Ron Hubbard discusses a 7 year-old girl being passionately kissed

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  1. Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard says a seven-year-old girl should see nothing wrong with being passionately kissed.

    From Tony Ortega.

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    Anyway, on this anniversary, we wanted to admit to having let you all down. During our blog series on Dianetics, we managed to pull out a lot of amazing material with Vance, but somehow, we glossed over one passage that really does deserve to get some attention. It comes later in the book when, we will admit, we were pretty sick of what we were reading and were maybe not so careful to pick up every disgusting thing Hubbard was foisting on his readers. So, we regret to say, we failed to highlight the following passage, which occurs on page 336 of our 1950 first edition hardback of the book, in the chapter “Mechanisms and Aspects of Therapy”…

    There are two axioms about mind function with which the auditor should be familiar…The first axiom is of interest to the auditor in his work because with it he can clearly establish whether or not he is confronting a rational reaction. The seven-year-old girl who shudders because a man kisses her is not computing; she is reacting to an engram since at seven she should see nothing wrong in a kiss, not even a passionate one. There must have been an earlier experience, possibly prenatal, which made men or kissing very bad.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *

  2. DeathHamster Member

    I'm shocked that the disgusting turd didn't claim that any seven-year-old that refused his greasy advances must have lesbian engrams.

    Ah wait, this is Dianetics. He was probably saving that for the Whole Track Scientology stuff.
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  3. RightOn Member

    Hip Hip Hooray?
    Holy crap!
  4. dianetics336a-jpg.257575.jpg

    Hubbard was a vile, sick man whose disgusting teachings on the proper reactions of a 7 year old little girl concerning passionate kisses from men would make theses kisses and the men bad. Duh! Not only bad, this type of behavior by any fully grown man is and was abusive, horrendous, criminal and sick like the big turd LRH himself. What an abusive monster this sick bastard was.
    Exact Science, Ron? What a fraud! Hubbard's 1953 quote on Scientology not being a Religion was removed from all future copies of his absurd thesis: The creation of Human Ability in 1971 (for obvious reasons.)

    The original 1950 edition of Dianetics was when L. Ron Hubbard was selling his personal brand of Woo as Dianetics: The Modern 'Science' of Mental Health. LRH was trying to pass himself as Doctor L. Ron Hubbard and was calling his Preclears 'patients'. Dr. Hubbard's alleged research was all science-fiction crap he pulled out of thin air.

    'Dr.' L. Ron Hubbard was an utter fraud from the outset, he had no legitimate doctorates or medical degrees of any kind, in fact he was a failing college student and his Dianetics research was laughed at in medical and psychiatric circles at the time. This engram horseshit was exposed and his 'scientific' ramblngs were completely debunked. LRH stopped using the 'Dr.' in front his name after being exposed by many actual Doctors and real scientists at the time.

    This embarrassing exposure of their findings was the reason for Hubbard's vile hatred of any and all Psychiatrists that is embedded in all of his deluded followers to this very day. Fortunately, the number of followers is dwindling quickly. Wake Up, Scientologists! How dare any of you defend this abusive perp and try to sell this scam, Milestone II and other Indies you're all committing fraud!

    It's amazing that anyone would ever let their underaged children serve as Hubbard's messengers in the Sea-Org. at any time for any reason. Sickening!

    Google: L. Ron Hubbard / Child Abuse
    Google: Scientology is not a Religion per L. Ron Hubbard himself
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  5. RightOn Member

    Can Milestone Screw 2 weigh in on this little ditty?
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  6. anon8109 Member

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  7. Such a belief is consistent with the belief that there is nothing wrong with passionately kissing a seven-year-old girl, and she would suffer no harm as a result, unless "she [was] reacting to an engram."

    Think about that.
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  8. Quentinanon Member

    An interesting piece of "Do as thou wilt is the whole of the Law" Crowley cult think, which became scientology.
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  9. 330

    Will this be Scientology's rebuttal?

  10. White Tara Global Moderator

    Good god that man was a sick fuck :(
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  11. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Oh. My. God.
    It's not really a surprize tho, when a madman runs amok through people's minds with impunity.
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  12. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    I should add- the argument that a child's unhappiness / revulsion/horror/fear after a sexual assault is due to the reaction of adults around them -is a classic pedo argument. Because all sex is natural where's the harm.
    Complicated sentence: fail.
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  13. JohnnyRUClear Member

    passionate *bump*

    because yeah, ew
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    "In a statement, Scientology made its standard claim that its "Rehabilitation Project Force" (which Shane experienced at 16) is a voluntary program, and is intended for Sea Org members who "commit serious breaches of ecclesiastical rules."

    Let that sink in a minute. A prison-like camp for members who break ecclesiastical rules -- while only 16 years old."

    If children are adults in meat bodies this makes sense.
  15. Quentinanon Member

    I knew a kid who was assigned to the RPF at the age of 12 for "out 2D" at Flag in the late 1970's. He was in the Cadet Org and the assignment was not voluntary.
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  16. CarterUSP Member

    Fecking hell
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    This story is NOT an isolated incident. The fear of authorities is ingrained in scientology — after all, LRH said “the FBI” (and various other government agencies) are beneath the level of pond scum and the “wog” judicial system is corrupt and victims are penalized and criminals walk free. And in the eyes of the church, bad publicity and the merchants of chaos in the media make up the second pillar of evil seeking the worldwide destruction of scientology. Thus the FIRST thought when something like this comes to the attention of OSA is “keep it quiet, we don’t want this to flap.” And all actions are taken based on this operating policy. Just like the Catholic church.

    "the DSA, Jeff Quiros. While there, I came across a report sitting on Jeff’s desk that an org public had admitted to molesting the 4 year old daughter of his girlfriend. Even though some time had passed since the report had been written, not only had the police not been contacted, but the father of the child had been told specifically that he couldn’t go to the police and that this would be ‘handled internally’. The perpetrator was also still allowed in the org."
    Robyn Cappella
  18. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Scientology is too big to fail the only way to save mankind, so it's important not to let reports of child abuse stop people from seeing Scientology as a good thing. KSW! Hip hip, hooray!
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  19. fishypants Moderator

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  20. DeathHamster Member

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  21. fishypants Moderator

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  22. RightOn Member

    The media needs to get a hold of this.
    I know Ortega wrote something, but it needs to be more exposed.

    That still of Blinkling? = priceless.
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  23. Monique.Y.eyes.jpg
    Scientology Attorney Monique (I Yi Yi Yi) Yingling: ''Do I lie for cash?''
    ''I.....Yi.....Yi......Yi...........I am the Frit0 Bandito ...........''

  24. I was a cadet there then too...trying to recall the boys that age that hit the RPF or decks (though I dont recall the reason for their assignments, coud've been more generic like mine was, to "prove myself worthy", and you're right, NONE were voluntary.) ....Bryan Busby, Tony Greer, Marc Grant, Jono Glushako, James Harvey....I'll think of more...

  25. The Wrong Guy Member

    Coming to grips with Scientology’s most vile secret, which was hiding in plain sight

    By Tony Ortega, October 14, 2017


    About two years ago, a reader first made us aware of a shocking passage in L. Ron Hubbard’s book Dianetics that somehow seems to have been overlooked by generations of commenters on that important volume, the very basis for what became the Church of Scientology.

    We had missed it ourselves. We blogged Dianetics cover to cover in 2013, and didn’t notice it.

    In our first edition copy of the 1950 book, the passage appears in Book Three, Chapter IX, Part Two, under the subheading “Differences” on page 336:

    The seven-year-old girl who shudders because a man kisses her is not computing; she is reacting to an engram since at seven she should see nothing wrong in a kiss, not even a passionate one. There must have been an earlier experience, possibly prenatal, which made men or kissing very bad.

    We’ve checked, and that same passage is present in every edition of Dianetics to the present day. Here it is, for example, in the “Basics” edition of the book published in 2007, supposedly after Scientology leader David Miscavige made sure that every word in these early works was gone over meticulously for a set of reprints:

    Continued at
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  26. The Wrong Guy Member

    Tony Ortega‏ @TonyOrtega94 6 minutes ago
    We found audio of L. Ron Hubbard talking a little too admiringly about the sin of killing young boys for sexual pleasure, and the Hubbard apologists' heads are exploding.

    Ugh. We just found a troubling L. Ron Hubbard Scientology lecture about little boys and sex.

    By Tony Ortega, November 28, 2017


    You have to understand something, dear reader. L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, used to give lectures on practically a daily basis — and sometimes more than one a day — for decades. This character could talk and talk about anything for hours and hours, and his followers giggled and applauded their way through whatever he threw at them.

    The sheer volume of Hubbard’s output is staggering. So forgive us if we’re only now running into a very troubling set of statements that Hubbard gave which were buried inside a lecture that was itself buried in an obscure series of talks he gave during a brief trip to London in September 1952.

    Why did we stumble on this lecture now? Thanks to Leah Remini’s second season of Scientology and the Aftermath, there’s a much greater awareness and public interest in Scientology’s treatment — and mistreatment — of children. For some time now, we’ve been telling you how shocking it was to find what appears to be an outright statement endorsing pedophilia in Scientology’s most important book, Hubbard’s 1950 breakout bestseller, Dianetics. And so we’ve been on the lookout for other material about children and sex that we might have overlooked before.

    That search led us to a little-discussed set of talks referred to as the “Technique 88 Supplementary Lectures” which were delivered by Hubbard to students on the “London Professional Course” over a period of four days. And the particular talk we’re focusing on was titled “The Resolution of the Second Dynamic,” the first of two lectures that he gave on Tuesday, September 23, 1952.

    We’ve taken three paragraphs from that lecture in the name of Fair Use, and for help with Hubbard’s Scientology jargon — some of which is obsolete in today’s church — we turned to tech expert Sunny Pereira for help. (Sunny was one of three women featured in a stunning 2010 story by Tampa Bay Times writer Tom Tobin on forced abortion in the Sea Org, and she regularly helps us out with technical matters here at the Bunker.)

    This is going to get pretty unsettling, so we’ve broken Hubbard’s three paragraphs into three short videos — it’s important, we think, for you to hear the inflections of his voice in these passages.

    Here’s the first paragraph, with a transcript, and then we’ll talk to Sunny about what’s going on.

    "If you were to put your preclear on an E-meter and just start naming the categories and ages of human beings, that is to say, let’s name the categories and ages,”Uh, babies, young boys, boys from 3 to 5. In other words, which would you most like to help? Boys from 3 to 5, boys from 5 to 8, boys from 8 to 12, boys from 17, up to 17, boys to 21? Young men 21 to 30?” And so on. And then you would take it on the girl line. You’re going to get a harder drop theoretically, you’re going to get a harder drop on one or the other of these. And you’ll find that is the DED. That’s the original blanketing which you need. You can actually trace it that mechanically. You don’t have to trace it that mechanically really, you just ask him for a little while and he’ll start springing tears out of him if you just start processing him on the subject of poor little boys. He really wants to help little boys. Little boys, they’re, they’re the stuff, they’re the stuff."

    Sunny explains that in auditing, the auditor asks questions of the subject, a person who is known as a “preclear” because they haven’t “gone Clear” yet in their Scientology progress. The preclear holds the electrodes of an E-meter while the auditor asks questions about a series of words or phrases, watching to see which of the words the device’s needle reacts to.

    In this scenario that Hubbard is laying out, the auditor is asking about age categories of boys and girls, waiting to see which one gets a reaction — a “harder drop” — on the needle.

    That reaction, Hubbard says, is the DED. “That word is no longer used,” Sunny says. “It’s one of the terms LRH later tossed out and replaced because it was confusing for auditors. It was replaced by the word ‘overts.’ And another way to say it is a sin.”

    When the preclear’s needle reacted to a question about little boys, Hubbard is saying, that identifies the area of the preclear’s “sin,” the DED.

    “It was like an early form of sec-checking,” Sunny says, referring to the intense interrogation techniques that Scientologists are put through today. “If he reacts on one of those items, there are overts — sins — connected with it.”

    Hubbard then says that the auditor has found the “original blanketing” which he needs in order to uncover what that sin was. “Blanketing is a term that comes from A History of Man,” Sunny says, referring to a 1952 book by Hubbard which is one of the most bizarre in Scientology’s history. “Blanketing refers to a relationship between two people, an adult and a child in this situation. It can be a punch, a sexual advance, something that brings a return of the same reaction.” (The term was later dropped out of use by Hubbard and is not commonly known and used in Scientology today.)

    However, even as the auditor is beginning to uncover some troubling sin against a child, the preclear will talk about “poor little boys” and it may result in tears.

    But as we will see, that’s just a cover for what the auditor is about to discover in his subject.

    Here’s the second paragraph, and things really get disturbing now, we will warn you.

    Continued here, with text and two more videos:
  27. The Wrong Guy Member

    How L. Ron Hubbard used ‘past lives’ to set a trap for Scientologists

    By Tony Ortega, December 1, 2017


    On Tuesday, we told you about a very disturbing 1952 L. Ron Hubbard lecture where he described, in strange Scientology jargon, the sexual abuse and killing of young boys that a Scientologist might be hiding in his past.
    We explained that we found the lecture because we have been more vigilant about Scientology’s treatment of children since Leah Remini made it a feature of Scientology and the Aftermath‘s second season. We have followed up with victims featured in the show, like Mirriam Francis. We’ve started a new occasional series with the help of Sunny Pereira and Mark Plummer about the way kids were treated in the Sea Org. We have been using social media to make people aware of a very disturbing statement about how a 7-year-old girl should react to being kissed by a man which appears in Scientology’s most important book, Dianetics. And then, we ran into that 1952 lecture.

    We didn’t know what to expect when we started listening to it, but when Hubbard said, near the very beginning, “If there are any minors present they will have to leave,” we got pretty interested.

    And then, about halfway into the lecture, Hubbard began talking about the sexual abuse of young boys. It was filled with Scientology jargon, and we really didn’t know what to make of it. So we turned for help to Sunny Pereira.

    For years, Sunny has provided her technical expertise at this website. Her qualifications: “I was a Flag trained Golden Age of Tech Class VI Case Supervisor (and trained before Golden age of Tech). I also trained as a professional word clearer and a Flag trained Course Supervisor. I also audited up to OT V,” she tells us.

    Monday morning, we sent Sunny an email that read, “Please help me understand what the hell Hubbard is saying in these three paragraphs.”

    Continued at
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  28. The Wrong Guy Member

    Yes, L. Ron Hubbard wrote even more about children and sex, and we need to talk about it

    By Tony Ortega, December 4, 2017


    We continue to explore L. Ron Hubbard’s statements about sex and children since Leah Remini made that subject such a part of the second season of her series, Scientology and the Aftermath.

    We understand that these stories are uncomfortable for some former Scientologists. But we believe these are important examinations of who Hubbard was, and what ideas he put into Scientology that had terrible consequences for so many people over many years.

    We have followed up with victims featured in Leah’s show, like Mirriam Francis. We started a new occasional series with the help of Sunny Pereira and Mark Plummer about the way kids were treated in the Sea Org. We have been working to make more people aware of a very disturbing statement by Hubbard about how a 7-year-old girl should react to being kissed by a man which appears in Scientology’s most important book, Dianetics. We’ve examined a horrifying 1952 lecture about past lives and the sexual abuse of children, and Scientologists have explained to us how this resulted in an environment that condoned child abuse in Scientology.

    We’re going to continue to re-examine Hubbard’s words and actions regarding children and sex. Today, we have more material for you to consider.

    Near the very end of his life, Hubbard was busy writing science fiction, something he had come back to after many years away. Hubbard went into permanent hiding in February 1980, living the last six years of his life with just a small handful of caretakers, eventually settling at a ranch near Creston, California.

    While he was in hiding, in 1982 he put out Battlefield Earth, a return to the space opera genre he had been known for in the late 1930s and early 1940s. He then followed that up with a monster work — a 1.2-million word manuscript that Sea Org worker Robert Vaughn Young found a way to edit and divide into ten separate books, the “Mission Earth” series.

    Only the first volume had come out before Hubbard died on January 24, 1986. But Scientologists reportedly used artificial means to pump up the sales of these books so that they were bestsellers. Despite that, they aren’t spoken of much these days except in ridicule, particularly for the unsettling sexual content in them.

    We took one for the team and decided to read some of the most notorious of that material, from the ninth volume in the series, Villainy Victorious.

    This material is actually spread over several chapters, but we have recapped it in order to make it more clear what’s going on. Hubbard, for example, writes these books as if they were a translated report, and the translator has replaced swear words with a cute “(Bleep),” but in almost every case the context (and even rhyme) makes it obvious what word Hubbard means, and so we’ve included them. Also, Hubbard prefaced the series by saying it was satire, but if it is, it’s really not clear what, exactly, he was satirizing.

    We look forward to your thoughts. So here we go.

    As Chapter 6 of Villainy Victorious begins, the space freighter Blixo is tearing away from Earth with a couple of unhappy passengers: The Earth girl Teenie Whopper (“she must have been fourteen or fifteen at the most”), and a PR man in his thirties, J. Walter Madison.

    Teenie informs Madison that they have been shanghaied by a man who turned out to be an extraterrestrial — Teenie says she realized the difference because of the large size of the alien’s penis and testicles. “Too big for any human, and I’m an expert,” she says.

    Madison is gloomy after realizing that he is being taken away from his mother, who is his sex partner.

    In order to make the best of their situation, Teenie finds a way to make some cash on their trip to the planet Voltar, which is some 22 light years away.

    Continued at
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  29. Quentinanon Member

    I think the Teenie Whopper character was an expression of Hubbard's narcissistic fantasy about Tonya Burden, a minor-aged girl who was a Messenger for him that he allegedly had a sexual affair with.
    Yes, L.Ron Hubbard was a very mentally ill man.
  30. The Wrong Guy Member

    Check it out: "Tonya Burden"
  31. Quentinanon Member

  32. The Wrong Guy Member

    KID CORPS: When Scientology’s Sea Org parents were told to stop wasting time on their kids

    By Tony Ortega, December 7, 2017


    Like anything else in Scientology, how children are treated is governed by a huge number of policies and reports, and in this series we’re looking at documents that show how children were treated under the ideas of L. Ron Hubbard. We’re fortunate that one man has done so much to collect huge numbers of such documents — Mark “Warrior” Plummer, who left Scientology in 1983, and is pretty legendary for the collection of church materials he’s amassed. Also helping us is Sunny Pereira, who spent several weeks working with Mark to pull out key documents for us to discuss.

    Continued at
  33. Scientology literature always promoted the importance of the family unit among other things.

    As usual, what they say and what they really do are two entirely different things. That is all once really has to know about this super-cult.
  34. The Wrong Guy Member

    KID CORPS: Scientology wanted cadets as young as 6 dealing out justice to each other

    By Tony Ortega, December 19, 2017


    Like anything else in Scientology, how children are treated is governed by a huge number of policies and reports, and in this series we’re looking at documents that show how children were treated under the ideas of L. Ron Hubbard. We’re fortunate that one man has done so much to collect huge numbers of such documents — Mark “Warrior” Plummer, who left Scientology in 1983, and is pretty legendary for the collection of church materials he’s amassed. Also helping us is Sunny Pereira, who spent several weeks working with Mark to pull out key documents for us to discuss.

    The Bunker: Sunny, you forwarded this document to us calling it “the worst thing that ever happened to Sea Org kids.” That really got our attention. Please explain.

    Sunny: The Cadet Org is commonly understood to be staffed by the children (the youngest age 6, oldest around 15, but most joined the Sea Org by then or even earlier), but back in the 70s, the executives of the Cadet Org were staffed by adult Sea Org personnel (at least the post of “CO” which stands for “Commanding Officer,” who is the top person in the org). So the first instructions on this issue are talking about a parent not being allowed to give orders to their own children without those instructions first going through the CO Cadets. The CO Cadets is the person in charge of the children assigned to the Cadet Org, and, at the time of this writing, was manned by an adult.

    The Bunker: A Sea Org parent couldn’t tell their own kids what to do, but would have to go through the Cadet Org?

    Sunny: That’s right. The second point talks about any discipline needing to go through the Cadet HAS and MAA. HAS is the divisional head of HCO Division One in any org board. They are in charge of Personnel, Communications and Ethics Departments. The MAA is in the ethics department, which is part of HCO (The MAA “Master at Arms” answers to the HAS). This means that any child having problems in the Cadet Org, or at home, must get ethics and justice through the Cadet Org. And if a parent is having trouble with their child, that child would get a Committee of Evidence, run completely by other children.

    Continued at
  35. Well, Scientology is based on Aleister Crowley's Satanism. Which endorses pedophilia. That explains why Hubbard was obsessed with raping children.

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