Roy Wilson dead

Discussion in 'GoldBase' started by parrotnut, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. parrotnut Member

    Roy Wilson dead

    Got a breaking news report form (riverside newspaper) that Roy Wilson died yesterday. Yep , he was the jerk who voted FOR ordinance 884! I`ll come back with the url, old pc isn`t working right...[STRIKE]Didn`t he say something about AO..and being glad he didn`t wear a cape like the KKK?[/STRIKE]

    It`s on KESQ, too. No urls, pc is old...only 128 ram. I`ll fix my other when I get the parts.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Roy Wilson dead


    Goodnight sweet prince
  3. parrotnut Member

  4. Re: Roy Wilson dead

    ...and nothing of value was lost.
  5. ARC Member

    Re: Roy Wilson dead

    May God have mercy on his soul.
  6. Mutante Member

    Re: Roy Wilson dead

    Never did like the Beach Boys.

    So, whatever.
  7. JMBrandon Member

    Re: Roy Wilson dead

    means there is a spot open on the bench, yeah?
    Need to get Lirra Bishop up there :D
  8. parrotnut Member

    Re: Roy Wilson dead

    Gawd, that`d be great!
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: Roy Wilson dead

    Is she a Republican? Arnold is going to appoint the replacement, and he'll probably pick one of the same party of Wilson, who was a Repub.
  10. Oswald2001 Member

    Re: Roy Wilson dead

    He acted as a CULT Ho.

    He voted for the CULT sponsored Ordinance 884.

    I'm very glad he is off the Board.

    At the same time, my condolences go out to his family
  11. fitch2000 Member

    Re: Roy Wilson dead

    Roy Wilson, veteran county official, dies | Inland News | | Southern California News | News for Inland Southern California

    "In his resignation letter, Wilson asked his fellow supervisors to endorse State Sen. John Benoit, R-Bermuda Dunes, as his replacement.

    In a special meeting on Tuesday, supervisors voted 3-0 to ask Schwarzenegger to appoint Benoit to fill out Mr. Wilson's term, which ends next year. County Supervisor Bob Buster was away on county business and could not attend the meeting.

    Buster said later that the board should have waited at least a week to make a recommendation. That would have given other contenders time to make their case and constituents in the large desert district a chance to be heard. "
  12. i'mglib Member

    Re: Roy Wilson dead

    He was a good dude. He did vote for 884, but I think his motivation was that it wasn't going to hurt anyone. He never seemed to be a sellout to the cult, and didn't echo the opinion that Anonymous was like the KKK.

    Also, he stepped in to stop Catherine Fraser from fair-gaming Graham at a supervisor's meeting. That was very cool.

    Rest in Peace, Roy.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Re: Roy Wilson dead

  14. parrotnut Member

    Re: Roy Wilson dead

    glibby, I could swear he made some smart ass comment about anons in a board meeting, but I can`t watch video right now due to no drivers for sound on old p3 computer with not enough RAM.
    If he was a good guy, he had no right to make that sarcastic remark without knowing the facts. Shoulda done his homework and kept his remarks under wraps.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Re: Roy Wilson dead

    The worms will feast tonight.
  16. parrotnut Member

    Re: Roy Wilson dead

    OK, I`m sorry everyone, it was Tavaglione who made that sarcastic remark about AO and the hood or cape. My apologies. Thanks for the person that phoned me and set it straight (AO). Now, I`m saddened because RW wasn`t a bad guy...
  17. parrotnut Member

    Re: Roy Wilson dead

    I keep trying to post this, but it has a lag..
    Anywho, it was Tavaglione who made the sarcastic remark and not Wilson (AO called and verified that.
  18. Zak McKracken Member

    Re: Roy Wilson dead

    This one couldn't wait.

    Another week, and your consensus drops to 3-1?
    Too chancy.
  19. pacora Member

    Re: Roy Wilson dead

    He wasn't the one who said it. It was Tavaglione. Despite voting for 884, Wilson was always decent. RIP Mr. Wilson.
  20. anonsparrow Member

    Re: Roy Wilson dead

    Thanks pacora for that.
  21. parrotnut Member

    Re: Roy Wilson dead

    glibby, you were was Tavaglione that made that sarcastic remark and NOT Wilson. My apologiies. AO clarified that for me.
    Now, I`m sad....
  22. anonsparrow Member

    Re: Roy Wilson dead

    Can I lick your tears?
  23. coskilla Member

    Re: Roy Wilson dead

    Good night indeed sweet prince

  24. Re: Roy Wilson dead

    My condolences to the friends and family of Roy Wilson. I mean this completely and sincerely. He seemed like a good man and it was obvious from Tuesday's Board meeting that his wife loves him dearly. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to her.

    Rest in peace, Mr. Wilson

    But getting back to business, Jeff Stone is a dick. He knew what was going on. He knew Wilson's health was failing when he called Tuesday's meeting. He called that meeting under the pretense of honoring Wilson's "resignation" - but Jeff ssssssssssssssstone had his own private agenda in mind. I believe Board Chairman Jeff Stone called that meeting not necessarily to honor Roy Wilson but as a vehicle to A) let it be known that Bob Buster's talk of letting the constituents of that district decide for themselves who should replace him (did you notice Buster's absence from the meeting?) would not be tolerated, because, as Ms. Walls was instructed to point out early in the meeting, the position would be filled by appointment from the governator and not by some silly constituents; and B) to spread the Benoit name far and wide in an effort to influence said governator's decision in the matter (or "anointing" as Buster called it). Benoit Benoit Benoit. Can you guess why Stone and Taviglone want Benoit in there? He's cut from the same rotten fabric. I can only hope the governor remembers how this board behaved during the tax revolt last spring, demanding his recall!, and ignores their bleating about Benoit.

    And about Buster's political insight:

    "Roy Wilson is an old desert fox," Buster said. "He showed he was a master tactician here in extending his long influence and through natural, overwhelming sympathy for his health conditions. He was able to leave a lot of other contenders in the desert dust."

    And more succinctly:

    "If the board is going to make a recommendation as to who is going to fill Roy Wilson's seat, it should be done in an open fashion, giving everyone who is interested ample time to make their case," Buster said, adding: "The seat belongs to the people. We don't anoint our successors."
  25. Anonymous Member

    Re: Roy Wilson dead

    Buster needs /b/lackup you say?
  26. Re: Roy Wilson dead

    /p/lease and /t/hank you.
  27. parrotnut Member

    Re: Roy Wilson dead

    Thank you to the mods and posters who cleared up the misunderstandings on this.
  28. Relyt Member

    Re: Roy Wilson dead

    Seriously, if voting for 884 was the worst thing he's done, then he doesn't deserve to be insulted after death. RIP.
  29. YAHRLY Member

    Re: Roy Wilson dead

  30. fitch2000 Member

    Re: Roy Wilson dead

    Interest high for Riverside County Board of Supervisors seat being vacated by Roy Wilson | Inland News | | Southern California News | News for Inland Southern California
    An Appealing Seat

    The fourth district is the county's largest, stretching east from Palm Springs and the swank resort cities of the Coachella Valley through the farming communities near the Salton Sea and all the way to the Arizona border.

    Benoit said Friday that, if offered, he would accept an appointment to the seat and seek election to a full term in June. He has served less than one year as state senator for the 37th district.

    The Legislature used to be a top destination of the politically ambitious, but term limits have made it less desirable for some officials.
    Story continues below
    Sen. John J. Benoit, left, former Palm Springs Police Chief Gary Jeandron, Sen. Jim Battin, and former Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia, right.

    County supervisors wield considerable power, receive pay that is comparable to the Legislature, get retirement benefits and need not commute to Sacramento. In the case of Riverside County, supervisors face no term or campaign-contribution limits.

    If selected, Benoit would go from being a Republican in a Legislature dominated by Democrats to one of just five leaders of the state's fourth-largest county.

    A Schwarzenegger aide declined to say whether a recommendation from Riverside County supervisors would receive any special consideration.

    "The governor will consider all recommendations he receives," said Rachel Cameron, spokeswoman for the governor.

    --If the supervisor position is so wonderful that a Senator wants to leave the Senate to take Wilson's place on the board, I wonder why Stone wants to run for the Senate? Can't believe he's willing to give up the no limit on campaign contributions thing...

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