Rogues Gallery

Discussion in 'Education, Research and Inside Reports' started by OSA|Jenny, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. gailo Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Both Plymouth and Manchester in the UK are really interested to get a 100% ID on this guy. All the information we have so far is in this thread. Sorry about the pics, but we really don't have any decent quality pictures of him without a camera of some sort in the way.

    We know from two different people that he is called Antony Brinkman, what we don't know for sure is what his current position inside Scientology is. We were told in Manchester after the March raid that he was definitely in charge of the Manchester org a few years ago. When he was seen in Plymouth in April they were told by the security guard that he was from Sussex (ie Saint Hill) which could mean that he's part of OSA.

    Any chance you could clear this up and tell us what his position is? Even another confirmation of his name would be brilliant.
  2. OSA|Jenny Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    That man is Antony Brinkman, he is the executive director of the Manchester Organization and if I remember correctly he is affiliated with Saint Hill too. I doubt you will see him in London. It's good to see he's still wearing those blue shirts though. I don't know what his status on the bridge to total freedom is though, his completion list is incomplete. He has been in since the late 90s or early 2000s not sure.
  3. gailo Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Thanks for that, we mancfags are hoping to see him again for the next raid. I love that he's known for wearing blue shirts though as we called him Blue Shirt Guy.

    EDIT :: Just had a thought, you say he's the executive director. Do you know if that means he has to register as an actual director because there is a man with that name in Manchester who is a director (link).
  4. Re: Rogues Gallery

    Any idea on these guys? They are from the Dianetics and Scientology centre at Tottenham Court road, London.


    There is also this guy, who is apparently from HAS and is supposedly called Richard Cranium, however, I only have video footage of him:

    YouTube - Scientologist for identification

  5. Publius Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    I have a question, where exactly is the top person of a church (CoS NY for example) located on the organizational chart?
  6. OSA|Jenny Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Here is a recent (and illustrious addition) to the thread from the folks in NYC today. Apparently somebody got a good photograph of Tiffany Novitsky (Commodore's Messenger Organization).

  7. Anonygnome Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Seattlefags beat you to it!

    Hi-Res Image

    Hi-Res Image

    lulz northwest - View topic - UPDATED APRIL 26th --Scilon Mugshot ID Chart--

    And it's SUPER helpful to have it stickied on the local forum, all in one file, all in the context of when they were sighted-- I strongly encourage all Anon cells to get in the habit of producing an ID chart like the ones above, even if they're not as flamboyantly fancy-pants as ours.

    ... Of course, if you wanna shoop out our Anons and use the fancy backgrounds for your own charts, I won't stop you. :wink:
  8. the anti Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    you know, i'm just crazy enough. more from LA if anyone has names go for it, but remember in case they try to blend in






    if anyone may have got better shots of them



  9. Relyt Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    I also have another picture of one of the guys in the last picture:


    I didn't post him before, because he didn't really bother anyone as far as I can tell... he just stood there silently the entire time we were at the exhibit.
  10. avbb Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Man, they ALL look like they could use a thorough colon cleansing.
  11. anyjane Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Dang, they got themselves a Hans Gruber!
  12. Re: Rogues Gallery

    I got dox on the austin site that says that Cathy Norman in Austin is OSA, and DSA chair for all of texas... so does that mean she runs the whole state's ops?
  13. ChefXenu Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Sorry for the low quality, all I have is my Hi8 video cam.

    Corporation of $cientology of Central Ohio scientologists in need of identification or confirmation:

    By chefxenu
    This lady (usually smoking cigarettes) has an odd habit of whispering in other scientologist's ears just before they stalk people.

    By chefxenu
    Creepy scilon Stalker #1 followed anons after Operation: Reconnect
    Possible Sea Org member
    This young man is know to local anons as "non-talking guy"
    Creepy scilon stalker #2 told us his first name is "Will"?

    YouTube - Scientologist Following Anonymous to Car Part 1
    Creepy Scilon Stalker #2 followed anons during Bookathon flash raids
    Self professed Sea Org Member
    This young man has been tentatively identified as Dan Kelley (perhaps this guy -> Daniel Kelley - Scientology Service Completions | Truth About Scientology Statistics Project ?) and is reported to be the D/FBO which is the Deputy Flag Banking Officer at the Columbus Org.
    Can this be confirmed?

    By chefxenu
    This Co$ staff member seems to often be relaying orders from his phone to other org staff
    Known to local anons as "cell phone guy"
    Possible first name: John?
    Claimed to have been a former drug dealer (his primary income pre-Co$) and former drug user while trying to sell copies of Dianetics to anons posing as civilians.

    By chefxenu
    This Co$ staff member has yet to communicate with anons, but is almost always around and possibly giving orders to other members.

    By chefxenu
    Not so friendly scientologist.
    Know to some local anons as "Pacino" and to others as "Peter Fonda"
    Claimed to be an anti-war activist and draft dodger during Vietnam.

    If you have been disconnected from any of these individuals and would like to make contact, send me a message and I will try to get it to them for you.

    Thanks for your help!

  14. OSA|Jenny Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Thread updated ...

    Richard Beatty, husband of Karin Beatty, ED NYD


    Sara Cocco; Programs Chief FOLO EUS


    Stephanie Bills; Flag Consultant EUS


    Division Six Staff; possible "sexual deviant"


    Hubbard Communications Office staff; can't remember name


    Jimmy Duddy; bookseller/Staff Member


    Elena Davis Flag Representative - New York Foundation

  15. Re: Rogues Gallery

    Which one is Elena? Right or middle?
  16. OSA|Jenny Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Humberto Fontana OSA International


    Jennifer Oliva Budnocore (far right)

  17. Mahovlich Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Those security Scilons are nothing more than thugs plain and simple.
  18. scignoff Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Seriously? His name is Richard Cranium?? From this day forward to be called Dick Brain.
  19. Mahovlich Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    *snicker* Nice!
    Dick Head?
  20. the anti Member

  21. gailo Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Its not what you know, its who you know.
  22. Rule22 Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Could we get an ID on this SeaOrg fella if it hasn't been done yet? Sorry AnonTV... I'm stealing your image 'cause I knew where it was... hehe. Easier than digging for my own sometimes...

    ...and if you happen to know the hotties...

  23. Re: Rogues Gallery

    Dammit, now I want a SeaOrg beltbuckle.
  24. Re: Rogues Gallery

    I seriously LOL'ed.

    Dumb and Dumber = One of the greatest comedies EVER!
  25. OSA|Jenny Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    This man is named Glen

  26. Rule22 Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Thanks Jenny. You're the queen!

    Glen. Obvious SeaORG. Any specifics on title/duties/etc?

    I kinda feel sorry for him 'cause I was shooting with my back to the sun (more dramatic lighting that way), and I know he was trying to give a description of me to whomever's on the other end of the line (right after I shot this, he pointed at me and made a gesture like "he's a big guy wearing a hoodie")... but he could only see a silhouette.

    Sorry I made you stare into the sun, Glen... but, think, at least your skin is reflecting a healthy sunset kinda glow. Looks pretty.

    Y'know, you could get those glasses made by Transitions...
  27. OSA|Jenny Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    He works at Pacific Area Command ("PAC") not sure on duties. He is mostly harmless though.
  28. AnonyMary Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    The grey haired guy snapping pics of the protesters at the DC protest in March is violinist Dave Kline, who apparently gave up his career to be an OSA Goon. What a waste. I hope this image came out ok:

    Here are some links / video clip about that event and him
    Scientologist Takes My Picture Anonymous DC 3/15

    Silver-haired Scientologist filming the crowd
    "As with the February 10th protests, they were kind and OVERLY pleasant, even when in engaging the humorless and chilly Scientologists who entered the crowd taking pictures of anyone who was not completely masked. There was one Org member in particular, a dapper silver-haired gentleman who carried what I felt was a knowing and sinister smirk. His modus operandi was to come and go inside of the Org, stalking protesters with his camera, including walking up to an underage girl (all of 15) and taking her picture — in spite of her father’s (a former Scientologist from the DC org) complaints.

    At one point, he came out with a purposeful stride, walked up to me and took my picture. I gladly obliged, even thoughtfully removing my sunglasses and introducing myself. He smirked and sulked back into the Org. "
  29. Re: Rogues Gallery

    Once the cult falls, they should be available on eBay.

    Just another reason to KAW - Keep Anonymous Working
  30. Baconator Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Jenny, is there any way we can get some last names to go along with Sue and Adam?

    We know that Bruce is Bruce Thompson...but Sue and Adam we are having issues pinning down completely, as there are two Sue's on the OT Ambassador list.
  31. Relyt Member

  32. HouseSpiderV2 Member

  33. OSA|Jenny Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    I'm pretty sure it's Susan Birkenshaw but don't quote me on that just yet. I've never actually met Susan but she is the right coast, OT level and age to be that woman.
  34. CantPickaName Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    I saw that vid on youtube asking for an ID on the guy so i said his name was "Richard Cranium" (Dick Head) HAHAHAHA
    I didnt think somebody would take me seriously
  35. Relyt Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    I actually believe it for a second... perhaps it's just that I wanted to believe it.
  36. Magoo Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Who is Kevin Hall in that video? The guy at the Boston Org? There was Gerard Renna (The short guy) and then a taller guy, I don't know the name of.

    Is he Kevin Hall?

    Thanks ~~That one video **totally* Changed my life~ Well, *I* changed my life by waking up, and leaving-----------but that video, put on the net that night, got me declared "SP" (which I never had a 'Comm-Ev, which per policy one is SUPPOSED to get before declared)---and I didn't find out until months later, when I called Flag, asking for my receipts, that they'd declared me SP the next day: Amazing (for me), but true.

    Thank you to you ALL :wink: The Army! :anon::alien::guyfawkes::pony: **


    ** PS: And NO, I don't think anyone is my "Personal Army"---but I sure do appreciate the many people who have, both critics and now Anonymous, helped expose this insidious CULT. You're not my Army---but together you are one kick ass'd force to be dealt with--and I'm very happy to know you!
  37. OSA|Jenny Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Hi Tory !!

    Yes the man with the white shirt you are talking to in the "Dancing in Boston" video is Kevin Hall. Right now he is posted as the spokesperson for the Citizens Commission on Human Rights. The shorter, stockier man in the video is indeed Gerard Renna, a veteran of the Guardian's Office and now the Department of Special Affairs for Boston Massachusetts Organization.

    The first page of this forum has a picture of Gerard from nowadays when he made a brief appearance in New York City to photograph/video some people readying for a flier run two weeks ago. Not sure why Gerard would be in New York but the activities in cities like New York, Denver and Philadelphia have been incredibly bizarre as of late, especially with Toni Chambranis joining the fight there in New York for the Organization.
  38. XenuLovesU Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Jeffrey Quiros, former DSA of the SF org, now president

    (woman in photo is a local blogger, not a Scientologist and definitely not on their side despite the smiles)

  39. OSA|Jenny Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    It's funny to me that I managed to forget Jeff since I used to know him a long time ago.
  40. tazor Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Hi all

    Anybody out there know a Scilon named Sanford Block? He moved from LA to Albuquerque recently. He was referred to in a newspaper article as Albuquerque Org's representative. They are trying to buy a building in the downtown area and are meeting resistance. I'd like to know more about him.

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