[Rumor] FBI Case Closed

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Anonymous, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Looks like either the FBI is lying, the case went nowhere or Amy Scobee's big fat mouth killed and FBI investigation.

    Scobee decided that even though the FBI had not updated her on the investigation into Scientology (she was told NOT to tell anyone) she'd tell Lawrence Wright anyway to hopefully force the FBI to tell the truth about it once and for all. Looks like it's closed and dead in the water.

    Also, I enjoy how "SOMEBODY" leaked the name of the investigator in-charge of the Scientology human-trafficking thing to the SP Times. Good jobs guys, Ex-Scientologists are attention starved cock stains with the intellect of a moth.
  2. Rockyj Member

    Did you miss this part of the article?
  3. Anonymous Member

    Keep in mind, that the Epoch Times has more than a little at stake here ;)
    Like its big sister, the Washington Times, Epoch has a wee bit of a "cult" problem of its own.

    They have pretty decent writing and coverage of most issues (and largely- politically neutral, excepting anything to do with China)
    but I would take reporting they provide regarding alleged "cults" with a few kilograms of salt.

    Doesn't mean that its not true.
    But Epoch Times has a vested interest in discouraging FBI investigations of weird cults,
    and in pooh-poohing any which continue.

    Can you find any other CoS related stories from this rag, just for comparison?
  4. Anonymous Member

    for those who don't care to lurk moar
    Epoch Times = Falun Gong
  5. BLiP Member

    That's not very nice.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Eh sure, an unnamed "federal law enforcement source told AOL news that the case was closed". On the other side two named FBI agents confirmed that the case is open.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    It's true that some exes have issues, but I can think of quite a few who do not and have done double duty exposing the crimes and human rights violations of the scientology criminal enterprise. We know for a fact that scientology does commit human trafficking and the FBI does not always acknowledge an ongoing criminal investigation.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Story in full (as its short)
    Rumor that the case had been closed comes from AOL News. Still checking.

    Epoch Times article is neutral, and about typical quality.
    (Mediocre writing, but lack of defense of kooky NRMs is better than I'd expected)

  9. Anonymous Member

    They could both be true, though.

    Could be the investigation is ongoing and continues,
    but at least one person in the Bureau believes its dead and going nowhere.
    Perhaps the evidence collected so far hasn't been actionable, and perhaps there's pressure from higher up to put a lid on it.
    Refused to be named, partly because he might be wrong,
    partly because he didn't want to unduly influence the people still working on it.
    Spoke anyway, because of his opinion that (perhaps based on past history) Fed action against CoS is a non-starter,
    and likes being a party-pooper. But not enough that he's willing to stick out his neck (name).

    tl;dr - "unnamed source" = rumor. Could be troll, or Red Herring, for all we know.
  10. Anonymous Member

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  11. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    ^^^ This
  12. Anonymous Member

    Yes, tell Dave Miscavige it closed - not to worry - there will be no Waco II conflagration - (the FBI thinks the 120 victims locked in the two trailers in "The Hole," are probably better off just being locked up, beaten, aborted and otherwise tortured and tormented). After all, they should have known what they were getting into, as the Judge said.

    The FBI remembers Waco and thusly gives Dave Miscavige license to do what he will - That's the whole of the law according to Judge Dale S. Fischer and the President's political police, the FBI. After all, Hollywood pays a lot of money to these democratic politicians, and the slavery of an unfortunate few U.S. citizens, is the price paid for the privileged few - like Tom Cruise - to achieve the spiritual enlightenment he exudes, especially on-set with his new slave-customized RV, "The Silver Screen."
  13. Anonymous Member

    I just got that tingly feeling like I accidentally bit into tinfoil.
  14. Anonymous Member

    If you called up the FBI in the middle of a multi-year investigation, and asked if one was going on, what do you think their answer is going to be? duh.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Anyone who trusts AOL, or its affiliates, for anything, is fucktarded.

    End of.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    You sound a little stressed out, here's a free gift to help brighten up your day.


    Lucky you!
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Ah but how old is that information? Just before it went to press or 6 months ago? Wright didn't knock this article up just last week and so it is just as important to know when such FBI assurances were given because both conflicting reports could be right, LW's (at time of writing) and the statement by AOL (now).
  18. Anonymous Member

    Ah but you see this is a double-secret investigation! Put out false info that it's closed and then when they least expect it come probing in from behind!
  19. Anonymous Member

    AOL released the statement recently.
    We don't know when the statement was solicited, and when it was made. Or by whom. Or in relation to what.
    Further, that data is probably not now, nor ever will be available.

    With the NY Mag article, we have some provenance. Whether its accurate or not, verifiable it is.
  20. Anonymous Member

    "In other reports, the Church has denied such claims, saying the "complaint was resoundingly dismissed" by a judge.

    The "church" denies...."
    BFD! Scientology denies alot of shit. Just another day.
  21. TinyDancer Member

    Don't tell Sweden that.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    Not to worry. I am an FBI agent working on the matter, which is still absolutely open fer shure. (Hope I remember to click on Reply Anonymously before posting!)
  23. Anonymous Member

    Well I'm an FBI agent and a CIA agent with 17 medals from WWII and I say it's closed.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    You can dismiss anybody who read epoch times, either he/she is a cult member, any cult member, or he/she doesn't know it's a pure cult paper. Of course it's neutral when the other news do not concern whatsoever about any cults.
  25. Anonymous Member

    You can also dismiss AOL. They are just so bad that they have to pay big money to buy Huffington Post.
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  26. Sponge Member

    and then, before he can grab his rod and blow charge, DM's got several large men with a battering ram up his back passage banging away at his secret entrance?

    Ooerr, missus!
  27. The trolls are supah hongray today. I wonder why?
  28. Anonymous Member

    I'm waiting for Fox News to confirm this rumor, then I'll know its true.
  29. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Someone like Amy Scobbe talking about a case would not kill it. The cult either did these things or they did not. There is either evidence or there is not. In fact more people are likely to come out and tell their stories and it could put pressure on the FBI to do something. Opps Amy said their is an investigation, now it is all over!!! What a crock of crap!
  30. Anonymous Member

    I am a French Sûreté inspector on loan to the Los Angeles FBI. I have been authorized by your american department of justice and the Sûreté to tell you this: We suspect no one; and we suspect everyone!
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  31. Anonymous Member

    The OP must be from the Friends of L Ron, instead of defending the indefensible, they look for any mock ups that they want to believe. It doesn't really matter if the case isn't going anywhere but not officially closed. The fact that the CultoS is being investigated for human trafficking means something.

    Anyway I have to break this to you. When is AOL a news outlet with any reputation? Who read AOL news apart from modem users? The author was an outcast from Washington Post, a real newspaper, relying on sources that he never have to reveal, reporting on safe bets that you can mock up any secret sources.

    The cult newspaper Epoch times is anything but neutral. It's the only one article who quote the AOL article. Any respectable journalists will quote AOL as a reliable source? Now there will not be any journalists in AOL anymore as they brought up Huff Post, which do not generate news themselves, and possibly AOL never had any journalists.

    The English version of Epoch times will take time to catch up on the other language versions. The verifiable fact is that, even the Epoch times is ashamed to be associated with the CoS. It used to be the press release outlet for scilons, quoting LRH and all that, just like any scilon press release. Being dumped by another cult because of bad PR is really something.

    And where's the Scobee thing came from. It's apparently not in the articles you quoted. You need more auditing.
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  32. Anonymous Member

    Lol, I have some of those, Imma gonna try them.
  33. Z@Q Member

    I'm a one armed German space explorer
  34. Anonymous Member

    The point is that pressure needs to stay on the FBI to act... eventually the media hype over the Haggis expose will eventually diminish and people will forget about this alleged investigation... the FBI will too unless the subject remains fresh.

    Now is the time to write your reps in the Senate & Congress to ask they place additional pressure on the FBI to act.
  35. AnotherSock Member

    This is never a bad idea. In fact, there are numerous ways to make use of the revelations in the New Yorker article - even if they're not revelations to many of us, it's still deadly stuff to Miscavige and Cruise. Mud sticks. Even a legitimate religion would be harmed by an FBI investigation... even if it was inconclusive. The cult craves that legitimacy, but this is the opposite.

    Case closed? Case still open? Raid imminent? I can't confirm... but it's being discussed in mainstream media, and the continuing speculation does the Cult of Scientology no good whatsoever. Enjoy.
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  36. I tend to trust the New Yorker's fact-checking dept.
  37. Anonymous Member

    In it's early days AOL was infamous for it's "walled garden" approach to internet use for its subscribers, so I wouldn't say it's exactly a bastion of 1st Amendment rights.
  38. xenubarb Member

    Heh. I set up an AOL account for my friend's g'friend and daughter eons ago. I gave the caveat about pw security. Back then AOL charged by the hour I think, so someone else's pw would gain you their hours. I told them to call me if there were any problems, and went home.

    No sooner had I got home then the phone rang. A popup had come up, warning that they were illegally using the account and demanding their password so they could continue. Did they give it up? Yes they did. Hadda go back over and change that for them.

    It was a "walled garden," but there were wolves prowling inside.
  39. Anonymous Member

    This is why I don't respect nor trust them and if it were up to me they'd all be tried for TREASON as they should be.
  40. Anonymous Member

    PS - I don't CARE what your intentions are now, Ex's. You KNEW what was going on. You READ the orders in your EXTREMIST GROUP and you still turned a blind eye not only to crimes against humanity ( see the outcome of the Nuremberg trials) but TREASON against the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA until YOU experienced the bad side of the cult.


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