Sabu - The Double Agent Who Keeps On Giving

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Nancy Beazley, Apr 24, 2014.

  1. Do you have $300,000 in BitCoins right now?

    No. Around 478 BitCoins were donated to LulzSec in 2011 – which was approximately $17,000 at the time – and funds were spent on server hosting and prepaid $200 gift cards for VPN purchases. Sabu then took a large chunk to allegedly pay his unpaid phone and Internet bills (though far more likely he handed the BitCoins to the FBI). The rest was split six ways. My online BitCoin wallet, which had hardly anything left, was confiscated by police officers in July 2011 after they raided my home. I have no knowledge of any remaining funds We can only assume transactions after July 2011 are either Scotland Yard or the FBI accessing the account.

    You can see the public transaction chain here
    can only assume transactions after July 2011 are either Scotland Yard or the FBI accessing the account.
  2. DeathHamster Member

    They know a few buzzwords, but they don't understand computers at all, do they?

    Java, and .NET code run on virtual machines.

    All the Internet is remotely connecting to other computers. Pipes, not trucks.

    Other than browsers, what Internet tools keep an "Internet history"?
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  3. RavenEyes Member

    What Jake Davis has to say about Sabu
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  4. Nancy Beazley Member

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  5. Nancy Beazley Member

    So what's next for Monsegur?

    Ellen? Brian? The Biggest Loser?
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  6. DeathHamster Member

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  7. Anonymous Member

    I expect that he'll find christ, get born again, write a book and then sign a movie-deal or get a mini-tv series.
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  8. Nancy Beazley Member

    Oh, yeah. I can see it now: "Hackers Anonymous" -- a weekly TV show that regales for viewers "the greatest hacks of all time."

    Any bets?
  9. ^ They could call it - Rat in a Bag
  10. Anonymous Member

  11. Sitting on ones ass, 24/7 eating FBI burgers and donuts, whilst ratting on your friends, will do that to ya.
  12. Bluediamond Member

    Sabu is a fucking sell out and a dirty fucking rat that should eat a bag of moth balls relabeled and sold as cheese puffs fat fuck!
  13. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Job security. Also We Never Forgive security.
  14. tinfoilhatter Member

    Odd, he was selling out other hackers? I thought prism knew everything about everyone on the web. I do hope the auditor general takes a closer look at his relationship with the fbi, just to see if they were not wasting government money and time here.

    How serious is the "hacker menace"? I have yet to see anonymous do anything destructive. Maybe a few stupid pranks that inconvenience people, but nothing destructive. Yet foreign governments seem to have some excellent abilities when it comes to industrial espionage, something WAYYYYYYY more important then a bunch of upset 4-channers.
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  15. Sabu looks like he could do with a few moar donuts.
  16. Nancy Beazley Member

  17. Nancy Beazley Member

    "It's completely outrageous that they made Sabu into this informant and then, it appears, requested him to then get other hackers to invade sites and look for vulnerabilities in those sites," [attorney for Wikileaks] Ratner said. "What that tells you is that this federal government is really—it's really the major cybercriminal out there."
  18. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    All we have to do is send delicious donuts everyday and he will die young.
  19. Cunts

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  20. Ann O'Nymous Member

  21. Andy Downs Member

    Here is why I strongly disagree

    See this new report

    When the government provides the idea, and means, it is no longer an informant info driven investigation/prosecution
    That is VERY different from some inside guy spilling is guts (verbally or digitally)
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  22. laughingsock Member

  23. Ann O'Nymous Member

    AFAIK, people collaborating with authorities have not just "spilled their guts". They have been pushed to obtain more information, to incriminate other people and commit other criminal activities. The same can be said of spies.
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  24. Andy Downs Member

    The problem is under US law, entrapment comes into play....though now often ignored by FBI and LEOs
    If the FBI had sat back and watched a person get killed, while providing the informant with the gun, and a map to the target, the FBI would have been liable for murder.

    When you read the IRC chat logs you can see clearly that what happened was not as the FBI portrayed it both under oath in court and in the public domain.
    The FBI did not just collect info on a crime, the provided the means and method....damages were incurred by the companies and private individuals


    Because the FBI provided means, methods, encouraged and watched as a crime incurred....then the FBI cried that they found out too late and the sky was falling

    It is ALL Horseshit
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  25. Nancy Beazley Member

    I gotta say that judges are not reading those chat logs. They are simply being lazy and rubber-stamping the government's requests.

    Whether Sabu does time or not is irrelevant. But what really roasts me is that THE JUDGES ARE NOT LOOKING AT THE EVIDENCE.

    What I find amazing is that the US government had Sabu and his bitches attack US enemy targets.

    This is a legal and diplomatic and moral and ethical clusterfuck of epic proportions.
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  26. Nancy Beazley Member

    For those who haven't been inside a cult before ... pay attention.

    Sabu social engineered the fuck out of those people -- both ways.

    His career is well launched.
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  27. Ann O'Nymous Member

    From Dailydot;

    Some share the opposite view.
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  28. Andy Downs Member

    It is very clear that the FBI knew about Statfor prior to Sabu and Hammond.
    The FBI gets Sabu to recruit Hammond
    They ask him via Sabu to hack the systems.
    Then the FBI PR machine goes in full swing about how they just found out it happened, and they are containing the problem, and going to save us all from being saved by the moralFags who want justice

    It still comes down to the FBI knew the target they wanted, made sure Hammond got that info, and the supported him while he did it all.


    Gosh By Golly we at the FBI just heard of this hack on the news but we are going to be shutting it down cold.

    I know who I believe
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  29. Ann O'Nymous Member

    FBI had no way to force Hammond to do anything. He did it because he wanted to.
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  30. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Probably true (no evidence to the contrary AFAICS), but there's still a problem when "law enforcement" are helping make it happen.
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  31. Nancy Beazley Member

    FBI: Here, Jones ... here's a guy you don't like. Why don't you hurt him?

    Jones: Hey, you're right. There he is. You think I can get away with it?

    FBI: Sure, no problem. Go, go, go, go, go! Your dick will grow three inches longer if you hurt him bad.

    Jones: OK, here I go!

    Emotional support? Cheerleading? Social engineering? Entrapment?

    Sabu to Hammond: “Hit these bitches for our Brazilian squad”

    Hammond in court testimony: “I had never even heard of Stratfor until Sabu brought it to my attention."

    Sabu to unnamed Hacker: "It's beautiful, my brother. Our friendship will be a good one for sure."

    Read the WHOLE dailydot coverage here:
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  32. Nancy Beazley Member

    And for the yucks, here's this amusingly redacted exhibit:

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  33. Andy Downs Member

    I do not claim they did. The problem lies within what used to be a solid legal wall in the US.
    It's like those protestors in Cincinnati or Cleveland who were given the idea of blowing up a bridge.
    They were stupid young kids with no contacts to get explosives, and hadn;t even thought of blowing anything up.
    However the FBI went in gave them the idea, (like Hammond) gave them what they thought were explosives (like they gave Hammond the IP addresses, codes, etc) and then cried "Oh my God look what these evil people are doing"

    I would suggest there are real criminals to go after without helping create them so you know you have a big PR campaign and arrest/prosecution.

    When Kevin Gallagher was busted he offered to help catch Pedos....the FBI could have cared less. They didn't want people who were hurting kids....they want to go after Anons because they embarrassed them.

    The ways in which they chose to do that were irrelevant since the real evidence is still under seal with the court and can;t be fully viewed by the public.
    Kind of like the secret trial going on in the UK right now.

    When the laws are executed behind close doors in ways that can't be seen by the public it is a dangerous place for Democracy and what is left of freedom.
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  34. Andy Downs Member

    My other point is these prosecutions were as phony as the reasons given for Bulk Data collection by the NSA
    It is like the is the illusion of security, not being secure

    The PR mission and the real mission of the NSA/FBI and all their alphabet soup brothers has very little to do with preventing or stopping anything. It has to do with gaining power, instilling fear, and always having a "Most Wanted" to jack up funding so the contractors can up their stock prices.

    It is a corporation not a cause
    And the cause is cash
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  35. Andy Downs Member

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  36. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Proving crimes in their "natural" environment is quite hard, or even impossible. Creating artificial environments, allowing monitoring, makes prosecution much easier.

    These baits are not proposed at random, but to people thought to have already committed crimes or on the verge of doing it.

    I could be proposed such baits (explosives or codes) for decades, but I would not use them, because I am not able to do it and I don't want to do it.
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  37. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Thanks, Madame FBI Spokeswoman. Good of you to join us today.
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  38. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Nice way not to answer the point.
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  39. Nancy Beazley Member

    Oh, Ann, Ann, Ann. If Mordor turned his eye fully on you, you could be social engineered to commit chargeable offenses. You only imagine that you are safe because you're calculating your safety in terms of skilz you don't have. Remember the skilz you do have. Imagine what would outrage you enough to use them in ways that are illegal.

    Why would / does Mordor go to that much trouble? Because it's the game THEY play. And that's how they win points.
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