Mysterious "Josie" | LocalLeaks

    In the days immediately following the murder of Michael Brown, as the witness accounts and evidence began to be made public - a mysterious figure named "Josie" made her appearance on the stage. Claiming to be a close personal friend of Officer Darren Wilson, "Josie" began calling into local radio stations claiming to give Wilson's side of the story. She made the preposterous claim (proven false in this disclosure) that Darren Wilson was brutally attacked and suffered an "orbital eye socket fracture" during a life or death struggle for his gun. This story circulated amongst conservative radio talk shows before finally being picked up by Fox News and broadcast nationally as "fact". Many have long wondered exactly who this mysterious "Josie" is. Thanks to a confidential source and an on-going leak, we are now beginning to have a clearer picture of "Josie" and her connection to the Ferguson Police Department. The mysterious "Josie" is Josephine Fung, and she is an account assistant at Javelin, Inc. and former student at St. Louis University. Based in St. Louis, Missouri - Javelin's website is still under construction at this writing (

    Various other listings such as LinkedIn and Facebook state vaguely that Javelin, Inc. is a "marketing & programming" company. They are purportedly located at Suite # # 1520 on 265 Union Blvd. in St. Louis, MO. Exactly what business Javelin, Inc. engages in is a complete mystery. A careful examination of the listed location on Google Earth and Street View seem to indicate this is nothing more then a mail drop. Everything we have discovered about this "company" leads us to conclude that it is some sort of "shell" or cover for some covert activity.

    As for Josephine Fung, as soon as our investigations began to home in on her, she deleted all her social media accounts and has since disappeared. However our confidential source is in the process of leaking new information on this strange character and her bizarre "employer", and we will continue to update this disclosure as we process this new data.
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  18. Me too, they're all a bunch of police lovers!
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    How To Get Away With Murder: Ferguson

    By Will Bunch, Philadelphia Daily News

    The shorter version of this week's news out of Ferguson is basically this: Tin soldiers and Nixon coming. The grand jury investigation of the shooting of teenager Mike Brown, by the Ferguson, Mo., police officer Darren Wilson has dragged on for weeks, from the hot summer afternoon when Brown's corpse was left to rot on the street for four long hours, to this week's polar vortex. This cold snap makes it even more likely that authorities will finally announce the decision they've been carefully grooming for weeks, that Officer Wilson will not be charged with murdering an unarmed 18-year-old.

    Still, even with the way that officials have unlawfully and selectively leaked pro-Wilson tidbits from the closed door legal proceedings, the news conference held on Tuesday by the beyond-ironically named Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon was a remarkable show of force...and I mean that in the worst sense possible. Flanked by six uniformed officers (most closely by two black lawmen, who never spoke), Nixon's entire purpose was to show zero tolerance for violence that hasn't occurred yet, to show he's ready for an "uprising" (a racially loaded term he used twice). The youth whose life was taken from him, Mike Brown, was never mentioned, not once. Meanwhile, CNN seems weirdly excited about what it claims is a spike in gun sales in and around Ferguson. I guess vigilantism is the new, Ebola.

    People, we seem to have lost the entire thread of what Ferguson is all about -- the reasons this story has stirred the passions of millions of Americans. The so-called leaders of St. Louis County, the scene of the crime, have spent most of the last two months focused on these three things. 1) Stocking up, and I mean stocking up big-time, on the latest state-of-the-art riot control equipment, to the tune of at least $100,000. 2) Amassing a civilian army of 1,000 police, who've received, in total, at least 5,000 hours (costing God only knows what) of training in battling civil unrest, etc. and 3) Constructing an artificial, bogus narrative that will keep the focus on the possibility of violent protest (something there's actually been very little of over the last three months) and away from any culpability for the reckless actions of Darren Wilson...or the separate and unequal society that Wilson's department props up.

    Politically, what Nixon, the zealously pro-cop St. Louis prosecutor Bob McCulloch, and the predominantly white power structure in Ferguson have accomplished has been nothing short of remarkable. Beginning in those four excruciating, humiliating four hours when Mike Brown's bullet-ridden body was left face down on the hot Ferguson asphalt, the powers-that-be have worked the story line. They pushed against the "micro" story -- why did a police officer fire multiple rounds at an unarmed youth, some 100 feet away with (as multiple, credible witnesses report) his hands in the air? And they've done so much to vanish the "macro" story line -- the systemic discrimination against mostly black communities like Ferguson -- from City Hall to almost intentionally crappy schools to a slew of fines against poor people to keep corporate taxes low to the police harassment and brutality against communities of color, and a justice system that distorts all burdens of proof when the accused wears a badge.

    Now, there's little talk of justice coming out of Missouri these days. Instead, the focus is all about preparing Ferguson and the world for a decision that seems like it was etched in stone just moments after the first shot was fired 94 days ago, that Officer Wilson will not be held accountable. It's kind of ironic that in the midst of all this, ABC launched a prime-time series called "How To Get Away With Murder." That's an entertaining notion for a fictional character, but in real life it's not hard to pull off, not when you have the power of the state, its ability to manipulate the many layers of justice, and to set the parameters of the narrative in the mainstream media. Let's look back on some of the critical plot twists on "How To Get Away With Murder: Ferguson."

    Continued here:
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  23. Last one from me.
    The doxing party is in full swing:

    @OpFerguson Can you all check potosi, MO? Has the worst prison and chapter of the KKK in MO. Let's de-mask those fuckers.

    I lol'd. Hi Klan, the internet is here.
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    Darren Wilson Violates 1st Amendment “I’ll Lock Your Ass Up” - Arrests Man for Filming

    By Cassandra Rules, The Free Thought Project

    A video uploaded to YouTube on November 14 has been brought to the attention of the Free Thought Project which allegedly shows Officer Darren Wilson of the Ferguson Police Department, threatening to arrest a man for filming.

    According to the person who took the video he was in fact arrested, and he claims Officer Wilson lied on his report.

    “He told me I had permission to ‘record’ him. As soon as I started filming, his attitude changed, and he arrested me,” the man, who wishes to remain anonymous for the time being, tells the Free Though Project in an exclusive interview.

    According to the man filming, Wilson put on the report that he only gave him permission to “audio record,” as if actual permission was needed to do either one of these things.

    He was then arrested and put into Darren Wilson’s SUV.

    This incident happened on August 28, 2013. He tells the Free Thought Project that he waited to release the video because he was scared of retaliation and wanted to move out of Ferguson prior publishing it.

    Wilson was at the location asking to look at VIN numbers of two vehicles in the man’s backyard.

    In a phone interview with the person who took the video, he tells the Free Thought Project that he was arrested for Failure to Obey an Officer; a charge that would later be dropped.

    While we await the grand jury findings and an announcement on whether or not Wilson will be charged for the killing of Mike Brown, this video gives us a rare glimpse of the killer cop, and his threatening demeanor.

    UPDATE: Below is a copy of the police report showing the details of the arrest. It is signed by Darren Wilson.

    Continued here:
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    Hospitals prepare to work together in wake of area-wide emergency | FOX 2 St. Louis

    While the St. Louis region awaits the grand jury decision in the shooting death of Michael Brown, area hospitals have been meeting to prepare for anything. DePaul Hospital received a few patients in August when the looting and demonstrating occurred in Ferguson. They, like other hospitals, are preparing for the worst to serve anyone in need of medical attention.

    Because of recent events in Ferguson, SSM Health Care has set up an incident operation center at its headquarters to support the incident commands at the seven SSM hospitals in the area. Mike Harris, the Network Emergency Preparedness Manager said, “We’re not expecting the world to fall apart but we're going to be ready for it if it does.”

    Continued here:
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    Darren Wilson's radio calls show fatal encounter was brief | St. Louis Post-Dispatch

    The Aug. 9 fatal shooting here that sparked three months of protests and calls for change from around the world happened in less than 90 seconds, interviews and an analysis of police and EMS records shows.

    The records, obtained by the Post-Dispatch via Missouri's Sunshine Law, provide the best timeline yet for the events surrounding the shooting of Michael Brown Jr., 18. Also released were police station surveillance videos that provide the most recent images of Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, who has not been seen publicly since the shooting. Wilson left the police station for the hospital two hours after the shooting, accompanied by other officers and his union lawyer.

    They returned about two and one-half hours later.


    Forty-one seconds after Wilson's call, Unit 25 reported that he was about to arrive at Wilson's location, saying he was "going out on Canfield" and accompanied by the sound of his racing engine.

    Forty-eight seconds later, another officer had arrived or was about to, announcing, "22's out."

    At 12:03 p.m., an eyewitness to the shooting Tweeted:

    — Thee$avageEP (@TheePharoah) August 9, 2014

    If his smartphone's clock, or Twitter's, agreed with the clock on dispatch records, Brown was killed less than 61 seconds after the dispatcher acknowledged that Wilson had stopped two men.

    At one minute, 13 seconds after Wilson's call, an unidentified officer has arrived and asks, “Where's the other one?” referring to Johnson.

    Eleven seconds later, there's a brief burst of static and an unintelligible bit of speech. A dispatcher responds, “10-4 on Canfield.”

    Twenty seconds later, unit 25 called in to ask if the dispatcher could send a supervisor to Canfield and Copper Creek Court.

    At 12:05, a dispatcher called for an ambulance, erroneously reporting that someone had been hit with a Taser.

    By 12:07 p.m., a woman wailed in the background as an officer called over his radio: “Get us several more units over here. There's gonna be a problem.”
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    The audio of the police radio during that time shows the confusion. It goes from business as usual to questions and requests of assistance for something, only later is it a shooting and only later a officer involved one.
  31. meep meep Member

    This is after he was treated for the orbital blow out fracture mirite?
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    For Ferguson Grand Jury, Details and Responsibilities Are Abundant | New York Times


    “The grand jury will be given a range of potential charges, from murder first to involuntary manslaughter, just as they would in a jury trial,” said Edward Magee, the prosecutor’s spokesman. The panel will also be instructed in the statutes governing self-defense and the use of deadly force by law enforcement agents.

    The most likely crimes to receive consideration, legal experts said, were:

    ■ Second-degree murder, defined as “knowingly causing the death of another person” and punishable by a prison term of 10 to 30 years;

    ■ Voluntary manslaughter, which is causing a death “under the influence of sudden passion arising from adequate cause,” with a penalty of five to 15 years;

    ■ Involuntary manslaughter in the first degree, which can mean “recklessly” causing a death, with a penalty not to exceed seven years;

    ■ Involuntary manslaughter in the second degree, which is acting “with criminal negligence” to cause a death, with a penalty not to exceed four years.

    The grand jurors will also have to consider the grounds for official use of deadly force, which is legal when an officer “reasonably believes” that a person “may otherwise endanger life or inflict serious physical injury unless arrested without delay,” as well as a broader self-defense clause, which allows anyone to use deadly force when he or she “reasonably believes” it is necessary to prevent death or serious injury.
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    "The only good cops are whistleblowers."
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