Rousing the Troops

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Anonymous22, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. Anonymous22 Member

    Rousing the Troops

    One of my concerns about the March protests is that some Anons will have lost interest or fallen into apathy and might not show. Of course the committed ones will, but the rest might need a bit of incentive...lulz perhaps?
    I remember shortly before Feb 10th I saw the youtube vid of the Orlando raid with the Honk signs. That really inspired me. It got me riled up. It made me feel like I needed to protest as well.

    Actually, what was even a bigger morale booster for me was the vid from London of the /b/ van pulling up in front of the Co$ building.

    What was also really inspiring was the original Anon vid, but now youtube is flooded with vids from many anons. They may not be having the same impact that they did at the beginning of all this.

    So here's my idea..its not a complete one but I'm hoping you all could build to it!

    Creative Anons need to film something 'inspiring'. This could be any number of things, but if anything, it should provide the promise of lulz in seeing the Co$ fall. Another vid with 2.5+million views would be great, just maybe more that moving clouds and a robotic voice this time.

    Possible incentives: -seeing the actual effects of the feb protests (internal conflict brewing in the co$)
    -getting the message across that all future protests will be more epic than the last, in terms of numbers, media coverage, etc.

    So yeah, I guess I just think we need to keep Anons with short attention spans interested in this cause. And recruit more!

    Really tired typing this. I've just been going through the chans and seeing more dissent than I expected.
    Criticism please, or take this idea and run with it. :guyfawkes:

  2. Juan Mala Member

    Re: Rousing the Troops

    How about a bunch of us take a crack at writing a speech to say on the 15th? The "This is why" thread, in particular, has some material in it that might make for something really moving. Imagine the look on the DM's face (and the public) from seeing a video of a huge crowd of Anon speaking out against the CoS in perfect unison. Would be incredibly hard to get right, but potentially really powerful.
  3. Anonymite Member

    Re: Rousing the Troops

    A big speech would be fun, have the same speech spread all over the world, cause some rabble-rousing, include plenty of memes, and drop hints that the 4.5th marcabian invasion fleet is stopping by for tea.

    However, you gotta realize, that with many of the original Anonymous, our dedication comes with amusement. We gotta stay amused throughout this time period. This can be done simply by letting us continue with some of our less reputable activities. Nothing illegal, like DDoS (though as you can see with some groups, a bored anon's first reaction is to close pools), but instead, promote the continuous prank calling, etc. Let us have our fun with these inane pranks. They keep our interest.
  4. I Member

    Re: Rousing the Troops

    one thing that i've seen suggested somewhere is mini, 'fake' protests.

    so sort of pranks, in person and purely psychological rather than physical.

    so some anons from one area spread the word (whether through planning it loudly on the internet, or through word of mouth in their communities or even informing the 'church' directly) that they're gonna protest at a certain time, but then don't turn up, or do the thing tokyo anon reported, :D, or do something really crazy like having a few people there dressed up in a certain way, or have a mini carnival going by.

    so yeah, little lulzy things that can be filmed and spread about for morale, and that would also freak out the scilons.

    other little possibilities: making doctored versions of scilon leaflets and replacing any you find with them (especially at places where there are piles of them for people to pick up), I can't think of any more, damn it, minds gone blank.

    those are just RL ones, there is infinite potential for CoS related lulz on the internet.
  5. Re: Rousing the Troops

    I personally have the gut feeling that the next protest will turn out around twice as many troops than the last one. Sort of like a tribe of people fighting what was believed to be an invincible beast, then one guy manages to draw blood. We all now know that our current course is bringing results, and that in itself just makes our war drums beat louder.

    In other words, WAAAAAAGH!!!
  6. saerat Member

    Re: Rousing the Troops

    I hope so but I agree some lulz must be brought back into the campaign... I say we order lots and lots of cake to arrive to all the Co$'s personally ¬_¬
  7. joeybsmash Member

    Re: Rousing the Troops

    I think that if the Ides protest goes well (i.e. more people) Then the movement will inevitability win.
    If the protest is fail, then the movement is fail.
    I also wonder how many original Anon are still around?

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