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Discussion in 'Education, Research and Inside Reports' started by OSA|Jenny, Apr 21, 2008.

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    Thats the thing though, in all the videos he does seem like a nice man. He is polite, reasonable, doesnt bullbait, listens and responds... Thats almost more disconcerting than the regular fuckwits they send out
  2. ScudMuffin Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Yeah, according to EXSCMB he's a pretty nice bloke.

    I think he'll get a lot of dinner invitations from other ex's.

    UPDATE: Birmingham UK

    DSA - Director Special Affairs - Marie Wrapson

    Chris Wrapson, her husband, on a HCO post in the org.

    Graham Doggart - Hubbard Communication Office Secretary

    Vikkie Ellory - Public Executive Secretary

    Jason - Master At Arms/Ethics Enforcement Officer
  3. tokanon Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Maybe you've had major personal dealings with her, I dunno, but I think we should try not to start hating or attacking individual people.

    Scientology brings out the worst in people's characters. We don't know what sort of person she might have been or what she might have done if she hadn't become a scientologist.

    We might behave the same way as her if we had been recruited, in for years and were now defending what we had dedicated our life to.
  4. Hakf Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Hi Anne,

    Just an FYI, Scientology's written response to me regarding the march protest was from J. Laveau. You can find the response here: The cake is real A snapshot of London
  5. Relyt Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery


    Supposedly these two are "Patty and John". They're actually a couple of very nice people, but could we possibly get more information on them?


    EDIT: Los Angeles, btw.
  6. Winston Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    There ought to be a website "OTorNOT".
  7. Ima Nonymous Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    They were at the April 12th. When asked why they were at the protest they said they were told to try and "fit in" and indicated they were being paid to photograph the event. She was wearing a scilon bracelet, it reminded me of the Ben Hur extra who was wearing a watch.
    I remember seeing a photo of him later that day with no mask and same shirt.
    This guy was there May 10th as well.
    Do nice people sit across from you and point video cameras at you while you're dining? I'm do hope you are being a bit duplicitous as I don't think secretly recording people in public is a very "nice" thing to do.
  8. the anti Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    john is OT 8, he let me know when i was talking to him, but yeah you should of seen some of the stuff we did with them there. i offered to help patty with her camera so she can got a good view of us, but i understand her distrust


    and now i know his name Tim Armor


    I ask john what his damage and he wasn't sure
  9. Relyt Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Either she started to gain my trust, or she using the "cornered mouse" tactic as described in the 5/21 flash raid thread. For now I'll just go for the latter.
  10. Magoo Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Yeah, in case I didn't post it here in this thread, Tim Armor is the brother
    or Carol Morris, wife of David Morris ---who is the owner of David Morris And Associates, and rather large W.I.S.E. Company.

    The Morris' used to own the mission up in Montrose, here in LA. It bombed,
    and they (Both Class 8's, OT 8) offered to give it to me (worth about $100,000 I believe). Whatever, I didn't want to slave under RTC, so I said, 'NO thanks" and they gave it to Flavia Taylor. I believe she's now out of it, too. Anyone know who owns the Montrose Mission?

    Tim has been at the last 2 UCLA book fairs, sort of as a body router, making sure we (the SPs) are moved away from the staff. He used to be a friend, and has actually been very nice to me---not anything like MANY Scientologists I've run into. So I'm VERY surprised to see him here, in the day. (He works in construction)...and looks like he's acting quite OSA-like.
    That is SO Unlike him------I'm wondering if he's trying to get onto some OT levels or what? It just isn't like him at ALL.

    Can anyone tell me any more about what happened with Tim?

    My best to all :wink:

  11. the anti Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    what happened wiith me is I was in the hollywood and highland station with a group of 8? 9? after the 5-10 protest ended. someone spotted him and a friend recording us, i went up the stairs to get a few shots of them

    here they are



    both took off, i decided to take chase again and saw him about to get out of the station and started firing again

    he saw me and reached over to me and touched my camera, i think he was trying to grab it



    i don't know, i look at him in the new photo and he looks so empty inside
  12. Anonifus Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery


    This guy assaulted me, would sort of like all dox you can get on him.

    Oh, also, this is outside the Murray Street Org in Perth, Western Australia.
  13. ScudMuffin Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    I love google

    Birmingham UK

    DSA - Director Special Affairs - Marie Hardiman-Wrapson
  14. Snake Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    We're pretty sure the man's real name is Glenn, because he cringes or runs away whenever he's called that. The woman, we don't know about, but she is by far a huge bullbaiter. We had a flash raid last night and she was trying really hard to instigate something. As well as aggressively filming us. We couldn't get a name but we've decided to call her "cow" or "toad".:fuckyou:
  15. Relyt Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    "Patty" claimed that Tory called her fat at the last book fair, so I asked her to explain the situation. She told me that Tory commented on her being pregnant, and I said "Well, were you pregnant?" "Of course not!" "Well it sounds to me like it could have been an honest mistake" and she just laughed and shoved off that she could possibly be wrong about her assumption.

    She also said she's not from OSA and that Tory just assumes everyone's from OSA, but I think she might be lying about this as well. They seemed to try hard to get us to lose our trust toward Tory, but they did a pretty horrible job of that :p
  16. vananon Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    I want that camera lens :'(
    Maybe if the co$ spent less buying camera lenses they might have a bit more cash. That lens is at least 2 or 3 grand. Word to OSA idiots: You can achieve the same effect with $500 Sigma lens with a 2x tele-converter.... douchebags.
  17. the anti Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    i think thats his personal camera, and the lens hooked on...
    i think its a Canon EF 100 400mm f/4.5 5.6L IS USM, i could be wrong
  18. Ima Nonymous Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    I guess she must work for one of the other divisions of scientology that follows people around, video tapes and photographs people.:bs:
    And the long-lens guy is John/Glenn? :rolleyes:
  19. Photonymous Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Thats what it looks like to me too. Not really too expensive of a lens, only $1300. Definately not gonna get as good of shots with a Sigma and 2x though. Anything that cheap is gonna be 5.6 or smaller aperture so after you slap the 2x on it you're at f/11 which will be no good once it starts getting darker.
  20. anonrik Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Photoanon can you reccommend a decent handheld camera for around $500, I kinda need a new one for rare family occasions so dont really want to spend much plus if I do end up taking it along to raids at that price I wont be too fussed about it being damaged/stolen. :flowers:

    I also have an I.D request for someone for any Londerners in the know...who is the chap at the far left next to the balding dude and also who is the lady in between balding dude and red tie guy :hmm:

  21. BahamutXone Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    That giant camera lens looks more like some kind of optic weapon component than a camera lens.

    Anyway, there's a new photographer in Ottawa. This guy was at the May 17th mini-raid. The Scilons were having some kind of introductory brainwashing seminar there.

  22. the anti Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    i'm sure you can get some old (but still good) enrty level SLR's for less then that, maybe like a Canon Rebel TX (350D) or Nikon D40
  23. Flynn Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    credit original:BahamutXone

    enhanced ftw

  24. Anonifus Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    ^ "Eeeeeeey"
  25. Jugular Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    I need help ID'ing the woman and cameraman in these screenshots from video taken at the may raid in Hollywood, California.


    If someone could pass these along to the people at OCMB I would appreciate it. I can't post there.
  26. XenuLovesU Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Two unidentified scilons that were handing out anti-anonymous pamphlets at the San Francisco June 14 protest:

  27. Anon Char Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    [COLOR="Red"][SIZE="7"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]San Diego[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

    Our first Scilon, Wendy Ghiora. She is one of the only OT VIIIs in San Diego. We caused an OT8 to flee. It took them 5 months, and they finally send out "Teh BIG GUNS, yet she sank like the titanic.

  28. Re: Rogues Gallery

    These people were more than usually interested in talking to and filming anons in London at Saturday's demo- any one recognise them?
  29. anonyleaks Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery


    The man in the mask is John Glass an OT-6 and although I've never seen his wife Barbara, I assume that's probably her. They were once residents of New Jersey back in the 70s and moved to Los Angeles to be closer to Scientology. Barbara and John have four children and three grand-children. On the off-set this is NOT Barbara, it may be one of his
    daughter in-laws.


    pretty sure this is David Lee Lubow, a private investigator for the Church


    The man in the middle here could be one of three people:

    a) Steve Belavigna
    b) Brian Rafferty (semi-unlikely)
    c) Eugene Ingram (if he lost a couple pounds and tried Rogaine)


    This could be Edwin Richardson, he's a native of California I'd need to see the full face to tell you.
  30. the anti Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    both shots are of the same person, and we already have his name, magoo confirmed it, Tim Armor

    here he is again with the same shirt

  31. Re: Rogues Gallery

    Link to orginal: Operation Sea Arrgh 230 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    The head of "Flag Security" Paul Kellerhals was lurking about at Sea Arrgh in Clearwater, the Sea Org's "Flag Base".

    This fanatic was named in the Lisa Mcpherson murder investigation as being the one who sat on Lisa to hold her down at one point.

    :fuckyou: Scientology.

    :fuckyou: LONG AND HARD!
  32. Toxic Rose Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    That guy's dead-eye stare creeped the fuck out of me. what do they do to people to make them look like this?
  33. Toxic Rose Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    He looks..inflated.
  34. HouseSpiderV2 Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    I'm noticing that COscientology's "handlers" are fuzzy lovable characters compared to the phychos that get sent out to the rest of the world's events. Is it possible that the IS NO OSA in Colorado? If so, I'd like to recommend to OSA that you hire YouTube user oschaper to run OSA out of the CO org. He/she has claimed not to be OSA while implying that he/she would like to join up. I would like the opportunity to finally meet him/her in person! I support oschaper's promotion to OSA. :fuckyou: I told her I'd recommend her to our local OSA terminal, Patty Allread. But she's not talking to me any more. :sad:
  35. anonyleaks Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    OMG :fuckyou: PK is still in Scientology!! Nooooo PK! Get out, RUN!!
  36. Re: Rogues Gallery

    First is Deanne Macdonald, yes. Executive Director, international cavalcade for the West US "continent." OT 7 or 8 depending on sources. Considering she did 7 in the 80s, 8 is not a big stretch.

    I'm pretty sure the latter is Patty. Tom of Helatrobus should be able to confirm/deny since he met her face to face. Patty is the local OSA terminal, the "reverend" of this org and head of public relations.
  37. roan Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Tustin (Orange County), CA

    StrssTst0071.jpg StrssTst0151.jpg StrssTst0141.jpg

  38. HouseSpiderV2 Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    OMG which one is Oliver?!:woot:
  39. argh Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    The guy on the left was seen in a pink tshirt, either on the same day or the previous protest. He really wasn't impressed at all, apparently mumbling stuff about "damn masks" or simlar. I wish I could find the pic I saw on Flickr of him in the pink tshirt.
  40. anonanchovie Member

    Re: Rogues Gallery

    Second from left is Richard Wilkins, Continental Finance Director UK, Richards Brother is Security Chief UK Graham Wilkins as seen in Saint Hiill raid photos with Janet Levau (NOT THE OSA GUY GRAHAM WILSON) short blond chubby woman in Sarche Roelens, daughter of Commanding Officer IHELP UK Anne Roelens. Sarche was a Supervisor at Saint Hill AOSH UK Academy, she is Sea org as are all the people in the pic. Don't know guy on far left, or woman on far right.

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