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Discussion in 'Projects' started by Anonxmous, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    WTF - I'm only about 2 hours from Brighton at most...

    Hopefully, pending further developments, I can drive down, but we will see
  2. SweatyJon Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    They want you to go via Heathrow?

    You're in Somerset aren't you?

    What the hell?
  3. Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    Yes, yes I am - and not exactly the deepest backwaters of Somerset either (it does no harm to say about 45 minutes from Bristol)
  4. Heretic Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    srsly guyz wht bznz can i help with?
  5. Anonnumition Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    Read the thread.
    Atm all you can do is brainstorm stuff we could do and how when/ if we have a site confirmed- which is being worked on atm.
    PM one of us if you're really desperate to help out in some way and/ or really cba to read the thread -sigh-
  6. SweatyJon Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    Most likely there won't be any progress with this till the 31st.

    So until then I guess we can just talk about DVDs or some crap.
  7. Anonnumition Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    Yeah, I've been considering adopting that seeing as there's still a "???" next to it... as there is to my name.
    But, bit busy atm, well, will be for the next week at least anyhow and concerned how much memory it would take up on my laptop of fail, so might look into finding some sites where I can store shiz, possibly ask around for people prepared to surrender some memory- Vinonymous was discussing it with me the other day in fact, something he seemed quite keen to help with.

    Will see what we can do... but for me, exams at the mo, same for him and a few other IRL stuffs which might take some time to 'settle'...
  8. SweatyJon Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    Oh actually I meant just DVDs in general. I just bought Brave Starr series 1.
  9. Anonnumition Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    lol. o wow.

    Yeah well, I so totally don't pirate anything -ahem-
  10. Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    Spaced - both series, they are both legendary.
  11. Anonnumition Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    Duh. That's my shiz for when I need upliftings. (And actually got legal copies of the damn things =0)

    Ichi the Killer- apparenty got banned in this country(?), but I has it, t'is brilliantly confusing. Have watched it like 20 times and still not sure if I get it.

    While we're at it, anyone know the name of the movie where they're always "in a game", like VR (lost the game btw... geez), and it's really mucked up, but the final line of the movie was something like "Are we still playing the game?" and then the guy gets shot in the head.

    Brilliant movie but I watched it a few years back and now can't remember the name of it or anything ;_;
  12. SweatyJon Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    I know the film you mean but I can't remember the name of it.

    I've been giving some serious thought to buying this.
  13. Orderous Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    Ichi the Killer is nothing compared to other films. Yes, Mikee is good at fucke up violence and that shit, but if you want proper films start watching Korean films. I highly recommend the Vengance Trilogy box set. So good.

    And has this thread derailed slightly?
  14. Anonhopeful Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    just bought yes minister//prime minister and its great, get the box set if you like the kind of humour.
  15. Anonnumition Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    Lulz, that looks so familiar... I think I may have walked in on my brother watching it once, which most probably means it's awesome.

    And damn you, I so badly want to see that movie again ;_;
  16. SweatyJon Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    Oh! Was it Existenz?
  17. Anonnumition Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    Just checked the trailer... ily.
    I've been trying to find that out for so long, you wouldn't believe Dx

    brb, jumping aboard my pirate ship.
  18. Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    we appear to have personified "off topic"...

    Ah well, I would recommend this relatively unheard of film called "Top Gun", which stars some guy called "Tom Cruise" - someone said you guise might know him?
  19. Orderous Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    On the issue of Tom Cruise. Was just at a BBQ with some friends and this one guy, who does media arts, and who didn't at the time know of my involvment with the anti-CoS people, randomly starts talking about Tom Cruise and saying how he did some really good films but has since gone completely bonkers.

    I could do nothing but agree, and get yet another member for the cause.
  20. Anon-101 Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    I thought the Vengeance trilogy was really tame compared to Ichi (although Sympathy For Mr. was so so depressing). They are all amazing films though.

    Miike is a god when it comes to brutalising his own audience and making it still seem arty and hallucinogenic. Anyone seen Happiness of the Katakouris?



    In terms of info packs for landholders and local residents (if indeed any extra info's required for that), I StumbledUpon this article which is pretty fantastic even though a bit tl;dr

    Feature: Anonymous Takes On Scientology (and Doesn't Afraid of Anything) | 4/2/2008 |

    Sums it all up nicely for people who've never heard of Anonymous or the protests
  21. carsene Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    My two cents;

    I've read this whole thread from start to finish and I still can't make sense of what's going on at the moment.

    This whole idea has such great potential for epic win! But reading this it seems to me like all your efforts are rather random. There doesn’t seem to be a clear, concise and objective game plan to follow and as a result your idea appears to me to be lacking in any real firm direction and clarity; without which this whole thing will struggle to get past planning stage.
    I mean I’ll admit I probably don’t know the full story (especially as this thread reads like you’re all corresponding externally) but you don’t seem to be working together on this and because of the sheer scale of the event being planned (even at 500 people) there desperately needs to be a concentrated effort to get this thing off the ground.
    You may deny it but (not too surprisingly) some of you look to have inadvertently set yourself up as sort-of-leaders in particular areas of organization - not in the spirit of Anonymous, I know. But this may not be such a bad thing in this situation as decisions are going to have to be taken quickly and responsibilities designated more rigorously to stop things either collapsing during planning or going wrong on the day. Anon needs to be objective and systematic about every aspect of planning and execution. Everything needs to be run like a well oiled machine. We want this thing to have real clout but without proper organization it is doomed to epic fail.
    I know it’s been said before, and lots, but one thing at a time starting with the biggest thing, the land. Nothing else matters until the site is secure. You guys seem to be partially doing that now at least. Next thing you need to get people together and sort out a game plan. You need to decide exactly what you want to happen so efforts can be concentrated on achieving this. Having a clear set of objectives like this could also make it easier for other anon to get involved with the organization and harder for the $ci.s to infiltrate. Its also easier to control for things going seriously wrong (God forbid) with a proper structure in place. It would be terrible publicity for Anon if things went bottoms up and perhaps things were damaged or local residents annoyed.

    You probably all picked up on a lot of that already but that’s my opinion of it all. Do feel free to disagree/tell me to "lurk moar"/etc if you think i'm on the wrong lines entirely.

  22. Anon-101 Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    At the moment we're just waiting on the landholders; most of the real gruntwork will come after that and to get this thing working needs the help of everyone willing to contribute. I'll admit the thread is a bit rambly and meandering but once we have some concrete information on the viability of Live Raid things that need doing will come together and we can start sorting this out concretely.

    As you say, it's a monumentally difficult thing to plan and I think it's right to make sure we have the proper basis for holding it before we start moving properly. Rest assured we're working together; it's just that at the moment we're waiting on the site (arguably the most important part of the project!)
  23. Anonnumition Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    Extending on what you say, a lot more than you probably think is dealt with externally, including organisation, partially because a lot of the informations is sensitive.

    Also, if you are who I think you are, Carsene, then you could've easily just talked to me about this in person and asked me.
    If you're not then I've mistook you with someone who has a very similar user name ^^;
  24. SweatyJon Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    Yeah don't worry a lot of crap is going on off-site, but basically we're stuck until we can speak to the landowners, which is unfortunately taking a while.

    Also speaking of Tom Cruise, I just found out today he has a house quite near Saint Hill. It's this one here.

    If anybody wants to send him any post the address is

    Rede Place
    Swissland Hill
    Dormans Park
    East Grinstead
    West Sussex

    But obviously don't actually send him post because they'll spinkle flour over it, put a V mask next to it and put it in their next propganda video as "evidence".
  25. carsene Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    It is me Anonnumition, I totally didn't read user names when I was posting or I'd have spoken to you before about this.
  26. swAdam Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    From what I gather you guys need to plan this more cohesively.

    Do that and you have one anonymous to play right here <-
  27. Orderous Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    We are planning farily cohesievly, we're just waiting for somewhere to actually hold it before we can put ideas into actions
  28. Anonnumition Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    We should totally stick that in the thread title or something... everytime I see a remark about our 'flawed planning' it grates at my short temper ;_;
  29. Anonxmous Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    Maybe you guys now mostly working on the landholder stuff could put together an agreed short summary of where things are at, and dates when there is likely to be more news, post it here and perhaps ask the mods to lock this thread.


    To all those newly coming here - because information about who owns adjacent land, their contact details, when and how they are being approached, and site preferences, are all either (a) somewhat private, or (b) of extreme usefulness to any scilons attempting to disrupt our plans - these communications are taking place privately.

    To give the best chance of success, this needs to be done carefully and be thoroughly thought through, and well presented. Once a site is sorted, things will need to move quickly, and with many more involved - what is obvious is that there are plenty who will involve themselves in this. So much so that it should not take long at all to go from having a site to having a fantastic party at Saint Hill.

    Please be patient, and understand that we are all hoping to get a site sorted as quickly as is practical.
  30. Anonnumition Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    And then make a new thread when we've got the land sorted so public discussion is still enabled? (This one's a bit cluttered, might as well make a new one?)

    Though ofc, keep all major plannings still external, use this to brainstorm.
  31. Theta Omega Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon


    Send him postcards instead. They're tamper-proof.
  32. Anonnumition Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    Couldn't they easily buy an envelope, put the post card 'in' and then so forth?

    They seem dim enough to try that.
  33. Anon-101 Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    True... but it would seem suspicious. "Yes, the terrorists sent him a postcard with a stamp on it... then put it IN an envelope before adding the deadly anthrax" Wouldn't put it past them though!

    Any further progress on landholding? Sorry for continuous pestering (you guys are doing a great job!) but it's that or revision :-S
  34. Anonnumition Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    You should revise y'know ;) I had a psych test today I did fuck all for, sat down and blanked so wrote some shiz about demand characteristics and researcher bias for an hour -facepalm-
    (And THAT is exactly why you shouldn't get yourself all being brainsurgeried in hospital over exam time so you then end up with two loads in one go >_<)

    As far as I'm aware, no- still printing?
    And people are going to visit landholders on the 31st or some shiz... I'm behind on stuff atm, catch up tiem, pretty much finished exams today =D (6 hours of essay writing with just a 20 min break much? ;_;)

    I go do something relatively useful now... (ha.)
  35. Honk_Honk111 Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    Anyone have any ideas for acts it could have, at all?
  36. Anonnumition Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    Local (as in local to any Anon) unsigned bands/ bands where members are in fact Anon are seeming most likely.
    We're not approaching anyone until we have a confirmation on a site.
    Well, I'm not.
  37. Anon-101 Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    Me neither. I know a couple of bands who might be up for it, and there's been speculation about some better-known performers who've criticised the Co$. At this stage, getting performers involved isn't that useful, but if anyone does know any bands/singers/people with weird talents and shows/whatever that'll be really useful once the site is definite
  38. joshanonuk Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    :sad:Hi there, I'm sorta new to the forums/raids (i say sorta.. i was involved a lot in jan. and then stopped because i was fucking up my as levels :|), but reading this i just wanted to pledge my support. I'm from Notts so theres nothing i can do locally, but if you want anything else doing that is just time.... pm/email/msn me :cool: (no money, poor student :sad:)

    And most importantly, i think this will be epic when we get it to work.
  39. Anonnumition Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    NP, any help is great =]
    And I'm sure jobs will crop up for people to do. Hope so too, I'm still racking around tryna figure what I can do which would be remotely useful xD So I -waits-
  40. Anonxmous Member

    Re: Saint Hill - Rockanon

    SweatyJon - how's the land stuff coming along - are you good to run with that - what can folks do to help with that side of things?

    Who also lives fairly local to East Grinstead?

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