Saint Hill - Rockanon

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Anonxmous, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. Anonxmous Member

    Saint Hill - Rockanon

    [EDIT: Watched WBM, therefore better mood, removed grumps...]

    If I were still in the UK, here's what I'd be starting to pull together for the July aniversary. It might not come together, but so what, if a few of us pull together, it's got to have a shot.

    Rockanon - July 26th 10am -> 4pm, Saint Hill, UK

    This would have to happen in mid-summer to be viable.

    1) Find out from land registry what the borders to the Saint Hill complex are, and get the names and addresses of all the bordering land owners

    2) Send via post each land owner the info pack that some brilliant Anons put together, along with news items about Anonymous, and a request to get intouch (via anon email / post) if they would be prepared to CONSIDER either hosting or assisting a protest / gathering on thier land.

    3) Follow up with phone calls a week later - talk costs / cleanup etc

    4) Once a couple of possible options are sorted, put a call out to UK anons - who's got contacts in bands etc. Put a call out to Old Guard, disconnects and other SPs etc for speakers.

    5) Get a rough idea of how many Anon might attend - say £5 at the gate or something. Talk with the authorities about permits, sound levels etc. Start talking to the media.

    6) Look into hiring a cheap stage, find someone who can provide PA etc for free. Look at other entertainments that can be gotten for free. Look at selling food to raise money. Look at alcohol licensing etc.

    7) Pick the best spot for the stage so the sound will travel to the CoS complex.

    8) Organise a shuttle coach from East Grinstead station - encourage other Anon's to sort out direct coaches.

    9) ??????

    10) PROFIT

    Okay - so it's a lot to do - and there's more than this - but it's not a whole lot more that highschool kids can pull off for prom nights. And as there are more than 9000 of us, I'm sure there are talents in event organising and equipment etc. It would require a group, obviously.

    Having said all that, I'll point out again that I'm not in the UK anymore, and so I can't help much - but if there's other Anon who would, now's the time and here's the place to step up - only three months to go...

    Maybe this idea is FAIL from the get-go, and I'll have two threads in the 'dome soon - so I win either way!!! Maybe my faith in Anon is misplaced. If anon does try, and fails, nothing lost - just fall back to London.

    PM me if you're prepared to get organising...

    Anonxmous / Crusty of the stickers.
  2. Anonereign Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon - a proposal

    Fantastic idea, were it to be pulled off, I think.

    However, I very much doubt any landowners will allow in on their land at all. Should definitely be attempted, though.
  3. Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon - a proposal

    Event Licensing would quickly become an issue. Although if numbers were restricted to 499 then it could all be done using a Temporary Event Notice, which makes things much easier... only the Police can object then.
  4. Anonxmous Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon - a proposal

    It comes down to what the landowners think of their neighbours - annecdotal is that the cult isn't well liked around there. Add to that the infomation we could provide, and there might be some interest. That's stage one - and not difficult. Even if it can't be pulled off in time - knowing which neighbours feel what might be otherwise useful intel.
  5. Himbeertoni Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon - a proposal

    dear /b/ritfags if you make this happen i promise here and now, that i will get my ass over to the UK bring a couple of friends and praise your name until i´m old and grey!
  6. spiral Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon - a proposal

    how does someone get access to the land registry?
  7. Anonxmous Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon - a proposal

    About 5 seconds on the friendly google gives Land Register Online


    EDIT: Which has examples of the plans you can get online etc - gotta admit, a whole lot easier than I thought it would be...
  8. Anonxmous Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon - a proposal

    Saint Hill property boundary...
  9. Accelerator Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon - a proposal

    The success of this plan is completely dependent on the willingness of neighbouring landowners to assist - if we can get this assistance it is excellent, but without this assistance we have nothing.

    If Saint Hill fails, I suggest contacting landowners near the other main Scientology HQ at Walsh Manor, Crowborough.

    Also: not all land is on the register; nearly a third of land in England is unregistered, so the registered proprietor of the neighbouring farms may not be listed on the register. Not that this is a problem since there are other sources of information, but thought it was worth mentioning.
  10. Anonymousedk Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon - a proposal

    Provided my schedule allows it, I'll definitely be there. Easyjet is only £60 to Stanstead, round-trip.
  11. Anonxmous Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon - a proposal

    Okay - I think I've got the name and address of the folks who own the land behind the SH complex. Their names don't appear on the truthaboutscientology database.

    Is anyone in the UK prepared to help out with this, or should I just give up now? If you are prepared to do a bit of digging, perhaps send out an info pack, make a call or two etc - then please PM me and I'll pass on the info. I figure that if they ARE anti scientology, and we can get access to the land for an event, getting others involved with organisisng should become alot easier - but someone (or two or three) in the UK needs to step up to do some basic research and contact stuff now...

    The land registry concerned is the portsmouth office, so anyone around there who can go look at plans etc might be useful too.
  12. lol9000 Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon - a proposal

    Take note, the furthest right red cross on that map is seperated from the complex by a road...That would not be a good location.
    IMO, the furthest left cross would be the best, it appears to be right next to their buildings. Failing that, the lowest cross is best. The topmost one is shielded by trees...
  13. SweatyJon Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon - a proposal

    Ok here's the deal at Saint Hill - The field across the road is completely obscured by trees even from the road so thats a no-go, the field on the middle-left is visible from their main reception bit and a few of the offices, as is the field on the bottom-left, but this could easily be blocked out with some strategic curtain-closing.

    The field on the top-left is definitely our best bet. It's on a slight slope, but it overlooks the main entrance and car park, and it has much better road access than the other fields. The highest point is at the northern end of the field, so put a big PA up there and the sound would travel across the whole Saint Hill complex.

    If we can find out who owns that and get them on-side, I'd be completely up for helping organise this.
  14. Anonxmous Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon - a proposal

    SweatyJon = I've PM'd you the adjacent land holder info for the land to the west, and the 'best bet' field to the north (top-left).

    I'd consider sound more important than sight lines - but whatever - worth checking out all options.
  15. Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon - a proposal

    I'll definitely assist with this, it sounds mental. Whatever I can do, I'm on board.
  16. Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon - a proposal

    If anyone gets an OK on the land then please PM me!

    I've a lot of mates who are involved in festivals and events and a very good grasp of the paperwork required, plus connections with sound systems, stages, lights etc.

    EDIT: I've personally got a .5Kw PA, but could probably tap a mate for his 2KW - not sure how he'd feel about lending his stage though, it's pretty unique and easily traceable. He might know other ones we could use though, or could certainly put you onto where you can hire just basic steel-deck cheap!
  17. Anonxmous Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon - a proposal

    So - we've got tentative land-owner info - for two sites - need to put together some really good packs to send off to those addresses - something that, if they're not scilon fans, will sway them towards allowing the land to be used - obviously they will see risk in that, but showing that Anon is being really effective, and just how bad the CoS is - may well do the trick.

    A DVD with some videos (not so much youtube anon - but WBM, "road to..." and BBC clips etc) might really help as well. So someone needs to take on pulling the packs together, while someone else attempts to verify physical mailing addresses, identify phone numbers etc.
  18. drillerkiller Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon - a proposal

    You can definitely count me in :D This would be a fantastic idea, it'll be like a daytime, pill-less rave /m/
  19. Anony-Nony-No Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon - a proposal

    anything i can do

    i've organised coach parties before, so i can certainly get something like that done
    And i've done sound and lighting work before, so i have a grasp of that
    if a crew is needed to set stuff up (which i imagine it will) i'm in!

    I would suggest that if this date falls through (too soon, etc) we could try and go for November 5th, to go along with the V-Masks, might be cold... but holds a certain significance.
  20. Anonxmous Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon - a proposal

    Ok - I'd organise an IRC meet if it wasn't for the time difference to NZ.

    Reaching out to the land owners has to be the priority - I figure three weeks to find out if it's got a chance at all, providing two or three UK anon's are prepared to work together to check these folks out...

    So call for volunteers:

    1) One anon to co-ordinate IRC meetups etc - pool information - keep tabs on who's doing what etc

    2) One anon to start pulling together an info pack for the land owners, including a DVD

    3) One person somewhere near Redhill / Grinstead area to do some on-the-ground research - maybe go for a wander past the addresses, if brave knock on a door or two in SH and ask what they think of thier scientology neighbours.

    Theanonymoustipster, Anony-Nony-No, drillerkiller, SweatyJon - You've all said you're up for helping (and anon-and-on-and-anon - but more when/if if moves past the vague stage)

    So - who's gonna take on which part - just for the next three weeks or so? C'mon Anon's - lets DO this...
  21. SweatyJon Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon - a proposal

    I would have thought the info pack / DVD would be fairly straightforward as we've got both of those things done already. Only problem is I've got no way to print a decent copy of the info pack. Maybe someone could make a copy of each with a covering letter and post it to the address you dug up for that field?
  22. Anonxmous Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon - a proposal

    Yup - I'd send a copy to each of the two addresses - need to have a safe 'undelivered' return address - but since no name needs to be on that - workplace etc should be fine...

    So who's got a half decent printer and a DVD burner?
  23. Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon - a proposal

    Check. I can burn DVD's happily and my printer is perfectly good. What do we want to print though? Pictures, info, letters? It can do all that, but what do we want in this pack?
  24. Anon-101 Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon - a proposal

    Didn't notice this when I posted a similar idea. This one is far better organised! But still I feel like I have to because Rockanon doesn't have that ring to it... "Live Raid" anyone? ;-)
  25. Anonxmous Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon - a proposal

    Heh - Let's NOT talk names before we establish viability - we've all just seen what that does!!! (I've no attachment to the name - just the idea - I like Live Raid better - but I think all discussion of names should be forbidden for the next month at least!)

    Can you give us a link to your thread? Are you in the UK? Would you want to help coordinate? Like get an IRC meeting together or something?
  26. Ehm Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon - a proposal

    If this proves viable, I will go, and might be able to help IRC coordination etc.
  27. Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon - a proposal

    When it proves viable, everyone will go. FACT.
  28. fm104anon Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon - a proposal

    Wow, I was walking home from college today thinking off doing something like this!

    But instead of having it in one area, I was going to suggest we do it worldwide in different venues so each anon could take part. I organised something like it before called Tabaid, when tabs where made illegal. We had gigs in Europe and the States over the same time period, twas great!

    But what if we had it so this event in Sainthill is the main one, but we encourage Americanfags to get stuff going in their states etc?

    Try get a few anon bands to play too.

    Also, for a name, may I suggest Xenufest?
  29. Anony-Nony-No Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon - a proposal

    well i live far away from east grinstead, and alas i'm busy 6 out of every 7 days a week (if i'm lucky, and i don't even get paid very much.... fuckers) so i'm not sure if there's much i can do that would take up much time. HOWEVAR! i will gladly phone people whilst i'm at work, and make enquiries to the local authorities about events licensing and such.... although obviously that would wait until we find out if we can have the land
  30. UpStatSP Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon - a proposal

    I think I mentioned in another post.....we could bring some very unwanted attention toward any landowner that agreed to this idea.

    On the other hand.....I will happily donate a months wages toward getting Rick Astley as the headline act.
  31. Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon - a proposal

    ^ *massive inrush of air to lungs* Rick Astley! I never even thought of that!!!
  32. Anonnumition Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon - a proposal

    If, and this is most probable, the landowner who agrees to the idea does not want the attention then I'm sure it won't be hard to set up notices around the place pointing out that the landowner is not a part of "Anonymous", does not wish to be and does not give permission for anyone to approach him/her on the matter, as well as including it in press realeases if necessary.
    It is their land, they can do as they wish with it, this is no one elses' business really.
  33. SweatyJon Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon - a proposal

    Tipster, any chance you could print out two info packs and burn two DVDs and either post them to me or give them to me at the next protest? We've got some addresses, one doesn't look too promising as it's pretty vague and was registered in the 70s, the other looks pretty good though and I can hand-deliver the packs if I can just get hold of one of the damn things.

    Here's a covering letter I put together -

    Basically I wanted to make us appear nice and approachable, point out that we're reasonable and nice people in case the people that get it are Scientologists (plant some seeds and all that), and also offer them a big fat bit of cash. £10 is a reasonable cover charge for a day of fun, I think.

    EDIT: Shit I didn't even think of Astley. Also I'm calling this Live RAid from now on because thats just too good a name not to use.
  34. Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon - a proposal

    Live RAid - Why the fuck didn't I think of that, genius.

    And yes, I will burn two DVD's and print two of the press packs (I will use the gold release version, its 80 pages but its all good and very digestible).

    What exactly do we want on the DVD's though?

    EDIT: [strike]Ah, having now read your letter, I see you mean a different info pack. Where might I find that?[/strike] disregard, I suck cocks, etc etc - I now have read the title of the gold release. Also, that's a very good letter, I have no criticisms or amendments. Good job

    Actually, I might consider adding a little "We appreciate the length of the information packet, but please take the time to look over it" or something to that extent. 80 pages is not inconsiderable after all
  35. SweatyJon Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon - a proposal

    Good idea, I'll add that in.

    Also look what I did because I was bored -


    I guess now we have a logo we HAVE to have it.
  36. Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon - a proposal

    I love it and you. Thats the most epicest thing I ever did see's
  37. Himbeertoni Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon - a proposal

    i can only say, you guys amaze me, i think i have to look for a flight and save some money ...
  38. Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon - a proposal

    Can I just reiterate that it is a sod getting a license for more than 499 people ?

    If you go above this limit the licensing becomes a real pain, involving a lot of extra effort (sanitation, health and safety, fire safety checks) and it all gets *very* expensive faster than you'd think.

    If you can absolutely restrict numbers to 499 you can get a Temporary Event Notice. The difference is that the council have no right to question it or set conditions, the only people who can object are the police...

    tl;dr numbers of 500 need loadsa money!
  39. SweatyJon Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon - a proposal

    What are the laws about protests on private property? Could we just say its a protest? That might help circumvent a lot of the legal crap.
  40. Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon - a proposal

    A multiple day protest/vigil that just so happens to include a bit of music being played on an 'announcement platform' (AKA - a stage). Sorted.

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