Salt Lake City Utah - Planning

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by xenuslc, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. Wenckebach Member

    Re: Salt Lake City Utah - Planning

  2. Onion Jesus Member

    Re: Salt Lake City Utah - Planning

    Damnit. 12th doesn't work for me. Plans popped up that I can't get around. I'd be able to attend any other day but the 12th, if it could be pushed back a day or pushed forward I'd e able to make it.
  3. Mylation Member


    Post deleted 21 September.
  4. MrCorduroy Member

    Re: Salt Lake City Utah - Planning

    Have we considered hitting Sundance? If not, allow me to propose...

    Operation Whiteout

    My proposition is this: get all possible anon to Park City on the Sundance awards night. It's the one night EVERYONE who came for the event will be attending. This will be an informational campaign, not a protest. My plan is that we produce a TON of tiny pieces of paper (perhaps 1" by 2") with different informational sites (ones presentable to outsiders) on them. We then toss our "confetti" throughout the more densely populated areas of the festival (free buses, main street, etc.). If we have an artistically gifted anon amongst us, we could make a nice looking poster and put a few dozen up on all the information boards around town. I envision several of us finding different "posts" around the venues and distributing flyers while answering questions about our cause.

    This is an excellent opportunity to inform people from around the country (and world) all at once.] Main thread for this project
  5. MrCorduroy Member

    Re: Salt Lake City Utah - Planning

    Sorry to double-post, just wanted to say sorry for not introducing myself. I'm new, I have a snappy corduroy suit I swiped from the Sugarhouse DI (hence the name), and I like long walks on the beach.
  6. Mylation Member

    Re: Salt Lake City Utah - Planning

    I'm still alive...but it doesn't seem like anyone else is. Not sure If the Sundance Plan is a good idea for many reasons. I think full sized paper if anything instead of tiny pieces of paper or heading back to the drawing board.

  7. MrCorduroy Member

    Re: Salt Lake City Utah - Planning

    Full sized, tiny, whatever. We still NEED to hit this event. It is a LOT of publicity. Again, it's not a protest. It is an information campaign. We just want to let people know what's going on. Who knows, could even get someone to pump out a documentary for a future festival. I am not hoping to arbitrarily plan the entire event. I just threw out an outline. We can change it, but I will be there distributing information even if it's just me and two of my good SP friends.
  8. Onion Jesus Member

    Re: Salt Lake City Utah - Planning

    Mmmm need to set this page as my home again, I haven't checked in a while. Scions have been lookin' at this page every now and then, told me so themselves ;)
  9. Talin Member

    Re: Salt Lake City Utah - Planning

    I want to be involved in one! When will it be?
  10. Onion Jesus Member

    Re: Salt Lake City Utah - Planning

    Well we need to get more activity and more members involved before we can set a date to get some group activity going.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Re: Salt Lake City Utah - Planning

    Only two anons are required, one with a camera. Whatcha waiting for?
  12. Re: Salt Lake City Utah - Planning

    I drive past there all the time, my aunt is a psychiatrist, they went into her office (a few blocks away from the cult center in SLC) and got in her face, invited her to come and be cleansed of the NAZI science. Funny thing is, she is JEWISH..
    Anyway, I am up for some public harrassment of the cult. As long as they dont send me off to one of thier labor camps for disobeying a direct order, or , saying XENU.
    Lets get a date, and Ill show up, I have a guy Fawkes mask, I recently wore it on nov 5, just for the kicks.
    What would be lots of fun, just walk past the office , look in the window, and walk away, wearing the masks. Just do that several times an hour, that would freak them out. Of course, get a camera just to prove we werent the ones who started the yelling in public.
    Let me know when, I accidentally found a few other anons out there living in my area of town.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Re: Salt Lake City Utah - Planning

    It would appear that the other SLC anons lack balls and therefore will not protest without at least 9000 anons and a baby sitter. My advice to you would be to start a planning thread of your own.
  14. Anonymous Member

    I am with Magpie. I want a PROTEST. Like, next month. I'm sick of all this sitting around bullshitting. Sundance came and went with no more discussion, and scilons go unchecked. What the hell is wrong with us, SLC? Lets MOVE.

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