San Francisco Flash Raid: Saturday, June 18, 2011

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by MOOG, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. MOOG Member

    Another faggy flash-raid and tonight Scilons came out to play. There seemed to be an event going on, people were everywhere while C1\/1L, Luna C, Tulu, Moar Xenu, Paul-Paul, Disco Lady, Jase and I disco danced, passed out fliers and posed for pictures. A lot of passersby just hanging out with us and talking. Then suddenly, BLACK PR! Two scilons, a skittish asian lady and a while male TR Zombie came out and began passing these out:


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  2. LocalSP Member

    Geez they couldn't even get a pic of A N ON? How fail can you get.
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  3. moarxenu Member

    Eight glorious faggots showed up for our flash raid. It started at 3:00 pm. I left at 7:00 pm, and four fags stayed and planned to dance and troll the evil cult into the night.

    There was some event going on at the org and the huge North Beach Fair taking place several blocks up Montgomery Street. That meant we had a lot of people honking and giving us thumbs up. A cabdriver stopped for a light whipped out his cell phone and took pix. A entire busload of people came by waving and yelling their support.

    People coming back from the Fair on the opposite side of the street were waving, giving thumbs up, and taking pix. About a dozen people stopped where we were and posed with us for pictures.

    We had a copy of Janet Reitman's new book, Inside Scientology, which we were promoting to everyone we talked to. If we had had copies we could have sold at least five on the spot.

    We had tourists from Germany and also from Pinellas County. We talked to them about the cult in Clearwater and told them Janet would be speaking in Tampa in July.

    One Jewish lady I spoke with wasn't very convinced anyone should care about the cult until I told her about the cult exploiting the Holocaust. Suddenly she got very interested. I told her that Janet is speaking at the Jewish Community Center here on September 13. She said she lives nearby so we will probably see her there.

    A bunch on young guys came by. One was visiting from LA. He was on YMTD before the rise of Anonymous. He told us about trolling the cult and making prank calls to orgs when Skype was free at that time.

    A cougar came by and started dancing with us, and yelled out "IF SCIENTOLOGY WORKS WHY ISN'T TOM CRUISE A FOOT TALLER???"

    We also had two guys tell us that one night they were completed hammered and went into the org to take a leak. Scifags let them in but tried to sell them shit even thought they were completely drunk.

    We also had a guy who was completely drunk wander by. He wanted a free GF mask and copy of Inside Scientology. We said GTFO, and he wandered into the org to take a piss.

    Then we had a guy and his GF stop by. They were very knowledgeable and had a cooler with them from which they had been selling cannabis ice cream at the Fair. Unfortunately they were all sold out :(

    Fail scifags were fail. It was a flash raid so they didn't know we were coming. Early on in the raid they passed out a xerox of a UK Daily Mail article on the false flag vandalism of John Travolting's Ocala Mission.

    At the beginning of the raid they refused to give it to us so we got one from a passerby. Several hours later they come up to us and a clump of peeps we were talking to and desperately started handing them out. We lol'd.

    The most interesting dude was a guy whose GF was in Narconon in Santa Cruz and then Tahoe. She is enraged as is her family and BF, and she has spoken with a lawyer who is filing cases for Narconon victims. I told him about David Love in Canada and that David would like to hear from his GF and gave him info to contact him here on WWP.

    Well done, my beloved faggots. One of the best flash raids evar. Other fags came chime in with moar details.

    PS: Paul told us that Jesse Prince has cancer so this was also a Get Well Soon Jesse raid. Vid to be posted later will show us giving greetz to Jesse.













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  4. Anonymous Member

    Awesome Raid! Beautiful Photos! Bravo!!!
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  5. dudes..... awesome job! +9000 winz
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Well done guys.
    Moar- is there any chance we can buy several dozens copies of Inside Scientology for retails price and sell them before the orgs?
    Will that be legal? I know that in New York books are sold all the time on the streets and the police can't do much about it because it falls under the "freedom of speech".
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  7. Anonymous Member

    You guyz fucking rock... you need to come down to LA to kick some anon butt where protests are almost non-existent and those who gave up on protesting come up with a zillion excuses for not doing so... major fail, faggots.
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  8. Chipshotz Member

    So very good. Well done.
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  9. moarxenu Member

    Regs vary from city to city. I don't think selling what would prolly only be five or so copies at each raid would be a problem.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Then we should totally do that. Put our stands with Inside Scientology and maybe also Bare-Faced Messiah next to the Dianetics tables. In fact, it would probably be more effective than any lulzi raids. Plus, I bet the scilons would get real and I mean REAL mad.
    I'd also print out free copies of Paulette's The Scandal of Scientology and give it away for free during the raids. It can't be too expensive to do if we print that stuff at Kinko's or something.
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  11. moarxenu Member

    Well, half the raiders were rockin' newfags who have been with us only for a couple of months. They heard about Anon on the internetz. One came for freedom of expression and stayed for Chanology. He does some solo raiding in his hometown for freedom of expression and comes to all the Chanology raids.

    It also helps that we have the Chanology SF Ning. So SoCal fags need to revive their site and recruit. What really helps is having rockin' tunes. We are constantly up and dancing. moog is an awesome DJ.
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  12. subgenius Member

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  13. adhocrat Member

    $17.nn from Walmart or Barnes and Noble on line. I'd chip in for a copy, especially if I got to read it.

    And dang, MOOG, Moar and the others, wish I'd been there. Soon...
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  14. Anonymous Member

    I'm going to order a few copies and donate them to this second hand bookstore in SoHo. All of their books are donated and all proceeds to go homeless New Yorkers with HIV/AIDS. I bet they'll be more than happy to get a few copies.
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  15. We has a blast and there was some OSA camera faggotry in evidence also a quick appearance of OSA drooler Mark Warlick,
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  16. moarxenu Member

    Nite raid next Saturday:

    Human Rights FAIL Xtra-Special-Jan Eastgate Awareness Night!

    Time: Saturday, June 25, 2011 from 6pm to 9pm
    Location: SF Org, Empty Shell of an Org
    Street: 701 Montgomery
    City/Town: San Francisco, CA
    Event Type: raid, protest, shout, out
    Organized By: proudpts

    Where's Criminon when you need them?

    As most of you probably already know, Jan Eastgate, international president of Scientology's anti-psychiatry front group, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, was arrested in Australia for her part in covering up the crimes of a Scientologist who raped his stepdaughter.

    Eastgate coached the very young victim to lie about what happened, emphasizing that if she didn't lie, the girl might be separated from her family.

    The victim, who suffered the abuse from age 7 to age 11, has finally found the courage to speak out.

    I was inspired by Tory Christman's one-woman SoCal protest:

    This girl was in single digits when she was raped.

    Jan Eastgate?

    IT'S ON

    for more info about the case, see:

    PS: Double raid op. for those planning on coming to Santa Rosa a.m. protest!!
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  17. Exponential Member

    This silliness printed day of jan eastgate court appearance? which apparently got ugly.
    spray paint... markers and chalk tech ftw
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  18. Exponential Member

    thats awesome of you
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  19. Mafiawog Member

    Hmmm...perhaps even I could be persuaded to join in on the L.A. festivities if they should ever happen again... Why so few protests in L.A.? Close enough to PAC/OSA that it makes identifying and harassing Anons very easy?
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  20. BLiP Member

    You beauties - thank ya very muchly.
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  21. JohnnyRUClear Member


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  22. xenubarb Member

    Again, being molestered is not the same as being raped. She wasn't raped. She wasn't raped. She wasn't raped.
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  23. RightOn Member

    Moar thanks for the detailed report and what an awesoe job you guise did!
    Sounds like a lot of the general public got very well informed!
    Love the Jan Eastgate aweness night!

    Also very sad to hear about Jesse. :(
    and this makes yet another COS member with cancer
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Depends on who's definition of "molestered" is used.
  25. Anonymous Member

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  26. skeptic2girl Member

    sounds like good, wholesome enturbulating fun! sorry I missed it, fags! see you in a week, yeah? I'm glad you snagged one of the "fliers" moog! Those cards you hand out put their pos xeroxes to shame...

    Oh man, I'm REALLY sad now. Just have to party harder next Saturday is all...

    about the "article":

    I had to read the following caption under the anon photo several times before I figured out what it was trying to say: "Members of the group Anonymous have attacked Scientology in the media but the church says it has threatened them with violence as well"

    So I'm thinking, why on earth would the church incriminate itself by passing out this article with this caption? Why would they admit that "it" (the church) has threatened "them" (Anonymous) with violence? Ohhhhh, by IT you mean "Anonymous" and by "them" you mean the cult, eh?

    Come into my office, Editor. You're FUCKIN' FIRED!!
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    I'll just keep waiting then.....;)
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  28. MOOG Member

    still waiting on footage to arrive here...huge files are huge, internet tubes are full or something. we need a big truck.
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  29. moarxenu Member

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  30. Ann O'Nymous Member

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  31. C1\/1L Member

    aaawwwww yyyeeeaaahhhhhh that's me, mr. black and white. Such a glorious day twas. I was the first one to arrive and the $cilons had their front door wide open! So, naturally, I start the camera rolling. It wasn't long until I was approached by a couple (who appeared to be under the influence of something) who wanted to know what the hell I was doing wearing a mask.
    Anyway, that was my favorite raid day to date. I am a relatively newfag after all.
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  32. C1\/1L Member

    Oh and btw, I am the one responsible for the delay on video material... MY BAD. First time uploading video longer than 15 min clips.
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  33. moarxenu Member

    Welcome C1V1L!!!
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  34. MOOG Member

    thank you C1V1L!!!<3 these files are xbox hueg, you are a prince. still downloading!
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  35. skeptic2girl Member

    Ideally, we could just give them away, although there's that economic concept about how if something is offered for free it doesn't seem as valuable to people.
  36. This thread is AWESOME!
    'Love the handout they gave... it's really kind of unsettling the way they talk about Travolta's son, and that they have to specify that the death certificate says he died from a seizure. That's just weird.....

    But mainly loving the Anonymous action. I hope our raids in LA are just as epic!
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  37. skeptic2girl Member

    I appreciate the correction, xenubarb. It's my bad, too, since I wrote up the invite. I'd be the last person to throw around the word rape casually, if only I'd, um, er, done my research better.

    I'll ask moog if he can edit my error...
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  38. adhocrat Member

    Bozuri had a good idea. She was buying a couple copies for a local charity reseller. The money goes to help people. Don't remember the details.

    In any case, i just ordered two copies.
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  39. skeptic2girl Member

    P.S: SF fags -- I'm soooooooooo jealous! Could someone just lie and pretend it wasn't fun without me there?!

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