Rogues Gallery

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    Rogues Gallery


    What IS a rogue's gallery?

    A rogue's gallery is where Suppressive Persons local to an organization are stored for dissemination/fun. Generally, they are kept with the secretary of the organization or the Executive Director or with the DSA for the organization. In this respect, we will be detailing the intimate details of all Scientologist provocateurs, employees, agents or private investigators.

    How can I play?

    Send a picture to me (OSA|Jenny) and detail the state the person was seen in. I will reply within seventy two hours (three days) and update the top post in this thread - aka the one you're reading now. I will do my BEST to out the Scientologist you are looking for.

    Who are you?

    I am a woman [or man?] I am the collective rage of the Office of Special Affairs (principally the Guardian's Office); who is seething and sick of Scientology rubbish. Therefore, I believe the easiest and most effective way of deturring strange and unnatural [read TR-0 for this] behaviour is to out the person doing creepy shit and put their lunacy on display.

    I have been providing this information to a number of ANONS and you can see my work displayed in the "NYC ANONYMOUS Rogue's Gallery" thread for more info. I got sick of being a go-between and decided I would just do this shit for myself because well, dr3k is lazy and lazy anons are lazy.


    All images are copyright (c) their owners. This entire thread is to disseminate/collect images of OSA operations and Scientologists (some past, almost all current). If you have an objection to one of your photographs being used here, send me a PM and we can work it out (or I can remove it for you if you like).


    [IMG] Phillip Deller

    [IMG] Michael Rinder and Ben Shaw

    [IMG] Arthur Baxter (left)

    [IMG] Paul Kellerhalls

    [IMG] Frank Offman

    New York

    [IMG] Richard Beatty, husband of Karin Beatty, ED NYD

    [IMG] Sara Cocco; Programs Chief FOLO EUS

    [IMG] Stephanie Bills; Flag Consultant EUS

    [IMG] Division Six Staffer, name unknown

    [IMG] Hubbard Communication Office Staffer, name unknown.

    [IMG] Jimmy Duddy; bookseller/Staff Member

    [IMG] Kathy Savas

    [IMG] Elena Davis, Flag Representative

    [IMG] Tiffany Novitsky Commodore's Messenger Organization

    [IMG] Sarah Indursky

    [IMG] left to right (Karin Beatty, unknown, George <don't have last name>, Jennifer McDonald Cox)

    [IMG] Richard, Director of I&R New York Foundation

    [IMG] Brandy Getto

    [IMG] Lloyd Koedding - former treasurer New York Foundation

    [IMG] Toni Chambranis OSA Investigations Officer

    [IMG] Jennifer McDonald Cox

    [IMG] Andy Savas

    [IMG] Gerard Renna DSA Boston Organization

    [IMG] Mark Cosentino Chaplain New York Organization

    Washington D.C

    [IMG] Donya Fradkin - Public Relations/Drugfree Marshals Program ("DMP")

    [IMG] Susan 'Sue' Taylor - Director of Public Relations/Affairs

    [IMG] Sylvia Stanard; Office of Special Affairs

    [IMG] Michelle Rochefort - OSA SRO


    [IMG] Cathy Norman


    [IMG] Ed Parkin Office of Special Affairs International

    [IMG] Bob Adams (left) and Ed Parkin (right). Bob is the former vice-president of ABLE Int and Ed is a long-time staff member of OSA International and is sorta like a Heber Jentzsch in his own right.

    [IMG] Kendrick Moxon

    [IMG] Richard Valle Pacific Area Command

    [IMG] Glen Barton Office of Special Affairs International

    [IMG] Humberto Fontana OSA International

    [IMG] Jennifer Oliva Budnocore (far right)

    [IMG] Glen; PAC Staffer

    [IMG] Jeff Qurios, President San Francisco Organization

    [IMG] Kirsten Caetano - Office of Special Affairs

    [IMG] Tommy Davis; OSA-International Public Relations

    United Kingdom

    [IMG] Chris Wrapson; Office of Special Affairs (Public Relations)

    [IMG] Janet Kenyon Laveau

    Boston, Massachusetts

    [IMG] Eric Bayersdorfer

    [IMG] (L) Paul Bradford (R) Kevin Hall; Office of Special Affairs


    [IMG] Bruce DSA Philadelphia

    [IMG] Sue; OT Ambassador / OT-VIII

    [IMG] Adam


    [IMG] Hans Beekmans

    [IMG] Peter Profittlich

    [IMG]Julia Rijnvis

    [IMG] Pieter Van Rij

    [IMG] Paulus Zwaan

    [IMG] Jan Maarten



    Hes name is unknown. Believed to be a suspected SciFag.


    Manny Foundas, Ludah of teh Org.

    Unknown Scilon. American?


    Steve Fawcett, American expat, long-time Melbourne org member.


    Tony Wickens. Dunno more than that. Looking into it.


    Callum Scollay, stepson of Manny Foundas.


    Emma Schmidt, ethics officer. Married to Errol Schmidt.


    Errol Schmidt, Melbourne orgs HCO.


    Geoff Serra. Looking for more info on him as well.


    Jack Maloney. More info pending.


    Mario Deluca. One of the follow-people-around goons.


    James Rinder, Mike Rinders nephew. American.


    Ken Frank! Remember dis guy? Husband to Pam's wife. DON'T BUY HIS BIKES.

  2. k8jde6 Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    The Rules of the Internet are just a joke. There are only 3 or 4 that most people can remember, agree on and reference. Rules 1 & 2 are essentially the same as Rules 1 & 2 of Fight Club: do not talk about "it". Rule 34 is "There is porn of it, no exceptions" with and Rule 35 is if 34 can't be found then someone will make it. Its generally best if you don't inquire any more about it for the rogue's gallery.
  3. Re: Rogues Gallery

    Good job! Are you able to find the identities or any data of non-US scientologists?
  4. Re: Rogues Gallery

    I dunno man, I would be down from rule 34 of a couple of these OSA agents. ;)
  5. Re: Rogues Gallery

    sweet lol I like this :) Do you have pictures of OSA agents in different areas as well or is it only pictures that Anon's provide to you, that you will identify?
  6. darawk Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    oshi- this thread is full of win and dox.
  7. Scythe Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Exactly what we need.
  8. A.Non Hubbard Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Rule 34 on Sarah and Michelle
  9. anonhuff Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Goodbye my loooove
  10. enronanonron Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Some older photos of OSA Babes

    Operation Clambabe (index)

    Operation Clambabe (main)
  11. Re: Rogues Gallery

    ah men stop thinking with your wee willy winklers (not saying you are wee, just fits nicely together)

    dont be persuaded by their boobahs they will lure youinto the traps of cultdoom and that is no fun./mom rant

    Love this thread, hope more people are identified that way to keep Anon safer
  12. A.Non Hubbard Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Holding those cans would make my needle float
  13. Re: Rogues Gallery

    lmao! ok shush lol dont wanna spam a thread that has a good purpose...but u all do crack me up :p
  14. SpongeBob Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Who is this guy?

    (I know who it is, I just want to spread this picture around.)
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  15. Burnt2 Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

  16. Re: Rogues Gallery

    Oh man! I fucking Laughed Out Loud! Endless internets to you!
  17. avbb Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Las Vegas Nevada

    A little namefagging please for our lovely and vivacoius Cameltoe Cutie and Chuck &quot;I wish my dick was as big as my truck&quot; Norris

  18. A.Non Hubbard Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    It would look great on a sign on May 10th.
  19. Rule22 Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

  20. Weapon Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    lol... we didnt forget a bout you too rule #22... your just not as awesome as #34. Btw ima gonna get sum pics of Red Tie guy and SILF up soon.
  21. Re: Rogues Gallery


    Gerard Renna

    Sylvia Stanard
  22. Thetan Ass Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Sweet Xenu...I want to put this pic on the side of my CAR...he would be higher up in that but his finger is too fat to go up further.

    I think I peed a little in my pants laughing.:woot:

    Why do all these people look so unhappy? I thought they knew the road to happiness? They all look like they need a good bowel movement.
  23. OSA|Jenny Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    they are both typos :p
  24. Baconator Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Already sent to this person... Just waiting on response.
  25. OSA|Jenny Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    The fat man is clearly Gregg Colton. Him and his wife own a P.I firm down in Clearwater together, I think his license has since expired though but I would have to actually dig around to find out. Those two are so utterly and disgustingly fat I cannot imagine why CofS hires them.
  26. Re: Rogues Gallery

    Cathy in Austin is showing us her /b/ face...
  27. OSA|Jenny Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    the incredible cathy norman

  28. LRonAnon Member

  29. Jugular Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    /r/ oldscilon from the LA protest who had the ANON sign.
  30. KittyCupcake Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    This thread is full of win.
  31. OSA|Jenny Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    thread updated

  32. Relyt Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Los Angeles, California.
    Here are some pictures I took of the following people who took pictures of everyone:

    This guy's face is visible, but the woman's isn't, sorry.

    Here's a couple pictures of the guy in the green shirt who literally took a photo of EVERYONE:

    I'd post the picture I took of a guy who followed me into a Jack in the Box, but it's too blurry to really make out his face.

    EDIT: To view the large ones in full,
    With Firefox: right click > view image
    With Internet Explorer: Right click > copy image location > paste in browser
    Right Click > Properties > copy image location within properties > paste in browser
  33. censor Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    the one looking like George W. Bush is "Reinhard Egy", spokesperson for Scientology Germany
  34. OSA|Jenny Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Someone recently sent me this picture, I do not know who you are. However, the persons in that picture are both ex members of the Sea Organization and are not there to bother you

    No need to panic folks, it's just friendly /b/ackup ^_^

  35. Rule22 Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    'ey... Rule 22 is why Rule 34 exists. You've got to have 34 in order to 22, and vice versa. If we didn't have 22, no need for 34.

    Get me? I get me.
  36. k8jde6 Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    There is more than one version of rule 22 c.f. ED. This isn't the place for this discussion.

    I have a pic of a suspect but I don't want to inadvertantly post a pic of an innocent. Suggestions?
  37. ScudMuffin Member

  38. Robert S Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    And I'm sorry, but I have never been a nice person, so forgive me but...

    It's quite obvious that one reason to stay away from Scientology is that it turns you into a sick looking slug butt ugly snail-like cardboard dummy with buck teeeeeeeeth.

    OK, Ban me if you like, but somebody HAD to say it FOR GOD'S SAKE.
  39. squid Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    EDIT: After re-reading nameless's 4/12 post where they say John W Zins's red minivan was at the their KS protest (as well as 3/15) and since SF &quot;Gary&quot; and the Mountain View White-Shirt-Guy look identical, I am changing this post to request identification solely of this CA spylon.

    San Francisco 3/22 report... (sorry no relevant enturb link)
    Dude followed many anon's until the police told him to gtfo. In the picture he trying to convert a sympathizer (who later got b&amp;). Exhibited creepy nature.

    Mountain View 4/12 report

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