Sacramento River Park Mission for sale

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Anonymous, Oct 17, 2013.

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    Yes. IMO, the move to the Ramona did not improve anything. They are now farther from the actual raw meat (CSU students) in the alphabet streets (where scis used to be). How's preying on the state workers and new money working out guise? I remember being able to stare your asses down from a block away. You were at cause from an SP even back then. Crazy enough, I still have friends in Sac and they don't deserve to have to deal with scientology.
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    sooooo arent' missions usually purchased by Sci individuals (married couple)? or was that long ago?
    Who's going to get the money for this place?
    It reads "buy or rent"
  6. Anonymous Member

    I have to say this post got me into researching the Cleveland (well it's in Parma Hts) 'mission'. I found the names of those who run it. The CO$ doesn't own the building, I think they just must rent a room in it. But I started looking up the couple (there's also an eye dr. but I don't know if he's still in or not, he was listed as being there a few years ago) and for people promoting financial help? Uh, they need it! Judgment liens, lawsuits, the husband tried to sue Union Carbide in 1983 for $875,000! They owe property taxes, their house had been in foreclosure. Then their 'businesses' are 'curious'. She claims on linkedin to have run a place for 16 years, but it's only been registered with the Secretary of State since 2009 and there is ZERO web presence for this alleged business. HIS business is the saddest of all, because he claims he runs an advertising business----uh, why <strike>are</strike> were they running ads on CL then to get people into the CO$? Not very ethical either....overall, I feel sort of sorry for them yet at the same time NOT as they are still disillusioned by $cientology.....
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    Sell or DIE?! Why do I feel a sudden urge to click that i'll attend? i wish i was in that area, i'd love the halloween party! I'd wear a DM mask!
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  10. That title... OMG. If that's not the beast of the organization revealing itself, I don't know what is.
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  11. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Evidently 236/242 of them would rather just die.

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