Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

Discussion in 'GoldBase' started by i'mglib, Jan 11, 2009.

  1. Top Grunge Member

    Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    What a great day for the International Anonymous Organization!

    I feel giddy with how the Scilons got shot down and put in their place....and through this whole thing raised awareness of what happens on Gold! Shoulda just shut up cult.
  2. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    Is AO even protesting gold?
  3. LilDebbie Member

    Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    aw man that would be extra delicious win if we could get them to admit that
  4. basil Member

    Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    Well done all. My thoughts?

    1) To address 'fear for their safety', mention how its well documented that they have motion sensors, secret microphones, cameras, razor wire, barred windows etc (affadavits, the complex etc) and the sniper post - with pics if possible. We have far more to fear than they do. Mention that they're so heavily fortified (mention the cache of guns, ammo, explosives etc) and casually toss in that it would take half the Marcabian Invasion Fleet to get inside the base - and see if they bite.

    2) How can we tell that people are out and about in the complex when the tall walls (with razor wire) are shielding THEM from OUR view. Get them to show, on a map, where the dining hall actually is (if it's not already known) and that we're more than 30/50/300/whatever it is today feet away anyway.

    3) Since Miscavige lives there, couldn't he be bothered to make a passioned appearance on behalf of all those living in Gold Base, as their spiritual leader? Some face to face enturbulating with the midget would have been great, especially if his famous temper had let rip and he'd actually assaulted someone in front of the entire assembly and got him v&.
  5. TinyDancer Member

    Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    Frisby v. Schultz, 487 U.S. 474 (1988)

  6. Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    No. Fuck you. This is the kind of bullshit that makes us sound insane. I cringed when AGP started pointing out the sniper nest. All you have to do is make it clear that they have MORE than enough blocking their parishioners from seeing or hearing protesters already and they don't need additional protection.

    Secondly, this point NEEDS to be raised again: If Scientology is so very concerned about the peace and tranquility of their parishioners, and their rights to live an ordinary life without any sort of distractions, why is a loud blaring organ note being blasted at ear piercing decibels in such close proximity to the residency halls? The complaints of Scientology clearly have nothing to do with preserving their "peace and tranquility" as much as it has to do with moving protesters away from their property.
  7. francie Member

    Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    Great day for the anti-scientology faction.

    Sucks to be a Gold Baser, don't it?

    I think someone (not a Scio Gold baser) should offer each County Supervisor a tour from the road of the Gold Base facility. It is obvious that they are not familiar with the property and have no sense of reality on this property.

    They need a tour. Any locals willing to offer it?

    Scilon lady... Fear of "them" at other location? And no one pointed out that the scilon is "in fear generally" and not about specific persons doing protesting. Why is she in fear? They have a fucking fence around them. Why would they be fearful of anyone chanting outside the gates? Just more paranoia, fed by a cult leader (Miscavige).

    Dining hall? Everyone who works anywhere stops for a lunch or dinner break. That isn't related to one's residence. No one at Gold Base spends their time "in the residence" and needs to "go out" to the dining hall. Everyone is at work. Supervisors made it clear that they're not trying to stop protesting at the business.
  8. basil Member

    Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    We aren't?
  9. noname99 Member

    Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    so much win, i can hardly breath
  10. anonymous1312 Member

    Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    OK, it sounds like over the next 3 weeks or what ever the scilons will be bawwing their hearts out to get this ordinance past.

    We must not be complacent. We must contact the various parties letting them know exactly how we feel the meeting went:

    * that it was clear this ordinance is really just about scientology.
    * that in the USA you can have signs naming people (AKA David "Tiny ineffectual fists of fury" Miscavige) and even show examples of where the scilons used this tactic against anonymous at protests.
    *that "peace and tranquillity" is shattered more by the 100+Db Gold note than by the protesters.
    *that the Stones are way too cosy with several top Gold base scilons and Jeff Stone is clearly siding with them, no doubt because he's being misguided by the apparently nice scilons.

    and anything else you can think of.

    Every point why this ordinance is so much shit needs to be raised up to the sky. Include the LA Times on communications too. Now where is that email list of Riverside County Administrators...
  11. Optimisticate Member

    Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    I wonder how cozy Stone's little buddies are going to be toward him now that he's almost proven himself to be an ineffectual plant within the council?
  12. AnonLover Member

    Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    fwiw - packed house seems confirmed... one of the later item on the agenda (happening now) seems to have brought the animal lovers out in full force. how nice that extended crowd got to sit thru ordinance 884 first!

    9.7 COMMUNITY HEALTH AGENCY/ANIMAL SERVICES: Public Hearing on ® ADOPTION OF ORDINANCE NO. 630.12, an Ordinance of the County of Riverside Amending Ordinance No. 630 relating the Dogs and Cats (to include provisions of mandatory micro chipping and mandatory spaying/neutering). (3.16 of 12/16/08)
  13. Relyt Member

    Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    Bob Buster is an intelligent man. He recognizes that there is no point in the ordinance if it doesn't stop them from doing what they've been doing in the same AREA that they've been doing it in. Of course they tried to sidestep around it by throwing in a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo.

    Also, I love how the camera was turned away from AO the entire time he spoke. It was lenspalming at his failure!
  14. TinyDancer Member

    Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    All that palaver from Stone early on about religious freedom meaning that religious people should be free within their homes not to be harassed by picketers. No, that's the right of all people, religious freedom is irrelevant. All people should have the right not to be targeted in their own homes by pickets. But the right to free speech is balanced against that right. And it seems that the balance is just about right already, even without the ordinance.
  15. TheBitch Member

    Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    Who is the sanest of the EFB to talk to about maybe going out there to wear a sign. I'm thinking perhaps a therapist wearing a billboard placard sign saying "I have AIDS" on the front, and "I have RIGHTS!" on the back, whilst carrying a sign personally "attacking" David Miscavige's leadaship of the cult might be in order.

    Not to say "precipitate an incident" so much as to state some truths and see what that brings to an OUT OF STATE social justice advocate in Riverside County.
  16. Relyt Member

    Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    Oh yeah, and AO needs psych drugs. Badly. TONS OF THEM. Perhaps then his stress will be channeled into a single topic and not losing control at the most crucial moments.
  17. CantPickaName Member

    Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    This should not pertain to mixed-use properties PERIOD

    what about different causes with different locals? would they need a meeting for every mixed-use property to determine where the living quarters are?
  18. XenuLovesU Member

    Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    Can we please NOT bring up that bullshit from the Tabayoyon affidavit? If anyone ever comes up with any credible evidence that there are automatic weapons, explosives and snipers... fine, run with it. Until then, don't make us sound like nutters for repeating the rantings of a nutter.
  19. Top Grunge Member

    Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    Someone should send Buster messages letting him know that should that ordiance pass its only a matter of time before cops are called and Scilons are claiming they were singled out. They will USE the ordinance whether its happening or not. They will tell Sherriffs that residences were targeted with no proof just to stop protesters.

    I agree, leave sniper nest out of it.
  20. restim Member

    Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    Supervisor Buster is my hero!

    I also loved the bit where Sheriff's department spokesman (!)
    uninvited [STRIKE]cult legal whore[/STRIKE] Mr. Alhadeff from participating in meetings
    discussing implementation details :)))

    Here's the segment we care about:

    Sorry about the crappy video quality.
  21. Zak McKracken Member

    Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

  22. Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    Nice work, keep it up, no talking about snipers, high powered weaponry or explosives unless you guys have dox. Dox is the reason you did well. And it would help if AO died in a fire. That is all.
  23. anonymous1312 Member

    Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    Yeah, keep it to what can be seen, which is plenty what with fences, razor wire, CCTV and loads of guards.
  24. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    Would it be a good idea for someone to make a YT virtual tour of Gold Base Hwy 79 roadway, razor wire, detectors, aerial maps and placement of residences circled and this YT link could be emailed to all RC Board members for their info b4 next meeting? That way they would have some familiarity with the area
  25. rummychick99 Member

    Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    Aren't there any laws on the books about noise level? If not, why not ask Stone about drafting one !

    That noise has to be damaging to the ears of the protestors.

    Isn't there a Supreme Court case about allowing people to protest anonymously? I think that was brought up in a case about masks..asking people for ID is clearly all about getting the name so they can dig up dirt on the person.

    They should be questioned as to why they asked for ID if people were protesting in an allowable area.

    edit:..dont know if still in effect

    "Riverside County Passes Strong Noise Code
    Riverside County California had such a problem with loud parties, that the county supervisors enacted a noise ordinance that can fine noise offenders up to $1,800. According to a resident activist who helped get the ordinance passed, it was not uncommon for people to put event speakers in their yards and blast noise at all hours of the day and night. These parties could be heard over a mile away.

    The ordinance, passed in 2006 prohibits any live band or amplified device from being heard by the human ear at a distance no more than 200 feet. Violation of the ordinance is a $500 fine. However, the State of California also adds an additional fine, plus court costs. The total can add up to 1,800. A second summons in 6 months comes up to $2,700. the third is a misdemeanor with a $3,000 fine and up to 6 months in jail.

  26. francie Member

    Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    NOW you're talkin'! Great idea for an Anon with video techie tools. (which rules me out)

    It would be so much easier for the County Supervisors to "tour" the complex on video-by-email than in person. Then they could drive past the complex if they wanted to.
  27. i'mglib Member

    Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    Wow wow wow! The meeting today was so awesome in just about every way.

    Here are the highlights:

    - Two woman who were Riverside County residents who weren't affiliated with either side spoke against the ordinance, and the speeches were really powerful. The 1st one to speak was especially brilliant, and she addressed Bob Buster specifically, saying something to the effect of, "You know this is a bad idea." She also pointed out, What if a business decides to put a shack on their property? Does that mean they can't be picketed? The other woman actually said she wanted to see the supes financial records, implying they were being paid!

    - I spoke, liberally using quotes from T. Jefferson, about the importance of being able to protest, even against a Church. (Thanks to Optimisticate).

    - Smurf and AGP both spoke and they were great. Smurf was very passionate, and even talked about how Catherine Fraser told the sherriff that he had a medical condition that might make him a danger to the people inside! Also, AGP was great. He had pictures of the razor wire, the speakers, and the eagle's nest. He even played the Gold Tone, right into the microphone.

    - Graham was brilliant. He was passionate, yet measured. He got in a lot of digs against COS, and against the ordinance. He had 6 mintues, because Benny's Friend/Resistance gave him her minutes. AO had specified that Graham got his minutes, too, but there was confusion, so Graham was cut off.

    - Then the other side spoke, and they failed miserably. Especially Catherine Fraser. I almost feel bad for her, because she was asked why she called the cops as soon as the 3 protesters arrived, and she fumbled that one. When asked whether people could protest in front of the guard gate, all of a sudden she brings up that that is near the CAFETERIA! So she tried to throw this red herring in there, which made it obvious they were going to try to say one thing and do another.

    - Bob Buster is the hero, again. He spoke for a long time with Alhadeff about how badly written the ordinance is, because it's so unclear etc. He wanted to know, if people are going to be able to protest just the same as ever, in the same location, then what was the point?

    - Then, because of the confusion, AO got to speak, even though he had given Graham his minutes. I will admit I was VERY NERVOUS about this, because the supes clearly don't like him, but he pulled a stunt that was BRILLIANT! He had a sign that said DAVID MISCAVIGE HIT MARK HEADLEY on one side, and a picture of Jeff Hawkins holding a sign saying DAVID MISCAVIGE BEATS UP HIS STAFF on the other. So he waves this thing around the room, and points out that if the ordinance passes, it means he can't carry this sign at the protest.

    - Then Graham got to speak AGAIN because BF/Resistance gave him her minutes (after going up and telling the clerk that her minutes hadn't been given to him yet). So that was great. Graham tells the supes that they are letting the foxes into the chicken coop by letting the Scientologists decide where people get to picket. He also got some more digs in about Scientology PIs (because AO brought up that he was followed there) and he even said that Scientologists had picketed AO's house.

    The really cool thing that can't be described is the ATMOSPHERE in the room. The place was packed with people who were there to talk about an animal shelter or something, but I would bet that another couple hundred COS critics were born today.

    There were laughs (Graham said that the anons eat cupcakes, dance, and that AO shows up in a purple Barney suit) there were gasps (AGP and SMURF were very emotional and dramatic) and there were fireworks (between Bob Buster and Scientology lawyer Sam Alhadeff).

    So the result was they put it back into review AGAIN. I don't think Jeff Stone was happy, because it definitely looked bad for him.

    As we were leaving we saw the LA Times reporter, the local reporters, and a Channel 7 van parked there.

    All in all VERY EXCITING, and in my opinion a huge win.
  28. Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    ^^^ You did a fantastic job, Glib. I was very curious as to why the room looked so full on teh cameras, and I'm glad to hear that large audience got a chance to basically SIT THROUGH an hour long protest. :D

    Has it been determined yet as to why the Scientology lawyer got such a large amount of time to speak with the board, as opposed to being ushered off like every other speaker? This has happened twice now.

    (Not that I care, because the guy was basically one giant footnuke.)
  29. Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    Thanks to all who gave a running commentary on the meeting for those of us unable to view it!
  30. King Nerd Member

    Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    He paid them.
  31. Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    I,mglib, AGP, AO, Happy Smurf and Graham Berry. All of you exercised your rights as americans today in a MOST honorable fashion. To actually watch all of you LIVE was so full of win. To see democracy in action! Amazing. Simply amazing. I lol'd @ Ms Fraser's lame attempt at bawwwing. Hey sci! Who's your daddy!
  32. themadhair Member

    Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    For AO:

    Play the gold note for three minutes at the next meeting. Please?
  33. King Nerd Member

    Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    Why stop at three? I'd prefer if he just played that instead of speaking.
  34. i'mglib Member

    Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    Interesting side note:

    AO's sign had this picture on it.


    The guy in the picture is Jeff Hawkins, who escaped from Gold Base in 2005. He wrote a blog called Catherine Fraser, the PR person who spoke and screwed up royally is Jeff Hawkins ex-wife. They were forced to divorce by COS. A security guard came to his room with divorce papers to sign one day, that were already signed by Catherine. How messed up is that? But I wonder how she felt when she saw that.
  35. themadhair Member

    Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    He only has three minutes.....
  36. King Nerd Member

    Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    That's three minutes more than he should have been given, in my opinion.
  37. xenubarb Member

    Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    The neat thing about the internets, or one of many, is the ability to watch a hearing and take notes simultaneously as issues arise. So, harpoons away to the Supervisor who expressed concern about Ordinance 884:

    Dear Supervisors Buster and Wilson

    I just watched the hearing on Ordinance 884. I noticed several things
    from the county consul's address to the Board.

    She never answered the question about 884's impact regarding last
    week's legal picket outside the gatehouse of Golden Era Productions,
    where five sheriff vehicles terminated the legal protest of

    Firearms were mentioned by her, intimating that we were packing heat.
    Fact is, Gold Base is an armed compound. They do have weapons. We have signs.

    We have never targeted residences on the compound. We are generally
    protesting the abuses perpetrated at Golden Era, as described by more than one ex-member.

    I commend Supervisors Wilson and Buster for showing some concern that
    884 may be curtailing our right to freedom of speech.

    It is clear that last Tuesday's picket demonstrates that Scientology,
    enabled by the Riverside County Sheriffs Department, intends to misuse
    this ordinance to suppress our ability to protest Scientology policies
    and abuses.

    It amuses me to hear the proponents complain about us "yelling" at the
    inmates of Gold Base, when every time there's a demonstration, the
    Scientologists play a loud tone from their speakers at an ear-damaging
    110 decibels.

    When the Scientology lawyer says "the ordinance is already working,"
    he fails to note that we haven't been picketing residences. We have
    located our activity near the main gate. 884 HASN'T "worked," because
    we don't block cars, we don't protest residences. That man is being
    deliberately misleading.

    Why does Scientology have the ability to contract sheriff deputies on
    active duty to act as their private army? Why are they allowed to
    misuse the 911 service, which is only to be used for emergencies, to
    bypass the general police complaint number to get faster service?
    Why are law enforcement resources being wasted by monitoring
    protesters outside of a fenced, razor wired compound when there are
    actual crimes occurring that critically require these resources?

    How are picketers a threat to those people within the fences, when
    those fences are lined with razor wire? Do they think we're going to
    storm the fence?

    Ms Fraser states she has been "threatened" by protesters elsewhere.
    Scientology spokespersons also claim to have received bomb and death
    threats. Have you asked to see evidence to support that claim? Has any
    effort been made to confirm these threats to be valid?

    Ms. Fraser also refers to residents being prohibited from accessing
    the dining hall. This is completely irrelevant to this case in 2009,
    as it occurred in 2000 when Keith Henson was protesting. And it was
    Scientology management's own choice to prevent their people from
    moving about the base in an effort to keep these people from reading
    Mr. Henson's picket signs.

    I have protested with many others outside Gold Base since 2000 without
    incident. Mr. Choquette, when he approached Scientology security
    guards, did so to inquire why that guard kept driving up behind our
    vehicle and getting out of his vehicle to prowl around it. After he
    was assaulted and thrown to the ground, I ran over to see him pinned
    by three men, one with a headlock around his neck. When I arrived, the
    guard shifted to kneeling on his head. When I tried to retrieve his
    camera, I was also assaulted and thrown against a car.

    Much as I'd like to be present to address the Board, I will not travel
    to Riverside County out of fear of arrest. I've read the police report
    of the incident involving Scientology security guards. Not only does
    the guard lie, claiming I kicked him in the back while he was
    struggling with Mr. Choquette on the ground, the sheriffs department
    includes a misleading photo of a No Trespassing sign that is not
    located where the incident took place. It is, in fact, much farther to
    the north near a different dirt road and a different clump of pine
    trees. There are no signs at all where this incident occurred.

    It is abundantly clear that some members of the sheriffs department
    are biased in favor of Scientology. From Sgt. John Morin of the Hemet
    station illegally refusing to take a complaint from Mr. Choquette, to
    Deputy Forester acting as Scientology's personal law enforcement tool
    during the incident with Mr. Choquette, and later being put in charge
    of the case; the impartiality of some members of the department is in
    question and needs looking into. Perhaps these particular officers
    would do better if moved out of the Hemet station to another area that
    doesn't involve Scientology properties.

    Again, thank you both for your concern over the right to free speech
    in Riverside County. This is not merely a local issue, it concerns every American nationwide. It is also one small step toward bringing justice to the voiceless hundreds behind the razor wire.
  38. Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    AO was a wild man again today, and the look of disgust on Stone's face was priceless. But I have to give AO some credit for taking that sign up there and sticking it in their faces. As Glib mentioned, the media was there in force - news crews from ABC and NBC plus reporters from the LA Times and Press Enterprise. It was cool that they got to see that sign: "David Miscavige Beat Marc Headley". As for the rest of his antics, I can tell you the folks in the room were completely absorbed in the unfolding drama. I concur with Glib that at least a hundred new Scientology critics may have been born today. AO is a nutter, but he gets a good point across every now and then.

    I was very proud of all the speakers today. There was such passion and energy. I like when folks go up there and express themselves naturally instead of the practiced delivery posers like Supervisor Jeff Stone use. Today's meeting was a blast. The old geezers ruled.
  39. i'mglib Member

    Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    I just heard that Graham, AGP and Smurf are raiding Gold again right now (2:30pm Tuesday). I wonder how many calls to 911 Catherine Fraser is making.
  40. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    Re: Riverside Ordinance to be Revisited 01/13

    barb, you should add that the things you talk about during the incident at gold, when you were thrown into the van etc, is all documented on video and will be shown in court... just to give some credability.

    I hope that the next time you guys speak (in 4 weeks?), someone be sure to mention that if the Scilons just want peace, why are they playing a 110 dB organ note? Seriously. why?

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