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Discussion in 'Resources' started by Kevin Carney, Apr 7, 2013.

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  1. Kevin Carney Member

    "There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root" -Henry David Thoreau
    Rootstrikers »
    We fight the corrupting influence of money in politics
  2. Anonymous Member

    Uh huh. And besides the name, what have you got?
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  3. Anonymous Member

    OP appears to have a web site. It looks like the "tea party" ver. 2.0.
  4. HOC Member

    Let's give OP a chance and let him explain the ideas behind the site he is advertising please. :)
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  5. cTp Member

    They seem to support John Kerry and if I remember correctly, he isn't part of the Tea Party by any means.
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  6. so what's with the recruiter tracking #?
  7. Anonymous Member

    Facebook as an Intelligence Collection Tool

    Facebook Graph Search is one of the newest features of Facebook. It allows you to data-mine every person and page on the entire social network. You can get an introduction at this page -

    It’s not available for everyone yet…but you can sign up for early access if you’d like. It is extremely powerful as an OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) tool.

    So, I decided to give it a try myself. The results are eye opening. You may or may not be aware that I have repeatedly warned that Anonymous has been infiltrated - - by terror organizations such as Hamas/AQ etc. Well, as they say…the proof is in the pudding.

    One of the first searches I performed was “People who like Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades and like Anonymous”. For those not familiar…Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades is the military branch of the terrorist organization Hamas. I only bring this up again because now there’s a way for me to more effectively make the connections between potential players, at least with facebook users anyway.

    Be advised – I have not included the full result sets, only redacted samples.

    Lets give it a try eh?

    --- more at the link below -----
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  8. cTp Member

    Please don't post unnecessary slander. This site is not a terrorist organization and saying that anonymous was infiltrated by a terrorist organization only causes unwanted tension. Thxkbai
  9. Anonymous Member

    Only if they're ignorant or lazy. You might want to look up what the phrase actually is.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Anyone can be Anonymous. Anonymous is impossible to infiltrate because it is open to all.
  11. Kevin Carney Member

    OK, so some interesting responses so far... Much trolling, as to be expected, but some relevant questions as well. The idea behind rootstrikers is simple: Before we can solve any other problems in the U.S., we must first address the issue of money influence on our congressional representatives.

    Only when this corruption has been removed from the republic can we move on with solving all of your other issues. This is not the most important issue, yours is the most important issue, but this is the FIRST ISSUE. This is the issue that must be solved first in order to solve all others.
  12. Kevin Carney Member

  13. Kevin Carney Member

    This is simply a way to gain what we call political capital within our community. It really means nothing except for the "prestige" that comes along with it. The more people you can get to direct to Rootstrikers, sign up, or take the anti-corruption pledge, the more political capital (street cred) your get.
  14. Kevin Carney Member

  15. Kevin Carney Member

    Please everyone, if you are interested in creating constructive solutions to social/economic/natural problems in this country help us first abolish the corruption within our government that stifles they critical reforms.
    ^^^ this is a link to an awesome TED talk from Lawrence Lessig that explains everything!
  16. Anonymous Member

    Do what other countries do: put a cap on campaign spending.
  17. Kevin Carney Member

    That is indeed what we are trying to do. However, it will take more than my walking up to capitol hill and yelling, "HEY CONGRESS LETS PUT A CAP ON CAMPAIGN SPENDING!" It will take all of our collective voices to come together on this one.
  18. Kevin Carney Member

  19. cTp Member

    It's a decent site to be honest. It's a news source and a blog. You can comment/react to posted blogs. They already have IRL events set up.

    OP if you are interested there us a site that is made to bring various activism fronts together.
    There you can request a space dedicated to Rootstrikers and will provide a live chat and video chat for networking purposes.
    WhyWeProtest really only deals with Scientology and Freedom of Information. Upriser may be better suited for your needs.
  20. Kevin Carney Member

    Thank you very much good sir!
  21. cTp Member

    I sent you a pm. read it
  22. Anonymous Member

    As long as you have taxes you will have people angling to get their share of that free money. If those politicians didn't have those huge budgets to spend, no one would care a whit about them, they'd be one more blowhard hustling for a buck. But with taxes they can be blowhards angling for billions of dollars. That attracts the worst people, the ones who want something for nothing and are willing to lie cheat and say anything, make any impossible promise in order to get their hands on that loot.

    So, you want to try to reform that. I say, good fucking luck. Humans are ingenious. Whatever barriers are put up by one man, another will find a way around. You are the latest in a looooooong line of would be reformers, all of them shattered on the rocks and shoals of the reality of politics.
    If you really want to strike at the root, strike at taxes. Without taxes, there would be no prize for all those hustlers to be hustling for, therefore there would be no reason to bribe people, to throw money at them hoping for favors.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Oh yeah, let's abolish taxes and therefore abolish all government.

    Good luck driving without roads and paying for your own police, army, air force, navy and nuclear deterrent, you fucking retard.
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  24. Kevin Carney Member

    I have to agree, the solution here is not to abolish all government, but to remove the corruption of money from campaign financing because it creates an underlying ulterior motive for politicians to "keep their benefactor happy."
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  25. cTp Member

    Kevin , look into ALEC Group
  26. Kevin Carney Member

    Interesting, is there any mainstream notable activists that a supporting this idea? I just know that sometimes people get carried away with NWO conspiracies that may be based more in fiction and frustration than actual fact.
  27. cTp Member

    ALEC isnt a conspiracy theory its very real.
  28. Kevin Carney Member

    I'm not saying it isn't I'd just like some sort of legitimizing information because that's the first thing another person will say. Whether it be a notable public figure in a video like I said, or even just a legit paper trail on wikileaks or something, anything. People will automatically dismiss this without compelling evidence.

    basically I could set up a website like this myself in 3 days. You'd think if they've really been around this long, they'd have at least a better graphic artist by now.
  29. I'd be interested to hear what'd be wrong with that idea, given the damage governments have wrought through an almost complete misuse and abuse of public funds (with few exceptions).
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  30. Make all the top governments posts volunteer-only and at-will (constituents can fire them at any time by referendum), and find out who the real patriots are. If they do a good job, as decided by the constituents, they can get a bonus at term's end.

    Then again, with Internet we could now go back to the original form of democracy: one man, one vote, and no corrupt intermediaries. Of course, a general revolution would be needful.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    Basically, if you want to live somewhere without a government, fuck off to the paradise on earth which is Somalia.

    It's the only nation with no government.

    So it's a case of "best warlord wins".

    And boy, do the inhabitants know how to starve party!

    Oh yeah, let's all vote on everything from the paperclip budget on upwards. Fucking brilliant idea.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Technically, isn't that the role government is supposed to take? Maintaining infrastructure like roads and bridges, acting as a deterrent, but not smacking us over the head with their chosen religion?

    For hundreds of years in Western culture, power was wielded by a marriage of religion and royalty. The people had virtually no say. Heck, America was a lot more religious in the 1950s than it is today. Organized religion is beginning to feel a serious decline. One of the two pillars of power is crumbling, in part because it refuses to change with the times, and in part because it's an expense people can't afford right now.

    That's where you should focus now. It's the power structure's weak spot and getting weaker. Muahahahaha!
  33. cTp Member

    So many opinions so little cohesion.
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  34. Anonymous Member

    That's us!
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  35. I guess you're more than happy to have the crooks you voted for continue to steal your money.

    It's lazy-ass bitches like you that have us in the spot we're currently in. Please continue to enjoy being raped by "your" government.
  36. cTp Member

    Implying you are not a lazy ass bitch.
  37. Kevin Carney Member

    This is basically the same as the crowd at an Occupy rally. Everyone has their own separate issues and are arguing about who's is more important and why....

    I do not claim mine is the most important issue, but it IS the FIRST ISSUE, once we solve the problem of corrupt government, reasonable reform will be possible to solve all the more important issues you guys are talking about.

    Except for the Anarchists,(most of which don't know what the fuck they're talking about) who just want to watch the world burn....
  38. Kevin Carney Member

  39. Anonymous Member

    An unsolvable problem. Corruption exists not just in government but in many forms in all human societies because it is part of human nature to be greedy and selfish.

    This problem cannot be solved, only somewhat mitigated through the use of oversight, law enforcement and courts.

    The tragedy of governments is that the people who desperately want to be in charge should usually not be, and the people who should be in charge often don't want to be.
  40. Kevin Carney Member

    Says you.... provide me with scientific proof that greed is "part of human nature."

    It sounds to be that you are a victim of fear and delusion, just as your owners want.

    Oh yeah, and here is a boat load of evidence that contradicts that greed is part of human nature -

    (but you probably won't watch it, cause you already displayed that you lack the mental tenacity to seek out this information, which is completely free, by yourself.)
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