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  1. dlstout Member

    Anyone interested in a vigil/show of support this evening in response to today's violence? If I get some responses, I set up a real event for either this evening or for Sunday (if we can get more folks).

  2. dlstout Member

    If you have suggestions for an appropriate location please share. Someplace meaningful but with some visibility. Would be worth informing media to get out our support.
  3. I can be there between noon and 3PM Sunday, or most days this coming week.

  4. Tried to get to the protest on Friday, but traffic was horrendous. Stop and go all the way from Davis.

    I might be up for this, depending on when and where. The State Capitol might be a good place?

    This might be too hippie for y'all, but music has a powerful hold on the human psyche. We might consider singing. Ave Maria, Blowin' In the Wind (read the lyrics, especially to the later verses), Gone the Rainbow, and maybe some of the old Irish songs. Songs of mourning.
  5. I would love to attend a meet in Sacramento. I would go anytime this week!
  6. I keep looking for a site that notifies of Iran protest events in Sacramento and the Bay Area. I am sure there would be many interested supporting those in Iran in our small way. I would attend. Please post any sites where announcements can be found. Thanks.
  7. mohaddess Member

    Sacramento soliderity rally

    In solidarity with the Green pro-democracy movement in Iran we invite you to join the Iranian- American community of Sacramento for a show of support.

    When: Monday June 22 - Friday June 26 from 6:00 to 8:00 PM
    Where: Intersection of Sunrise Blvd and Greenback lane

    1. It is a requirement of Citrus Heights police department that participants stay on the sidewalk at all time
    2. Please wear Black or Green
    3. Please bring water to avoid dehydration
  8. JoeRodge Member

    I'll be there!

    If anyone is going there from Roseville I could use a ride. Having car trouble =/.
  9. From Twitter

    SACRAMENTO solidarity rally DAILY, 6-8pm, Intersection of Sunrise Blvd & Greenback lane
  10. dlstout Member

    Confirmed rally

    Sacramento, CA

    Date: Tuesday, June 23
    Time: 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
    Location: Fremont Park, 16th Street and Q Street in Midtown

    Comments : Farmers Market held at this time, so there are a lot of locals about getting lunch and shopping.

    THIS IS A RALLY TO SUPPORT THE PEOPLE OF IRAN. Please bring signs to show your support and wear green and/or green arm/wrist bands.

    Please post in other appropriate locations to get the word out!
  11. mohaddess Member

    candlelight vigil

    We are planning a candle light vigil for Neda and all others killed in the green pro-democracy movement of Iran on Friday June 26th.
    Due to the permit requirements for a gathering of such size we have not been able to decided on a venue as of yet.
    Please leave Friday evening open on your calendars and we will inform you of the location as soon as we obtain the required permits.

    In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.
    Martin Luther King, Jr.
  12. Gathering was a success

    Today’s gathering was well attended with about a hundred people showing support for those being oppressed in Iran. Most were of Iranian descent, but at least a dozen non-Iranians, myself included showed up to lend our voice. We were warmly welcomed. If any one else can make it this will be going on for the rest of the week. I will try to post photos on Face book. Setting up an account now. Hope this works

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    If anyone in Rancho needs a ride drop me a line.

  13. Venue

    Hi, Sacramento Venue for Friday 6/26 is the Memorial Auditorium, 16th and Jst.
  14. friday night

    What time will it start?
  15. mohaddess Member

    Candlelight Vigil

    In solidarity with the Green pro-democracy movement in Iran we invite you to join the Iranian- American community of Sacramento for a Candlelight Vigil.

    When: Friday June 26th 8:00 to 10:00 PM
    Where: Sacramento Memorial Auditorium 1515 J street

    Please bring a friend with you.
  16. is there a facebook event for the vigil? I would really appreciate the link if there is one so I can fwd the information to my friends easily.
  17. Candlelight vigil

    We do not have a facebook page. However, you can join Sacramento Iranians on Facebook and our events are posted on there.
    Hope to see you at the event. Please bring a friend along.

    I don't know if the link would work but it is worth a try
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  18. Info on Wednesday and Friday events.

    Wednesday there was a small memorial service for Neda, the young lady who was murdered in Iran. These are the pictures I managed to take of the event. (I apologize for the lack of quality in some as I have never done a candle light shoot before.) The crowd was even larger then the previous two nights and I expect it to probably number over 200 at Friday nights vigil at 15th and J street. If anyone needs further info on either the event or the situation in Iran drop me a line

    Pictures from Wednesday below
  19. Sacramento-are there any gatherings this weekend?

    Are there any gatherings being held this coming weekend: June 27th or 28th in Sacramento to show support for the people of Iran in their fight for freedom?
  20. Candlelight Vigil in Davis

    Neda is one name among many who died during the recent peaceful demonstration in Iran .
    All they wanted was their voices to be heard and their votes to be counted in a fair manner.
    A memorial gathering is organized by Iranian community in Davis to honor Neda and countless other victims who gave their lives for a pro-democracy movement in Iran .
    In that spirit we invite you to join us for this candlelight vigil.

    Time: Thursday July 2, 8-10pm
    Place: Central Park in
    Davis (4th and C Streets)
  21. Sacramento Protests

    Where are the protests in Sacramento? The silence is deafening. I wanted to find a place to honor the 40th day of Neda's death.
  22. Persian_Anon Member

    TimeTuesday, March 8 · 4:00pm - 6:00pm
    LocationJ & 16th Downtown Sacramento

    More InfoEnough is enough! Iranian people are sick of the brutal regime of the IRI. The voices of the protesters are being silenced one by one, it is our job to scream as loud as we can for the entire world to hear our demands and especially to put an end to this inhumane, brutal, disgusting regime known as the Islamic Republic of Iran.
    The Iranian Pro-democracy protesters will be holding protests every Tuesday of the month of Esfand which equates to the next three weeks of March.
    Join us in solidarity, join us in our demand for peace, freedom, and justice.

    Please check back onto this page for updates/cancellation due to weather issues. If no mention of such on this page then game on :)
  23. Persian_Anon Member

  24. iraniam Member

    Thank You for posting. I will attend Both.
    Zendeh Bad Iran, Payandeh Bad Irani.

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