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Discussion in 'Narconon' started by telomere, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. telomere Member

    No advice yet,
    just trying to translate :)

    Rocket Ship is: HP G62-244
    15.6" AMD Athlon II P320
    320 GB hdd
    4GB RAM
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  2. Intelligence Member

  3. Intelligence Member

    How do I delete or change my http: Links now appearing???

    (change-delete Signature: can't see any EDIT functions?)

  4. telomere Member

    re: advice
    depends on your priorities, and what's most/least important.

    budget, simplest upgrade, ease-of-use, weight, battery life, learning curve.

    Was the old one working "just fine" before it began having power problems?
    Is there anything about it that you'd change if you could?
  5. telomere Member

    simplest upgrade option:
    While the G62 series is no longer available, the G6z is pretty close. computing
    You can probably pull the HDD from Rocket Ship and install it in a new G6z - and it would just work. The first time you reboot, it would take awhile to reconfigure itself, but shouldn't be a show-stopper.
    $450 USD

    budget option:
    If the mini-laptop you have now is "good enough" for most of your needs, instead of buying a new laptop you could just get an external HDD enclosure. Remove the drive from 'Rocket Ship' and put it in the new external disk- and you can now read your files from the mini-laptop or anywhere else.
    $50 USD
  6. Anonymous Member

    Please, back up all your data before you do anything
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  7. telomere Member

    if 'simplest upgrade' doesn't work, and the G6z won't boot with the old drive, you can reinstall the new disk that came with it. Then, you'll need to get an external HDD enclosure.

    if you have the money to burn, there's no need to stick with HP. You can get something bigger / faster / lighter / longer battery life, though you'll have to pick ONE or two of these. Can't have everything. ;)

    if you don't have any money, if you don't have any time or patience, try asking one of your friendly neighborhood local Anonymous to see if they can fix it. Haxoring is probably not your best option, and it might be the worst. But you could get lucky. :)
  8. telomere Member

    Machine being semi-dead, and files not easy to backup are a big part of the problem. :|
  9. Intelligence Member

    How would this one compare to the one I have that's not working properly?

    Continuing to use the Mini is out of the question. Need too many windows/pages open - very SLOW.
  10. Intelligence Member

    How much time would it take to transfer ALL my files off the G62 onto an external HD?

    I'm really in a time crunch this week; more than ever. I ONLY way to accomplish and meet time lines
    is to get off the Mini or stay up threw the night, which I simply can't keep doing.

    I really appreciate all your advice and help.

  11. telomere Member

    Doesn't seem too bad. It might be a bit faster. Double the size of the HDD. (double the dox!)
    Weighs 0.5 kg more. Somewhat more awkward to lug around, and you'll need a new carrying case.

    You won't be able to install the old HDD directly though,
    so get one of these too:

  12. telomere Member

    Depends on how full the drive is. If it's near full, it will probably take longer than your battery will last, though it could be close. (1-3 hours, depends on a variety of things).

    If you can get an external disk enclosure (like the one I linked to in the previous post)
    that's just an empty box. You can remove the HDD from the G62, put it in the enclosure,
    and you have an instant external HDD.

    It may still take a few hours to copy your files, but there's less time pressure since you'll be using battery / AC power on the new laptop.

    No. you can't do that.
    Better to threw the computer out the window, and let the Snow have it.

    your new computer won't have Microsoft Office, or Acrobat Pro on it by default.
    If you have a copy of them already, you'll need to reinstall. If you don't have another copy of them, you might need to buy one.
    (Acrobat PRO is the version that allows you to create PDFs. The free version only lets you read, display, print. That could be all you have now, or all you need.)
  13. Intelligence Member

    I don't need or like a big HD. One of the reasons I like this one I posted, was because it has a 5+ hour 6 cell battery, as well as being fast.

  14. telomere Member

    the "5+ hour" battery is a crock.
    I don't know how long it will last in reality, but it is the exact same rated capacity as your old laptop's battery.
    New laptop has a faster CPU, bigger screen, so it will drain more power.
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  15. Intelligence Member

    I have all these ^^^^^ discs, including Dragon Naturally Speaking that I use to dictate while I'm uploading videos or doing other mult-tasks. Going back to the same store; especially at this slow time of year for them, will allow me to negotiate some labour to install my Office discs etc. They were quite reasonable with me last time and if I need to "Hard Sell" them, with a convincing "Close" (this is my expertise LOL), I will negotiate till the sun goes down. Last time they thew in a nice printer and installed all discs for me.

  16. Intelligence Member

    I think this new has 2 more cells??? My mini will run for about 6-8 hours without charging. But my G62 never got past 1.5-2 hours?

  17. Intelligence Member

    WOW! Only $28 - nice. So they just pop my HD out of my G62 and install in this empty HD box? Then I can access the files from any Unit? Sounds good.

    The G62 has a 7200 and the new one only 5400, but the ram is 6GB in the new one, as opposed to only 4GB in the G62, The 2 extra Ram should make up for speed right? AND the new one has a 1 GB video. so doing video work should be faster too???

  18. telomere Member

    G62-244CA and G7-1270CA both have
    • 6-Cell 47WHr Lithium-Ion Battery
    as standard issue. Both can use an optional 9-cell extended battery,
    but Future Shop doesn't carry them.

    I believe the batteries are intercompatible, so you can use old one as a spare.
  19. telomere Member

    G7 HDD has a slower spindle, yes. It should be a little quieter, and maybe use less power. Opening programs might be very slightly slower, but since you're going from "older generation" to "newer" disk technology, it probably cancels out. Everything else should be faster with the G7.

    Also, if you do find the HDD sucks too much, its one of the few parts that's replaceable.
  20. Intelligence Member

    Ok, thank you very much. I think I "MAY" consider the extended warranty to three years this time
    if they will give me a decent price??? I know they will negotiate on this too. I think it's retail about $100?

    I usually avoid any extended warranties on products, but I don't want to feel this stress again in year from now when the warranty runs out. What do you think???

  21. telomere Member

    Sorry, I know nothing about negotiation.
    I can't even compliment the WWP admins without it coming across as an insult. :|

    (btw, the whole and entire value of an "Extended warranty" is in negotiation.
    If your computer breaks 18 months from now, even if your contract says its covered,
    it's still up to YOU to convince the dork behind the counter,
    since they will always come up with excuses for why they shouldn't.)
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  22. Intelligence Member

    Thank you for all your help - - we're up and running again with the above G7.
    Shop is customizing some features for me and after some polite, but firm negotiation,
    now have an extended 3 year warranty for $120 for the extra 2 years.

    I took it for a test drive and meets/exceeds needs. Also have an external drive I'm backing
    up with and transferring files, Drag and drop works great, Whewww!

    I didn't realize just how dependent I had become on peek performance of a computer.
    About three days behind right now, but will catch up by weeks end easily.

    Will sleep well tonight:):):)

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  23. Intelligence Member

    It was a comical scene at Future Shop today - - was there for 3 hours. Even left once to have a bite and let
    the sales guy stew a bit. "What kind of work do you?", he said, as he glanced at my icons full of files.
    I replied, "Like I first said to you when I came here, you can't use Bait and Switch marketing in Canada like you're doing, it's against the law, and I fight for people who are exploited like this."

    So I opened up the web and did a simple "David Edgar Love google search. He stood there glancing back and forth from the monitor to me and I chuckled. I said, "Don't be concerned, I don't have time to file dox on this
    store, but please do remove the Bait and Switch web site adds that lure customers in here."

    Thats when I began to negotiate price and an extended warranty. When my dear Friend showed up, I talked some more about EXACTLY what the warranty covers and I was adament about them not screwing me around if I had any problems.

    As he was was detailing some of the warranty, I said, "Could you speak a little louder please into the mike in my pocket." ,...., LOL - - poor guy - - he was very nice and we did have some smiles and laughs.

    I sure do feel a lot better tonight, knowing my dox woes are over and I can now push forward at
    warp speed - - no other feeling like it in a long time.


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  24. Intelligence Member

    Absolutely INCREDIBLE how this new computer is performimg. I'm speachless
    and very HP ("Happy Pants") right now:)

    I'm working on a 17"+ Laptop screen. I wonder why this forum page only uses half the screen? There is
    a blank wide border on each side. Not an issue, just wondering?

  25. Chipshotz Member

    Check the screen resolution David.
    On 2nd look it's like that for me also. New software, it's all good.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    <control>+ and <control>- are your friends
  27. telomere Member

    New WWP site updates/upgrades. Still in flux.
    You'll have to take it up with Teh Management.
  28. Intelligence Member

  29. Intelligence Member

    This new computer is incredible - - no freezes with that hated little going round
    and round till system catches up,..., LOL

    Very nice to be able to multi-task many things at the same time. Very happy:)

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  30. Tangerine Member

    It's the new look of WWP - the pale blue/gray bars on each side is how it looks now. Glad your computer woes are over!
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