Saint Hill IAS Event - 14 October 2011

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by SeenTheLight, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Lol @ the pipers. Those bags of rotten gas and thin air remind me of Hubbard.
  2. Not just actors... apparently, they offer free tickets to everyone in EG, just to bump the numbers.
  3. Or Miscavige. Or Davis. Or Cruise. Or Example
  4. Do they still photoshop bigger audiences to their events?
  5. afternon Member

    Through an agency, there will be no mention of $cientology at all in the advert, just a request for extras.
  6. greebly Member

    /r/ mods merge thread plox with main one now.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Tip: photograph the actors and match the faces with those of actors in agency/extra portfolios.

    Follow up research by contacting actors and asking them how they got the gigs.

    Sign up or get actor friends to go along with hidden cameras.

  8. FIFY
  9. Anonymous Member

    It's a one-horse 'religion'.
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  10. Don't be such a big silly goose.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Hey, I liek Mancunians... residents of the world's first nuclear-free city :)
  12. Anonymous Member

    But if WW3 kicks off,hopefully the first city to be nuked.
  13. I'm not. I'm a very busy actor. I'm just trying to get away for a weekend and do some fly fishing.
  14. Anonymous Member

    WTF are you on about?
  15. afternon Member

    Feck knows...but he's funny!
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  16. Feck (or, in some senses, fek) has several vernacular meanings and variations in Hiberno-English, Scots and Middle English.
    • Slang expletive employed as an attenuated alternative (minced oath) to fuck or express disbelief, pain, anger, or contempt in a given situation, however it does not mean to have sex with in the same way that fuck does, and those aware of this use consider it a lesser expletive than fuck.
    • Verb meaning 'to steal' (e.g. 'They had fecked cash out of the rector's room.' [1])[2]
    • Verb meaning in Irish slang 'to throw' (e.g. 'He's got no manners at all. I asked him nicely for the remote control, and he fecked it across the table at me.')

    Don't forget to tip your waitresses, I'm here all week!

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