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Discussion in 'Resources' started by Kevin Carney, Apr 7, 2013.

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  1. Anonymous Member

    You're thinking of the nihilists.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Thanks for outing yourself as a moonbat. You almost had me taking you seriously.

  3. Anonymous Member

    1. It's not my government; I'm not an Americunt like you. Other nationalities of people do exist (I'm sure this is a surprise to you). You don't like the politicians you have over there in fatland, vote them out.

    2. "Plebiscite on everything" is a naive and wildly impractical idea. Representative democracy does not mean that we, the people, decide on everything for ourselves.

    3. Campaign finance reform for the USA would be a Good Thing.
  4. cTp Member

    On the other side of things, nobody gives a fuck that you are not American. Some people care what happens in America and are not on this holy internet crusade to save the entire fucking world. Americans are fully aware of what is going on in the rest of the world, we are not as ignorant as you think. You are just mad that nobody gives a fuck about your third world insignificant country enough to start a thread about it. You don't like what we are doing over here in what you call "fatland"? Then don't worry about it and don't post your cray baby 'I HATE "MERICA' retorts in a discussion you know nothing about. So please stay over in whatever cunt country you are from and keep your gutter-trash neighbors with you.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    So Americans are international cosmopolitans, you just happen to hate all the other "cunt countries"?

    Some inconsistency here.

    Most Americans don't even have a passport. To you we're all niggers, sand niggers, or whatever the insult de jure is among rednecks. Don't worry, we hate you right back!
  6. Anonymous Member

  7. Im an americunt and i support this ^^^ message. Lul a large majority of americans are ignorant and or just dont care about international issues. I however try to pound info into their heads so just maybe they will see shit through a diferent angle or improve their moral values, god damn. I mean when i see fellow anons being arrested or photos of children injured or killed during drone strikes tears start welling up. But the heartless cunts of america shrug this off............... Sons i am dissapoint.
  8. cTp Member

    I'm not the one who started with snide remarks about another country here. First people bitch that we try to police the world then next you bitch we don't do enough on the world. Make up your fucking minds .
  9. Anonymous Member

    Read the thread (and the rest of my post).

    I was responding to Pin_O'Shea's lazy assumption that all WWPers are American,

    by pointing out that it's not 'my' money, 'my' vote, 'my' government or 'my' country. Still, I'm in favour of campaign finance reform in the US and elsewhere.
    So stop whining, you stupid fat redneck parochial Americunt pissy whiney lardarsed bitch.
  10. cTp Member

    Good god man where you beaten as a child? I'm sensing a lot of mad.
  11. Anonymous Member

    It's 'were', dummkopf.

    See, proves my point. Stupid Americunts.
  12. cTp Member

    You have now enlightened me

    Im gonna go be fat now
  13. Anonymous Member

    Don't forget to fuck your cousins and bash the bible!

  14. who cares, everyone dies, dont care about anything, just go consume narcotics, be fat, be lazy, be unproductive, reform my cock - just go live and be lazy nobody cares about any of this, nobody cares about anything, it doesnt matter - it really doesnt. speechs, online comments, politics, obesity in america, foreign issues, foreign aid, none of it. who cares what people look like, act like - what they do behind closed doors...nothing changes, nothing gets better, we get fatter, and thats it - so who cares. morals is just a word, dr phil cares about moral compass's - the rest dont. i dont give a shit about having a conscience, caring about others, dying in my mid 40s from heart-disease, or by a drug overdose (opioid), none of it matters. we were born to die, not a cruel reality, just a reality...why make the world a better place ? why try to improve health ? why have children & procreate ? why take any of this seriously ?

  15. no be more fat, die, do drugs, overdose, lay around, be unproductive, i mean it

    doesnt matter, none of it does, what people say, politics, obesity in america, who gives a flying shit what americans look like
    WHY do ANY of you care what americans look like how they eat, at what age they die, who gives a shit

    be fat, do drugs, steal, lie, have no conscience

    < trust fund baby, arrogant, self-centered, no conscience, no shame (you cant fat shame when the person your trying to shame has no shame)

    same shirt days on end, heroin addiction, bad teeth, overweight, eats infront of people with no shame, no care in the world, heart attack, overdose ? stroke, whatever, itll happen when it happens

    no reason to make the world a better place

    its a pit, so throw more fire into the pit, let it burn, let us all die, hey im still happy though ive got money, tons of food, and the rest of the world is living on scraps in loin cloths

    !) legal marijuana
    2) my pet dog
    3) nice SUV in driveway
    4) tons of groceries in the refrigerator
    5) nice HD direct TV box & fios connect
    6) tons of games, to occupy me to kingdom come

    live, eat, smoke, snort, shit, sleep, lay around and then die

    who cares.

    be fat, be lazy, be arrogant, be self-centered, the fuck are you going to do about it ?
    make a change ? make gay memes that make no difference ?
    you have no impact on this world

    drug cartels killing children
    millions of heroin addicts, an opioid epidemic like "we've never seen before" ppl overdose AS we speak
    obesity rising in the country
    terrorism blowing shit up all over the world, 40 dead here, 100 dead there

    another school shooting, 32 more homosexuals killed in some florida night-club, or some college campus some 21 year old gunned down 19 before taking his own life

    more fat people, and drug addicts, and thieves, and losers living at home on the dr phil show to da

    so what, who cares, why does dr phil care ? why do you guys care to make posts ? to talk about this

    "stop being so fat americans"

    why ? why do you care what they do, how they live, when they die ?

    fat is ugly, skinny is ugly, humans are ugly, sex is stupid, drugs are fun, i hate children, marriage has no meaning, you live l ife, enjoy whatever hobbies you have (to pass the time) and then you die eventually that is LITERALLY all that life is, oh and some random stupid job just so you can keep the electric on, and food in the refrigerator. otherwise I want to stay medicated, stay high, stay strung out, numb, so I have that "sense of enthusiasm" I once did as a child, which isnt much but just enough to keep me sane & functional (if only barely) Money is not a problem - I have that...always have...old family, old money. I have all the modern creature I care about the rest of the world ? fuck no...I dont know who is suffering and where...why should I ? I couldnt make a change even if I wanted to. You cant, nobody these images, these posts, they accomplish nothing

    more drugs, more crime, and more addiction
    more obesity, childhoood obesity, , more school & campus & public shootings,
    more terrorism (or "perceived" terrorism) the world is a shit pile, we all know that, regardless where you live so go live your life, get high, relax, and when its time to get your ticket ready, and hope that the end is quick and relatively painless.
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