San Francisco Megathread 2013: All-You-Can-Eat Entheta Buffet!

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by skeptic2girl, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. The Wrong Guy Member

    From Tony Ortega this morning (below the main story, which is about Tucson):

    CCHR in San Francisco

    Yesterday, Scientology’s wacky anti-psychiatry front group, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, showed up in force to protest the annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association at the Moscone Convention Center. A couple of our correspondents snapped some photos of the scene.

    In this first photo, our tipster tells us they recognized famous “Squirrel Buster” operative John Allender — who just last week was enturbulating Mark Bunker in Portland. It’s a bit hard to tell from this photograph that it’s Allender in the middle of the shot hiding a bit behind his sign, but our tipster sent another photo that convinced us this is Allender.

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  2. snippy Member

    She says
    Well, drug rehab comes to mind. Funny, Scientology has its fingers in that pie, too.
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  3. So did those fuckers print all those signs and banners in their SoCal plant which is often staffed with child slave labor?
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  4. TMOT Member

    This dude was our own personal tail. We ditched him several times (I actually tracked him at least as much as he tracked us). I sincerely hope he didn't get his ass beat for losing us.

    When we were at the rallying point, he was blatantly standing behind us, watching. When the march took off and we followed, he followed us - but someone stopped us to ask a question and he awkwardly slunk past. Obvious tail is obvious.

    We had some really great interactions with publics, psychs and even CCHR peeps.

    You guise should come out next time!
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  5. MOOG Member

    SFAnon covers Scientology's CCHR (Citizen's Commission on Human Rights) vs APA Psych Party 2013. John Allender, Jeff Quiros, and Chill EB were there, along with 200 CCHR followers. "HEY! HEY! APA! HOW MANY KIDS DID YOU DRUG TODAY!" was chanted over 9000 times. They were loud!. But not as loud as the TV screen they had setup at Moscone Center - TMOT and i wondered how it could be legal, it was just blaring. also, we had our very own personal angry CCHR/Scientology handler! weeeee!


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  6. Anonymous Member

    Ladies and Gentlemen!
    May I present:
    Bishop Ron Allen, PHD, of the International Faith Based Coalition

    Truth about Scientology has a Ron Allen Flate. Not sure if this is our Bishop. But it sounds like it could be.
  7. Anonymous Member


    Oh, look! Here's Bishop Ron with Miss Cabbage!
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  8. Anonymous Member

    I shared this post with Victoria Britton, Kyle Brennan's mom. She wrote:

    How do you think the Church of Scientology would respond if two-hundred chanting psychiatrists protested in front of a one of their Org's?
    A big hug for Moog for remembering my son.
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  9. TMOT Member

    Aww. Hugs back to Victoria!
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  10. MOOG Member

    bingo. that part at the end of the video where their TV Screen is blabbing on and on about teens killing themselves due to psych meds is so horrible and exploitative and so full of lies. i immediately thought of Kyle, then i thought of how Victoria might feel possibly seeing all of this in the video, and how hurtful and deceitful the CCHR/Scientology is, how they always want to write the narrative on everything. then i felt sad. so i thought dedicating this outrageous spectacle to Kyle's memory would be the good way to go. thanks for passing the video around. all my love to Victoria<3<3
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  11. The Wrong Guy Member

    Brain Distrust: Shrinks and Scientologists Find Weird Common Ground Over the DSM-5 - SF Weekly

    By Joe Eskenazi, Wednesday, May 22 2013

    The Achilles heel of the Occupy movement was that extreme and — some would say — unbalanced individuals hijacked the spotlight and the message.

    So, perhaps it's fitting that this past weekend's protest, titled "Occupy the American Psychiatric Association," was forced to reschedule so that extreme and — some would say — unbalanced individuals wouldn't hijack the spotlight and the message.

    The APA gathered in the city over the weekend prior to the rollout of its controversial fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. On the 18th, the marching masses of the Citizens Commission for Human Rights, outfitted in matching T-shirts reading "CHILDHOOD IS NOT A MENTAL DISORDER: Stop Psychiatric Drugging of Children" were slated to demonstrate at Moscone Center. Occupy the APA wanted nothing to do with them.

    "There was an announcement they were going to do their protest on the 18th, so we moved ours to the 19th," explains Jim Gottstein, a co-organizer of Occupy the APA, a gathering of mental health professionals, patients' rights advocates, and other critics of a drug-first approach to mental well-being. "We want no confusion about this being a joint effort."

    That's because while the CCHR describes itself as a "psychiatric watchdog," it's also an offshoot of the Church of Scientology — which wants to do to psychiatry what your dog wants to do to a squirrel. For folks like Gottstein with nuanced objections to the current state of psychopharmacology, it's deeply frustrating to be constantly queried if he's part of a Scientology front group.

    Continued at
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  12. The Internet Member

    Protesting is a dumb way to resolve scientific questions, America. Evidence is way better. And where the evidence is thin within a scientific discipline, there ought to be concern for evidence.

    We have to protect researchers from politics for the same reasons we have to protect judges from politics. Otherwise we will be at-cause over MEST, which is another term for "crazy."
  13. Anonymous Member

    "...Church of Scientology — which wants to do to psychiatry what your dog wants to do to a squirrel."
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Dr. Steve Wiseman FTW!!!

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  15. Anonymous Member

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  18. Anonymous Member

    old, but gold.


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  22. rickybobby Member

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  25. skeptic2girl Member

    Yesterday, moog and I enjoyed a super-surprise, last-minute, fast and furious "smoke break" FLASH RAID, starring unwelcome guest, Hurricane Xenu.
    At first HX's presence was quaint and novel, then useful (a few signs blew across the street, and a cool, handsome guy brought them back to us and chatted us up)... but when my dress began to blow over my head... it was time to go home!

    There were definitely (other) pervy elements to this raid -- 99% contributed by the parade of Naked Guys on Bikes. My favorite *naked* guy riding within the group kept his pants on. The guys who just biked along like act normal and then you look closer and realize they are naked were kind of funny (particularly a guy whose whole body had elaborate zebra/tiger stripes painted on. That was pretty cool.) But the guys who went out of their way to make sure people could see their junk, slowing down and posing for everyone were just gross. I don't think I'm posting that video. Trust me, ladies. You don't want to see it.

    Still, caught some fun video -- Staff Member Josh is helpful to tourists (at our request!!), special guest appearance by Book Boy, etc.

    Plus, saw an apparently new, young staff member possibly subbing for Pippi -- dressed all in pink and looking pretty, her nickname is Molly Ringwald. She and Rico Suave were having fun flirting, until Peppermint Patty marched over and put a stop to any such frivolity.

    Also, as we paraded triumphantly to Naan 'n' Curry, I had lifted my mask so that it was resting on my forehead, and Hurricane Xenu GRABBED it, and it got run over by a car! :( Squirrel Bait had generously given me that mask back in March 2010. RIP, First GF mask...

    Here are some teaser pics... video uploading... it's good to be back! &lt;3

    1. Should we test the ALL ARE WELCOME! COME IN TODAY! theory to see if they mean it? lol, no: don't have time to get arrested...
    2. Setting up:
    3. Can you read the, &quot;Hello, my name is CHURCH POLICE&quot; sticker?!
    4. Rather feeble chalk tech, to be sure -- but at least it was out on the sidewalk, unlike their sidewalk sign. But, yeah, I'm not in the business of show my underwear to the general public, but if I was going to, it wouldn't be free...
    ps^ apparently, the Scientologists also found the chalk tech feeble... it was still there after we passed by after dinner!
    5. The infamous &quot;Truth About Drugs&quot; sign --- hung up crookedly. Standards, guys! Standards!
    (Josh did NOT hang that thing up -- if he had, it would NOT have been crooked!)

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  26. rickybobby Member

    S2G, saw an RR "Hey Girl" poster today--- thought of you!!!!!! Didn't think quickly enough to take a pic to post for you! Good job on the flash raid. Glad to see you are back in the saddle.
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  27. Chipshotz Member

    Nice, I've missed your posts S2G.
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  28. skeptic2girl Member

    I <3 this video... it's got it all: Genius of Love, moog, and staffer Josh --

    We inadvertently almost give tourists the wrong directions, but then: along comes Josh to save the day!

    Bonus: sideways for first part!

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  29. Anonymous Member

    Tom Tom Club ftw!
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  30. Chipshotz Member

    Good job Josh. Expert in communication.
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  31. skeptic2girl Member

    moog, being a whiz, fixed my video for me!! so great! I will eventually take the original, sideways-for-half-the-time one down.

    (I had at least two other videos that day, but the wind's so bad, it's not really worth it. :()

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  32. skeptic2girl Member

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  33. MOOG Member


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  34. AuntAnonymous Member

    Vid didn't come up for me but I upvoted anyways because you're awesome.
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  35. tigeratbay Member

    LUV it! :p
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  36. MOOG Member

    Lady M and I raided the Noon Smoke Break at the Org today! This was whe most beautiful hot day evar, and also the first daytime raid since....last summer? we really lost track of Pippi & Co, so today was a new experience and we saw all new people. We did not see Jerry. (sad_face.jpg) but we did see a middle aged public lady come out the front door and stop in either mock-fear or real fear. She was definitely curious, so i said "it's OK, we're just here to say hi and make sure you look at all sides regarding Scientology - then you'll be A-OK!" and she chatted with us for a little bit. Met a German family on vacation who talked with us fir a long time, then went into the Org, and came out and talked to us some more.

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  37. MOOG Member

    thank you AuntAnonymous, YouTube blocking FTL - it's Love Machine by the Miracles. (without Smokey) I woke up thinking about it this morning before going the Org, and those lyrics are so peculiar and strangely apt for the Scientologist, especially when they're on the cans. All those Scientology terms and double meanings. So i slowed it down and edited it a little specifically for today.

    This one goes out to AuntAnonymous and tigeratbay!

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  38. MOOG Member

    so right, skeptic2girl, that raid was technically challenging. all that wind was just OT raeg on us, and my camera kept failing. but i did get a nice shot of Josh <3


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  39. Chipshotz Member

  40. tigeratbay Member

    ((Big Hug)) to you and Lady M. For all you do.:)
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