Rons Journal 38, wtf? fake? How made it?

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    It's fake. Its obvious Freezone crap. Hubbard apologizing repeatedly? LMAO, no way in hell.

    Do you seriously believe that LRH wrote this Freezone garbage 2 years before he "causatively" dropped his body, with Vistaril in his ass?

    It's not even close to the writing style of Elron. Whiny Indy / Freezone pablum.



    Link in OP has very clear scan of the fake doc, these are lo-res versions above.
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    Plain text of the Freezone love fest and Miscavige bashing fake RJ 38.
    Did Marty write this? Or maybe David Mayo (he's the David referred to)?


    L. Ron Hubbard

    LRH ED 350 INT

    13 September 1984




    This is my last Journal.

    I am not healthy now but this life has been good.

    It is true that I took some money from the Church but not all of it.

    The RTC has altered my intentions.

    I have found out about the atrocities that have been going on in the name
    of Scientology for the past few years. I am heavily grieved that this could
    happen. but you will recall that I had mentioned its possibility if the wrong
    terminals ever got control of the tech.

    Well, I am afraid that that has happened. The actions of the current RTC,
    Watchdog Committee, CMO, Contracted Legal Staff and others have been nothing less
    than treacherous. They have not done what I requested after leaving the Church
    of Scientology.

    I want you to know that I did take a large amount of money, approximately
    one hundred million dollars and put it away for the future. It is for our
    future. When I return I know that the research and work to continue clearing
    this planet will be critical by the time my next body will be able to handle the
    job. Money on this planet is a necessity, noy a luxury. This large sum of money
    will give us the needed financial strength to take on the job of keeping Scientology

    Consider if you will the rapid deterioration of the Sea Org Executive Staff
    just these last few years that I have been totally off the lines and you will
    understand why we had started raising prices a few years ago to build this nest
    egg for the future. But please know that when I left, the prices were supposed
    to go back down to an area that everyone who wanted Scientology could afford it.
    It was never my intention to make Scientology into an esoteric religion. This
    has been done by blatant, power hungry, selfish, money hungry individuals who
    took over the Church when I left. They are the true SP's.

    You fellow Scientologist who have been ripped off in the last few years, to
    you all, I apologize. You wonderful, glorious, fantastic Sea Org members who
    have been falsely RPF'd for being able to question or think on your own, I
    apologize. To you Sea Org members who have gone months without pay, months with
    poor rations, who have given so much these past few years while your leaders were
    ripping you off. I apologize and I cry.

    And to my beautiful public. All of you, the ones still on lines putting up
    with these insane prices, giving up homes, families and friends in order to get
    the bridge. I also apologize.

    Realize now that the bridge is available in many many locations. The tech is
    the tech and that was my legacy to you. It was never my intent that my legacy
    should cause financial hardship on my friends.

    And you people who have left the Church due to the extreme out ethics and out
    admin being used, I validate you. You have gone through much personal hardship
    and condemnation from friends and family in trying to get others to see the light.
    This new management was very able and used the tech well to block any from leaving
    the fold.

    You have shown me that no matter who tries to destroy Scientology, subvert
    it, alter it, use it to make great profits or use it to stop people from going
    up the bridge, they will not succeed. You independent Scientologists have done
    well to preserve the tech as it was meant to be used. My love and admiration to
    all of you. Keep up the good work.

    It is my hope that maybe now the Sea Org will be able to clear up its house
    and get things going again as they should.

    Our job is to clear the planet, not make huge sums of money.

    It is time we stop antagonizing all the people. There are many good people
    on this planet . There are good ones in all levels of government and private
    sectors. As I have said before "You are responsible for the condition you are in."
    This applies to any organization. The Church of Scientology has enemies because
    WE, The Church of Scientology have created them. Lets use the tech as I originally
    wrote it. Lets apply ARC, KRC, The Tone Scale and all the other basics of Scientology
    and clean this up. Lets handl e the 2 1/2% leaders within the church and
    get rid of the legaL advisors and get back to basics . Do this and Scientology
    in and out of the church will boom.

    And finally to my good friend of 22 years, David, I apologize. You were left
    with the responsibility to keep the tech until my return. You have been punished
    and accused of crimes and high crimes for which I know you were not guilty.
    Continue your good work. Share the tech with all who are willing to apply it the
    way I intended. And give it freely so that its widely distributed among other
    highly ethical beings so that it will never again be able to be held as a threat
    over the heads of people who want to go free. I love you .

    I love you all. And it is with a heavy heart that I write this last of all
    my journals. For it is my hope that this will clear the air and you good, strong,
    ethical Scientologists will be able to pick up the pieces and get Scientology
    booming the way it was supposed to.

    Disconnect from the RTC . I never donated the tech to them. I only loaned it
    to them. They have subverted my intentions for their personal profits. David
    Miscaviage has become a criminal and coward of the lowest order. Leave him and
    his cohorts alone to their own hell for eternity.

    There are many tapes circulating around the planet by various OT's and I want
    you to know that they are a bout 97% true. I'm sure that thi s Journal will clear
    up the remaining misunderstoods.

    While it is true that many of the things I told you I had done, I didn't do,
    it really doesn' t matter. They are all worldly things. Scientology is not of
    this world. It is comprised of the basic eternal truths of the Universe. That
    is why it works.

    Make no God of me for I am but a mortal. I exaggerate, I play the games of
    this planet as well as anyone, in fact better than most. But what I did or didn't
    do this life time i s incidental. Put your attention not on this but put your
    attention on the First Dynamic tech because that is the tech that will free you
    all once again. You clears and OT's that are here already, recall your auditing
    wins and see that others continue to get similar ones.

    I leave this world shortly. This will be my last journal. I know that I
    leave it in good hands. I leave the responsibility of clearing this planet and
    many other ones in the future to all of you but particularly the old OT 7's and
    the new OT 7's. For they have seen the truth.

    It has come time to apply the conditions. The Chiuch of Scientology is in
    a condit ion of Danger. So, as is being done in the field you by-pass and handle.

    So that is my parting order. By-pass and handle. And never again make it
    unsafe to communicate. Communication is the cement and the solvent that makes
    this universe work. Use it.

    I love you all and I'll be seeing you up the line.

    My Love,



    BDCSI :LRH :jk
    Copyr ight 1984
    by L. Ron Hubbard
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    It's got to be fake, it's written in complete sentences and uses real English words.
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    David Miscaviage has become a criminal and coward of the lowest order. Leave him and
    his cohorts alone to their own hell for eternity.

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