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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Hoyelu, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. Hoyelu Member

    Why doesn't he get media coverage?
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  2. Anonymous Member

    'cuz he's just like the rst a jerk !!
  3. Dr./Mr. Paul has accepted campaign donations from the Cult Of $cientology! He deserves all the inattention he gets. He gets WWP's attention, but only for the aforementioned reason. He's $cum.
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  4. dox or GTFO.
  5. A couple of threads here. For confirmation, you can Google the rest.

    EDIT: here's an interesting link:
    (My emphasis).
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  6. One more:

    And a thread snippet in the OP:
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  7. Anonymous Member

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  8. Disco Necked Member

  9. Hoyelu Member

    Well doesn't he want to get rid of Fed and that is kind off what we want right?
  10. WWP is a very International Forum. While there are Americans at WWP, there are numerous other Nationalities here too.

    A particular country's politics may be of concern to some WWP members, but probably a small number compared to the total Membership of WWP.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Because he is a weaselly bastard that loves to take your money and run with it?.
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  12. Anonymous Member

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  13. SwordofTruth Member

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  14. SwordofTruth Member

    Stop looking at the big important root issues !
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  15. Anonymous Member

    I wonder how many'd run for President if it was a volunteer position, and only debates, campaigning forbidden.

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  16. adhocrat Member

    it's not the salary it's the perks
  17. grebe Member

    Ron Paul likes alt med. Ergo, he can suck it.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Some of us have been known to take alt meds from time to time
  19. Smurf Member

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  20. grebe Member

    Oh I am sure that is true.

    "Alternative medicine" is medicine that hasn't been proven to work or that has been proven not to work.

    Know what they call alternative medicine that has been proven to work? Medicine.

    One big red flag for scams: word games. Note that "alternative" medicine became "complimentary" medicine, then "complimentary and alternative" medicine, and more recently, "integrative" medicine.
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  21. grebe Member

    Also Ron Paul panders to the antivax moonbats. As a physician, he really should know better.

    The antivaxxers fair game critics just like Scientology. Major reason why I think Dr. Paul should suck it. Oh plus having to build more schools for the deaf due to rubella.
  22. grebe Member

    Having a firm opinion about fucking everything does not equal telling the truth. Just saying.
  23. Smurf Member

    Tell that to Sarah Palin.
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  24. grebe Member

  25. Hoyelu Member

    Ron paul still best one out of all the candidates
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Why do you think that?
  27. Hoyelu Member

    All other ones are crazy and flip flop on things. But I would prefer Obama over any of them any day
  28. Anonymous Member

    Then why do you say that Paul is the best candidate?
  29. Trotter Moderator

    The only problem with Ron Paul is that he's batshit insane. Same thing with his Democratic equivalent Dennis Kucenich.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    Batshit insane is never good!
  31. I love his batshit insane blimps!
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  32. Anonymous Member

    I'm curious about this 'Perry' guy, though. He has nice thick hair, almost looks fake! Look at the part on his right side.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Ooh, I missed the blimps :(
  34. Hoyelu Member

    Rick perry was a democrat that went republican. He is just like george bush in almost every way. They say he created jobs but you want to know what jobs he created? The ones that flip burgers aka the horrible jobs.
  35. Anonymous Member

    What do you have against creating jobs? You really are a flip flopper. Texas' unemployment rate is great.
  36. Hoyelu Member

    Are you mentally challanged? read what I said again.
  37. Here's a lovely Ron Paul Blimp photo, just for you Anonymous. You'll notice that it's suitable for framing:

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  38. Anonymous Member

    Thanks for that. I notice on the lower side of the photo that there are two wires that just disappear, also the 'n' in Ron Paul has a really big slug (snot) on it.
  39. You're very welcome. I knew you'd like the little touches on that image. There are about 4-5 different treatments of the logo and such.
  40. Anonymous Member

    Why don't you read what I typed, again?

    I hope you are able to overcome your mental challenges. Just remember to not lick the windows! That is kinda gross.

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