Rooftop Shouts of Protest Begins in Tehran

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by iraniam, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. iraniam Member

    Iranians started shouts of protest from their rooftops after nightfall in Tehran and other major cities, Kaleme website reports.
    Shouting “Allah-o-akbar!” from rooftops has been a prominent form of protest in Iran since the 1979 Revolution.
    According to Kaleme, tonight people have added slogans in support of the opposition leaders, Mousavi and Karroubi.
    In addition to Tehran, rooftop protest chants have also been reported in Esfahan, Karaj and Shiraz.
    The fate of the two opposition leaders and their wives is unknown as their house arrest which started before the February 14 rally, has come under question with reports of their arrest in the opposition websites.
    News of their arrest has been denied by state media but there has been no concrete evidence presented by the authorities to prove that the opposition leaders and their wives are still in their homes.
    A rally has been called by the opposition with specific slogans to demand the release of Mousavi and Karroubi. Protesters are called on to take to the streets of Tehran and other major cities tomorrow at 5 pm.
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  2. lulzgasm Member

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  3. It makes me a little sad when the endless thread debating obscure economic theories is getting more love than this one.
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  4. LocalSP Member

    I think that people here all wish the Iranians the best in their fight, I being one of them. That said, I believe that what you are seeing in the other threads you mentioned is 1. there seem to be quite a few of members here from the US. and 2. I think our minds are on what direction our country is going, not that we don't care but we are experiencing a slight revolt ourselves.

    I wish all the best to our Iranian friends, that is unless of course they want death to all US. infidel dogs, then not so much.
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  5. I love debate and am at the least generally amused by overly-complex theories about conspiracies that would make Xenu seem plausible in comparison, and I'm a veteran who takes a very personal interest in the direction our country goes in light of sacrifices made for it.

    Looking at some of the debates recently, I think maybe Americans could use a mandatory out-of-country study period in their youth. Our geography seems to leave us desperately wanting for perspective.

    That said, I hope the Iranian people on their rooftops know that when they call out at night, there are people all over the world who are listening; there are people all over the world who eagerly anticipate the shining light a free Persian people could become.
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  6. LocalSP Member

    I think what a lot of people forget when looking at the US and North America is that if it were to be looked at like Europe, it would be composed of different 52 countries. The thing that North America has going for it is there is, mainly, 4 languages spoken there, the most prevalent being English. The other is that there is one central government for the US. with each state having it's own local government. No where else is there a system this large run under a democratic based government.

    The reason I think most people in the US are focused on it's self now more than ever is that, in these economic times, what affects one state affects all states and in some respects Mexico and Canada.

    I couldn't agree with you more but as you said our geography makes that hard to do for the average person. At best some may make it to Canada or Mexico. I myself have never left North America (except for that drunken week in France that I barely remember and a couple of trips to Jamaica) but I've been to Canada, Mexico and 48 of the fifty states. Most people would consider me well traveled.

    A quick little anecdote; I and some others, had to meet with lawyers from a New York firm. We decided that it might be fun if we were to take them hot air ballooning while they were in town. We drove them out a little ways in to the country side and took them up. One of the lawyers hadn't said much during the trip. I asked him how he liked ballooning and he said he was amazed at how much open land there was. We were only 35-40 miles outside of downtown Detroit. Come to find out this lawyer was born and raised in New York City attended all of his schooling there and had only been in upstate New York once in his life. This was only his second time out of New York City! He was 36 years old. Amazing.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Wait a minute, I thought Tehran was all peaceful and all differences had been settled?
  8. lulzgasm Member

    Most of the traveling I got to see (Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, michigan, and Niagara Falls up in Canada) was mostly when I was still a kid, before my dad's business went bust and we all ended up barely staying off the street.

    I would love to be able to see other parts of the world before my time on Earth is up.
    I would definitely love to see a free Iran before I die.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Well I have driven across America by myself and my dog at least one time. :) I have been to Africa, London, Pareattle, Portland OR, Pis, Sortland ME, San Fransisco at least six times, San Diego, Florida Keys..the one place I do not want to go to is Tennessee... I think that their accent makes them all sound dumb= must be dumb.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Are they going to ban chants of Allah-o-akbar!?
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Someone is okay with horrible English, I like it
  12. Anonymous Member

    I was a lucky kid: My parents dragged me to just about every state east of the missisppi and Canada as well.

    My later wanderlust filled in the western states. I've been thru the lower 48.

    Well traveled and I work in a place where the clientele is truly international.

    I look forward to what Egypt, Libya and Iran can teach us about revolution when faced with the usual array of conventional force.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    So says one of the main contributors.
  14. حمید Member

    The regime of terror has declared red alert as they do not know how to control 100000 sports loving people not to join the planed demonstrations today. Otherwise it is all under control and would
    love to join the debate but at the moment I am waiting for the direct information.
  15. LOL, unfortunately for you, claiming a thing is not enough to make it true.

    And, it's irrelevant as well, considering that I'm not saying the other thread deserves no attention, simply that I thought this one should have stirred more interest than it did.

    And frankly, when I see someone posting anonymously to raise such a point, I kind of wonder which pot is calling the kettle black.
  16. Kruge Moderator

    Where the hell did you get THAT info from? :D
  17. Hey, according to the OpFreedom Facebook page, Press TV is a trustworthy source, so it must be true.
  18. iraniam Member

    Never Ever trust Press TV. The head master, the dictator, Khamenei runs Press TV. 100% of what they say is true BS my friend.
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  19. iraniam Member

    Iranians here in U.S. and about 99% of my countryman back home do not hate Americans, nor do they wish death upon you. What you read in the Press or you see in TV from Iran that people are chanting "Death to America" or "Down with U.S.A." are ALL staged by Islamic, Rapist, Murderer and Criminal of Khamenei's regime. Iranians around the world will open their home and their heart for you. We are the most friendly and likeable people you can find. I thank all of you for your solidarity and support.
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  20. Thanks. First, whenever people talk about peace and they have a weapon in their hand, always be very suspicious. Second, I've never had the misfortune of living in an oppressive regime where opposition was brutally silenced. However, I've heard the truth about what's happening always gets out and the people aren't so easily fooled. This happened in the USSR, and I would not be surprised if it were also true elsewhere.
  21. I agree, but some of the well-intended efforts, like that Facebook page, seem to be run by nubs who both do not know that and do not care, as despite repeated efforts to apprise them of the truth about Press TV, they continue to cite it as a reputable source.
  22. As an American, I love the people of Iran and its Persian culture. I've seen how the Iranian people treated the skiers and snowboarders in some Warren Miller film from a few years ago (before Ahmadinejad), and the locals showed a warmth and curiosity one could not help finding endearing. It's the leadership I don't care for all that much.
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  23. uncoerced Member

    Just giving some love to this thread and the people of Iran who are fighting to be free. <3
  24. JohnDoe Moderator

    LOL - I think you'll find that you and 99% of Iranians agree on that:) That's exactly why they are risking their lives to turn out on the streets, or shout Allah o Akbar from the roof tops!
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  25. Kilia Member

    I just wish they would go back and start calling it Persia once again. Lovely word, "Persia".
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  26. JohnDoe Moderator

    I agree I love the word Persia - it's such a rich word:)
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  27. I'm not a big, "the Internet will save us all with peace and love," kind of guy, but I do think that what you are talking about is precisely why the Internet and comms will be so important to shaping the future: You let people see each other and find out how much they have in common -- and more importantly how little they have different -- and they tend to be less interested in killing each other.
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  28. Anonymous Member

  29. You let people see each other and find out how much they have in common -- and more importantly how little they are different -- and they tend to be less interested in killing each other.

    My apologies for the first ever grammatical error on the Internet.
    less states, less land
    more people, more political parties.
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  31. Stickman Member

    I continued to be bothered by the apparent lack of support by the Iranian diaspora here in LA at this crucial time, but maybe I'm missing it somehow, since I'm white and don't speak Farsi. It sure seems like right now is a turning point that may disappear if the Green protests are crushed and Mousavi and Karroubi are silenced.

    I was clueless as to anything Iran related until I started dating an Iranian-American woman many years ago and she brought me into her family's home and told me what it was like fleeing Tehran as a girl, alone, right before Khomeini closed the airport in 1978. Her family eventually made it to the US years later, although the US told her parents they could bring her sister or brother in, but not both (he was smuggled in via a car trunk from Canada). The two years we dated opened my eyes to how flawed most Americans' views of Iran and Iranians are and made me share her dream that Iran could some day overthrow its fundamentalist oppressors and let the beautiful soul of the Persians shine free again. That relationship is over, but my hope for that dream is still alive.
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  32. More racism and less ability to lift one's station from birth. The caste system may be officially dead, but unofficially, my guess is you'll take India's caste system from their cold, dead hands.
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  33. Hell, the caste system operates even in Indian expatriate communities in the U.S.
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  34. So true Iraniam my friend!
  35. I don't care much for our leadership here in America. :) People can always be friends even when their respective governments can't.
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  36. Anonymous Member

    Y don't u PM teh Modz & see if they will delete the "reply Anonymously" button for you.
  37. lulzgasm Member

    Dude, you just made me cry. :(
  38. Every time I see it.

    I think it shows in part how, even if the Iranian people don't win this day or this month or even this year, they cannot be held back forever.
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  39. JohnDoe Moderator

    I cry every single time I hear that. It is one of the most powerful videos I have EVER heard. Thanks for posting it again runintothewind. I often wonder what happened her. . . . .

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