San Francisco Megathread 2013: All-You-Can-Eat Entheta Buffet!

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by skeptic2girl, Jan 1, 2013.

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    Just wait til the next raid!
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  4. TMOT Member

    OK, WHO WANTS TO RAID! Let's do it before I head off to LA for TomKat Project!
    Also if you want to go to TomKat, LMK!
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    It's Ca-Tass-Trophy day at Caturday today...

    Part I:


    Part II:

    cat-tas-trophy 2.gif

    And atheist Cat, for the finale:

    Atheist Cat.jpg
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    Mike Rinder has posted a little love note from a Jevon Millan of the SF Org!
    tl;dr: hit the books!
    But you should really read the whole damn thing. The hyperbole is THE! BEST!! HYPERBOLE!!! EVAR!!!!
    Many lulz to be had here!

    Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2013
    From: Church of Scientology San Francisco <>
    Subject: A Message from the Senior Case Supervisor

    Hello! And greetings from Flag!
    I’ve been here for the past two months preparing for what will be the greatest event in Scientology history.
    Undoubtedly you’ve heard rumors about the Golden Age of Tech Phase II. You’ve heard about the speed of progress up the Bridge here at Flag.
    You’ve heard that our Supervisor, Word Clearer and Auditor trainees that we sent (totaling 15 staff between both Day and Foundation orgs) progressed through their training line-ups at lightning speed.
    You’ve probably caught wind of the massive amounts of Clears being made on a weekly basis, and OTs! And the highest-ever completions occurring week after week after week.
    You probably heard that those Clears made at Flag included two HGC auditors from the San Francisco Orgs.
    You might have even heard that dozens of those Clears made at Flag were made in the Academy Auditing Section.
    That’s right: the ACADEMY auditing section.
    Well I can tell you with complete certainty that whatever it is you think you know about Golden Age of Tech Phase II, in terms of what it means for speed up the Bridge and speed, confidence and perfection in training, is yet only the teeniest, tiniest, minutest fraction of a fraction of what is about to be unveiled this weekend at Flag! And the following weekend in San Francisco!
    Golden Age of Tech Phase II will bust the doors to the Bridge wide open and pave the way for honest-to-God planetary Clearing.
    And I’m not even talking about the release of Super Power and the opening of the new Flag delivery building! I am talking about what will be released to us in our org for delivery to you.
    In preparation for this major release the San Francisco Orgs sent 15 of our best Tech staff to Flag for training. Only two weeks from now you will not only witness the single most theta event of your whole track, but you will also be introduced to:
    Your 9 newly Flag trained, Golden Age of Tech II Supervisors
    Your 2 newly Flag trained, Golden Age of Tech II Word Clearers
    Your 4 newly Flag trained, Golden Age of Tech II Class V Auditors

    And if that isn’t enough, both San Francisco Day and San Francisco Foundation, by the time of the event, will each have a Flag trained Clear Certainty Rundown Delivery team in place and will begin delivery on this Rundown immediately!
    And believe me: with what is coming, and with what you will see at the event, you will understand why it was SO vital to have each org outfitted with a fully functional CCRD delivery team.
    This is a very good news e-mail. I’m sure you have had some “WOW” moments while reading it.
    Take that “WOW”, multiply it by infinity, and you will have about 1/1000th of a concept of what is in store for you when you get his briefing and witness the release of Golden Age of Tech Phase II.
    If it isn’t yet obvious that you need to clear you calendars for our local event date of November 23, then here is my order to you:
    Clear your calendars for November 23.
    Just cancel your flights. Reschedule your appointments. Call your visiting family members and tell them that they will be coming to the event with you!
    With all the shame, blame and regret you have already accumulated over the whole track, you definitely don’t want to add missing this event on top. It might just break you.
    So fully commit and schedule yourself to attend the release of Golden Age of Tech Phase II on November 23 at the Mission Bay Conference Center (1675 Owens St). Set thirty reminders on your cell phone. E-mail yourself. Stick Post-It Notes all over your refrigerator, work station and television.
    And a final word to the wise:
    If you aren’t through your study of the Basics… Well… Let’s just say you should be studying on a full time schedule for the next two weeks, reading and filling out lessons at work and during lunch and dinner.
    You’ll also want to start utilizing public transportation: you will need that commute time on BART for filling out lessons!
    GET THROUGH YOUR BASICS! Because in two weeks you will want to firmly answer “YES” to this question:
    Much love,
    Jevon Millan
    Flag Trained Class VI, CCRD C/S

    Senior C/S San Francisco Foundation
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    "I'll think about that on the BART."
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    LOL! They let them watch television now?
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    It's Caturday, Again!

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    I missed Caturday this week... because I was in LA seeing the TomKat Project.
    And meeting Tory Magoo, and going on a spontaneous mini-raid with her and some other awesome SPs! Oops!!!

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    Good times at the SF Org today!

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  28. skeptic2girl Member

    I just set 30 reminders on my cell phone to write up a raid report from today's awesome.

    see you soon...
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  29. Anonymous Member

    For today's Caturday, I share an Epic Post on Jerry Coyne's Blog via the Daily Mirror:

    See the brilliant pictures of an 11-week-old lion cub, Karis, playing in fresh Autumn leaves






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    Dude is checking out those shoes, lol.
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  32. RightOn Member

    and thanks for making me smile today guise
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  33. SPRTT Member

    It's been almost a year since you all opened the buffet. At Thanksgiving, it's time for reflection. I'd like to Thank You for the Buffet, another year of public service that would not get you out of a DWI.

    I'd also like to apologize. I sneaked into SF on a not-even-close to raid day. Because y'all were not out, I ate at Naan n Curry. I am not making that up. I ate twice as much, out of guilt and cursing my travel schedule. But don't worry...lentils. Muah. Keep on!

    (I really did eat there. Because of you. And I really did obsessively talk about you like I knew you. To my companion. Luckily, I had a companion, otherwise, I would have sounded totally crazy. We rolled out of there with grease on our lips, chutney breath, and leaving a sizable tip in solidarity).
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  34. skeptic2girl Member

    Lady M is a trolling goddess:

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  35. skeptic2girl Member

    So glad you were there in spirit, at least! We can perhaps let you know about the next raid, and try to coordinate. :)
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  36. The video I mentioned
  37. RightOn Member

    nice tag teaming guise
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  38. RightOn Member

    hey guise, I was thinking...
    it might be a good thing to chat loudly between yourselves about fun things you are doing without seeming to over obvious. Maybe have one of you stand far apart from the other and then yell back and forth about random things. Like "we have fun at the movies the other night, great movie!" or "that restaurant we ate at was so good. I started Christmas shopping, I got the prettiest sweater" etc...
    "I got to test drive a new car the other day"
    "Are you going to that party? Supposed to a really fun time"
    catch my drift? things that may make them wish they were not sitting in the Org?
    just an idea
  39. SPRTT Member

    I think they would chalk that up to MEST.

    How about talking about a product recall. How the company contacted you to let you know the radio/camera/fridge was faulty. How it was replaced, at no cost, to yourself. And then say, yeah but that didn't happen with SPGAG. Stupid Scilons.
  40. I tried telling the lady at the desk about the new pokemon type and that didn't seem to get her excited at all

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