Sabu - The Double Agent Who Keeps On Giving

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Nancy Beazley, Apr 24, 2014.

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    TL;DR "Everybody hate them" ? Seems possible, but risky. IMHO, ignoring Stratfor altogether would have been a much safer strategy. I wonder whether Stratfor will try and sue FBI for the damage and costs the attack generated.
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    Sue or try to sue the US Government for damage and costs? Surely, you jest.

    I think that the Jeremy Hammond conviction and ten-year sentence is all that Statfor will ever get out of the scorched earth they were left with.

    It appears that Stratfor is still in business. So is the FBI.
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  5. "top hackers" .... I loled.
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    Twitter rage as Anonymous snitch Sabu parties with Lil Wayne at Vice's 20th birthday bash

    A glittering array of Hollywood A-listers, rock stars and rappers turned out to celebrate the 20th birthday of Vice magazine on Friday 5 December.

    While the likes of Scarlett Johansson, Jonah Hill, Lil Wayne, Pussy Riot and Andrew WK grabbed most of the headlines, for a major part of the online world it was the appearance of Hector Xavier Monsegur that was the most noteworthy aspect of the event.

    Anonymous hacker Hector Monsegur turned FBI informant breaks silence | CBS News

    Article and video interview:
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    Pedophile? That would be good to expose. The age of consent is 17 in New York. Can someone send me relevant info?
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    Federal snitch Sabu now writing for Daily Dot

    by Justin King • March 9, 2015

    Manchester, KY (TFC) – Jeremy Hammond sits in prison in a Federal Correctional Institute doing time for providing a series of vital leaks from Stratfor to the world. He was put there by hacker turned federal snitch, Hector Monsegur.

    At one time, Monsegur was known as Sabu. Now, he’s just known as “that rat bastard.” The Daily Dot was once known as a clearinghouse for information related to Anonymous, now it has been declared an enemy of the collective.

    The snitch wrote an article reviewing a TV show about (get this): hackers working with cops. In it, this Junior G-man clumsily inserted a paragraph aimed at creating some doubt as to whether or not he really is the guy that rolled over like a trained dog when federal agents showed up.

    “As a former black-hat hacker who has seen his story manipulated by foolish reporters, judgmental activists, and stooges of the justice system, I decided to give Cyber a run for its money and watched the first episode, called Kidnapping 2.0.”

    Let’s be really clear about this “manipulation.” Monsegur’s cooperation was so comprehensive that the federal judge praised him like a schoolgirl talking about a boy band.
    She talked about his“truly extraordinary cooperation.”

    Just in case there is any confusion as to whether or not his cooperation led to the arrests of his friends and comrades, she said this:

    “sophisticated and complex assistance to the government allowing them to pierce the secrecy surrounding LulzSec and successfully prosecute its members.”

    At his sentencing, Monsegur said

    “I’m not the same person I was three years ago. I’ve come a long way. I’ve had to do a lot of thinking and soul-searching.”

    He said this, I imagine, after doing a lot of thinking about how to best betray his friends to the feds while he worked as an informant for three years. I would imagine that leads to a lot of soul searching in regards to how someone can justify ruining the lives of his comrades to save his own skin.

    Under federal guidelines, his probable sentence was somewhere around 26 years. He received time served, which was around seven months. This wasn’t some sentencing error or simply because the judge took it easy on him. The federal government filed a request for a sentencing reduction. In that motion, the feds provide a pretty detailed list of the people he gave up. It also makes it clear that the feds weren’t investigating them prior to Monsegur becoming a federal do boy.

    “This core group, among whom only Monsegur was identified prior to the time Monsegur began cooperating in the investigation”
    It also outlines that Monsegur began cooperating before he was ever even charged.

    “Monsegur acknowledged his criminal conduct from the time he was first approached by agents, before he was charged in this case.”

    Maybe if he spends enough time reviewing TV police dramas, he’ll learn to keep his mouth shut as soon as he finds out what the feds want. Instead he, according to court documents, identified and gave up eight people.

    Anonymous has declared the Daily Dot an enemy for bringing this individual onto its team. It’s hard to believe that the outlet didn’t see this coming.

    Maybe it’s time for the Daily Dot to review their own Ethics page:

    “The Daily Dot’s ultimate loyalty lies with readers. The Dot and its employees will not change, spin, withhold, or otherwise manipulate the facts to please a source, advertiser, or other business partner. Individual employees will never manipulate the facts for any kind of personal relationship, and they will not put themselves in a position to profit, financially or otherwise, by their reporting.”

    If the outlet’s loyalty was to the reader, they never would have put this guy in this position to begin with, and there was certainly an attempt to spin facts. This was a complete betrayal of the core readership.

    My advice to the Daily Dot is to keep him on. At least it will give Anons something to mock. At this point, it won’t make any difference if you revoke his writing privileges. Anonymous does not forgive. Anonymous does not forget.

    Jeremy Hammond, one of Monsegur’s victims, has a projected release date of January 17, 2021.

    Update: Anonymous has launched #OperationDestroyDailyDot or #OpDDD in response to this. A pastebin has been created to explain details.

    Source -
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    Media Org Criticised Over Informant Contributions


    Web based news organisation The Daily Dot has come under fire over their recent dealings with hacker turned FBI informant Hector “Sabu” Monsegur.

    Arrested in June 2011, Monsegur was later revealed to be the leader and co-founder of a new hacking group called LulzSec, which gained international attention for cyber attacks on high profile targets. Monsegur was caught and opted to work with the FBI, resulting in arrests in America, Britain and in Ireland. Monsegur became a figure of hate in online communities, particularly for his role in the arrest of Jeremy Hammond, who is serving a 10 year prison sentence. Monsegur served only seven months in jail.

    Monsegur denied that he was directly involved in actions that resulted in arrests. In December 2014, during his first TV interview, the informant downplayed his involvement and said he merely provided logging and intelligence. Documents obtained in a joint journalistic effort by The Daily Dot and Motherboard last year showed that federal investigators had allowed computer crime laws be broken by Monsegur and the data of thousands of people to be leaked, all while pursuing hackers and members of online collective Anonymous.

    The reports backed up Jeremy Hammond’s testimony and stated that the FBI knew about the Stratfor Email Leak before hackers had breached security and taken information.
    Recently Monsegur reviewed the film Blackhat under the byline of another reporter at The Dot, which led to some anger within online communities. Last week, he reviewed a new CSI series, this time under his own name with a contributor title.

    Grace North, a close friend of Jeremy Hammond who operates and campaigns for his release, was enraged by The Daily Dot taking Monsegur on board. In a statement posted to the site she refutes Monsegur’s version of events and explained the feeling of betrayal by activists online.

    What Sabu did was not just a betrayal to Jeremy and the other hackers arrested in the Lulzsec/Antisec raids. Sabu’s betrayal ripped a hole in the fabric of Anonymous itself, with ripples felt in every corner of the infosec community. Trust that had been painstakingly built over months, and even years, was shattered, and people who had once easily called each other “friend” now felt like strangers or even threats. Projects were abandoned, activism meant to make the world a better place came to a screeching halt, and everyone fought to find their place in this new world where your strongest ally could be the one to deliver you to the very institution you were trying to fight.

    Continued -
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    IM5LkF7x_bigger.png Hector X. Monsegur@hxmonsegur 2h hours ago

    Full Disclosure: Jacob Appelbaum aka @ioerror has been lying for years. Hoping that the hatred people had of me would give him more attn.

    Xk-mjIxF_bigger.jpeg Jacob Appelbaum@ioerror 2h hours ago

    @hxmonsegur Think you'll have time to finally explain to me why the FBI tried to use you to entrap me?
    Sure would love to know!

    Gabriella Coleman retweeted
    Xk-mjIxF_bigger.jpeg Jacob Appelbaum@ioerror 2h hours ago
    @hxmonsegur @BiellaColeman You put @FreeJeremyNet in prison. Are you kidding?

    He's now picking fights with Jake and Biella. That's smart. :rolleyes: Me thinks that the guy is quite delusional.
    Maybe he thinks that his FED buddies will back him up. An all too common misapprehension. when one is obviously suffering from Stockholm syndrome.

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  20. A.O.T.F Member

    IM5LkF7x_bigger.png Hector X. Monsegur@hxmonsegur 4h4 hours ago
    Yes. That's right. @ioerror quietly sat on a bug exploited by LEAs in Tor Bridges that leaked IPs.

    IM5LkF7x_bigger.png Hector X. Monsegur@hxmonsegur 3h hours ago
    I hope you all learned a lot tonight. @ioerror is a fraud. @clipperchip is a german journalist who evaded arrest. Anonymous is full of shit.

    IM5LkF7x_bigger.png Hector X. Monsegur@hxmonsegur 5h5 hours ago
    1. @ioerror @BiellaColeman Is it me or everything you're tweeting right now has to involve Biella. Don't you think for yourself?

    1. IM5LkF7x_bigger.png Hector X. Monsegur@hxmonsegur 5h5 hours ago
      @ioerror @BiellaColeman I'm kind of curious when Biella socialed you, and what do you get from promoting her endlessly?

    LOL :p Srsly! If he keeps this up, he's going to need protection 24/7
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    Maybe promoting himself by have fights with people we actually care about?
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    mevGw5Ss_bigger.jpg Mustafa Al-Bassam@musalbas Jun 16

    @hxmonsegur @ioerror And please explain why you tried to stop me from disbanding LulzSec while you were an FBI informant. You were a puppet.

    mevGw5Ss_bigger.jpg Mustafa Al-Bassam@musalbas Jun 16

    @hxmonsegur @ioerror Which is it? (a) You lied in your interview. (b) The FBI lied. (c) You tricked the FBI into thinking you helped them.

    IM5LkF7x_bigger.png Hector X. Monsegur@hxmonsegur 1h hour ago

    Heading out, have much to do. Have a beautiful day everyone!

    Kevlar Vest - Check

    FED Bodyguard/s - Check

    Donuts - Check
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    A degree of separation from the Eric Saldarriaga case:
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    Well, he has certainly managed to manipulate the fuck out of the Dailydot journo's. But hey, that's his MO.
  31. Anonymous Member

    I'm waiting for the book and mini-series TV deals where he's become born-again, and is heading for the arena known as "politics," a place where all the narcissists end up.
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    Never rat on your friends...and always keep your mouth shut


    Our friends have Class and Honor

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    IM5LkF7x_bigger.png Hector X. Monsegur@hxmonsegur Aug 17

    I appreciate all of those who have stood by my side all of these years, and especially new friends. It means a lot to have support.

    ORLY! I'd like to see him stand in front of Jeremy Hammond and say that.

    And who the fuck are they?

    The FBI .. Yeah, we know.

    The balls on this guy! Why is he even breathing?
  35. A.O.T.F Member

    I just want to make one thing perfectly clear. No one's life is being threatened.

    People are understandably pissed. That this guy can peddle his bullshit on Twitter, whilst a good, honest, courageous man is now separated from the world by iron bars. As if it wasn't enough for him to play leader fag, to manipulate young impressionable minds to do his bidding, culminating in many of them paying the price for his actions.

    True and successful leaders focus on the very responsibility they have towards those they lead. And we saw fuck all of that. He took no responsibility and rejected any accountability for his actions.

    No Anon with any amount of honor or integrity tries to shift the blame to others.
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