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    Everything — even Scientology — is up to date in Kansas City, and here’s who’s responsible!

    By Rod Keller, April 22, 2018


    Renovations have begun at the Kansas City Ideal Org. Scientology purchased the building in 2007 for over $5 million and have been raising the funds to renovate it for the past decade. The current org is tiny with very few staff or publics, located on the second floor above an H&R Block tax office. Local Scientologists have donated to the project, but the bulk of the money appears to come from Clearwater, where many large donors live. In the US the Orlando Ideal Org will open very soon, with Detroit and Kansas City next in line.


    As usual in Scientology, reaching the fundraising goal doesn’t stop the fundraising. The next scheduled event is May 5 and the theme is Land of the Titans. In mythology, the Titans were overthrown and replaced by the Olympian gods. In Scientology Kansas City will have their moment in the sun when David Miscavige opens the new org. They may even win the Birthday Game, but they will then be overthrown by the Ideal Orgs of 2020 or 2021 when the opening boom turns bust and Kansas City joins the list of empty buildings. Despite opening dozens of Ideal Orgs, in real terms Scientology is still just Clearwater and Los Angeles, with little anywhere else.

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    As another tiny enclave of Scientologists digs deep for an Ideal Org — what would Ron say?

    By Rod Keller, April 29, 2018


    This week we look at the donors dedicated to establishing an Ideal Org in Columbus, Ohio. The new building was purchased in 2010 with the expectation given to locals that it would open that year. Columbus is still raising money for renovations seven years later. In contrast with Orlando and Kansas City, the top donors in Columbus are locals. With a tiny staff and group of publics, Scientology may have to call in outside donors to finish the fundraising before this org is ready to start renovations.

    The notion that fundraising is necessary for the Ideal Org program is at odds with the writings of L. Ron Hubbard who urged against it. He wrote that Scientology should earn money by delivering courses and selling books, not by soliciting donations at fundraising events.

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    We have the detailed specs for your dream job: Public Relations officer in Scientology

    By Rod Keller, May 13, 2018


    The new Ideal Org in Copenhagen is following a predictable path from boom to bust. That and other interesting revelations come from an online job posting currently available on The job is entitled “Public Relationship Officer – Field Service” but former members tell us based on the duties that the real post is Director of Public Relations, or Dir PR, in Div 6C. It’s a complicated job requiring extensive study of the policies of L. Ron Hubbard. Public Relations means something very different in Scientology than in any other organization. Through the use of a variety of front groups, Div 6C is responsible for manufacturing a favorable public opinion of Scientology.

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    The US government continues to fret over how other countries treat Scientology

    By Rod Keller, June 3, 2018


    The U.S. State Department released the 2017 Report on International Religious Freedom this week, as required by the International Religious Freedom Act of 1998. The report pulls together reports from embassy officials, religious groups, and NGOs from around the world to provide an overview of religious freedom. The Office of International Religious Freedom compiles the reports under the direction of the United States Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom, a post currently held by former Congressman, Senator, and Kansas Governor Sam Brownback.

    Despite recent events regarding Scientology in Russia and Hungary, the report under Brownback contains less mentions of the church than under the previous Ambassador, David Saperstein. For example, the report on Germany contained three mentions of Scientology in 2016 and four in 2017. The 2011 report contained 14 mentions of Scientology. Let’s take a look at how the State Department sees Scientology’s situation around the world.

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    Scientology working its grift on a continent where it’s the last thing they need

    By Rod Keller, June 10, 2018


    South African Scientologists are being pelted with news that the Advanced Org Africa will be opening soon. It could be true this time, but Scientology has been announcing the new AO for almost 10 years. The massive Castle Kyalami near Johannesburg was built in 1992 by Greek millionaire Demos Dinopoulos, who lived in it until 2001.

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    Scientology scores with political conservatives in Europe using the ‘religious freedom’ gambit

    By Rod Keller, June 17, 2018


    On June 28 Scientology is co-sponsoring an event in Brussels with ACRE, the Alliance of Conservatives and Reformists in Europe. Faith and Freedom Summit 2018 is the most important political event for Scientology in years. Speakers and participants include ambassadors, United Nations officials, diplomats, professors, and human rights activists. The list of speakers is packed with Scientologists and their allies.


    Scientology hopes to cement relationships with their allies in the religious freedom community through this conference. They continue to expand these relationships to prevent actions such as those in Belgium in 2016 and the €600,000 fine they paid in 2013 in France for violating its members’ religious freedoms. While they have thus far made no headway against official crackdowns in Russia and Hungary, they have friends in high places that will continue to pressure these governments to back off on Scientology.

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    Did a little sunlight send Scientologists scattering for cover? An international update.

    By Rod Keller, June 25, 2018


    Our article on the Scientology-sponsored Faith and Freedom Summit 2018 to be held this month in Brussels with ACRE, the Alliance of Conservatives and Reformists in Europe, may have struck a nerve. The event page no longer lists Scientology as a co-sponsor, OSA agents Eric Roux and Ivan Arjona-Pelado no longer appear on the list of speakers, and Roux’s afternoon presentation has been wiped out. ACRE did not respond to an inquiry into the change.


    In St. Petersburg, the trial of five Russian Scientologists has begun. Constance Esaulkova, Anastasia Terentyeva, Ivan Matsitsky, Sahib Aliyev, and Galina Shurinova are charged with participating in an extremist organization, evading taxes, inciting hatred and enmity, and violations of human dignity. FSB, the Russian national police force, has raided the org several times since 2016.


    Scientology has created a Russian-language web site in which they explain their side of the case, along with a personal letter of encouragement to the defendants from Scientology’s leader, David Miscavige.

    Know that we are with you. Not a day goes by so I do not think about you. Freedom is the goal of all mankind. Freedom, Total Freedom – this is what Scientology stands for. In the “Prayer for Freedom” – the main prayer of Scientology – our Founder wrote: “At this hour, we think of those whose freedom is at stake; about those who were deprived of their freedom for their beliefs; about those who are enslaved or tortured.” Today our prayers are for you. We are a new religion. And, like all religions for centuries, we were unjustly attacked in the years of our formation. But do not forget: the lie must be exposed by the truth, and the truth, even though it comes into the fight, always triumphs in the end.

    During the proceedings prosecutors accidentally handed the defense lawyers a handwritten post-it note attached to some other court papers. The note calls one of the witnesses a “moron” and the partial word “electro.” The defense is claiming that the note is evidence that prosecutors want to interrogate and torture the defendants using an electric shock device. It’s a thin argument, but perhaps it’s the best one that lawyers for the Scientologists can mount. Founder L. Ron Hubbard frequently describes memory implanters as using a shocking device, and Scientology’s front group CCHR is devoted to opposing electroconvulsive therapy by Psychiatrists.


    Scientology continues to raise funds for an Ideal Continental Org for Canada in Toronto. A Continental Org is a Class V org associated with an Advanced Org. Saint Hill has London, Flag Land Base has Tampa, and so on. As well as running as an Ideal Org, they serve as a dumping area for people who are in ethics trouble and are not allowed on base. The building in question is the old boarded-up Continental Liaison Office on Yonge St. But where is the associated Advanced Org for Canada? Scientology announced plans in 2009 to renovate the former Hockley Highlands Inn in Mono, Ontario, but as we reported last year, Scientology moved from that site to temporary office in Guelph.

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    Former Scientologists, academics, and Falun Gong get together for a Philly blowout

    By Rod Keller, July 10, 2018


    The International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA) held its annual conference this week in Philadelphia. Formerly known as the American Family Foundation, the group brings together mental health professionals, counselors, academics, former members of cult groups and others to exchange ideas and viewpoints and learn from each other. Former members from Scientology, NXIVM, the Children of God, Hare Krishna, Transcendental Meditation and others attended.

    In past years Scientology has sent representatives from OSA to monitor and sometimes interfere with conferences, however the only identified representatives of one of the cultic groups this year was Falun Gong. Yesterday morning a group protested outside the hotel with the banner in the photo above. They also presented a poster inside the conference of abuses they have suffered from the Chinese government. They were removed from one of the sessions for filming without permission, but they filmed extensively in the conference lobby.

    Former Scientologists Hana and Jerry Whitfield gave a fascinating presentation on their approach to helping families present information to their family member that may help them exit the group. Chris Shelton, Aaron Smith-Levin, and Christi Gordon spoke at a session, “Scientology’s Aftermath for Second-Generation Members.” Chris is the creator of the Sensibly Speaking podcast and Youtube Channel. Aaron is the host of Growing up in Scientology and Christi is developing a website called Children of Scientology, planned for launch later this year. I spoke to Chris about the charisma of Scientology’s leaders, L. Ron Hubbard and David Miscavige, as well as advancement to higher ranks in the Sea Org.

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    Scientology proves it will try to capitalize on just about any disaster

    By Rod Keller, July 15, 2018


    The moors around Manchester are on fire. These are peat fires, slow and smoky rather than the blazing inferno fires of the American west. Fire crews have battled to contain fires at Saddleworth Moor in Tameside, Winter Hill in Bolton and in Denshaw around the clock and supplies for the crews are running low so the call went out for donations from the public.

    “We are in urgent need of the following at Stalybridge Community Fire Station, SK15 1RF: – Sun cream – Insect repellent – Baseball caps – Pairs of socks, thick and thin” reads a tweet from the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service.

    The response from the community has been tremendous, including one organization that collected donations from local businesses for transport to the fire stations – the Scientology org in Manchester.

    To all in the Manchester area! You know we have some wildfires about us? Well, we are formulating a VM response. Please be ready to help. You will be contacted soon. The Org is the coordinating point. Andrea Hadjigeorgiou is the Org I/C for this, for today. Donations so vital supplies can be bought would help, and some of your time. These two things you can be sure of. This VM action is all part of going Ideal!

    VMs, or Volunteer Ministers, are part of Div 6C under the Field Control Secretary. In many orgs that post is empty, and they report to the Public Executive Secretary who is in charge of all of Div 6, the Public Division that is usually the largest division in an org. In the UK they are best known as being called “vultures” for setting up a tent at the Grenfell Tower site in West London where 79 people died in a horrific apartment building fire in 2017.

    At Grenfell Tower Scientology was accused by neighbors of inappropriate recruiting, but that’s not the VMs main concern. The VMs exist to implement L. Ron Hubbard’s policy called “safepointing.” Opinion leaders, such as fire station captains, are recruited as allies of Scientology rather than as members. Hubbard wrote that establishing allies was essential to establishing a Scientology org. Allies would help defend the org when the inevitable attacks come from Suppressive Persons and Psychologists. Manchester org is renovating a building to be its Ideal Org and Scientologists believe that safepointing is essential to that effort. As the call for donations says “This VM action is all part of going Ideal!”

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    A tale of two cities: Scientology courts pols and police in one place, acts sneaky in another

    By Rod Keller, July 22, 2018


    According to L. Ron Hubbard policy, Scientology’s “fourth dynamic” campaigns are intended to “safepoint” an area in order to establish a Scientology organization there. But two examples will illustrate how irrelevant safepointing actually is.

    This week it was announced that the Detroit Ideal Org will open later this year. Staff are being recruited, they will go to Los Angeles for training, and David Miscavige will pull the ribbon at the opening ceremony, all this without any significant safepointing. Social media is full of photos of Detroit fundraising activities but not of distribution of literature from the front groups The Way to Happiness or Foundation for a Drug Free World.


    Scientology has poured resources into safepointing in the Dominican Republic. L. Ron Hubbard’s policies say that this allows the establishment of an org in the area. Today Scientology lists a third floor apartment in this building in the capital city of Santo Domingo as the address of the mission. There is no sign or storefront, and they have not purchased a building to renovate into an Ideal Org. One source thinks Scientology may have moved out from even this modest location.

    The lack of safepointing in cities such as Detroit is irrelevant for the opening of an Ideal Org. Wealthy public members in Clearwater and Los Angeles funded it after the local membership stalled for years in their renovation project. So far these Scientology “whales” have not funded an org in the Dominican Republic, despite years of safepointing and close ties with government officials. Perhaps the fourth dynamic campaigns there are not intended to expand Scientology as policy dictates, but rather to fuel donations to the front groups that send cash up the line into Scientology’s huge reserve funds.

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    California is on fire, and Scientology naturally sees a golden recruiting opportunity

    By Rod Keller, August 5, 2018


    The Carr fire has been burning in Northern California since July 25. It’s a large and destructive fire, and despite the work of thousands of firefighters it’s no more than 37 percent contained. Redding, California remains at risk with more than 90,000 residents. For Scientology the fire is an opportunity to put on the yellow Volunteer Minister T-shirts and head north. As we have seen during the Hurricane Harvey recovery and more recently in Manchester, England the VMs are promoted as one of the most important disaster response teams on the planet. And as with previous disasters the VMs are gathering donated supplies at the last minute rather than prepare supplies in advance as major relief agencies do.

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    Press Release

    California Fires: Scientology Disaster Response on the Ground to Help

    Helping evacuees and first responders cope with some of the deadliest conflagrations in California history



    Scientologists are providing relief to those affected by three Northern California wildfires, collecting donations and goods and distributing water, food and supplies.

    The Volunteer Ministers (VMs) are concentrating their efforts at three disaster sites:
    • The Carr Fire: This is the sixth-most destructive wildfire in California history. Located in Redding, the fire has grown to 145,000 acres, destroyed 1,500 buildings and killed seven. Some 38,000 have been evacuated. As of Monday, Aug. 6, the fire is 43 percent contained. A record-setting heat wave combined with drought and intense winds is blamed for the extent of the destruction. Added to that, the fire’s extreme heat produced towering pyrocumulus clouds that generate lightning and winds that blow in random directions, making the fire even more volatile and harder to predict or control.
    • The Mendocino Complex Fires: Two fires have burned through 273,000 acres and are 38 percent contained. With a shortage of shelters, Volunteer Ministers are collecting tents and sleeping bags for the victims of this fire.
    • The Ferguson Fire: Located in Yosemite National Forrest, this fire has grown to 91,000 acres and is 38 percent contained.
    As members of California VOAD (Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster), Scientology Volunteer Ministers are working with other churches and nonprofits including the Bethel Church in Redding which is serving as the Salvation Army distribution center.

    Through the work of the Volunteer Minister Coordinator of the Church of Scientology Sacramento, the VMs are now part of the Emotional Spiritual Care Group serving at the Carr Fire and are training other chaplain staff on the use of Scientology assists — techniques developed by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard that relieve the stress and trauma that those affected by disasters often suffer.

    Another team is working at the Anderson Fairgrounds in Shasta, which is serving as the firefighters’ operations center. They are providing food and water and assists to the firefighters as they return from their shifts on the fire lines.

    Volunteer Ministers headquarters has put out a call for Volunteer Ministers from throughout California and the rest of the Western U.S. to join the disaster response team. Scientology churches and missions in the Bay Area, Sacramento and Los Angeles are collecting goods and supplies to help those affected by the fires.

    To volunteer, contact the Volunteer Ministers Coordinator at (800) 435-7498 or (323) 960-1949.

    For more information, visit the Scientology Newsroom or the Volunteer Ministers website.

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    If Scientology is hurting, have its ‘expansion’ plans slowed down? Here’s our assessment

    By Rod Keller, August 12, 2018

    Last paragraph:

    Scientology may be losing overall membership, but it has a well orchestrated plan to reverse that and expand globally. They have devoted members who volunteer to implement it, and certainly no shortage of funds. It may not succeed in the long run, but leader David Miscavige doesn’t intend to see Scientology shrink into nothing without a fight.
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    By any means necessary: Scientology’s bizarre war against psychiatry

    By Rod Keller, September 9, 2018

    A new petition at We The People calls for the U.S. Government to investigate whether mass killings are caused by people taking psychiatric medicine. This online petition system is hosted by the White House and was created in 2011 under Barack Obama. In 2017 President Trump called for it to be eliminated, but it still operates today. The idea is that petitions that reach a certain number of signatures would receive a reply from the administration, providing transparency and a means for Americans to have their voices heard on matters of public interest.

    The petition is signed “E.C.” as all petitions use the initials of their creators.

    “E.C.” in this case is Elena Cardone, a Miami-area Scientologist and partner with her husband, real estate investor and sales training advisor Grant Cardone. In a YouTube video encouraging signatures to the petition, Elena describes the motivation for her request – to protect gun ownership in the United States.

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    Scientology’s surprisingly weak attempt to turn Hurricane Florence into PR gold

    By Rod Keller, September 16, 2018

    Hurricane Florence is weakening over South Carolina as of this writing, and Scientology has a plan to provide disaster relief. Meet Mirit Hendrickson, President of Scientology Volunteer Ministers Florida. In this video she describes the relief effort, which includes donations that cover a table with travel size soaps, toothbrushes, and other toiletries to be assembled into sanitation packs for distribution at shelters for hurricane evacuees.

    What was intended as a fleet of trucks and buses has been downsized as Hendrickson has rented a Chevrolet Suburban and is driving to North Carolina with the supplies. As usual for Scientology there is no pre-positioning of supplies. The soap is being purchased at Florida dollar stores and the volunteers are driving into the disaster area, which may result in the Scientologists needing shelter and assistance from the Red Cross, diverting resources from evacuees.

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    US Sheriffs, dead or alive — Scientology is happy to use them for self-promotion

    By Rod Keller, October 15, 2018


    This photo of Ocala, Florida police officer Walter Pressley shows a seminar for fellow officers using the materials of the Foundation for a Drug Free World. Scientology leader David Miscavige currently uses it on the “accomplishments” page of his web site, Officer Pressley died in January 2018, and probably had no idea his efforts were an accomplishment for Scientology.


    ...commonly the Foundation operates without the Scientology imprint, as they did at this Back to School Bash at Adams 12 Five Star Schools, a public school district in Thornton, Colorado in August. Schools and police departments are the main targets of Scientology, and this week they announced a partnership with the National Institute for Jail Operations to distribute drug information to prisoners with a history of substance abuse. The press release doesn’t contain the word “Scientology.”

    The NIJA was formed in 2011 as a division of the National Sheriff’s Association, a membership organization for sheriffs, chiefs of police, and others to provide training and to lobby on behalf of its membership. They publish Sheriff and Deputy magazine. Scientology will provide its drug information materials for free to anybody, and now that information is also free to jail administrators and their prisoners. The NIJA did not respond to a request for comment.

    Scientology’s contact with the sheriffs comes through a familiar name to Underground Bunker readers, Angela Marion. She and her husband Brandon are publics at the Denver org and the couple has reached the Platinum Meritorious level for donating at least $2.5 million to the International Association of Scientologists. Brandon Marion is the founder and managing partner of Aspen Private Capital, an investment consulting company. He lists Scientologists Kirstie Alley, Patrick Clouden, Catherine Bell and Taron Lexton on his references page.

    So what is the problem with prisoners getting access to drug information? One reason is the inaccuracies that mingle with the true information in the materials. These come from Dianetics, the Purification Rundown and other writings by L. Ron Hubbard. They are all false.

    All drugs are poisons.
    All drugs are either stimulants or sedatives, depending on the dosage.
    All drugs are stored in body fat and can be released years later creating flashbacks and cravings for the drug.
    All drugs dull the senses and impair creativity.

    The other reason this is a bad idea for sheriffs is that Scientology believes they have the only solution to the problem of drugs in the technology of L. Ron Hubbard. The NIJA press release contains the claim that the Foundation for a Drug Free World provides access to “a worldwide network of volunteers, programming, educational handouts and recovery tools, and more.” Recovery tools here means Narconon, the Scientology program that treats addicts with megadoses of vitamins, long hours of saunas and Scientology’s training routines, or TRs. Narconon’s process is without any medical foundation. It can be dangerous to perform and there is no evidence of their claim that Narconon produces “three times the success rate of all other drug rehabilitation programs.”

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    Someone doesn’t want you to see this rich Scientologist act like a rich Scientologist

    By Rod Keller, November 20, 2018


    In October 2014 I started a WordPress blog called SecCheck. I posted photos and videos I found on social media similar to Mike Rinder’s Thursday Funnies and somewhat like the articles I write today for the Underground Bunker. SecCheck still exists but hasn’t been updated since December, 2015.


    On October 12 of this year I received notice that Vimeo had removed a video for alleged violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).


    On October 23 I received notice from WordPress that the SecCheck article linking to the video had also been removed.

    Somebody didn’t want information about The Trial of Hugo Colomba on the Internet.


    The DMCA complaint against the video came from a person not in Florida or Colombia, but in Russia.

    Copyright Holder: Sergey Shabutovich
    Address: Leninsky Ave 160
    St. Petersburg, Leningrad region 196247
    Phone number: +7981789567
    Email address:

    The DMCA complaint against the article itself came from the UK.

    First name: Mason
    Last name: Soiza
    Company name:
    Address: Southbridge, Clifton lane, Ruddington, Nottingham
    City: Ruddington
    State/Region/Province: Nottingham
    ZIP: NG11 6AB
    Country: United Kingdom (GB)
    Phone number: +44 7833 123457
    Email address:
    Copyright holder: Mason Soiza


    Sergey Shabutovich doesn’t appear in Google, and his email address certainly appears bogus. Mason Soiza does exist, and is known as a spammer, payday loan promoter, and in 2015 registered a domain for an escort website. He operates an online pharmacy to dispense opiates. A DMCA counter-notice was filed against both, but how can Soiza claim my article violates his copyright? He copied the text to his own blog and backdated it to appear as if it is the original and I was infringing his copyright. A DMCA notice was filed against his Tumblr blog and the infringing article was removed. Neither Shabutovich nor Soiza contested the counter-notices and The Trial of Hugo Colomba was restored on SecCheck.


    In the years since, American Power and Gas has improved its BBB rating from F to C+ and Hugo Colomba has gone clear and beyond. In January he reached the level of OT III and has learned the secrets of the galactic civil war that brought frozen thetans to Teegeeack. Cummins has become a fixture on the Ideal Org circuit. Who doesn’t want the trial of Hugo Colomba on the Internet? Cummins and Colomba seem the obvious possibilities, but they have effectively shrouded their efforts behind a non-existent Russian and an English opiate distributor.

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    David Miscavige will be in Africa on New Year’s Day to mark an actual Scientology expansion

    By Rod Keller, The Underground Bunker, December 9, 2018


    Scientology leader David Miscavige will ring in the new year under African skies having accomplished something for the first time since he assumed power 31 years ago. The long awaited Advanced Org & Saint Hill for Africa will open on January 1, 2019. Unlike orgs such as New York, Berlin or Tokyo, an Advanced Org is staffed entirely by Sea Org members serving their billion-year contracts. Under L. Ron Hubbard Scientology established five such AOs which are responsible for delivering the OT levels to public Scientologists who travel from all the regular “Class V” orgs. They are AOLA (Advanced Org Los Angeles); Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida; Saint Hill in East Grinstead, England; AOSH Europe in Copenhagen; and AOSH ANZO in Sydney (which was moved to a new location by Miscavige).

    Add to that list the new AOSH AF at the Kyalami Castle in Midrand, Gauteng Province in South Africa. As we previously reported it is a wacky fantasy castle built in 1992 and purchased by Scientology in 2008. The ten years since have been spent raising funds for renovations and now the work is complete. It’s the most important event in Scientology since the opening of the Super Power building in 2013 and everybody wants to attend the festivities.


    Since our last article in June, the political situation in South Africa has deteriorated significantly. Political assassinations are on the rise, and some are predicting a civil war as the Parliament has approved transferring land from white owners without compensation. Scientology might even lose Kyalami Castle in that expropriation process. But for now the party is on, David Miscavige is on the way, the chefs are prepared, and the gold elevators are ready to transport visitors to all levels of the new AOSH AF.

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    Where in the U.S. the next set of Scientology ‘Ideal Orgs’ will be popping up next

    By Rod Keller, The Underground Bunker, December 16, 2018


    We reported in April that the org in Columbus, Ohio was nearing their target to pay for renovating their Ideal Org. That target has been reached and they are asking for volunteers for organizing the central files. It’s an important step towards opening, but city records show they’re just starting on construction.

    The plans are being reviewed for fire safety before the permits are issued. Columbus is moving from a small downtown location to a large office building in a suburban setting with little foot traffic. We think Columbus will join three other Ideal Orgs in the U.S. opening in 2019.

    [ The other two are in Kansas City and Ventura, California. ]

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    David Miscavige in South Africa: The new ‘Advanced Org’ gets its castle | The Underground Bunker
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    How businesses that run on Scientology principles find Scientologist employees

    By Rod Keller, The Underground Bunker, January 13, 2019


    Scientologists who are business owners are expected to manage them according to the writings of L. Ron Hubbard which are known as “Admin Tech.” The policies were written for managing a Scientology org or mission, but through the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE) they have become the operating manual for any Scientologist in business. Like any other company WISE members recruit new employees, and we follow the help wanted ads to see what they reveal about Scientology.

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    Scientology uses celebrities and police as props — military veterans, it’s your turn!

    By Rod Keller, The Underground Bunker, January 20, 2019


    We have obtained a copy of the call-in patter being used to urge Scientologists to attend a briefing on the group at AOLA, the Advanced Org Los Angeles, part of the “Big Blue” complex of buildings. Unless non-veterans are recruited it will be a very small group. In recent years new Scientology members are usually second generation, and those of military age are more likely to join the Sea Org than the armed forces. The group has established a skeleton website at

    Announcing a new Scientology Group! Heroes for Human Rights.

    THEIR PURPOSE: To unite armed forces veterans to make a positive change in the lives of our Military and Veterans through our 4th Dynamic Salvage Campaigns.

    Their first event/briefing will be at 9 am on Martin Luther King Jr. Day 21 January @ AOLA.
    Reach out to them if you’re interested! Freewinds Office Esteffa Grimm (323) 672-7345

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    Oh, come on: Scientology ‘detox’ quackery now being touted for miraculous cures

    By Rod Keller, The Underground Bunker, January 27, 2019


    Last week we reported on a new Scientology front group that is offering military veterans, as an alternative to mental health care, Scientology’s unscientific “Purification Rundown,” a regimen of sauna use and extreme vitamin intake.

    Two new claims for the effectiveness of the Purif other than for detoxification came to us this week. The first is a promotion from the Auckland, New Zealand ideal org that the Purif helped cure a woman of bipolar disorder, and that she no longer needs or takes her medicine.


    Former members we spoke to expressed shock that somebody who had been under psychiatric care would be allowed on the program at all. Encouraging members to stop taking prescription medicine is one of the most dangerous aspects of Scientology, both for the patient and in some cases, for the staff and publics at the org.


    The second claim comes from the St. Petersburg, Florida Life Improvement Center, which primarily serves the Nation of Islam members of Scientology. The Scientologist in this photo is wearing a hat with the insignia of the FOI, or Fruit of Islam. FOI is a paramilitary group within the Nation of Islam that provide security for the group. The group was re-established by NOI leader Rev. Louis Farrakhan after being disbanded in 1975. In the 1990s the FOI attracted attention for patrolling public housing complexes in U.S. cities.


    The success story written by this member claims that the Purif improved his vision, and healed an old inner ear injury. L. Ron Hubbard often claimed to have cured himself using Dianetics, but we have never heard such claims for the Purif until now.

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    This was published today in Greece:

    Church issues warning over Scientology ‘infiltration’ | Cyprus Mail


    The Church of Cyprus on Friday warned that the foundation for a Drug-Free World was a branch of the Church of Scientology which, it said, was not only one of the most dangerous cults but was also “a disguised financial enterprise”.

    In a written statement, the Church’s Synod Committee on cults, citing a document on religious cults, said that the Church of Scientology “works under various facades and with a variety of parent organisations whose names do not cause any suspicion.”

    “Under pseudonymous titles and names, it tries to erode all areas of life, including politics and the economy,” the committee said.

    It also referred to a branch of the Church of Scientology – the Centre for Applied Philosophy – that was shut down by Greek authorities some years ago.

    The multi-page report by the court at the time, according to the announcement, describes “not only a multitude of illegal activities, but also reveals the surveillance of political and ecclesiastical personalities in the country and sending the data to foreign centres abroad in an encrypted fashion.”

    Among the people that had been monitored, was the Archbishop of Athens, Christodoulos, who at the time, was the Bishop of Dimitriada, the Church said.

    According to the decisions of the Greek courts, the Synod Committee said, “Scientology is an organisation with totalitarian structures and tendencies that essentially despises man.”

    Participation in it “entails a change in personality of the members, behaviour in relation to third parties and especially in relations with their families.”

    Furthermore, it said, “it is a disguised commercial enterprise and (…) pursues purposes unrelated to the nature and concept of man as a free being and towards the norms and customs of the Greek people.”

    The announcement of the Synod Committee on cults, follows the controversy over data about drug use in schools given to MPs this week by the representative of the Cyprus chapter of Drug-Free World Europe (DFW), which comes under the umbrella of the Church of Scientology.

    The representative of the foundation, Stella Constantinou, denied that the programme had any links with the Church of Scientology’s ideology other than funding.

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  28. DeathHamster Member

    It recently renamed to The Alliance For Enlightened Judaism.

    Not to be confused with the People's Front of Illuminated Judaism.
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  29. The Wrong Guy Member

    In Scientology, every dollar you own is under constant attack

    By Rod Keller, The Underground Bunker, February 24, 2019


    Being a Scientologist means constant exposure to fundraising efforts. Above the cost of the Bridge to Total Freedom and the cost to open Ideal Orgs there are solicitations for donations for causes large and small. The large donations are always to the International Association of Scientologists (IAS) and donors can attend the annual Patron’s Ball for answering the call to fund Scientology’s many Fourth Dynamic, or 4D causes. But where is the IAS when each 4D group needs money? Apparently absent as members regularly receive requests from these groups.

    Continued at
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  30. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology claims to be the experts on drugs — their actual materials beg to differ

    By Rod Keller, The Underground Bunker, March 3, 2019


    Scientology presents itself as the experts. They claim to be the experts on the human mind. Through front groups they claim to be the experts in education, criminal justice, mental health, marriage, raising children, disaster response, and preventing crime and war. Tom Cruise expressed this in the famous 2004 Freedom Medal video.


    One way the Narconon front group tries to establish itself as the authority on drugs is through the blog on A recent article “The Mechanics of Opioid Addiction” is part of this campaign. It doesn’t mention Scientology and it doesn’t mention L. Ron Hubbard, but it shows how Scientology is not expert in drugs as they cling to the theories of L. Ron Hubbard from his early writings.

    Continued at
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  31. The Wrong Guy Member

    A ketamine-like drug is the first new antidepressant to get FDA approval in years | Vox


    Building on years of preliminary research about ketamine’s potential benefits for depression, Johnson & Johnson developed a drug called esketamine, sold under the brand name Spravato. The nasal spray is designed to alleviate depressive symptoms within hours — much faster than the other antidepressants on the market, such as Prozac, which can take weeks or months to act.

    In February, an FDA panel determined, in a 14-2 vote, that esketamine’s benefits outweigh its risks and recommended that the agency approve the drug. The approval came on Tuesday, the first new antidepressant type to be greenlit by the agency in decades.

    ”There has been a long-standing need for additional effective treatments for treatment-resistant depression, a serious and life-threatening condition,” said Tiffany Farchione, acting director of the Division of Psychiatry Products in the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, in a press release.

    For now, the drug is only approved for adults with “treatment-resistant depression,” who are supposed to take esketamine in conjunction with another oral antidepressant. And because it can sedate patients and bring on out-of-body experiences, the FDA is only making it available through certified clinics, where patients are to be monitored for at least two hours after taking the drug.

    More at

    A new drug shows promise for depression, so naturally Scientology is fighting it

    By Rod Keller, The Underground Bunker, March 10, 2019

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  32. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology pitches a fit about sensible mental health reform in wake of Parkland shooting

    By Rod Keller, The Underground Bunker, March 17, 2019


    A new article from Scientology front group Citizens Commission on Human Rights opposes implementing mental health screenings to combat school shootings. This comes to us from the Florida chapter of CCHR, which in Scientology means Clearwater. It’s another article targeting members of Scientology, designed to increase donations to CCHR and Scientology. CCHR’s impact on legislators and regulators is negligible.

    In the wake of the February 2018 shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida which left 17 students dead, school officials in Florida have received additional resources to assist students with mental health issues. The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act provides $69 million for students in Florida to have access to counselors and psychologists. Scientology opposes all mental health care and one of the main goals of CCHR is to cut any funding of mental health care.

    Continued at
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  33. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology, naturally, is trying to capitalize on the New Zealand mosque massacre

    By Rod Keller, The Underground Bunker, March 25, 2019


    It’s been ten days since a gunman opened fire at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand killing 50 and wounding 50 more. In a statement Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said she would not use the name of the white supremacist to deny him the fame he sought, and we will do the same. Tens of thousands of women in New Zealand have worn headscarves in public, following her example to show solidarity and support for the Muslim community following this tragedy.

    Scientology is responding to the tragedy in typical fashion by planning a distribution of the L. Ron Hubbard booklet ‘The Way to Happiness.’ The Office of Special Affairs (OSA) at the Auckland Ideal Org is coordinating raising funds to print copies of the book. It’s an article of faith in Scientology that people need to be calmed down following such a tragedy, and that distributing the books is a guaranteed way to accomplish that. It’s claimed that it doesn’t even matter if the booklets are read or not. L. Ron Hubbard wrote “All you have to do is keep that booklet flowing in the society. Like gentle oil spread upon the raging sea, the calm will flow outward and outward.” [Ron’s Journal 33, 1981]

    Scientology describes it as a “common sense guide to better living” and the precepts are fairly uncontroversial. They are, however, worded oddly. “If one does not survive, no joy and no happiness are obtainable.” “The way to happiness does not include murdering or your friends, your family or yourself being murdered.” “The way to happiness is far more easily followed when one supports people of good will.”

    OSA announced a meeting after graduation on Friday to coordinate the book distribution effort, with a few misspellings.

    Continued at
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  34. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology is putting Ideal Orgs in every country where it operates — except one

    By Rod Keller, The Underground Bunker, March 31, 2019


    There are no Ideal Orgs in France. At over 67 million in population, it is the largest country in the world with a Scientology org, but no Ideal Orgs. If Scientology is planning to open Ideal Orgs around the world, France is a significant hole they should plug. Ireland at less than 5 million has an Ideal Org, why not France?

    France has five non-ideal orgs in Paris, Angers, Clermont-Ferrand, Lyon, and Nice. Sources tell us the Paris Celebrity Center has closed. One would think Paris would be the obvious choice to go ideal like the other capital cities London, Madrid, Berlin, Rome, and Moscow. The current building is on a narrow street in the 12th arrondissement and it might be hard to find a suitable building to renovate as an ideal org. With enough money it should be possible.

    Former Scientologist Mike Rinder doesn’t think they are even working on it. “I suspect there will never be an Ideal Org in France,” he says. “I do not think Miscavige believes it is worth investing anything in France as he fears the buildings could be confiscated. It is interesting to note that the IAS has funded most of the Ideal Orgs in Europe as ‘strategic cities’ — Brussels, Moscow, Rome, London, etc. The ability to push this program and get people to come up with tens of millions is virtually impossible outside the US.”

    The history of Scientology in France is rocky, but no more so than in Spain, Germany, or Russia, which all have Ideal Orgs. In 1996 Jean-Jacques Mazier of the Lyon Org was convicted of fraud and involuntary homicide and sentenced to eighteen months following the death of a Patrice Vik who committed suicide after going deeply into debt to pay for Scientology auditing sessions. Fourteen others were convicted of fraud as well.

    In 2008 Scientology weathered an investigation when Norwegian student Kaja Bordevich Ballo committed suicide in Nice after taking a Scientology personality test. Scientologists lied to officials by telling them that the test wasn’t even created by them. The test, called the Oxford Capacity Analysis, was created by L. Ron Hubbard and has no connection to Oxford University.

    In 2008 a judge ruled that Scientologists at the Paris Celebrity Center should be tried for fraud and “illegally practicing as pharmacists.” The trial was never held. In 2009 seven Scientologists were found guilty of fraud and fined €600,000. The law that would allow the government to dissolve Scientology completely was temporarily suspended at the time, but it has since been restored. Scientology dodged a bullet then, but we think the flaw that prevents the opening of an Ideal Org in France goes back further than 2009.

    France committed an offense against Scientology that no other country on the planet has. In 1978 L. Ron Hubbard and three other Scientologists were convicted of fraud for claiming to be able to cure illness. That claim is at the heart of Scientology’s “Book One” — 1950’s Dianetics — in which Hubbard claims to have healed himself of war injuries and with the procedures in the book you can too. “Handling one’s physical condition” continues to be promoted by Scientology today.

    In 1978 Hubbard was already in hiding after the Snow White raids the previous year. He spent time in Gilman Hot Springs and La Quinta, but he didn’t travel to France to stand trial. He was convicted in absentia and sentenced to four years in jail and a 30,000 franc fine.

    Over the years prosecutors in a number of countries conducted criminal investigations of Hubbard but only France ever convicted him. It’s an incident Scientology would like to erase from history. One of the their main complaints against Lawrence Wright’s 2013 book Going Clear was mentioning the French conviction.

    And so we agree with Mike Rinder that France will never have an Ideal Org. Miscavige fears the property being seized, and the law that would allow officials to do that has been restored since the 2009 fraud case.

    Continued at
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  35. The Wrong Guy Member

    Foreign ‘expansion,’ thanks to US Scientologists forking over the millions

    By Rod Keller, The Underground Bunker, April 7, 2019


    With the recent opening of the Advanced Org for Africa in Kyalami Castle, attention is being given to a stalled project that Scientology has not forgotten. It’s the Advanced Org for Latin America at the Palmas Plaza in Mexico City. The situation on the ground hasn’t changed since 2017, when we reported that officials sealed the building site for lack of proper permits. But that doesn’t stop the fundraising.

    Continued at
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  36. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology’s mad real estate splurge has real consequences for its indentured workers

    By Rod Keller, The Underground Bunker, April 21, 2019


    The quest to completely replace old Scientology org buildings with new quarters continues, and the consequences can be severe for some members caught up in the project.

    The Scotsman reported this week that Scientology has purchased the Westfield House building in the Murrayfield area of Edinburgh as home to a new Ideal Org.

    The current org is known as HAPI, the Hubbard Academy of Personal Independence and we assume the name will carry over to the new facility. Scientology in Edinburgh is small and it’s likely the building was purchased with funds from the International Association of Scientologists using donations from American members. Now comes the push for donations to renovate the building. Unlike the decaying Ideal Org buildings purchased elsewhere in the UK, this is a modern office building and it shouldn’t require major structural work. “Manchester is Next” is the motto of the UK ideal org coalition, but after Manchester could come HAPI.

    Four Ideal Orgs are undergoing renovations in the US — Austin, Columbus, Chicago, and Kansas City. Columbus may be first. Orgs are required to update all their central files before opening as Ideal, or at least give it a good try. The antiquated paper files take hours and hours to reorganize and Columbus is up to the letter “C.” The org is getting help from Cincinnati publics, but we’re betting it’s not going to be fast enough. They should go Ideal before completing the killer letters of H, M and S.

    Pressure is high to recruit new staff members as well.

    Continued at

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