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    Bonus items from our tipsters

    By Tony Ortega, May 26, 2017


    Rod Keller told us that the new Copenhagen “Ideal Org” was coming, and here it is all ready for Saturday’s grand opening. Prepare for a David Miscavige appearance, Danish friends!


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    Here's a new press release from the cult:

    Danish Delight: A New Church of Scientology is Born in Central Copenhagen


    Mr. David Miscavige, ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion, presided over the dedication ceremony, recounting the journey to this epic accomplishment. "As some of you may recall, we once met upon a midnight hour. Whereupon, you presented a future vision of this Church. I shared your vision and you pledged to make it a fact. So, on this day when wind, sleet or snow couldn't keep me away, I came in glorious Spring to say: 'You made it, you did it, you saw it and seized it. And here now stands the world's most ideally placed Church of Scientology, in the name of spiritual freedom and the exercise of eternal free will for all Denmark.'"

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    Child deaths at a pop concert turn into the latest chance for Scientology to spread its propaganda

    By Rod Keller. May 28, 2017


    Twenty-two people were killed by a bomb at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England on Monday night, prompting Scientology Volunteer Ministers to rush into action. Late last year SAVE (Scientology Aid Volunteers England) and Executive Director Neil Martland received the donation of a used Ford Transit van, which they have painted to resemble an emergency vehicle with “Mobile Support Unit” and “Something Can Be Done About It” on the sides and back.

    On Tuesday members rushed to local Adsa and Tesco grocery stores to request donations of food and water to be brought to emergency workers at the bombing site. Officers didn’t appear too receptive, however.

    With donated food and water not being needed, Scientology turned instead to literature distribution. The Way to Happiness booklet by L. Ron Hubbard is held by Scientology to be a cure-all for social unrest. As Hubbard wrote “All you have to do is keep that booklet flowing in the society. Like gentle oil spread upon the raging sea, the calm will flow outward and outward.” The response from Mancunians to the Scientologists was mixed, with some appearing enthusiastic in photos and others hiding their faces from the camera.

    We asked a former staff member about the booklet and its purpose.

    “The Way to Happiness became a huge money spinner and management realized that asking people for money for booklets after a tragedy (flood, fire, disaster, war, etc.) was easier than just asking for straight donations from people. It’s always easy to get people to part with money if you push the button of tragedy and immediate need for relief and the book became the perfect tool for this.”

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    Around the globe, Scientology relies on guys like this to promote L. Ron Hubbard to your kids

    By Rod Keller. June 4, 2017


    Eastern Cape is one of the nine provinces of South Africa and both Eastern and Western Cape are the territory of Robert Van Der Feyst (see above), a one-man touring drug education campaign in local schools. There is little doubt that the quote from the Department of Education was elicited through one of his talks. Van Der Feyst speaks under the banners of several Scientology front groups. He is Narconon, he is the Foundation for a Drug-Free World, and he is The Way to Happiness. In most countries Narconon runs drug rehab centers while the Foundation for a Drug Free World does education. Since the Cape Town Narconon closed many years ago, Van Der Feyst is an independent operator, and is the sole presence of Narconon in southern South Africa.

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    Neil Gaiman’s sis begs her fellow Scientologists to donate to an already funded building

    By Rod Keller. June 11, 2017


    In the past year Scientology has opened seven new Ideal Orgs. Budapest and Harlem opened in July 2016, San Diego in November, Auckland in January 2017, San Fernando Valley in March, Miami in April, and Copenhagen in May.

    Scientology leader David Miscavige wants the Ideal Org openings to be interpreted as Scientology growing as a movement. But there’s no evidence that more buildings are producing more new members. After their grand openings, Ideal Orgs gradually become empty after the initial enthusiasm.

    Empty Ideal Orgs, however, isn’t keeping Miscavige from planning new ones. We think six more Ideal Orgs could open in the next year. Let’s go around the globe to see which ones are nearing completion.

    The historic Pitmaston House is currently under renovation to become the new Birmingham, England Ideal Org. Lizzy Calcioli announced that funding for the planned October opening is complete, but more donations are being solicited.


    It’s typical in Scientology to raise money all the way up to opening day to be used for neighboring Ideal Org projects. Calcioli is the Executive Director of Wealdon House, a life improvement center near Saint Hill, and she is the sister of fantasy author Neil Gaiman.

    Austin, Texas finished raising $15 million this week and will be renovating the existing org on one of the main party streets of the University of Texas campus, Guadalupe Street. Renovations will now be started to add two stories to the building to increase the floor space above the 50,000 square foot minimum for Ideal Orgs.


    We previously reported Joburg North in South Africa is preparing to open. One of the key preparations is to distribute as many copies of The Way to Happiness as possible in the neighborhood. Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard called the process “safepointing” and directed that reaching opinion leaders in the area is critical for Scientology’s expansion.


    Tiny Salt Lake City org purchased an office building in 2014 to become the new Ideal Org. They should start renovations and hold an opening fairly soon, since the building was never in disrepair.


    A warehouse in Riverdale, Western Australia will become the new Perth Ideal Org. They are still raising funds for renovation, but we believe them that “Perth is Next” for the ANZO Scientology continent.


    Mexico City already has an Ideal Org, but two more orgs plan to go ideal. Organización Desarrollo y Dianética A.C. is known as “ODD.” Organización Cultural Dianética de Polanco is known as “OCD,” so they are frequently confused for each other. ODD will be first, and is now under construction.

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    Scientology caught red-handed breaking government restrictions — and without penalty

    By Rod Keller. June 18, 2017


    Scientology is still renovating the planned advanced org known as AOSH LATAM at the former Palmas Plaza mall in the Mexico City area. This despite “seals,” which are banners tied to the gates announcing to all that work on the site is prohibited. There are no valid permits to renovate the structure. Scientology’s solution is to work in secret, with only a few workers rather than over 100 as was the case before the site was shut down. In Mexican slang this is known as “trabajo hormiga,” or “ant work,” in which the work is done little at a time to avoid detection.

    News web site InfoZona published a statement from the municipal president, or mayor, Enrique Vargas del Villar. “The people the neighbors observed are not workers, they are security personnel, the work has not been resumed or will be resumed outside the context of the law.”


    The neighbors of the work site know better than that. Above, dump trucks parked alongside the site idle as they wait to receive a load of refuse. The security guards Vargas del Villar mentions are there, in uniform, but there are others as well. In this remarkable series of photos, a uniformed security guard opens the gate for a worker, who steps over the seal. The guard then replaces the seal across the gate.

    The neighbors are opposed to the proposed facility because they fear increased traffic in the area, and many believe the character of the “colonia,” or neighborhood will change with the influx of Scientologists. Some keep an eye on the gates as they pass, photographing workers waiting to be allowed inside. One neighbor this week was confronted at the gate by a non-uniformed worker as he was taking photographs.

    The neighborhood association has approved the hiring of attorneys to represent their interests in the matter, but there is nothing for them to do at the moment. Scientology has not applied for new permits, or sued the local government to force them to allow the renovations. Local officials say the site is closed, and are not taking any action against Scientology. For now they are willing to ignore the ant work being done. For Scientology, this method of renovation will extend the project indefinitely. It’s a large building and the interior is being completely replaced to meet the standards of an Ideal Advanced Org and Continental Liaison Office. If they intend to open in the near future they will have to find a solution to the stand-off.

    Source, and more photos:
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    Scientologists are branded 'vultures' after setting up a tent outside Grenfell Tower to give MASSAGES and hand out promotional leaflets
    • Members of controversial religion seen offering massages near Grenfell Tower
    • Scientologists say they have been working with other faiths to hand out supplies
    • But they also handed out promotional leaflets from their bright yellow tent
    • It was pitched just metres away from the scene of the inferno
    • The Church said: 'From 99% of the responses we had, we know it was worthwhile'

    Scientologists have been branded 'vultures' who are 'trying to capitalise on people's heartbreak' after setting up an enormous tent at the scene of the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

    Members of the controversial religion were seen offering massages and handing out promotional leaflets from the bright yellow structure just days after the horror blaze.

    The tent was pitched just metres away from the street where hundreds of locals are handing out donations to those who have been left homeless by the inferno which has so far claimed 78 lives.

    Residents are alleged to have told the Scientologists to 'take their tent and leave' after being offered massages to help them 'heal'.

    A journalist at the scene said: 'Everyone who's approached them has told them to fuck off.'

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    London’s long, hot summer

    After a trio of tragedies, the mood in the city has suddenly shifted.

    By Joshua Chaffin, The Financial Times


    A Christian, a Muslim and a Scientologist — all strangers — are riding through west London in a yellow van. It sounds like the set-up to a bad joke, thought Andre Apollis. Instead, it was a glimpse of the way tragedy can upend our usual realities.

    Apollis had awoken to news of the devastating fire in nearby Grenfell Tower. Although suffering from a chronic skin disease, he set off with a vague notion of helping. Like other would-be volunteers, he was turned away by the churches. There was no one from the local council to be found.

    “Then I saw this yellow van pull up,” he recalled. “They were the Church of Scientology, and they asked if I wanted to help.”

    The next thing he knew he was donning a Scientology T-shirt — “even though I don’t believe in it”.

    He and his new comrades were delivering water when, soon enough, a man jumped in front of the van, waving his arms. He had food to donate if they could give him a ride.

    “We said, ‘yes, jump in!’ ” recalled Apollis, 43, an opera singer. “He was a Muslim guy and he took us to this restaurant in Holland Park.” There they loaded the van with kafte, rice, hummus and pita bread and brought it back to Grenfell. They took special care to feed the police patrolling the neighbourhood, as the Muslim man had requested. “It was just amazing,” Apollis said. “We were just working together.”

    The next day he returned. But something had changed. The sense of kindness and community were giving way to rage and arguments. “It just became very, very ugly,” said Apollis. “You were just waiting for the bubble to burst.”

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    Facing government opposition, Scientology prepares to play dirty

    By Rod Keller, July 2, 2017


    The seals across the entrances of the Palmas Plaza are still up. Scientology continues “trabajo hormiga,” or “ant work” in secret, using a very small crew working on a job that requires over 100. Neither the neighbors nor Scientology are happy with the stand off and each took steps this week to bring the situation regarding the planned Advanced Org for Latin America to an end.

    The neighbors this week first organized, then canceled a protest at the obelisk, a landmark in the center of a roundabout near the site. The area already has traffic congestion, and they fear the hundreds of hotel rooms, the restaurant and the large auditorium will add to that. There are rumors that Scientology is preparing to bribe local officials to get their way, but history indicates they will use other methods to get their way.

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    Scientology’s ‘Drug-Free’ influence-peddling plans for New York on August 1, in detail

    By Rod Keller, July 16, 2017


    A tipster in the New York Scientology org sent us a list of events for the Foundation for a Drug Free World for August. They will be focusing efforts on the National Night Out, which started in 1984 and coordinates events where community members can meet law enforcement officials to increase understanding and reduce crime. Scientologists across the country have used the opportunity to distribute literature from the foundation for years, but usually fail to mention the connection with Scientology. That is the case again this year.

    Scientology’s hope is to attract the attention of “opinion leaders” in a practice known as “safepointing,” such as this event last week with volunteer John Eurell and a Rockland County Sheriff’s Deputy. Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard claimed this is essential to establishing new Scientology operations. This year’s night out event is being held on August 1.

    The event in Manhattan is being held in coordination with the NYPD Transit Police at Columbus Circle at 59th Street, one of the busiest subway connection stations in the city. The transit police didn’t return calls about the event.

    The event in Brooklyn is being held at the 60th Precinct police station, 2951 West 8th Street in Coney Island. Police didn’t return calls about the event.

    There are two events in Queens: with the 113th Precinct at Baisley Pond Park in Jamaica and the 114th Precinct at Astoria Park under Hell Gate Bridge. A spokesperson for the 114th said she was unaware that the Foundation for a Drug Free World is associated with Scientology.

    One event is outside the city in nearby Yonkers at Sullivan’s Oval Park. A spokesman said “for me, there is no connection between Drug Free World and Scientology. I never heard that before.”

    Later in the month on August 26th, Scientology will participate in an anniversary event at Pomonok Houses, a public housing complex in Flushing, Queens. The housing authority didn’t return inquiries about the event.

    Also on the 26th is the Cultural African Preservation award ceremony being held at PS 55, the Benjamin Franklin charter school in the Bronx. Calls to the organizers were not returned.

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    Scientology shifting front group strategy — it’s all about kids, kids, kids

    By Rod Keller, July 23, 2017


    Scientology front group CCHR (Citizens Commission on Human Rights) is opening a new front against psychiatry. CCHR is the protest and lobbying organization under which Scientology battles the “psychs,” taken to mean all psychiatrists, psychologists, pharmaceutical and device manufacturers. The focus has always been to battle mental health professionals in legislatures and courtrooms, but a new initiative in development may shift the group’s focus towards parents and schools.

    Coming soon –, which will “use innovative technology to create a global movement of advocacy and engagement for the love and protection of children.” The metadata on the placeholder page states:

    The Purpose of is to provide parents with facts about child “mental disorders” such as ADHD, as well as the documented risks of the psychiatric drugs prescribed them. To provide parents with non-harmful medical and educations [sic] solutions to address problems of attention, learning and behavior without the use of mind-altering and dangerous drugs.

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    Scientology ‘dead agents’ our own Rod Keller as it pursues more illegal activity in Mexico City

    By Rod Keller, July 30, 2017


    The waiting game at the planned Advanced Org in Mexico City continues and Scientology is using all of its tricks to break the imposed work stoppage. Watchful neighbors this week spotted a water heater being delivered to the site by a truck bearing the logo of Rotoplas, a manufacturer of water tanks. It’s part of the “trabajo hormiga,” or “ant work” being done at the site.

    Neighbors know work is being done, but the construction noises are infrequent and the police don’t respond to reports that lights are being turned on in the night. Photos of the water tank truck were sent to Mayor Enrique Vargas del Villar and on July 25 police visited the site. The Rotoplas truck was gone by the time they arrived, and Mayor Vargas issued a statement that the neighbors should stop making false reports based on rumor.

    The reports are not false, the photos of the truck prove that. Yesterday Mayor Vargas arranged for a few neighbors to tour the site to verify for themselves that work is not being done. And work was not being done yesterday, but work may resume in secret today or tomorrow, or next week.

    Scientology’s plan to end the dispute is based on the policies of L. Ron Hubbard, and takes two forms: “safepointing” and “dead agenting.” Safepointing is the policy to recruit influential community members not as Scientologists but as allies, usually through one of the many Scientology front groups. In June Scientologists distributed materials from the Foundation for a Drug Free World in the neighborhood, which is far from any other Scientology org or mission. They hope to recruit Mayor Vargas and other community leaders as allies rather than opponents.

    “Dead Agent” is the name Hubbard used for the policy to attack those who criticize or oppose Scientology through rumor and innuendo. This week neighbors received two email messages from “Jose Martinez,” not a name that is familiar to them. Martinez has access to an email list from at least one of the community associations and is using it to distribute Dead Agent materials. Huixquilucan is the municipality containing the Lomas del Olivo neighborhood.


    We are settlers of Huixquilucan.

    There is a small group in our community that is instigating for the purpose of discriminating and dividing the settlers for personal and economic interest. We want to know who are the ones who hurt and hurt us. The first is Rod Keller. An American who is in the United States and intends to be part of our community of Huixquilucan.

    Rod Keller has been linked to the “Cult Awareness Network,” an association that was civilly convicted of deprivation of liberty, discrimination and pressure against religious freedom rights, a follower of Christ.

    Friends of Huixquilucan

    The Cult Awareness Network (CAN) was created in 1978 following the Peoples Temple killings in Jonestown, Guyana, which claimed the lives of over 900 members and U.S. Congressman Leo J. Ryan. For many years CAN served as an information source for parents of cult members, politicians, and others interested in researching destructive groups. It was destroyed by Scientology in 1996 when Jason Scott won a judgment of $1,875,000 for conspiracy to violate his civil rights, an amount that bankrupted CAN. Scott was a member of Life Tabernacle Church, a Pentecostal church many consider a cult and was represented in the case by Scientology lawyer Kendrick Moxon. It was an important story, but nobody in Mexico City other than Scientology remembers CAN or the reporting we did on the case over 20 years ago. This email is drawn from Scientology’s extensive Dead Agent files.

    “Jose” sent a second email to Dead Agent the watchful neighbors, accusing them of human rights violations in sending four minors to trespass at the Palmas Plaza site.

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    Scientology in Africa begs members for cash to send staffers to the US

    By Tony Ortega, August 7, 2017


    A tipster alerted us to a rather bizarre fundraising website that only makes sense in the world of Scientology.

    At the website, Scientologists in South Africa are told that a new “Ideal Org” is coming to North Johannesburg, and that a goal of January has been set for its grand opening. As in the rest of the world, these new Scientology cathedrals are really unnecessary for an organization that is rapidly dwindling, but local members are under intense pressure to donate the millions of dollars it takes for purchasing and renovating a building.

    And staffing an Ideal Org is also a challenge, because in order for an org to truly be “Ideal,” its staff members must be trained at the Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida, and at the model Ideal Org in Los Angeles. And sending staff over to the US from South Africa is not without cost.

    So this website is begging South African Scientologists to donate so that visas and plane tickets can be purchased for potential Ideal Org staff members:

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    Scientology’s slick (and bogus) drug education program snares another school district

    By Rod Keller, September 3, 2017

    First paragraph:

    Pulaski County in central Missouri is establishing a drug education program in its public schools. The Waynesville Daily Guide reports that the program is “The Truth About Drugs,” provided by the Foundation for a Drug-Free World. Law enforcement and school officials presenting it are unaware that the program is provided by the Church of Scientology, that there are errors in the materials, or that other schools have judged them unsuitable for use.

    Last paragraph:

    If successful, county officials plan to expand the Truth About Drugs to every school in the state of Missouri. That would be a significant victory for Scientology and its efforts to make L. Ron Hubbard’s theories accepted as the solution to drugs.
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    "The Truth About Drugs" is the Hubbard version of D.A.R.E, an earlier failed drug education program.
    Pulaski County officials have zero authority to metastatize the TTAD program to other counties in Missouri. That's scienazi grandiose delusion.
  18. Pulaski County Coalition Against Drugs removes Scientology The Truth About Drugs from schools.

    For background, see Rod Keller's article for Tony Ortega yesterday:

    Scientology’s slick (and bogus) drug education program snares another school district


    See video at link.;theater

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    Missouri school district boots sneaky Scientology front group after Underground Bunker article

    By Rod Keller, September 5, 2017


    Steven Bales of the Pulaski County Coalition Against Drugs announced yesterday that they are withdrawing the use of Scientology’s Truth About Drugs program from public schools. In a video with Waynesville Daily Guide reporter Natalie Sanders he said that he was approached by a number of concerned individuals about the connection to Scientology, and he asked the Foundation for a Drug Free World for an explanation. They sent him a letter with the false claim that Scientology is only one of a number of donors to the Foundation. Scientology is the creator of the Foundation, and claims it with pride on its web site. The reverse is not true, the Foundation makes no mention of Scientology, not even on the “Who We Are” page. That stealth is deliberate, they intend to hide the affiliation from educators and other officials.

    Bales spent Sunday deleting comments from his Facebook page with links to the article in the Underground Bunker and the connection to Scientology. He doubled down on claims that “all drugs are poisons,” “all drugs can cause flashbacks” and “all drugs are stored for years in fatty tissue,” all of which are untrue statements in Scientology’s materials. In yesterday’s video he admits that he was deceived as to the true origin of the Truth About Drugs, and his connection to the program is being severed. He said he will be moving to replace Truth About Drugs with another from the U.S. Government.

    Bales makes no mention in the video of the false portions of the materials. The issue when California rejected the Narconon program in 2004 was not the connection to Scientology. It was important to state officials then that their schools distribute accurate information rather than Scientology myths.

    More at
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    PCCAD pulls anti-drug program funded by Scientology | Waynesville Daily Guide


    The Pulaski County Coalition Against Drugs (PCCAD) announced Monday morning, via Facebook Live interview, in the Daily Guide office, that it is pulling the anti-drug program, The Truth About Drugs, from Pulaski County Schools due to its connection to the Church of Scientology.

    The Truth About Drugs is an anti-drug curriculum created by an organization named Drug Free World. Drug Free World appears to be a department under the Church of Scientology and admitted, when asked by PCCAD that the Church of Scientology is its “largest contributor.”

    The Church of Scientology is a controversial religion that has had some criticism from former members, including former celebrity members, who have made accusations against the church. More recently, actress Leah Remini has had a television documentary series entitled “Scientology and the Aftermath,” where former members of the church discuss their experiences with it.

    Steven Bales, Director of PCCAD, sat down with the Daily Guide Monday morning to talk about the organization’s decision to pull the program.

    Bales said that they were unaware of the connection and would not have chosen the program had they known because the organization doesn’t want to be affiliation with any one religious group. Bales became aware of the connection through some messages from individuals over the weekend.

    The Daily Guide was also contacted by individuals over the weekend making us aware of the connection to Scientology on Facebook, Twitter, and via email. An organization that actively tries to discredit the Church of Scientology had seen the Daily Guide’s article about the implementation of the drug program and published the information on its website.

    The website,, home of the Underground Bunker, a blog about the Church of Scientology contacted local schools and the sheriff’s department, according to information it provided. A notification from Twitter Monday afternoon, made the Daily Guide aware of the information on the website.

    The earlier article about the implementation of the anti-drug program in Pulaski County schools prompted the Daily Guide, at that time, to review the materials in the program. It should be noted that nowhere in any of the curriculum was there a mention of religion, religious ideology, or the Church of Scientology.

    After some research, Bales discovered how closely connected the Church of Scientology is connected to Drug Free World and how misleading the organization was about its ties. This prompted the decision to pull the program from area school districts by the organization.

    Bales explained that when the organization was reviewing drug programs, they were only looking for programs that provided a curriculum that was more effective than ones used in the past. It simply didn’t come up about who funded this particular program.

    “It was an honest mistake,” Bales said. “We were looking at materials, what was there, what was provided, not who paid to create them.”

    The Daily Guide filmed a portion of the interview with Bales so that he could make the announcement live on Facebook and watchers began commenting soon after.

    Among the comments were criticism for the organization not looking deeper into the source of the material. Bales said it was a lesson learned and the organization is already looking for a different program.

    “Our focus is drug education, period. We’re not out to promote any certain religious group or affiliation or whatever the case may be. We’re here to try to educate kids and parents about the dangers of drugs and that is our sole purpose,” Bales said.

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    Ideal and Ideal-er: England org coming soon will be Scientology to the max

    By Rod Keller, September 10, 2017


    Birmingham Ideal Org will be the next to open, set for this fall. As we previously reported fundraising has long since been finished to renovate the Pittmaston House, a Grade II listed building which protects the historic structure from major changes. The only question remaining is whether the opening will be before or after the IAS Anniversary extravaganza being held at Saint Hill in East Grinstead, England on October 6-8. We’re betting after, since the org is still recruiting staff who will have to fly to the U.S. for training and be back in time for the opening.

    At last count the org had 125 staff, and they want to recruit 75 more. That number is ambitious, but we count more than 25 new staff in August, each signing a standard 2.5-year or 5-year contract. Some auditors go to Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida for technical training, while staff in administrative positions fly to Los Angeles, where they train with the Sea Org-staffed LA Org. The idea is that in the past Ideal Orgs didn’t meet expectations because they didn’t fully understand L. Ron Hubbard’s organizational policies. Now instead of the usual handful of executive trainees, Birmingham is sending them by the dozens.


    All the signs point to Birmingham opening in the fall. This special edition of Dianetics is a traditional fundraiser for Ideal Orgs. Another sign is that central files are being reorganized. The difference with Birmingham over previous openings is the large increase in staff training in Los Angeles. Time will tell if this is the key to Ideal Org success or not.

    More at
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    Scientology leader David Miscavige has empty buildings all over the world — here’s a rundown

    By Rod Keller, September 17, 2017


    Scientology has opened four “Ideal Orgs” this year – Auckland, (San Fernando) Valley, Miami, and Copenhagen – but they are in no danger of running out of real estate. The church owns unused property on every continent, and some that we once thought were lost causes are now being renovated. The plan is to recast every Scientology org as an Ideal Org, along with a host of Ideal Advanced orgs and Continental Narconon drug rehab facilities. Here’s a look at Scientology’s unused properties.

    After failing to renovate the distressed Alexandria Hotel in Boston, Scientology purchased a more manageable Ideal Org building there in 2015 for $15 million. The Chicago Ideal Org has been owned by Scientology for more than a decade and is now undergoing renovations. An office park building in Columbus, Ohio was purchased in 2010 for $3.25 million. Despite foreclosure for not paying taxes, the $2.2 million New Haven Ideal Org remains in Scientology’s hands, and it paid $1.65 million for the Orlando Ideal Org building in 2016. In 2007, $7.85 million the empty Philadelphia Ideal Org building. And $3.5 million in 2007 purchased the empty Detroit Ideal Org. The Battle Creek, Michigan Ideal Org property was purchased in 2001 and still stands empty.

    The planned Narconon Trout Run in Maryland was denied permission to renovate and stands empty. Scientology purchased the parcel for $4.85 million in 2013.

    A payment of $5 million went for the Kansas City ideal org in 2007, and after a decade Scientology finally solicited bids for construction last month. This year Scientology spent $6.25 million for the planned Santa Barbara Ideal Org. Scientology still owns the Gizmo discount clothing store in downtown Albuquerque, purchased for $2.2 million in 2007. The Salt Lake City Ideal Org was purchased in 2014 and stands empty, valued at $5.4 million.

    In Canada Scientology spent $10 million (Canadian) on the empty Winnipeg Ideal Org building in 2008, and $3.4 million on the Montreal Ideal Org in 2007. Despite not paying back taxes in Montreal, the church still owns the empty building. Scientology vacated the Toronto org in 2012 to prepare for renovations, which have never started. The building stands empty. Reports from the planned Ideal Advanced Org in Mono, Ontario are that it operates as a Continental Liaison Office, home to Sea Org members, but it has not been opened to the public for services. The compound was purchased in 2009. The announced Continental Narconon for Canada has never opened and stands empty.

    In Latin America the empty Buenos Aires Ideal Org was purchased for $1.2 million in 2012. The Advanced Org in Mexico City was purchased in 2008 and stands empty. Attempts to renovate the facility were blocked by local officials for lack of permits. The planned Polanco Ideal Org, also in Mexico City, has not started renovations. The planned Costa Rica ideal org in San Jose stands empty after being purchased in 2015 for $4.5 million.

    In the U.K. the Birmingham Ideal Org plans to open this year. It was purchased in 2007 for £4.2 million. The Plymouth Ideal Org facility was purchased in 2009 for £1 million, Manchester in 2006 for £3.6 million, Sunderland in 2007 for £1.5 million. All three are empty. Scientology purchased the planned Dublin Ideal Org this year for €6 million. In Scientology reckoning, Ireland counts as part of the U.K. continent.

    In Europe the planned Barcelona Ideal Org was purchased this year for €900,000. The Amsterdam Ideal Org was purchased in 2013 for €5 million. Neither is occupied.

    In Africa the Joburg North Ideal Org is being renovated and should open soon. It was purchased for about 30 million Rand in 2014. The massive Port Elizabeth Ideal Org was purchased in 2008 for 8 million Rand. The Kyalami Castle was also purchased in 2008 to be an Advanced Org. These and the Ideal Org buildings in Bulaweyo and Harare in Zimbabwe remain empty, At last report the Bulaweyo building is being used as a brothel. The Continental Narconon for Africa in Magaliesberg has not yet opened and remains empty.

    In the ANZO continent Scientology spent $9.3 million in 2015 on a warehouse building in the Riverdale neighborhood to be the new Perth, Australia Ideal Org. Staff are in training in Los Angeles and Clearwater and they plan to open very soon. The planned Taipei Ideal Org is empty, and conflicting promotional photos may suggest they have sold one building in favor of another.

    Continued here:
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    Scientology loses another outlet for attracting young acting talent in Hollywood

    By Rod Keller, December 3, 2017


    Steven Mango is on a mission to help fellow actors avoid the trap he fell into when he was recruited into Scientology. In 2009 Mango answered an ad in Backstage magazine for a seminar for aspiring actors with actor Gino Montesinos. Montesinos is a Scientologist, and the seminars at the Celebrity Center in Hollywood appeal to the thousands who come to Los Angeles seeking fame. Now Mango’s mission is to convince the entertainment industry not to accept ads for those seminars, and he has recently succeeded with Actors Access.

    Scientology’s fixation dates back to 1955 when founder L. Ron Hubbard announced Project Celebrity in which Scientologists were to receive a celebrity “quarry” to be hunted and recruited into the group. The top movie stars and artists of the day were targeted then, but today the Celebrity Center in Hollywood targets those who haven’t had their big break yet. They are promised help with finding an agent or manager, access to directors, producers and writers. But the goal for Scientology is not to help aspiring actors, it is to recruit new members.


    By introducing recruits to the language of Scientology, participating in communications drills and “locationals with your environment,” participants are prepared for the grade chart, auditing and a trip up the Bridge to Total Freedom. Mango says, “Before long I was on course all day and, oh yeah, what happened to my acting career? I was always in recruitment sessions trying to get me to join the Sea Org. It sort of sucks you in.”

    Since leaving Scientology $50,000 poorer in 2013 Mango has worked to convince trade publications not to accept ads for the seminars. “SAG-AFTRA, the actors union, stopped taking ad dollars from Scientology, which was huge. Now, the big project for me was to stop ads running on Actors Access/Breakdown Services as well as Backstage Magazine,” he says. Actors Access allows actors to apply for parts directly with casting directors. Most parts are listed with the sister site Breakdown Services, which is reserved for agents.

    Mango says, “I informed an employee of Breakdown Services about what actually happens inside Scientology after going to the actor seminars hosted at CC. He later told me Actors Access had stopped accepting those ads. Many actors new to Hollywood are searching for ways to break into the industry. They see Scientology ads and they promise help, guidance, tools, and the answers to make it in Hollywood. I will do anything I can to prevent these starry eyed folks from being taken advantage of by Scientology.”

    Mango has set his sights on his next target, Backstage Magazine. “They have been in bed with Scientology for many years. Backstage is the number one trade paper for actors. It has articles, ads, casting calls, and is the top resource for actors. I was told while in Scientology that they had staff members in Backstage who are Scientologists. They buy the biggest, glossiest full page ads every week. They have a booth at Backstage’s annual Actor Fest trade show. We need to put pressure on Backstage to stop running ads and taking Scientology ad dollars when it is harming and scamming actors new to Hollywood.”

    More at
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  25. Mango says, “Before long I was on course all day and, oh yeah, what happened to my acting career? I was always in recruitment sessions trying to get me to join the Sea Org. It sort of sucks you in.”

    If Mango is telling the truth, Scientology has no problems with having gays and attention whores in the Sea Org.
  26. TorontosRoot Member

    Steven however is not an attention-whore. He is fighting the cult one video at a time, and doing something others aren't really paying attention to much: Cutting the cult's claws off by preventing it from recruiting new unsuspecting victims.
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  27. The Wrong Guy Member

    A close up look at how human rights abuser Scientology is touting human rights as a front

    By Rod Keller, December 10, 2017


    Scientology maintains several front groups – organizations that pretend to be independent from Scientology, but are really under the direct control of the Office of Special Affairs (OSA), which is the public relations, investigations and dirty tricks department. Youth for Human Rights is one of these, and their mission is to educate the public on the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. When there are not enough youth involved, they sometimes go by the name United for Human Rights. Scientology orgs sponsor events to bring in non-Scientologists under a policy by L. Ron Hubbard known as “safepointing.”

    Mark Lawson (not his real name) is part of a growing movement in Ontario, Canada to protest the deceptions and abuses of Scientology. Organizers come together on the Facebook group Ontario Against Scientology to share information. Protests have recently been held at the new Continental Liaison Office in Guelph, the Cambridge Ideal Org, and a Drug-Free Marshals event featuring a number of Toronto police officers. Lawson recently spotted a poster for a Youth for Human Rights event at the Ontario Science Center in Toronto and decided to investigate.

    Continued at
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  28. The Wrong Guy Member

    Next week, the final Ideal Org opening of the year

    By Rod Keller, December 17, 2017


    The Joburg North Ideal Org opens on December 23, making it the third in Africa. Fourteen years into a campaign to renovate or relocate every Scientology org, enthusiasm for the project has never been stronger. In 2014 observers saw the opening of only one Ideal Org in Sydney, Australia and some speculated that the program was ending, leaving a string of empty and ruined buildings in its wake. But in 2017 Scientology opened seven Ideal Orgs, and we expect at least 13 more to open in the next two years, including some that have remained empty since early in the project.

    No opening dates have yet been announced in 2018, but buildings in Austin, Mexico City, Orlando, Perth, Philadelphia and Silicon Valley are all being renovated now. We expect Barcelona, Boston, Detroit, Hawaii, Kansas City, Manchester and Salt Lake City to join them in 2019.

    After Ideal Orgs open the fundraising doesn’t stop. Tampa and Miami public members finished their Ideal Orgs, and now raise money for Orlando. New York and Washington help Philadelphia. Dublin previously had only a small mission and the Ideal Org there opened with an influx of money and staff from all over the world.

    As more Ideal Orgs open, more money becomes available for those with less ability to raise the necessary funds. Ideal Org alliances have been established which make everyone responsible for Ideal Orgs in their state or region. When Joburg North opens this month, attention for fundraising will shift for all South African Scientologists to Durban, Port Elizabeth, or Cape Town. Despite a continuing decline in the number of Scientologists the donations, or “flows” as they are known, continue.

    The Philadelphia Ideal Org building was purchased in 2007 and until now the only activity was to replace a broken window. It was long considered a casualty of the early rush to purchase unrealistically large buildings for Ideal Orgs. Contractors are now on site repairing the concrete and brick, with heating and air conditioning work to follow. We think it may open in 2018. Detroit was long thought to be impossible to open because of the condition of the building, but Scientology is telling the city they intend to start renovations soon. The church appears prepared to eventually renovate all the empty buildings, or purchase a more suitable building as was done in Boston. It may take decades to finish the rusting hulks in Buenos Aires, Port Elizabeth, Montreal or Chicago but the entire project shows no signs of slowing down. If they can renovate Philadelphia then none of these are impossible.

    The purchase of buildings is keeping pace with those completed. Purchases were made in the last few years in Barcelona, Boston, Costa Rica, Hawaii and Salt Lake City.

    Continued at
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  29. The Wrong Guy Member


    Disney May Not Be Thrilled with Scientology Using Their Typeface, Artwork on Party Invites

    By Roger Friedman, Showbiz411, December 18, 2017


    Disney – in the process of buying Fox – may have some other things to worry about. A Scientology group in Orlando, Florida used their type face – called Waltfont–and other art images specific to Disney on invitation to cult members.

    Some people may think of Disney as its own cult, but the different kind. With Disney you pay a lot of money and just have a good time – as opposed to Scientology, as well documented by now in books and on TV.

    For the “Orlando Ideal Org,” the group sent out an invite that looks just like something official from the Mouse House. The Disney type face – which was based on Walt Disney’s signature – is trademarked but versions of it exist all over the web for free. The one pictured to the right is called Waltograph.

    Still, it’s probably not a good idea for Scientology, which has the opposite values of Disney, to make materials that suggest they have something to do with the family friendly company. Indeed, Scientology is known for separating families to the point where they’re not allowed to speak to each other. Plus, Disney World is in Orlando, and the company may not be thrilled if this causes confusion.

    Source, with more images:
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  30. TorontosRoot Member

    hopes for a lawsuit against scientology by Disney, further exposing the cult and fair game policies... Disney likely has tougher lawyers too. ;)
  31. The Wrong Guy Member


    News from The Valley

    By Mike Rinder, December 20, 2017


    I like to keep tabs on the largest and most important Ideal Org on earth — especially as it is my local org when I am in Los Angeles. At least it can rightfully lay claim to having the largest and emptiest parking lot of any scientology org on earth (others are just as empty, none are nearly so big.)


    And in other news, the Valley announced their first CCHR Exhibit.


    Of course, concurrent with this announcement is the urgent “call to arms” for Valley scientologists to come because the org doesn’t have any staff to man the exhibit.


    Hi – our first ever Valley CCHR exhibit is grand opening tomorrow night. All are needed. It will be a pure production meeting. It starts at 6:00. The address is 134 San Fernando Rd. Burbank. You can park on Orange Grove. It’s between Orange Grove and Olive on San Fernando.

    We are very needed to make this a success.

    Let me know if you can make it.

    – Nancy Parodi

    But, this, the biggest and baddest Ideal Org on earth has chosen a very strange location for their first-ever exhibit.

    I was curious why it was not set up in the Org — they have tens of thousands of square feet of fully renovated space that nobody has set foot in yet.

    But they chose to hold this somewhere else.

    I looked up this address on Google maps.

    This is 134 San Fernando Rd in Burbank.


    Color me unimpressed.

    THIS is the location of the first ever CCHR Exhibit of the biggest and bestest ideal org right in the middle of the biggest population of scientologists on earth? Wow.

    Scientology truly is circling the drain.

    Now if we could just put an end to the abuses it still perpetrates on those unfortunate enough to have come in contact with its rotting corpse.

    More at
  32. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology front group targets unwitting indigenous people to spread its propaganda

    By Rod Keller, January 21, 2018


    Scientology opened an anti-Psychiatry exhibit this week in the Vancouver, BC neighborhood known as Downtown Eastside. The familiar “Psychiatry – Industry of Death” exhibit by CCHR, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, is being promoted to expose “Labeling, Drugging and Oppressing First Nations.” We have leaked video footage of the exhibit opening.

    First Nations refers to the indigenous people of Canada below the Arctic Circle and is the prefered term to “Indians,” which is considered offensive. There are 634 recognized governments, and First Nations are a protected class under Canadian employment laws. Poverty, unemployment and crime are higher among First Nations, while life expectancy, quality of education and health care are worse than the general population. Fortunately, Scientology has somebody to blame for hundreds of years of inequality in Canadian society – Psychiatrists.

    Sharon Werner is a staff member at the Vancouver Scientology org and in the opening event she described her heritage as a member of the Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation. She is listed as “owner/manager” of the org by the Better Business Bureau, and we think she is the Director of Special Affairs, which is the head of the Office of Special Affairs (OSA). OSA acts as Scientology’s secret police, but is also in charge of all of the front groups, such as CCHR, The Way to Happiness, and the Foundation for a Drug-Free World.

    Continued at
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  33. Disambiguation Global Moderator
    He suggested Scientology will go after tribes with casinos.
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  34. TorontosRoot Member

  35. Quentinanon Member

    It follows from the past behaviour of scientology that they would target major money sources.
    Enter "tribal casinos gambling" into a search engine for some prospective victims.
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  36. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology targets the Red Cross in its latest sneaky front group scheme

    By Rod Keller, February 11, 2018


    On Thursday the Scientology Volunteer Ministers of Southern California announced a new partnership with the Los Angeles Region of the American Red Cross.

    Saturday’s event was monumental. Well deserved acknowledgements for VMs and the launch of a whole program to train up a team of VMs who are disaster response specialists. The most exciting thing was the announcement of a forming partnership between VMs of So Cal and the LA Region of the American Red Cross!! Think the dedication and skill of VMs with the expertise and reach of the American Red Cross — AWESOME!

    We need 15 more VMs to be part of this forming partnership between American Red Cross. If you’re a VM and you want to find out how easy it is to be part of the ULTIMATE in disaster response, contact VM’s of So Cal Headquarters. or 323-953-3200. If you can help this weekend or the following weekend in several different areas (Santa Barbara, LA Tuna Canyon, etc.) contact VM’s of So Cal’s HQ right away. Any help is appreciated.

    This announcement is mostly a lie. There is no partnership between the Red Cross and Scientology and even the word “forming” is a stretch. A Red Cross spokesperson replied to our inquiry, “At this point, we have been approached by Volunteer Ministers but we have not entered into any agreements with them. There is no relationship nor have we provided any training or services from the LA Region. We have yet to get back with them to discuss their needs or what it is we would be able to provide. They are looking for support to do training and disaster preparedness.”

    We have seen the growth of disaster preparedness across Scientology in recent years. The Scientology Volunteer Ministers (VMs) have absorbed Los Topos – the “moles” from Mexico City who are among the world’s best in providing rescue services from collapsed buildings. Other VM missions to disaster areas have not been as successful in delivering aid. They have been crippled by untrained volunteers, poor planning and lack of funds. They have served a purpose only for the church as photo opportunities to show public Scientologists that their donations are making a difference in the world.

    There’s no reason the Red Cross shouldn’t train Scientologists in disaster preparedness as they would with anybody else, but that’s not Scientology’s main goal. One of the stated “Valuable Final Products,” or VFPs of the VMs is “Emergency Social Service agency personnel and volunteers successfully trained on VM tech and applying it.” They are willing to receive Red Cross training, but the VFP is to make the Red Cross part of the VM org board.

    Continued at
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  37. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology opened an ‘Ideal Org’ in Salt Lake City yesterday. We have its secret plans.

    By Rod Keller, February 18, 2018


    Scientology held a grand opening for the Salt Lake City Ideal Org yesterday, just a day before opening one in Mountain View, California today.

    In a city known for the grand architecture of Temple Square, Scientology has chosen a rather mundane office building at 709 E. South Temple Street. This is a big upgrade from the previous mission to Class V status so this is a new org, not just the renovation of an existing org to the “ideal” standard. Every division and department on the Scientology seven division org board has a space in the building.

    Continued at
  38. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology at its most crass: The cutthroat competition of ‘The Birthday Game’

    By Rod Keller, March 11, 2018


    Yesterday, Scientology celebrated L. Ron Hubbard’s 107th birthday in an event at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater, Florida. The video will be edited and shown at orgs and missions around the world this week. If you’re a public OT, you better be there or have a very good excuse. Failure to attend the event could come up the next time you visit the Flag Land Base, and that is a frightening and potentially costly possibility. You really need to see the video and celebrate Hubbard’s birthday in the traditional Scientology method, with statistics. The winners of the Birthday Game were announced, a contest that pits orgs and missions against each other in a horse race-themed celebration of how much money each can bring in.

    Advanced orgs compete against each other, orgs against orgs, missions against missions. Points are assigned for orgs who increase their stats and move up their condition, from Normal to Affluence to Power. Points are also awarded for completion of a variety of courses and completions. Scientology statistics are reported up the chain of command each week ending on Thursday at 2 pm, and those with the most total points by the birthday event wins the game.

    Continued at
  39. The Wrong Guy Member

    The Ideal Org grift isn’t complete until Scientology’s ‘Birthday Game’ is won

    By Rod Keller, March 25, 2018


    As expected, (San Fernando) Valley org won the annual Birthday Game contest this year. But the runners-up still get jockey trophies, as Denmark won for Europe and Melbourne won for ANZO. Only newly opened Ideal Orgs have won the overall title in recent years, and our money is on Dublin to win next year. Ireland’s capital previously had only a small mission until money and staff poured in from around the world. Scientology seems determined to make Dublin a success.

    Orlando and Perth were both pushing hard to complete their Ideal Org filing project by L. Ron Hubbard’s birthday. Both missed the target, but should still open their Ideal Orgs this year. Orlando’s filing is being done in Clearwater, and the grand opening is scheduled for late April.

    Continued at
  40. The Wrong Guy Member

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