Sacramento suits 2012

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Anonymous, Oct 17, 2013.

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    Hells yeah, especially since IIRC NOVA was also doing the Stupor Powers building as well at one point. The others in that bunch from a year ago (completion of the Org?) are showing NOVA named as a defendant as well. There's electrical, acoustical and other trades suing Sci and NOVA (who probably outsourced them).

    +10 internets, this is lulzy!

    I hope there is more information available with more detail.
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    reminds me of this
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    This post may also belong in the UBI thread...

    ... here -

    ... and maybe here -

    There may be another but I can't find it and am short on the time it would take to find it.

    I'm posting this because it's an example of the cult not paying a bill in full for services rendered, paying in fact, less than half of the billed amount.

    Also, refusal of Registered Mail is interesting as I had a recent experience with that kind of cult behaviour.
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    I wonder what that case is. NOVA is basically the Scientology renovations company. They do a lot of Scientology properties. Fort Harrison, Super Power, Oak Cove, Saint Hill, Freewinds, Nashville org, Tampa org, Dallas org, Sacramento org, They do other properties, Hilton, Radisson, Mariott, others.

    www.novahrc. com/ portfolio.html
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    Nova seems to be a company separate from sci. Now, just because they are not Sci, they are not nice people, IIRC, they are hired by sci because they tolerate a certain amount of slave labor on their projects (from what I have gathered on super powers thread, etc, YMMV) and have been willing to look the other way on some shit...I could be wrong and they are a big WISE company, but I don't think so.

    But this makes it LULzier because there is a chance- as Nova is suing Sci for payment (and are being sued themselves because they can't pay their contractors) that sci has bit the hand that feeds.

    Has there been any recent work on the SP building? Has Nova been seen in connection with Sci since 2012?

    Could be an exploitable rift...?
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    Any similar lawsuits elsewhere that Nova has worked on Org projects?
  11. Rod Keller Member

    You want to know if there are earlier similar incidents?

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