Ryan Hogarth, former Church of Scientology President, Declared Suppressive

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  1. Anonymous Member

    Mike: Ryan Hogarth Steps Forward

    Original post on South African website Scientologists getting back in comm:

    Ryan Hogarth, former Church President, Declared Suppressive!

    Very powerful. Read it all.

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  2. Random guy Member

    He's and indie, but I think he'll be right in the end.

    The rumble in the South Africa scientology scene is interesting. So many of the more influential people has been declared overnight it may actually turn into a general breakaway, a la Dror Centre in Israel.
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  3. RolandRB Member

    I am expecting the same. Also, that they are organised enough and entrepreneurial enough to set up a Church to take processing away from the main Church and move people up the Total Bridge to Freedom(tm) proper.

    Very many years ago, when charges for auditing depended on the local economy, people used to go to the Joburg Org to be processed up to Clear, and from all accounts, they did an excellent job. They are big enough there to totally take power away from David Miscavige and set up the new official Original Church of Scientology .... and the whole world will rejoice and be happy.

    I think the two MR's will be invited over there to establish this new Original Church of Scientology and DM is finished as all people flock over there to rediscover original LRH tech. :)
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Another quick excerpt on the effect of Marty and Mike leaving:

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  5. amaX Member

    But we're buddies with the Rinderburns now. They'd never do anything like this! ;)
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  6. please enough spam with the fucking videos.
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  7. Anonymous Member

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  8. Anonymous Member

    Anons may, or may not, want to note the following if and when they post comments on the South African Indie website,Scientologists getting back in comm.

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  9. RolandRB Member

    Scientology could return to its greatest pre-GAT, pre-DM days if the centre of Scientology moved to South Africa. In that beautiful, safe and theta environment, using original LRH tech, miracles can once again occur, OTs can be truly OT. There would be a Scientology revival that would expand from there to all over the world.

    This is why DM has had so many people Declared from there, recently. He is afraid that they will use original LRH tech that will make people more responsible and more able. And if they are more responsible and more able then he is afraid that they will find out about HIS crimes. So he is stopping any chance of that happening.

    If you love LRH and what he stood for - if you share in his goals for the betterment of Mankind, then your true Church is in South Africa and you should state your allegiance to them and withdraw it from the midget who is trying to destroy LRH's dream.
  10. Quentinanon Member

    Or you can take a realistic approach and realise that scientology was a scam before Hubbard ever typed an alphabet for the manuscript of Dianetics, the modern science of mental health.
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  11. JohnnyRUClear Member

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  12. OTeleventy Member

    Jane's was difficult to read and not be outraged.
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  13. From their blog .....

  14. The Internet Member

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  15. Anonymous Member

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  16. Anonymous Member

    Jane White on December 10, 2013 at 9:27 am said:
    To Ryan and Melissa

    Respect and Congratulations to both of you, and Tyler to have earned your SP-badges of honour. I am truly glad to see, with the aid of 4-reports, you could see the writing on the wall, walk out into the light of day – to embrace open, frank and truthful communication – and empowered yourselves to live life with integrity restored. I am tempted to ask – what took you so long?

    I am very pleased that I can now freely communicate to you now. In case you do not remember me, this is Jane Parker from Cape Town. Remember me – part of the so called ‘ARC-broken’ (more like DEVASTATED) field? I am the one who spent twelve months ‘on lines’ at Jo’burg-Org in 1992 – going from ‘wog-to-clear’ and then 3 months at St. Hill completing OTIV – whereupon I then in utter disgust – chucked the ‘elite’ SO-cult- Management of $cientology in for a ball-of-chalk, and walked away from this viper’s nest, as a matter of keeping my own sanity and integrity intact.

    I have only dealt with Ryan on a few occasions, only spoken on the phone and written to Melissa on a few occasions – and although the accolades bestowed on you are obviously very well deserved and I don’t want to detract from that – let’s be real and bring some balance – very mindful of the fact that in the SO / on staff – you held power in your hands – and that your actions/ inactions were not all ‘sweetness and light and praises for your many years of service in a dangerous cult’.

    And, as sure as night follows day – your hand and Melissa’s hand in the way you handled trust and power in matters regarding my family – has left quite a few, corpses behind (metaphorically speaking of course) – as death would have been final, end of cycle – but we are speaking here of on-going agonising unfinished business which really devastated innocent lives – when in fact – you could have ensured justice prevailed, fairness prevailed, common sense and decency prevailed, not to mention application of applicable provisions and LRH tech prevailed – and compliance with the prevailing laws of the land prevailed. But no – you preferred to feed the Beast that devours lives…..

    Why? In the 12 months I had dealings with the COS in Jo’burg – subsequently meeting the COB / DM at St. Hill, and observed the frantic SO slaves bowing and scraping and trembling in fear of his ‘ethics presence’ at work – I came to the conclusion – that it took a certain kind of human-being willing to become a human-robot – yes Sir, no Sir, three bags full Sir – and a dash of a sociopathic-personality to be an ‘elite’ SO member – a person who had the pre-disposition, inbred- or trained-in capacity – to lie, to unashamedly beg, to deceive, to lie some more – to duress, to break the laws of the land and get others to do so, to set up daughter against mother, father against infant, break families asunder, spread vicious lies and rumours about others, to force a minor to have an abortion to get rid of ‘the product’ sired in an act of rape by an ‘elite’ SO member, and when that was too horrific to contemplate by a very naïve and vulnerable pregnant teenager – the next best option was to get the father to disconnect from the ‘product’ – (leaving an innocent baby to grow up fatherless and without financial or other support for the rest of his life) – to hard sell services and products – cash up front – and then not to deliver that what was promised, to abduct minors from family-ties, to deny children a high school education, to use said children as slave-labour, and traffic them out of the country, to abuse, to confuse, to utterly betray trust, to walk all over a fellow being’s dignity, human rights, not to mention ‘civil rights’ – to threaten a mentally disabled person with eternal damnation if she did not do as told – forced under duress to sign ‘a piece of paper’ just to keep her adulterous sociopath-Patron-husband ‘happy’ – thus by deception, confusion and threat disconnect a mother form her then 5-year old daughter, to detain for months on end, to force absurd ‘confessions’ hour, after hour, days on end, to force someone else’s will upon another, to lie and make false promises to impressionable children (and adults), to justify and never apologise, to extract money from people in the most heinous ways until they bled, commit theft or fraud to produce the ‘donation’ and finally became bankrupt – to deceive, deceive, deceive – offer help, given as an utter betrayal – all done without the slightest indication that there is an active conscience kicking in somewhere inside the skulls of such ‘elite’, staff, or ‘volunteer’ members of a ‘religious fraternity. No – nothing, to indicate that there is someone at home, someone who could duplicate and practice the ethos of the philosophy of Scientology. One can ask oneself the question – what sort of mind-fuck do people have to go through themselves – to do this to others? I have observed and my family experienced all the above.

    So yes – in case anyone reading this ever wondered ‘what happened to Jane Parker’ who zoomed up the Bridge and zoomed right out of the front door again – the answer is short – one has choices, one has integrity – and I for one became so disgusted with $O-MANGMENT – that I could not be part of a Mafioso-criminal-gang-parading in the public domain as a ‘religion’.

    I hope you read this as well – COWARD AND VILE BETRAYER – Albert de Beer. I considered you a friend. And, if you care to remember, when I entrusted my severely dyslexic daughter Janine into your care at ‘the Dianetics Centre’ – when told that ‘Dianetics’ could cure her dyslexia, as Tom Cruise was cured of his by this unique ‘scientific technology’ – I looked you in the eyes, as I entrusted the life of my daughter into your hands, and with tears I implored you – please don’t ever betray my trust.

    Yes, I am the mother of Janine Parker, now known as Nel – who is still married to this day, to one of the cult’s favourite Patrons – Ian Nel. Yes Ryan and Melissa, between the two of you, as well as your mother Ann (and others) – the Hogarth’s strangely enough have all had a hand in pulling asunder an entire family – Ryan, an infant disconnected from his father; Melissa, a 5 year old girl disconnected from her mother; and lastly mother Ann Hogarth (whom I had never met) declared me ‘a suppressive person’ over the phone nogal, and apparently in so doing also disconnected me from a substantial amount of my money on account. That was in Sept. 2011, and the glee in her tone took me by surprise, as she did not even know me. What a way to not make friends.

    So Ryan and Melissa, I am really happy for you that you have your family unit intact. It is really hard-core that your mother and father disconnected from you Ryan. What a bummer! One could ask: ‘What sort of parent will do this type of thing in the first place?’ What are they so afraid of? Truth? For God’s sake – you are their son!

    I have a question for both of you individually, regarding my family as both of you had a hand in in what happened to Janine and her children. Are you now able to stand outside of the on-going mess and consider yourselves to have ‘clean hands’? Since you left, have you endeavoured to make contact or amends with your victims?

    Do you care to know, that Janine had a complete and utter mental breakdown (from which she has not yet recovered) – after her little daughter was taken away from her in a most demeaning, untruthful, by force and cruel manner? If she was still ‘in the cult’ when this happened – there is no doubt in my mind that she would have ended up another Lisa McPherson. So thank God for Psychiatrist – who saved her life, and had done so in the most caring and gentle, humane and decent way. Unlike Cape Town Org – to whom I paid for 155 hours’ worth of NED-auditing for Janine in 2009 – who then UTTERLY BETRAYED her and, and instead of delivering what was paid for – detained her for 3 months – until she agreed to divorce her Patron-husband to enable him to move on with his floozy and life… This was where you Mellissa stepped in to further BERTRAY her when after all of this she arrived in Johannesburg to – legitimately collect her little child back into her care. I wonder how you people sleep at night….

    She almost lost her life, after losing her child and everything she owned cherished and knew for the past 20 years. She had to be hospitalised for 6 months, and her Doctor only released from hospital in December 2012 – to enable her to have contact with her daughter to aid her recovery, which contact Ian Nel refused. Do you know, five years have gone by, and she has hardly seen her child since your dealings with Janine Melissa? You do remember what you, Mark Turnbull (and others) did to ‘gang-up’ against a very vulnerable Janine; to separate her small child from her care, in favour of her adulterous husband – which separation has lasted to this day?

    Sworn to secrecy for her entire adult life, abused by the Patron to the point of suffering from a ‘Stockholm-syndrome’ – told by the cult to ‘conduct herself above 2 on the tone scale’ – and such absurdities – it was only a month before she suffered a complete mental breakdown, when she started to reveal bits and pieces of her life, as it randomly flashed through her mind, that she dared to divulged shocking details of her life, re the SO member that you so fiercely protected Ryan, and detailed sadistic torture, humiliation, degradation and abuse meted out to her by her Patron-husband, whom you championed so fiercely Melissa.

    Perhaps at some time, it will cross your minds, to spare a thought for those driven insane by the mal-application of the tech and or indoctrination of ‘the cult religion’ – and for those families torn apart – especially when you are free to see your handsome son Tyler sleeping under your roof at night, sitting around a dinner table with you each day. But, do you Ryan, spare a thought for the son (who is just one year younger than your own) – who grew up fatherless, without financial support, at the mercy of others – on your say so – all those years ago? Just give that some thought when you interact with Tyler.

    Yes, I am still struggling to get him through high school, after he was forced by the Patron-lying-bastard-husband – to join staff after completing primary school. He still struggles with nightmares. This story can only adequately be told in a court of law. I am sure you will be able to see my point of view. Justice – in the final analyses will be the only thing that can restore dignity – and only God knows – what will heal unseen scars and unspoken sorrows and a life not lived.

    And does it matter to you Melissa, that the little girl, you helped to separate from her mother in favour of ‘her Patron father’ – cried for her mother for a very long time, and now, after 5 years of separation – calls a stranger, Diannah Philipedes her mother? Yes he is still married to my daughter, remember – he told you he will remain married to her to ‘prevent the church from being embarrassed / mentioned in a court of law’.

    Melissa – have you ever asked yourself, what have I done to a fellow human being in her most vulnerable hour – who put her trust in me, and considered me her friend over the eighteen years that she spent at ‘the org’ – living in a complete bubble?

    In dire need to provide the best medical care for my daughter – not so long ago, I wrote to your mother Ann Hogarth, and asked her on humanitarian grounds – to expedite my refund of my money on account (R200, 000 +) – to help me pay for Janine’s hospitalisation.

    Do you know, I did not receive any acknowledgment of my communication? And I gave her full details for what it was needed. As I said, she had telephonically declared me an SP, and stuck to the barrel of her gun – and could not care less if my daughter was dead or alive. This after Janine had faithfully spent 18 years of her adult life ‘on lines’ in a quest to cure her dyslexia, and lived a life not worthy to mention .

    What sort of people will do this to fellow human beings? Why pick on the utterly vulnerable, the defenceless – the already wounded and bleeding? Who will consider driving someone insane – as ‘the valuable final end product’ of ‘fair game’ – to ruin the supposed ‘enemy’ utterly, drive them over the edge – especially if they are mentally disabled, left bereft of all their earthly possessions and ‘friends’ made over decades….
    And you call this ‘religion’……..

    I hope to hear from you. You know where I am. I wish you much happiness and success in your new endeavours.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Thank you for posting this. Any response from him? Is the writer still an indie? Is the above for real?
    Halp and sanks
  18. Anonymous Member

    on December 10, 2013 at 2:04 pm said:

    Hi Jane (and Joleen), I have no doubt I made terrible mistakes along the way and participated in my share of injustices. I make no excuses. Sure, a culture for such things has been bred but those inside should stand up, should refuse and should say no.

    If this happened we wouldn’t be in this mess.

    Given events over the last 24 hours I am having trouble keeping up with comm. I would like to give both your comms a proper service.

    Please will you email me at I would love to engage and resolve this, if we possibly can. I’d also like, with your permission, do so privately.

    I look forward to hearing from you.
  19. Anonymous Member

    Is this elaborate troll? Gut says, yes. I also wonder is this written by a Bab's imposter.

  20. Anonymous Member

    For sure!
  21. Anonymous Member

    I dunno. Maybe I'm gullible. People seem to know Jane and speak somewhat fondly of Janine, who is mentally disabled. I think legit.
  22. Anonymous Member

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  23. Anonymous Member

    Hey new poster. Please remember to include links in the future. I wrongly thought you were trolling.
    That and welcome!
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  24. Anonymous Member

    1. View attachment 8545377b10519e7bb3a6883a9ac78f6c?s=68&d=identi Roxy on December 10, 2013 at 4:19 pm said:
      Ryan and Melissa, isn’t it JUST FANTASTIC to break free from the chains? icon_smile.gif?m=1129645325g.gif Glad that you’re out and now able to freely speak about it. I hope to see more and more ex-SO and staff here on this blog.
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    2. View attachment 8af0e03cfc0cd7581b3bcf6a6aa99759?s=68&d=identi Bypass Charge on December 10, 2013 at 9:59 pm said:
      Wow! One should applaud the three of you for standing up and shouting out. However, it’s not all flowers and butterflies being ‘on the other side’ as one does need to consider the people they lose when doing so.
      You have served many years under the wrath of the Church of Suppression, and I’m sure there were many consequences you may have had to suffer for non-compliance of insane orders and people need to keep this in mind.
      I wish you, Melissa and Tyler well on your new journey. May the flowers smell beautiful and the butterflies be all the more colorful!
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    3. View attachment 4c1279ebe6f105b8b78db21a24aee2d8?s=68&d=identi Deeana on December 10, 2013 at 10:25 pm said:
      MODERATOR COMMENT: Deeana thanks for visiting this blog, however we have moderated your comment. Please refer to our Mission Statement and our Moderation Policy page.
      More specifically, we refer to the following point:
      This is not an “anti-SCN” or “anti-LRH” blog and as such we reserve the right to moderate any comment intended purely to offend those users who still consider themselves Scientologists. There are many “hate” blogs and websites extolling disdain for all things SCN and LRH – this is not one of them.
    4. Many of our followers are already visitors to Tony’s blog, and we do not deny anyone the right to visit pages that cater for people specifically looking for such content. We are just not one of those blogs.
      1. Should you have wish to contribute content that encourages robust and honest debate, we will welcome future comments from you
  25. Anonymous Member

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  26. Anonymous Member

    Certainly appears that way to me.
  27. Anonymous Member

    Someone should ask her if she's the same Jane Parker from OSA that handed a subpoena to Hana Whitfield on April 13, 1993 in Logan Airport, Boston, and later that year (November) showed up at a Cult Awareness Convention in Minneapolis handing out a spurious dossier on Hana and her husband.
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  28. Quentinanon Member

    She's likely the same evil cunt person because neither a Jane White or a Jane Parker are listed in service completions, a common indicator of OSA staff, because their names are usually not published in service completion lists.
  29. Anonymous Member

    Also common is leaving once they learn some of the nastier shit OSA does.
  30. To clarify the suspicions from some posters above.
    I am a real person.
    My story is real
    I have never been on staff
    or an SO member
    and no I am not OSA
    If you read my open letter to Ryan and Melissa - you will see I was 'public' - for 12 months.
    and - what happened to my family is real and it is ongoing.
    and - I have nothing to hide.
  31. To clarify your paranoia
    I am a real person.
    My story is real
    I have never been on staff
    or an SO member
    and no I am not OSA
    If you read my open letter to Ryan and Melissa - you will see I was 'public' - for 12 months.
    and - what happened to my family is real and it is ongoing.
    and - I have nothing to hide.
  32. To clarify your paranoia - I live in South Africa - I don't know Hana Whitfield - just read my open letter to Ryan and Melissa again - all your questions and suspicions will be answered if you do.
    I am a real person.
    My story is real
    I have never been on staff
    or an SO member
    and no I am not OSA
    If you read my open letter to Ryan and Melissa - you will see I was 'public' - for 12 months.
    and - what happened to my family is real and it is ongoing.
    and - I have nothing to hide.
  33. OTeleventy Member

    Thank you for posting here, Jane. I am sorry for all that you have been through and continue to endure. Perhaps now you have a better (or new found) idea why so many of us do protest. The cult's every tenet and action is what brings about this damage and heartache. My best wishes for you. You can help bring them down.
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  34. FreakE420 Member

    This whole Jane thing "Is Why". Really pisses me off. All the exes that have blown that did anything fucked up to people should step up and try to heal these wounds.
    The Rinders ,the Rathbuns ,the Hogarths,,etc. You did fucked up things to people in the cult, but now your out and you realize the fucked up things you've done and still do nothing. To me that's worse than the initial things you've done. You had the excuse of "head up your ass" while in the cult. But now,,,,,now?
    Fuckin man/woman up!

    Sending you good vibes Jane!
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  35. RolandRB Member

    You have got to be a proven sociopath to get high up in the cult. You have got to have been seen and known to treat people like shit before you could be trusted with that high up position. When these people leave and speak out, they are still sociopaths, still following their own agendas and still not to be trusted.
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  36. 535

  37. DeathHamster Member

    What is Scientology's status in South Africa? The Wikipedia entry for them has to be the lamest one, added by a pro-cultist, ref'ed to a "news story" that's basically a Scientology press release. (As I'm sure that I pointed out on the Talk page years ago.)
    Such a stunning endorsement by some government Lackey...
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  38. RolandRB Member

    ^^^ All a vile and rotten organisation has to do to be accepted into the establishment is to persist for a number of years until it is considered to be part of the establishment.

    Which might make you wonder about the nature of the establishment you find yourself in.
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