Rogues Gallery

Discussion in 'Education, Research and Inside Reports' started by OSA|Jenny, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. Anne Ominous Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    London, UK

    Flickr Photo Download: UK PR Head

    Graeme Reid Wilson

    • Director of Public Affairs (Chief of PR) for Co$ in the UK.
    • OSA
    • Not OT, as suggested in Sect loses battle to become a charity | UK news | The Guardian.
    • Joined the cult in the early 80s whilst a fresher at Edinburgh Uni. His mother was deeply concerned about it. I wonder how she might feel now?
    • Offers bribes for positive journalism at: A polite notice to all protesters who oppose Scientology
    • Operates from Saint Hill. Can be found there frequently.
    • 1994 - Kept Christine Forsyth captive within the cult (was possibly affiliated with CCHR at the time)
    • 1997 - Prevented the family of Odhran Fortune from meeting with him.
    • 1999 - After Co$ capitulated to the lovely Bonnie Woods in the High Court, he made a statement suggesting that she had apologised, in an awful attempt to handle the PR flap.
    • 2006 - Met with Baroness Scotland, a Home Office Minister, to give donations to the Labour Party on behalf of ABLE.
    • 2007 - Mailed 100,000 copies of the Sweeney tape to media as the head of 'Freedom Television'.
    • Was present at 10/2/08 at London Org. Can be seen in Shahate's YT video giving an interview calling Anon "terrorists". Was seen again at 10/5/08 at London Org. Bizarrely decided to ride the tube with Anon, although no-one approached him.
    • tl;dr - One of THE major players for the cult within the UK. Under pressure to handle Anonymous, and is really sucking at it. Have heard neither high nor low from him since 10/5. Current status: unknown, presumed in.

    This info is compiled from various websites and interviews. All public domain and freely available, lest ye care.
  2. Anonymous1551 Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Dude he looks just like the overall VP of scientology - Was watching a video - gonna look for it again. It was an old episode of Keith Olberman's Countdown and the reporter and this guy were talking about Tom Cruise and whether or not he was an accurate representation of $cientology
  3. Anne Ominous Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    UK, London

    Janet Kenyon Laveau

    Some Important Scientologist on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    • Director of External Affairs for Co$ in the UK.
    • Commander of the Sea Org in the UK.
    • Possibly OT, although level unknown. Professes to have done some levels in interviews.
    • Canadian. Recruited into the cult whilst she was studying medicine there. Used to be head of the Toronto org.
    • Frequently acts as a spokesperson for the cult, when Graeme Wilson isn't hard at work screwing things up.
    • 2005 - Appeared on Richard and Judy to counter Astra Woodcraft.
    • 2006/7? - Attempted to handle Radio 5Live's undercover report on the Volunteer Ministries trying to recruit at disaster zones. Epic fail.
    • 2008 - Attempted to have the police shut down Anon at 10/2, as can be seen in Shahate's video.
    • Has been Sea Org for 36 years. Operates primarily out of Saint Hill.
    • tl;dr - Long-term $cilon, and would appear to be the Grand Warmaster of Co$ in the UK. KNOW THIS WOMAN! Has not been seen since 10/2, and hasn't done any publicity either. Current status: unknown, presumed in.

    Again, all compiled from websites and interviews. Links can be easily found via google.

    Confirmation on both Graham and Janet would be lovely, if OG or insiders can verify!
  4. Relyt Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    So THAT'S the guy Tommy Gorman has beef with.
  5. XenuLovesU Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Yuppers. I presumed the post of DSA in the SF org has been staffed by someone else since Jeff became president. I've been sniffing around, but haven't got a name yet. Someone in the OG said it's a woman. Anyone know who it is? Definitely want to keep tabs on who holds DSA positions as they're the ones likely to be directing counter-anon activities locally.
  6. martinpoulter Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Wow, nice research there. Given that those people are required to "investigate who is attacking [the cult]" you've turned the tables on them nicely!
  7. Anne Ominous Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Given that I am required to investigate who is attacking free speech, I thank you kindly sir! :wink:

    I'm currently trying to compile intel on the dark-haired lady who's been at the front of the London Org for every protest. She can be seen in Shahate's 15/3 video trying to stop him filming an interview. She speaks with an accent. I believe her name is Stefania Cisco, and she was involved in a delightful tits-up exposing the Volunteer Ministries a year or two ago.

    May take some time to confirm this, unless someone else can.
  8. ScudMuffin Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    I've met him on Op: Happy Shopper (against CCHR in West Brom). Had to walk away and left other anons to talk to him.

    Him: Where are you from?
    Me: We're from the internet.

    Apparently he hasn't seen Tron.
  9. Anonvox Member

  10. Hoshi Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    It's not James Packer. Packer's taller, older and has a deeper voice.
    My guess; he hasn't ever been our shaddow during the protests which have been on the Weekend, this video was shot early Friday evening, so he's probably just dianetics Day Staff. That being said, a large proportion of the staff at Perth are Sea Org transfers.
    He was wearing the OT summit t-shirt from 2007.
  11. Aussiexenu Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Day staff knock off around 6ish. And when I was there, a significant portion of the Fdn & Day Exec's were ex-SO (i.e. routed out of SO but stayed as Class V staff on accounts of having kids).

    Evenings + Weekend = Foundation staff. So it's odd we've never seen him before, unless they really do clear out the org come protest day.
  12. timthephoto Member

    Been Busy on this very subject, and more (edited)

    there are more than 70 named pics (OSA PI's & Scienos) & 50 more that NEED NAMES in the rogues gallery
    Anon Intel - Scientrollogy Div - Index
    leave info in comments (no acc. req.)
    many matching forum entries for named pics, to discuss actions / spottings / fair game etc
    180+ scientology owned sites and blogs, in a forum thread each in case they need discussing
    not many Trolls logged yet, i'm sure they'll get added as investigations continue..

    threads like this are essential to neuter the offensive capability of OSA. each named pic posted is one more agent taken off the rota for missions breaking the law. PI's tend not to commit crimes on the whole, and they cost Co$ a fortune. keep it up Jenny :):
  13. flimbos Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    [IMG]Hans Beekmans
    [IMG]Peter Profittlich
    [IMG]Julia Rijnvis
    [IMG]Pieter van Rij (?)
    [IMG]Paulus Zwaan
    [IMG]Jan-Maarten ??
  14. anonoblong Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    after reading this thread

    scientology may fix a lot of "problems"...

    but it sure doesn't fix ugly
  15. OSA|Jenny Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Awww I wanna be part of the intel division too!!
  16. Re: Rogues Gallery

    Yeah. Even tho he's been in Wichita, KS for every single protest. (I've been to all and have seen him every time)

    God, Get the facts straight. The picture doesn't even match the damn name.

    He has a house in CA but he LIVES and WORKS in Wichita, KS.
  17. Relyt Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    EDIT: My mistake
  18. WindandGhosts Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    He also has CA plates and has been seen in SF.

    He was called "Gary" before anyone knew his name.
  19. Re: Rogues Gallery

    I know this. BUT he's been in wichita for EVERY SINGLE PROTEST.

    Someone from this board has even seen him when there wasn't a protest.

    His name was not 'gary' before people knew his real name.

    Its not gary, its not gary, its not gary. Is that enough for you?

    OH, And if you don't believe me/us in wichita then you can just come, see him in wichita, and then use ur super powers to go to cali or wherever you guys claim to of seen him and see him there and KNOW its not the same guy.
  20. HouseSpiderV2 Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    April Englewood, CO Org:


    The guy on the right identified himself as "Destiny" when I engaged him briefly in conversation today and shook his hand. Seemed nervous at being confronted by an Anon. His fellow scilon camera guy (not pictured) wouldn't shake my hand or give me even a fake name. When asked why, he said because we declared ourselves SPs.
  21. Re: Rogues Gallery

    And if you want proof I'll send u pictures, and some other stuff. :eek:face:
  22. anonangl Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    I keep watching these pics for someone I knew down in FL
  23. squid Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    I was one of the many SF anons that got John W. Zins mixed up with this other old white dude in the OP in SF/Mountain View, CA. Nameless has numerous confirmation they are NOT the same person.

    Jenny, the person labeled "John Zins" in the OP is not correct.. Unless you are going to say it is. I am going off nameless's experience which is much more direct. Please correct the OP.

    He is still ("Gary" Unidentified) as far as SF and CA as a whole is concerned. This old guy in a white shirt, hat, and glasses was in Mountain View, CA 4/12. Need his name desperately.

    The hat says "Gilroy Golf Course"
  24. Re: Rogues Gallery

    Just for lulz I'll be sure to get a GOOD close up of "gary" (JOHN)

    just to prove its wrong.

    and if I'm wrong which I HIGHLY doubt I am I'll eat my words and apologize. BUt I know I'm not so its all good.
  25. squid Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    post the shooped through-the-window-glass shot that IS verified so she can update the OP.

    you won't be wrong. it will be proof that OTs CAN travel through MEST.
  26. Re: Rogues Gallery

    Well the 'church' was actually deserted. There were a few cars in the parking lot. but we actually only saw 1 body the whole time.

    We think they were either at river fest or idk.

    we're going to go back in a few days just to see if hes there.
  27. OSA|Jenny Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    This mans name is Andy, I believe he might be one of the administrators of the Celeberity Center in NYC. Not sure on last name or exact position yet.

  28. the anti Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    I got a few more today


    chick in big sun glasses

    might be, i don't know







    behind big blue, i did a little sneaking



    and this guy! i want his name! he reached for my camera and thats a big no no!!!


  29. Re: Rogues Gallery

    Unblurred image of sneaky Scilon photographer in Clearwater on 4/10 attached. Looks like he's using a remote control in his right hand and propping the camera up with his left to photograph the protesters on the sly.

    Original post on Flickr here, with VERY interesting video link provided by a viewer, of this scilon and others harassing & stalking a critic inside an airport: Operation Reconnect 079 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    EDIT: This one has been identified as Ian Shillington.

  30. Re: Rogues Gallery

    This one bawwwed to the cops in front of the Royalty Theater in Clearwater on 4/10, but was told to GTFO, after which he immediately got on the phone to report to home base.

    EDIT: This one has been identified as Paris Morfopoulis, the owner the One Stoppe Shoppe directly behind him in the picture. It's right next to the Royalty Theater and was one of the many scilon businesses that had anti-anons signs in their windows during Operation Reconnect.


    Original image here: Operation Reconnect 069 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
  31. Relyt Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Can you do anything based on a license plate? I know there's strict laws about that in California, but maybe it's different in Scientology? I wouldn't know.


    I couldn't get a very good shot of his face, hate myself for not zooming in enough :(
    I have a picture, but his face is small and in the shadows beneath his roof.
  32. Snake Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    The black guy in this picture was also at The Way to Happiness building on Wednesday in Glendale when we did a flash raid. He was even wearing the same shirt hahah
  33. icanhascaek Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    THAT WOMAN, my dear Anon, is Judy Tanner. Her husband is Eric Tanner, and is not the man in the photo with her. None of my sources knew who he was.

    Judy lives in Riverside county as a teacher. It is unknown where she teaches, but the name "Mendicino" was tossed around conversationally with one of my sources, and any further information on that would be much appreciated. I personally believe that she works in Hemet, but that is more a hunch than anything concrete, and is likely to be a lie. She joined CoS in the mid 70s when she went to UCSB and married a man involved in the "church" who she later divorced. She is VERY, VERY serious about Scientology, and yes, she always looks like she has a giant stick up her ass. I have always loved her hair helmet.

    She has two sons (whose names I could not remember, as I have only met them once). Both are in the Sea Org. One is about 23, and the other is about 20/21. Both are married, and it is unknown whether they have kids either. They were members of the Cadets, and signed on with the Sea Org when I believe they were 18. They are totally brainwashed.

    If anyone is capable of doing anything with this info, please do, knowing that they have disconnected from many people who wish they were in their lives.

    Also, here is her "personal" web page:

    Scientology - Judy Tanner a Scientologist - find out what I have gained from Scientology...

    I can attest to the fact that her kids have horrible communication skills. Lulz.
  34. enronanonron Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Andy Savas?
  35. OSA|Jenny Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    I have decided to discontinue this thread because it is becoming a full-time job now. My original aim was only to collect the pictures/positions/names of those in NY/Philadelphia and Buffalo but now there's just too many PMs coming in now to keep up with this. If someone wants to take it over that's fine with me.
  36. flimbos Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Amsterdam may 10
    [IMG]Jan Maturbongs
    Warning very aggressive and non-communicative.

    Attacked an Anon and OG Jeta Eggers . . He will hear more about this. .
  37. Zenster Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    That is Andy Savas
    He was the AG = "Assistant Guardian" in New York in the late 70's and 80's.
    The Guardian's Office was the dirty tricks department of Scientology before it was changed into the OSA.
    His wile Kathy Savas (plump, reddish hair)was also there and very briefly tried to give out flyers on the corner of Madison Avenue, but came back because no one would take any.
    Do not know what their posts are today
  38. Arcane majicks...

    Do I dare invoke the arcane lore? Dare I risk the conjuration that will surely summon evils beyond all other? Evils that will surely devour soul and sanity?

    Ah what the hell...
    RULE 34!

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