Rogues Gallery

Discussion in 'Education, Research and Inside Reports' started by OSA|Jenny, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. Re: Rogues Gallery

    mick jagger called. he wants his bottom lip back...
  2. BahamutXone Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Anyway, here's one for you, from Ottawa, Canada. This guy followed us from the Org to Parliament Hill:


    Another shot: 2408755876_870cf29c80_b.jpg
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    I think he shaved the beard!
  4. anonakatie Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    So Jenny can you ID the dark haired short guy in the suit, second from left?

    Jennifer Cox is lady with white pad.

    Two guys that look like mafia dudes are probably security. But might be interesting to ID them anyway so we can see for whom they work.
  5. Re: Rogues Gallery

    Okay... Its not the same guy BECAUSE was at the 4/12 protest in wichita when you said he was somewhere else.

    If anyone wants to go w/ me we can just go take a pic of the guy.

    I also got a very weird PM from someone on the board knowing quite a bit about this guy...
  6. OSA|Jenny Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    OK, I am getting caught up on all the pictures people have sent me, I'll be updating the thread here/there - I won't announce when it's done so check every couple hours. I added a few I should have included originally like Kirsten Caetano and Tommy Davis from Los Angeles (OSA-international). I also added the two/three people who have been identified by others in the thread (which are correct names).

    As for those guys, they are all mostly un-important or lawyers (NY Picture). My guess would be suit is the lawyer and the two Gestapo looking gentleman are hired goons just trying to make five hundred bucks for doing nothing but staring at people.
  7. [Anon] <3 NY Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    If you can ID the goomba with the SAP gloves all the way to right, I know somebody who will love your forevers.

    Also, if I were to hug Toni Chambranis, what are my odds of getting stabbed?
  8. squid Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    check the timeline. i'd be happy to be proven wrong :)
  9. Relyt Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Thanks for the confirmation on that guy :)

    But the other guy is still a scilon, right? I think even some of the Old Guard were telling me he is. Don't know if it's possible to get his name or not. He could just be a low-level Scientologist for all I know.
  10. Re: Rogues Gallery

    Our favorite robot in Phoenix, Lumpy! With his new friend Tater (in blue)

  11. the anti Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    from LA, i think the sign says all

  12. Baconator Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Kate Olsen's mom wants to see her?
  13. Re: Rogues Gallery

    time travel??

    He was in wichita ks on 4/12
  14. genxanon Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    His name is Thomas A. Anderson, programmer for a respectable software company. In his other life he goes by the hacker alias "Neo" and is guilty of virtually every computer crime there is a law for..

    I know.. I fail it.. I suck cocks.. I just couldn't help it.
  15. the anti Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    yes... that sign is everything you need to know in life
  16. OSA|Jenny Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Kevin Hall (right) &amp; Paul Bradford (left)


    If you want to see Kevin Hall at work, watch Tory Christman's video &quot;Dancing in Boston&quot; and you'll observe just how bizarre of a man HE is.

    Scientology: Magoo: Dancing in Boston
  17. the anti Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    i feel like more of a superhero seeing all these people, i almost wish i can use them for some of my photoshoppings
  18. Baconator Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Jenny, would you prefer these pics in the thread or inside of a PM?

    Meh, fuck are the Philly people we're trying to namefag.



    Both are from 3/15. Unfortunately, even in our 4/13 pictures, they still came with similar shit. Large sunglasses covering their face, making ID'ing difficult.



    We think they are from VA. This from 3/15 in the Scilon parking lot.


    And the cast and crew from this post:

    Better picture of the last guy (far right in this pic):


    This guy too...

  19. [Anon] <3 NY Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery


    In NYC during the flashraids this past weekend. This charming fellow threw water on an anon and his camera and assaulted a child who was with us.
  20. anonyme Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Brighton UK Scilons..
    namefagging,etc appreciated!
  21. Re: Rogues Gallery

    seaorgy- Don't forget. It could be the same guy. Hes a Scientologist. He has SUPER POWERS!!
  22. avbb Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    wut, no one home?
  23. the anti Member

  24. OSA|Jenny Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery


    This man is Jay Spina - his wife is a chinese woman who works at the NY Foundation.
  25. [Anon] <3 NY Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Much love.
  26. Relyt Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Does anyone have a clearer image of this guy?


    He's one of the two guys following me around at the March 15th protest in Los Angeles. I took a shaky picture of him and he flipped me off, and I didn't realize it was a shitty picture until later. I probably should have just recorded them.
  27. squid Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    heh. well let this be a lesion for all you newfolk. be careful and read threads so that you can differentiate among these scilons. We assume they can fly/drive around states but really, they cannot.
  28. OSA|Jenny Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Bruce DSA Philadelphia


    Sue; OT Ambassador / OT-VIII



  29. anonymitts2 Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Chris Wrapson of the Brum org is OSA! Excellent! Now we know that he's more than just a spokesperson.

    and Michelle Rochefort, wow. She can fair game me anytime!!!
  30. ScudMuffin Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Can OTII be OSA? We found out that he was apparently OTII, from an obs project, though he could just be lying.

    How high up is this goon then, BrumOrg Base Star wise and Scilon Empire wise?

    Mitts: Falc and I have been through most of the pics from the OSA Babes section of Clambake and decided that most of them have the Would factor.
  31. TheAnonFruit Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Any chance on getting some Canadian Scifags identified? These guys are from Kitchener, Ontario

    The Infamous Cast Guy

    The Dude in the Blue Jacket and His Partner in The Black Jacket
  32. monamia Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    ok-ive not gotten info on best way to pix, so these are mixed, one part LA 3.15, with rogues and PIs to be identified. Rogues and PIs are roughly in the middle of the asssortment. I wish I knew how to post in this message box, but advice on this is scarce.

    the others are poster opps around CC (VERY current)sorry for mixed plate, but the best I can do for now.

    anon1512 - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    i put titles and captions with all of these, but who knows where some went...
  33. Baconator Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Why thank you very much!
  34. WindandGhosts Member

  35. monamia Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    who is this?

    and, this:

    and these assholish PIs @ cchr?
  36. OSA|Jenny Member

  37. wanktology Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Hello Jenny|OSA, I wanted to thank you for the work you are doing, and want to thank you for having the courage to get out while you still can.

    It is great to hear of your experiences and obviously your resources and determination.

    Here is a link to the Australian wall of shame, some are already named but we are missing a few:

    Scientologist Album - AusChanology Wiki
  38. the_cloak Member

  39. Re: Rogues Gallery

    Anyone know who this is? She is a muckety-muck at the PHX org.

  40. Anon Char Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    /r/equest an info on any clams on the Hubbard Dianetics Center in San Diego. We need a names to the clams with really thin looking skin.

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