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  1. sue Administrator

    WWP requests you abide to a limited amount of rules and guidelines.

    No planning of dubious or illegal activities, this includes Denial of Service attacks. The forums are publicly accessible and we wouldn't want to be subpoenaed for the limited amount of information we might have on a poster.

    No doxing, particularly in this section. This means, no posting of personal information or public threads where people are investigated. There is too much room for confirmation bias and lack of due diligence.

    Notwithstanding that publicly outing someone on a forum brings forth little more than a potential for "mob justice". Instead we strongly encourage you to do your research in private and contact Law Enforcement Agencies and service providers wherever possible.

    Posting of names and initials is fine when it is quoted from an established mainstream media outlet.
    In other words, if John Doe from or alleges someone is involved in despicable activities, we discourage you from republishing the content. If on the other hand cnn, fox, msnbc or outlets like it cover a story, names may be quoted along with an excerpt of the article.

    In exchange for sticking to this etiquette, WWP provides you with an advertisement free platform and will within it's capacity uphold your content and protect your right to free expression.

    Moderators of this forum may apply the rules, remove or edit content to the best of their judgment.
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  2. FloGold Moderator

    Also as part of Sue's general rules for posting on WWP here are some rules that have kept us out of trouble with LEA's while we try to work through the mountain of reports we get.

    1. As always, please, if you have content you need us to look at, please inform us privately using the PM feature on here, email or dm @shaolincore on twitter.
    2. No advocating or planning any sort of ddos attacks or any other hacking activities with in public domains. (altho those are acceptable tools for some of our purposes, We
    rather keep that side of the Op in private).
    3. No posting dox of anyone in public. ( I don't believe I have to state the reasons why we don't dox anyone, Anon or otherwise, especially when dealing with child abuse).
    4. Absolutely no advocating of violence of any kind towards anyone. (I know this is a hard one, but we must keep our composure if we want to affect change permanently).
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