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    This is a great example of why we should carry business cards around with web addresses and breif information about the COS.
    I've been keeping my protest poster in the back seat of my car, face up of course. Last weekend I stopped into my local RF and when I came out there was a lady waiting by my car. She had seen Gregor's face on the poster and the date of his death. She had NO IDEA what Scientology was. But my poster had peaked her interest. I gave her a ten minute short education about COS and I gave her the site. Because she didn't know Scientology, I doubted she would be able to remember xenu without writing it down. She said she was going right home to get on the computer. She was changed. I told her about the global protests as well. It would have helped if I could have given her a card to take with her. A lasting impression. A reminder. You never know when the opportunity to talk about the abuses of Scientology will present itself.
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    I keep cards in my car and my pocket. It is quite handy.
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    I went to B&N armed with a few cards, and to my surprise FOUND CARDS in place already! WOOHOO! And we don't even have an org here.

    I was disappointed tho. It was my first time to yftc and I didn't get to finish. Sounds like my ex-husband.

    //waving to local anons//
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    LOL! Don't forget all those free newspapers and stuff. One of our local bookstores has a couple of racks of them on all sorts of subjects like new age crap, singles newspapers, local music gigs, etc. They move fast so I go in and do yftc every other weeks or so.
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    Just a suggestion, there're a number of online companies that print small, "rave" style flyers or handouts for pretty cheap. They're often full color, photo quality, double sided, semi-laminated/gloss, fairly heavy cardstock. They let you upload an image and order the ammount, and ship out in a couple of days.
    Like this one Next Day Flyers: Printing, mailing & marketing

    Anyone wanna decide on a standard size (like 1/8th page or some such) and put up a generic image file that fits the standard image upload size for the company? Something along the lines of "Scientology is a Dangerous Cult" on one side and 3 or 4 of the websites listed on the other side? Then just put it up on a server. That way, anons can just download, go to the company site, upload and order. Quick, simple and fairly decentralized.

    You think that's bad? I went to a B&N in Annapolis today and finally found some Hubbtard books, and I did not have any YFTC's with me.

    I suck!!!

    This is surprisingly cheap - 1000 1/8 page flyers, full color, 2-4 processing is less than $40...I didn't go all the way through the upload process, etc. but that's awesome...bookmarking this site!


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