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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Hoyelu, Aug 14, 2011.

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    now now troll food
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    no they dont like blacks
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    Careful of those isms
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    Goto youtube for the rest of the interview reddit q&a
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    Actually Stanislaw's work is ground breaking. Do some more research on him. But have no idea if Dr. Paul approves...people should be able to try whatever treatment they want, especially if western treatments aren't working. I know an Indian who was give 9 months to live with pancreatic cancer...he went home to the rez to die. The grannies treated him with two things....10 years later he's fine. His doctors wanted to know what he did (since no one lives through pancreatic cancer...) he wouldn't tell them. The FDA has outlawed traditional medicine....especially this one. No money in it.
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    Good, that leaves more wiggle room for independent research which is so heavily regulated now, they cannot even research without miles of red tape..for instance the efficacy of well known mental health aids such as Pysilicibin. Get the government out of research and we might just find cures for many diseases. The FDA recently declared your body an illegal substance...yep..that's right..YOUR BRAIN (pinal gland), and YOUR STEM CELLS...a group was using patient stem cells and injecting them into joints to allow the joints to regenerate using the patients own body was working. Naturally this could put a kink in the lucrative joint replacement BUSINESS.

    NASA is supposed to work for us, but with the black budget they spend most of their time hiding what they do. The FDA is also in bed with Monsanto...get rid of the monster and put R & D back into innovation, and stop outlawing traditional medicine that works...but there's no money in it. Google Rene Cassie..

    Also our gov. is now trying to make it illegal to go to another country for treatment that is illegal here....that's're dying, you want to try a different treatment, you get imprisoned. NO one has the right to tell a grown adult how to treat their illnesses.
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    Yeah, I saw that, someone was trying to prove to me that RP was a it took me about 5 minutes to find the so called files... i then read the emails (which did NOT include headers)...and LMAO...Jamie Kelso (see his personal page on Southern Poverty Law Center..)

    All I saw was a former clam (Kelso) emailing with his select minions on how they could attract more "moderates" to their cause by pretending to be more moderate. Kelso never worked FOR RP. He was, for a while, following him around the country and trying to get "in" with the RP fans. He organized a rally or two, but basically his "moderate" message fell on deaf ears. I saw NO communication between RP and or anyone else in his camp with the nutter white supremacists.

    What I did decide was that no way in HELL was I going to download anything that was not available to expand (as the emails were) because I got to computer might end up being a bot (think of how many rabid RP haters will flock to the site to download the "evidence" to expose RP...oh..I wasn't falling for that one. Not even with sandbox.

    There is zero evidence for the claims in the article, and it is likely..A TRAP. If there were a hint of truth to it the MSM would have been all over that like white on rice. Again, in reading the emails, all I saw were a few nutters plotting behind their forum scenes to attract more people to their cause by pretending to be of their demands is a white homeland...Kelso is a nutter..stem to stern. We cannot outlaw nutters, and we cannot tell them what politician to like..NOI loves Obama, so do the Black Panthers...arguably as strongly racist as the white supremacists. IMHO they're all fucking nuts and need to learn how to get along. There COULD be something in the files I didn't download, but someone with bigger balls than I can download them...cause no way am I going to do that when the evidence they SAID was in the emails wasn't there.

    I am not sad a white supremacist website is down, but I couldn't help but think..Hal Turner...and I'm not touching those other files. Have at it and feel free to post what you find. I for one will be waiting with baited breath!
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    All I say is that I dont agree with everything Ron Paul said or did but I think I know what he will say or do.
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    At Saturday's protest i talked to a man who claimed to be an MD doing research. He looked the part, at least, talked well. At one point he made the comment that RP was anti Semitic because he opposed US involvement in WWII. Somehow, in his mind, that meant the RP wanted the Jews to die in the ovens.
    That is the logic being used to smear RP.
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  19. whosit Member

    Ron Paul is not a racist.

    But then again, according to himself he really isn't going to have a problem with seeing Israel wiped off the face of the Earth because it isn't "our" problem.
  20. lulzgasm Member

    At this point, people only have three actual choices:

    4 more years of Oclintonbushama
    4 years of Rombushclintonny
    Or an actual, for real game-changer: Ron Paul
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    Israel is plenty capable of taking care of themselves. Hello! Six Day War, anyone? *rolls eyes*
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    I'm pretty sure Israel can take care of themselves. Otherwise we wouldn't have Panetta being so twitchy about Israel "acting alone". The fact that Iran feels safe enough to rattle their sabres and Russia and China are vetoing UN resolutions to stop Syria from killing people just shows how much leverage America has lost in the last 3 years. And if Ron Paul gets in there it will go down hill in a hurry. I might not like Obama but at least he is trying to be engaged in what is happening in the rest of the world.
  23. adhocrat Member

    That is why foreigners hate America, the fact that we are 'engaged' in other people's affairs. Do you like your neighbor telling you how to mow your lawn? And if you don't do it as he wants it done he comes in with a gun and forces you to recut it. That's what 'engaged' means in this instance.
    I fish my side, you fish yours, and no one fish in the middle.
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    bring ron paul down in mexico his heart must be pure
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  25. whosit Member

    We have plenty of neighbors that tell us how we should and shouldn't act. They are called trade agreements.

    Mexico and China are prime examples. Maybe you should check them out.
  26. whosit Member

    by the by; I supported the IRA until I was in Northern Ireland and I found out they supported Hamas. Fuck that...
  27. adhocrat Member

    Did you miss the part about the gun?
    You suggest that voluntary contracts are the same as a gun pointed at one of the participants.
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    Yeah, I did miss the part about a gun. When did the US come in with guns? Why did the US come in with guns in that particular circumstance? How about you address the issue like an adult. It isn't like guns weren't necessary.
  29. adhocrat Member

    I said our foreign policy sucks. It uses guns rather than diplomacy, and it makes people really angry, since no one asked the US to interfere in their affairs. I can think of scores of such, from Korea to Nicaragua to Iran. Americans think the US is justified in these atrocities but they are just committing atrocities then acting surprised when people hate them.

    So bringing trade agreements up is to utterly miss the point.

    Guns and trade are polar opposites. One negates the other
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    >>I said our foreign policy sucks. It uses guns rather than diplomacy, and it makes people really angry, since no one asked the US to interfere in their affairs


    There's this thing called the real world.

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  32. adhocrat Member

    Really? I'd never noticed it before.
    Was there a point in your post?
    The real world is where the US government murders innocent people.
  33. whosit Member

    Really. You want to pull out that quote?

    Feel free to think you aren't supporting people that murder innocent people. Then you ask Americans to support you after you take support from people that want to murder innocent Americans. Like I said before; go fuck yourself.
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    Private research is done for profit. All fine and good. But some things are not profitable...important things.

    In addition, private research firms want to keep all their research private, which retards innovation through collaboration.
  35. whosit Member

    For the Ron Paul fans. Sorry, its sung by Jew. I'm sure you'll gas him after the fact. He's a math prof up at Havard.

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  36. adhocrat Member

    Are you drunk?
    What in the world are you talking about?

    And it's 'as I said' not like I said.
    It's always been a bit confusing. Does 'go fuck yourself' mean to masturbate?
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  37. whosit Member

    Of course I'm drunk.
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    deprograming people is had to do.
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