"Routing out" does not work - what will Scientology do now?

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Magoo, Nov 15, 2009.

  1. Magoo Member

    "Routing out" does not work - what will Scientology do now?

    As BFG explained in the Coast to Coast AM interview last night, if you want to leave Scientology, you have to go through months and months of auditing just to make sure you are not going to say bad things about Scientology after you leave.

    That's called "routing out". It's obviously a tactic to try to protect Scientology.

    It's also obvious it does not work. Exes everywhere are talking, no matter how they left the cult.

    So what's the cult to do? Automatically put everyone who wants to leave into the RPF?

    It's an interesting question...
  2. tazor Member

    Re: "Routing out" does not work - what will Scientology do now?

    It was always very hard to route out. You were at the bottom of the list to see the people on the routing out form and so it took months and months. Now they've added sec checks to make your freeloader's debt even bigger.

    Anyone left with half a brain (and I don't think that's too many these days) would just go ahead and blow. The freeloader's debt is a joke in the real world. If you want to spend the next couple of years being treated like shit and being sec checked to death, then route out.

    dm and company knows that whatever they do people are going to spill the beans once they get out. So I think they are going to up the security measures and hold a lot of people prisoner rather then even trying to give the appearance that people can leave whenever they want.

    I think it's crunch time in the cult and it's going to get even uglier then it has been.
  3. Re: "Routing out" does not work - what will Scientology do now?

    RPF is only for Sea Org members, not for regular staff or public.

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