San Diego Interfaith Alliance April 26th

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  1. albinocat Member

    San Diego Interfaith Alliance April 26th

    Interfaith Leaders Celebrate Human Development

    San Diego Interfaith Alliance Brings People Together.

    Christians, Muslims, Jews, Scientologists and many others from San Diego and beyond are coming together to celebrate achievements in Human Development and Human Rights at the First Annual San Diego Interfaith Alliance Awards Dinner on April 26th at the Town & Country Resort in Mission Valley.

    Amongst the speakers will be Imam W. Deen Mohammed, leader of the largest Muslim community in America. An Islamic scholar with a keen scriptural knowledge, he is an esteemed member of The World Supreme Council of Mosques, The Peace Council, and he is an international president of the World Conference of Religion and Peace. Imam Mohammed has met with countless world religious and political leaders over the past twenty-five years including Pope John Paul II whom he had met with at the Vatican.

    Mary Shuttleworth, founder of Youth For Human Rights International is a featured speaker promoting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. An honored spokesperson for human rights and social justice in Europe, Africa and Asia, Ms. Shuttleworth has expanded the awareness of Human Rights to millions around the world. The award wining Public Service Announcements videos and United video have reached more than 50 million people and are available online at www.YouthForHumanRights.Org.

    Ms. Aurora Cudal is a UNESCO Fellow on Drug Education and member of the UN Fund On Drug Abuse Control Advisory Committee. Ms. Cudal is another featured speaker was the Chairperson, Board of Christian Education and Communications; President, Board of Women´s Work, Philippine Central Conference; and World Secretary, World Federation of Methodist Women.

    Mr. Henri Migala, Executive Dean at Cuyamaca College, developed the Teen Save program for youth in Uganda, lead a disaster response team in Sri Lanka and worked with the World Health Organization in Nepal on the Global Polio Eradication program. He serves as subject area expert for the Congressionally Mandated Center for Excellence in Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance.

    The San Diego Interfaith Alliance event is presented by Masjidul Taqwa, the oldest Muslim community in California and co-hosted by the Church of Scientology of San Diego in cooperation with the Westminster Presbyterian Church in San Diego.

    The awards dinner banquet is at 6:00 pm on Saturday, April 26 at the Town & Country Resort in Mission Valley at 500 Hotel Circle North in San Diego. For ticket information, sponsorships or vendor information, call 619-239-6738.

    Should we protest the event or inform the Interfaith Alliance about their co-host ?
  2. Accelerator Member

    Re: San Diego Interfaith Alliance April 26th

    If you protest, you run the risk that people will think you also disagree with religion in general, or with inter-faith dialogue.

    Perhaps someone could contact the speakers and let them know who they are associating themselves with. Certainly, the Islamic speakers may not be so keen on a link with the Scientologists if they read what LRH had to say about their prophet.
  3. orly Member

    Re: San Diego Interfaith Alliance April 26th

    Definitely contact the other religious representatives to let them know what's up. Tell them how you feel about Scientology, mention that you don't feel it's a legit religion, explain why, cite some sources, etc.

    I don't know about protesting, though--if we protested it, we'd have to be very, very clear that we're ONLY protesting Scientology, and all the real religions are just fine by us. And even then, it's not too nice to disrupt all the legit religions.

    I mean, there'd be nothing wrong with dialogue, in theory, if any Scilons were capable of it and only wanted to talk about their beliefs and junk--but most of what I hear from them is overused "WE'RE THE GOOD GUYS COME JOIN US" rhetoric and vague diversions whenever they're asked something ABOUT their "faith" and bullshit "PSYCHIATRISTS WANT TO RAPE YOUR BABIES" claims.
  4. moarxenu Member

    Re: San Diego Interfaith Alliance April 26th

    Not if you have priests, nuns, and other clergy people in their religious garb. The Catholic Church should be protesting the cult's practice of forced abortion and forced divorce. We have a lot of work to do making the truth known to religious communities, almost all of who are committed to programs of social justice. The human rights abuses of the cult and its bullying and intimidation of every institution in our society make this an important social justice issue.
  5. Anónimo Member

    Re: San Diego Interfaith Alliance April 26th

    My take on this one is not protesting at all. Just inform the other speakers.
  6. A.Non Hubbard Member

    Re: San Diego Interfaith Alliance April 26th

    Agreed. No protest, but from now until April 26th we need to let everyone involved know about the cult.
  7. orly Member

    Re: San Diego Interfaith Alliance April 26th

    Mmmmeh, it's still kinda disruptive, and even if we're not "targeting" the real religions, they're probably not going to be too happy to have us there. I wasn't sure about the protesting thing, but if others think it's a bad idea, then I have no problems agreeing with them there.
  8. Re: San Diego Interfaith Alliance April 26th

    The Presbyterians, I think, are getting 0wn3d by Scn disinformation: See my post at
  9. Re: San Diego Interfaith Alliance April 26th

    PS - I like interfaith dialog. Among genuine faiths, that is. I hope no one protests this particular event.
  10. Delta Member

    Re: San Diego Interfaith Alliance April 26th at every table? It's a way to show them what $cn is without really creating a "distraction"
  11. supafreak Member

    Re: San Diego Interfaith Alliance April 26th

    Agreed. Contact the Interfaith Alliance instead.

    Oh, and first post. Hai! :)
  12. jeannie36832 Member

    Re: San Diego Interfaith Alliance April 26th

    I think a pamphlet mailed to all the attendees (if it's possible to find out) with the French article about the videos using people statements fraudulently to support Scientology. I wouldn't put it past the Scilons to have their cameras there for this same purpose. Also include any statements that we already have from people on the videos who have stated that their words were distorted and that they do not support COS.
  13. D... Member

    Re: San Diego Interfaith Alliance April 26th

    Absolutely do not protest. In fact I would stay away from this all together. Doing this would be a huge footbullet for us.
  14. tiggernew Member

    Re: San Diego Interfaith Alliance April 26th

    Hmm... This topic makes me think of some new sign ideas for the future. If anyone did show up with a sign, to make it clear that we aren't all atheists, and certainly aren't opposing all religion, signs could say,

    "God is great!
    Allahu akbar!
    Elohim Gadol!
    CoS >> "Make Money!"

    or for this specific occasion:
    "Why is

    HAS NO

    CHRISTIANS (heart) GOD
    MUSLIMS (heart) ALLAH
    JEWS (heart) GOD
    SCIENTOLOGISTS (heart) $ (or LRH)

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