San Benito, TX. New Community Outreach Centre to host Narconon/Criminon

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Sponge, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. Sponge Member

    San Benito, TX. New Community Outreach Centre to host Narconon/Criminon

    Renovations begin on old Harlingen police station
    Valley Star 3rd Sept 2010
    Renovations begin on old Harlingen police station | police, renovations, san - Local News - Valley Morning Star

  2. Anonymous Member

    re: San Benito, TX. New Community Outreach Centre to host Narconon/Criminon

    "The BRIDGE Community Outreach Center"

    This name and the inclusion of Scientology scams Narconon and Criminon in the "Center" stinks. If I lived in that county I would find out if any of my taxes were going towards this.
  3. Anonymous Member

    re: San Benito, TX. New Community Outreach Centre to host Narconon/Criminon

    This is bad news. Juan Villarreal has got to be the moving force behind this. He is a local dentist and big-time scilon.

    Juan Villarreal - Scientology Service Completions | Truth About Scientology Statistics Project

    Harlingen Family Dentistry | Dentists and Dental Clinic

    He was involved in a labor dispute for forcing the employees of his dental practice to take LRH courses, similar to Diskeeper case.

    I am curious if the Jim Solis mentioned is a scientologist.
  4. ObamAnon Member

    re: San Benito, TX. New Community Outreach Centre to host Narconon/Criminon

    Pooned, lets do this!

    For those who dont know already, one can create a throw-away email account to register for the site here: 10 Minute Mail

    Come on, Do EEET!

  5. Anonymous Member

    re: San Benito, TX. New Community Outreach Centre to host Narconon/Criminon

    I just noticed the subject for this thread says San Benito, CA, it should be San Benito, TX. I you are in Texas and know anyone in that county give them a heads up about this.
  6. Triumph Member

    re: San Benito, TX. New Community Outreach Centre to host Narconon/Criminon

    on the web site in the "about us" section under "Affiliations" they list way to Happiness,CCHR and Narconon..

    Jim Solis was a State Representative
    State Representative
  7. tippytoe Member

    re: San Benito, TX. New Community Outreach Centre to host Narconon/Criminon

    Posted comment:
  8. ObamAnon Member

    Re: San Benito, TX. New Community Outreach Centre to host Narconon/Criminon

    Good work, Tippytoe. I was not sure if the publishers of the Valley Morning Star would allow the posting of links, but I can see from your post that they do.

    From the research Anon did last night, it is blatantly obvious that the "Center" project was infiltrated, if not founded by Scilons.

    I encourage Anons to continue the poons. Use 10 Minute Mail or similar service and post.

    It will be interesting to see if the Sci's respond with comments of their own.
  9. Anonymous Member

  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: San Benito, TX. New Community Outreach Centre to host Narconon/Criminon

    Link to Narconon Exposed always helpful
    Narconon Exposed
  11. Anonymous Member

    Re: San Benito, TX. New Community Outreach Centre to host Narconon/Criminon

    So, the City will furnish Narconon a free space. The County and biz donations will provide free operating expenses? And the cost for Narconon services won't be coming from City or County, but from grants and sponsorships?? So Narconon just has to provide free labor (at slave wages, no benefits, and unqualified personnel)? If that is all correct, such a deal!

    Couldn't determine just from this article about paying for Narconon "services".
    Do know for sure scientology gives nothing away. Perhaps grants from here:

    Texas Juvenile Probation Commission 2010 Report
    (Juv. Prob Appropriations, Riders and Special Diversion Programs)

    Community Corrections Diversion Program (Grant C) Description and Funding Methodology Established FY 2010

    Description. The Community Corrections Diversion Program Grant provides funding that supports an array of rehabilitation services for juvenile offenders including, but not limited to, community-based programs and services, residential placements as well as transition and aftercare programs or services. The programs are intended to divert appropriate youth from the Texas Youth Commission (TYC) to suitable programs and services in local communities. The objective of the Community Corrections Diversion Program Grant is to increase the availability of community-based programs, placements, and services in an effort to divert additional juvenile offenders from commitment to TYC while maintaining appropriate and adequate community safety. (See page 11, Rider 21)

    Funding Allocation Methodology. The funding formula for the Community Corrections Diversion Program is based on each juvenile probation department’s proportion of the statewide weighted average of felony commitments to TYC from fiscal year 2006 through fiscal year 2008. Rider 21 established a maximum funding rate of $140 per juvenile diverted per day or $51,100 annually.

    The total amount of $6,735,800 from fiscal year 2010 and 2011 was part of the General Revenue reduction requirement.

    Funding Allocation Methodology.
    "The Legislature appropriated $6,901,835 for enhanced community based programs to misdemeanor offenders who after June 8, 2007 were no longer eligible for TYC commitment. The amount of $1,325,000 was allocated to the Intensive Community Based Pilot Programs (ICB-Pilot) for counties with a population of 335,000 and the remaining amount went to the Intensive Community Based Program Grant. The largest urban departments (Bexar, Dallas, Harris, Tarrant and Travis) were eligible to receive up to $225,000 each after submitting a program proposal for the funding. The remaining departments with a population of 335,000 had an opportunity to compete for funding by submitting a Request for Proposal (RFP). Cameron, Denton and El Paso were awarded funding based on their RFP."
  12. Optimisticate Member

    Thread necro to stir the pot. Opening day may be soon.

    Ramirez may have had good intentions, but best laid plans, gang aft aglay, etc etc

    Video bonus here:

    This one implies that they're still looking for the full $200K:

    New Mexico involved adults in the system. In Texas they're after KIDS.

    This may be someone to contact: (the commissioner, maybe the blogger.)

    If that building has a sauna in it...
  13. Intelligence Member

    Oh' my God! They have no idea what they're allowing here.
    This is horrible news.

  14. xenubarb Member

    You focus on your shit. We got this. It's a lot harder to pry 'em out once they get in.
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  15. ObamAnon Member

  16. OTBT Member

  17. Dallas TX fag here.... I will get the other Texas Anons in on this.
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  18. Initial research indicates getting an Anonymous presence will be very difficult, since no currently active cells are near there. Houston, Austin, and San Antonio are all still in infancy, and San Bendito is roughly a 3 hour drive from those cities (4 hours for Houton, would be faster for them to come raid in Dallas). Also no universities located in City Limits to cultivate typical Anon fare from. Closest likely points to start raising Anon cells would be Laredo and Corpus Christi.

    They really picked the spot, Far from most contact, this has the capability to inbed itself in local problems. Population of 23,000 is small enough to stay under the radar, yet large enough to support the programs should they make it.

    1. After opening, the country folk of the place do not buy into their snake oil, and the lack of traffic and mainstreaming causes the business to go bellyup.
    2. Given the myriad of different programs, and lack of the public exposure to scilons (closest org is ~400miles away), This wolf in sheeps clothing may fool the locals into accepting this.

    Texas Anons, we must do what we can to investigate who they are targeting and get the public aware as best as we can. We cannot let this stick.
  19. ObamAnon Member

    Please keep us informed; I am curious as to how this turns out.
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  20. Optimisticate Member

    My feelings on this, but I could be wrong...

    They have good intentions with this program that they're trying to get going to keep juveniles from becoming repeat offenders.

    Poons to public officials need to resemble a good complaint letter that reaps rewards when read, such as 'the community center is going to be great, but, this is what happened and this is what can be done to fix it'. Include info on both groups from generalized and common sources such as Wikipedia. The criminon article should contain enough information for someone to say wtf.

    ULTIMATE: I'd love to see the mayor of ABQ (not sure it's the same one now) have a little chit chat with the mayor of Harlingen.

    Also note that the journalist that wrote below article can be contacted from the article itself. Not sure how effective commenting on a month old article would be, but contacting Mr. Garcia may see a new article come to light.

    And a big giant facepalm for elected officials who keep falling for the party line of whoever approaches them instead of using google FFS! When will they learn???
  21. Perhaps in light of the recent New Mexico Steam people that were harmed, we may be able to frame our concern similar to that, since we know the official way to get drugs out of their bodies is the purification rundown?
  22. xenubarb Member

    I'd like to see some inmate harmed by this program sue the county of whatever place uses NN on inmates.
  23. Anonymous Member

  24. Anonymous Member

  25. Anonymous Member

    Does somebody have a link to an information packet or flier on second chance & narconon?
    I may know of a few people I can send them to...
  26. Optimisticate Member

  27. Optimisticate Member

    Just a reminder that opening day is coming soon.

    Man the poons!!
  28. Optimisticate Member

    ^^^Author of above article worked for MHMRA:

    My poon linking criminon/narconon to scientology and CCHR has been sent. Has yours?

    REMEMBER! This is not just a community center but a center for troubled teens. Scientology is targeting children and has found a place that brings the kids to them voluntarily. Disgusting.
  29. ObamAnon Member

    I sent my email! Doo eet! It does not even require registration!
  30. Anonymous Member

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  31. TinyDancer Member

  32. Optimisticate Member

    Idle anons are requested to fire poons at will.
  33. Hard to poon, requires Facebook validation.... I'm gonna leave this here until I find a way around it.

    If the Ten Commandments can't be posted like this, I don't see why the Way to Happiness should be.

    Let's see what else has been cobbled together

    Flourish and Prosper.- Vulcan Farewell

    Respect the Religious Beliefs of Others.
    Honor and Help Your Parents.
    Don’t Be Promiscuous.
    Do Not Murder.
    Seek to Live with the Truth.
    Do Not Steal.
    -The Ten Commandments

    Try Not to Do Things to Others That You Would Not Like Them to Do to You.
    Try to Treat Others as You Would Want Them to Treat You.
    -The Golden Rule

    I can make up a bunch of random shit too and call it a way to happiness. The question comes of course, "Who's way to happiness?" Well it's mine! Not very convincing, or well thought out.

    This Way to Happiness is of course Lafayette Ronald Hubbard's. Now you may say it's totally secular, and not at all associated with the religion he developed... but is that really the truth? It's really just cobbled together from Pre Existing sources. And I don't see why Morality is ever the concern of my Government. There is a reason My tax money does not go to instilling a sense of Morals, because I don't trust the Government to make it up.

    Government, Don't support any sort of Morals. That's for my family's choice. Keep your nose out!
  34. AnonLover Member

  35. Optimisticate Member

    Clicking the reporter name results in magical results :)

    Also, looking on the city website, I can find nothing in the past week's meeting minutes concerning whether or not TWTH belongs on the walls as the mayor stated. However, it appears it was a county and not city meeting, so I'm not sure how this all works. Someone else may have better eyes than I: (see Upcoming Public Meetings)

    One of the city commissioners states she believes in separation of church and state (but). Here is mayor and city commissioner contact info:

    There is no "board of district judges" listed here on the county website and I cannot find any information on meetings they may have had. Should be on public record, but it's not on their site.
  36. AnonLover Member

    FFS this is a new rehash of classic scilon faggotry at a totally unacceptable level.

    Oh look, more fronts...
  37. anonakatie Member

    Not only was Juan Villareal on the committee but his office Harlingen Dentistry apparently is also getting a cut of the action by also being in the center-underwritten by taxpayer money. So he personally appears to be benefitting. Plus, that other fundraising member of the committee, the "retired teacher" Gail Thomason would appear to be the same Gail Thomason who is the director of the local Narconon.

    Egads, people of Harlingen, are you asleep at the switch, or have the pod people already taken over there? Jimeney!

    And Ramirez, who has been championing this effort, is the head of the county Juvenile Justice Department. Who wants to bet where kids who are in need will be steered by the court on the recommendation of Ramirez?

    This is a neat little package of fail.
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  38. Anonymous Member

    The area of Harlingen is run by the good ol' boys. Once the good ol' boys realize money is not going toward their own coffers, the cult game will be over.

    Elections in Harlingen are always interesting as many deceased residents of Harlingen and the valley vote whenever needed.

    The above info is from a person with long time relatives from the area.
  39. anonakatie Member

    Hey anon, can you pm me some of those good old boy names?
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